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Sony 900MHz BabyCall Nursery Monitor
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Product Description

Relax with confidence while your baby rests. The NTM-910YLW 900 MHz BabyCall nursery monitor uses the clearest channel available to deliver crisp, clear audio of your baby's actions. And don't worry about battery power - the built-in rechargeable battery receiver means you won't have to bother with continuous replacements. For added security, 5 Sound-Sensor activity lights, out-of-range indicator and low-battery warning keep you informed of your baby's actions and the status of your equipment. A belt-clip is included for the receiver, keeping your hands free for other activities. Finally, the receiver is water-resistant - the perfect choice for use in the bathroom or kitchen.

  • 900 MHz Technology extends the range to let you take the receiver farther than conventional (43-49MHz) monitors, yet still hear activities in the nursery
  • 27 Channels To Greatly Minimize Interference uses FM transmission system with channel selector to locate the clearest channel, helping to eliminate interference for clearer communication
  • Water Resistant Receiver (Not meant to be immersed in or come into continuous contact with water)
  • Built-In Rechargeable Battery Receiver provides savings and convenience over replaceable batteries
  • Voice Activation Mode eliminates most extraneous background noise

Customer Reviews:

  • Horrible monitor
    This is a horrible product. The out of range alarm constantly beeps although we live in a 2 bedroom condo not a big house. Both microwave and cell phone disrupts the signal. It's 3am and it woke me up with the nonstop beeping. I never feel like I can rely on it so I'm constantly checking if its working and I find myself checking in on the baby like I don't even have a monitor. I'm so irritated with this product that I'm ready to throw it away.

    ...more info
    Purchased these monitors after buying another brand. We couldn't hear hardly anything on the other monitor even with the volume turned up all the way. Hooked up this one and WOW! Great reception and sound. We can hear everything even at half the volume. Very clear and I carry it around the house and out in the backyard. Haven't checked out all the channels it has yet, no need to. This is a great monitor, especially for twins or new parents who want to hear everything. Would definitely recommend to any parent!...more info
  • Highly recommended
    I purchased this baby monitor on the recommendation of Baby Bargains, and they were excellent! There was no interference with other users at all, and was very quiet when baby was quite. It picked up the smallest murmur of baby though, which is exactly what we were after. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a baby monitor....more info
  • Best baby monitor!
    We had 2 other types that always crackled and popped. This one is nice and quiet. Very clear sound. It's also helpful to have the lights that light up when it picks up sounds because a few times the volume was accidently turned down, but I noticed the lights, alerting me that baby was indeed awake! Highly recommend!...more info
  • Very Satisfied
    I bought this product as a gift for a friend who is about to have a baby. The item was on her registry at a major retailer, and I was originally going to purchase the item from that retailer. But I found the item on for a cheaper price, and although I ended up paying a little bit for shipping, I still paid less than what I would have through the other retailer with shipping included. Also, the other retailer could not guarantee that I would get my item on time (for the baby shower). I received this item very quickly through Amazon, and my friend is very happy with her gift....more info
  • Best Monitor Ever!
    We read reviews online and at consumer reports, and decided that this monitor would be the best for our family. It was replacing a cheap one we'd bought on clearance that had awful interference. After using the Sony monitor for the last few weeks, I'm already sleeping better at night. The voice activated setting is wonderful and I only wake up now when my son really needs me, and not when the neighbors dog is barking next door. I can't say enough good things about this monitor and would recommend it to anyone! I'm thinking of getting a second for when our daughter is born this fall. With the many channel options, I'm sure we'd have no problem using two....more info
  • Returned the Fisher Price for the Sony
    The Sony BabyCall is absolutely clear and static-free from the first to the second floor of our home yet extremely receptive to the slightest noise.

    The modules feel great. The receiver can check if there are other BabyCall Transmitter's in your neighborhood range to avoid conflicting channels. Just turn off your transmitter and try different channel combos on your receiver.

