First Alert USB Wireless Color Security Camera and Receiver #550
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Product Description

First Alert 2.4GHz Wireless Color Camera with extra USB connection Family First. Safety Always. That's the motto and motivation behind the innovative security products brought to you by First Alert. Keeping yourself and your loved ones safe from harm is the most important concern any of us has, and that's why First Alert developed unique and easy to use video and surveillance security equipment that can be installed by a layman and used by any member of the family. The First Alert Wireless Color camera is designed with features that make it ideal for security use around the home. With 11 on-camera LEDs, this camera can still record accurate video surveillance in low light or nighttime conditions. It's housed in a durable aluminum frame for use in covered outdoor areas. And the camera connects wirelessly to its receiver, so there's no cable to run. The receiver itself is equipped for up to 2 different cameras and automatically switches between camera views. It connects to VCR or DVR so you can record your surveillance footage. Whether you need around-the-clock surveillance or just an extra eye on your home, garage, or front door, trust First Alert security equipment for you and your Family's peace of mind.

Customer Reviews:

  • Good option for the price
    I wasn't expecting a super high quality camera. I wanted something to be able to send me emails of those pesky UPS men who keep bringing me packages!

    My intial reason for buying this was the cost. We just needed something that would give us a little insight to the daylight life of our home. We were recently burglarized, so every deterrent, or even possibility of catching someone next time is worth the less than $100.00 I paid for this camera. Sad part is seems discontinued from First Alert, and I can't seem to find any other cameras individually aside from buying a new one with a wireless receiver. My other complaint was that after reading other reviews it says up to 4 camers can be connected, however these reviews say 2. The back of my receiver has 4 channels - so I assume that means 4 cameras.

    No information is available on the first alert website anymore - so buy at your own risk. Most likely you will be stuck like me with not being able to buy any additional parts. But for me spending this little amount of money won't kill me once we find another product to upgrade to - maybe something that integrates with our current security package for more $$$.

    Software worked perfectly out of the box, and I got online and was able to view my newly installed webcamera from Internet Explorer in less than 5 minutes. No registration was requested or needed. Simply put the CD in, install the software. Configure the ports and email notification and SMTP address and I was done.

    Can't beat the price for the job this thing does!

    ...more info
  • Not worth wasting your time on.
    This camera system just gives you a hint of what a real system offers. I wasted HOURS and many calls to the company, along with emails sent, trying to get a "registration" code for the software. The 1st time I installed it it didn't even ask for a code. Then I reformatted the computer it is installed on and the second time..voila' code, no workee.... Needless to say I am pretty upset. It gave scratchy video and still photos at best even when it was working. And forget the online remote viewing....I never could access it except from the computer it was hooked to....more info
  • Not Bad - Software Problems
    I purchased this camera for the supposed remote viewing option over the internet. You can use the included software for