    I also like that the receiver can use two size AA batteries as an alternative to the rechargeable battery if desired. This is incomparably better than the Fisher Price Sound N Lights which had too much static in our house and had to be returned....more info
  • Great! Even for a "slightly" paranoid first time parent
    This monitor is wonderful. For the first three months I rarely let my little one out of my sight; he slept with us, we held him during the day, etc. Now he is sleeping in his crib for naps and at night- everyone is sleeping better. I credit a significant portion of my peace of mind to this product b/c it is so powerful I can actually hear him breathing through my receiver. Even with it set on the sound activation mode, the monitor periodically switches on and I can hear the little guy snoring. It is awesome! Highly recommended....more info
    This product worked great for a couple of weeks before the stupid range alarm started going off nearly constantly...seems to get worse over time. We've tried changing channels and it doesn't help. It just beep-beep-beep-beeps all the time. Yes, turning it a little might help, if you don't mind slowly wandering for 10 min each time you put your baby to bed, testing each spot in the room you're in for good range. Once you find a "sweet spot," you'll go sit down or go about doing work and it will start beeping again. Dogs walk by, it beeps. I get up during the night to feed the baby, and the receiver beeps the whole time I'm in the baby's room, which wakes my husband...stops beeping when I get back into bed in the "right" position for it. Sometimes I can move my arm up into the air and it will beep, put my arm back down and it stops. Yesterday I tried to weed the garden while the baby was napping, and could not find a non-beeping location for the receiver in an area about 30'x10' just outside our house below the baby's window. We are going on vacation where I will want to be outside a lot while the baby is napping and I already know we will have to buy a different monitor because this will definitely not work. I wish we could've taken it back, but we moved and the box was thrown out. Wish we'd spent slightly more to get a better one, but was recommended this by a friend....more info
  • Good purchase
    When I first bought this I had it on voice activation but I kept getting a lot of interference, even though I had change channels. Now I just keep it on all the time and hardly get any interference. Plus when it was on voice activation it was a little delayed in transmitting. Sometimes I would hear the baby before it actually came thru the monitor. Other than that its a good purchase and has worked for me....more info
  • Sony Babycall Nursery Monitor
    I've used two of these monitors (two children) and they are great! So long as you find the right channel (which is easy to do), the sound is crystal clear. I would highly recommend this monitor to any parent....more info
  • Sensitive when needed, silent when necessary
    This monitor is EXCELLENT. It's very sensitive, so even the lowest baby moan will be heard, but when everything is silent the monitor silences completely, so you don't listen to those annoying noises of regular monitors.
    It's so sensitive that at night we put the volume on the receptor lower than the half way, so we don't jump out of the bed when my son cries.
    The battery lasts a lot and it's light enough to be attached to your belt.
    With the multiple frequency options, we don't have any interference at all (except when the receptor is beside a cell phone, but this is pretty manageable)....more info
  • Good monitor, better than prior model
    Works very well, better than the previous model (we bought that in 2006, then the recharging portion gave up working this year). Would be nice if there was a rechargeable feature on the transmitting end, too....more info
  • Best Monitor!
    I put this monitor on my baby registry after reading reviews here and on other sites as well. I am so glad that we got it because it has been great! We live in a 2 story house and the receiver works great no matter where we go...unless we go in his room with it on...then it causes feedback. Most importantly, this item is DURABLE!!! As an exhausted mommy, I placed the monitor in the top of a basket of dirty clothes to go down to the washing machine. I forgot that I had put it in there when I went to do the laundry later, and subsequently washed the receiver. We thought it would be done for and we'd have to go buy a new one. But it's STILL WORKING!!! It's been 2 months since the "incident" and we haven't had any problems. I have already recommended this monitor to all of my friends who are still in shock that it's working for me:)...more info
  • Great so far
    After researching numerous monitors, including the most expensive options out there, I decided to give this Sony monitor a try. We have only had them for a couple of weeks, but so far this monitor is excellent. Great sound quality, good sensitivity, and the quality is quite good.

    No interference issues in a house with numerous cordless phones and a wireless router....more info
  • Baby monitor
    Great product. Love the voice sensor option. Very happy with this purchase. I wanted to add 5 stars to the review but for some reason the system is only letting me add 1. Hmmmm. Anyway - we are very happy with this purchase - value for money and good quality. ...more info
  • Good sound quality, but not very durable
    We were very pleased with how the monitor worked when we first received it - it has a wide range of volume settings, from way too quite all the way up to way too loud, so the adjustability was nice. However, after using it for several weeks, it fell off the arm of our couch and onto the wooden floor one night. From that point on, it kept making occasional, loud buzzing noises at random intervals all night - not exactly helpful for getting any sleep at all. So, unfortunately, we are now back to using our 5 year old Graco monitor....more info
  • Love this Monitor!
    This is a great baby monitor! We have not always had the best luck with baby monitors and when we needed to buy a new monitor for our second child, we were a little wary. We have a large house and I was a little worried about the reception throughout the house but this monitor works great! The battery life is also great! I only wish that it came with two receivers......more info
  • Great Basic Monitor!
    If you don't need a ton of extras (Video, movement pad, etc...) then this is a great little monitor. We are going to order another one for the grand parents house!...more info
  • Awesome product!!!
    Love our baby monitor by Sony! Tried others but nothing compares to this specific item. ...more info
  • Horrible
    We have used this monitor for a year. It is almost worthless. The out-of-range alarm constantly sounds when it is 20 feet away from the base. Turning it one degree one way or the other sometimes solves the problem, but then the cat walks in front of it and it sounds the alarm again. Changing channels makes no difference. Our other third-the-price cheapo brand monitor works perfectly. Definitely does not live up to Sony brand reputation....more info
  • Battery Won't Charge
    Perhaps this is a defect that doesn't generally happen with this monitor, but we just got ours a couple of days ago and we can't get the battery to charge. I think we're going to return it but get the same model. Reviews for this model have been generally positive, and not just on Amazon. So, we're going to give it another shot. If our next set works better I will update this review....more info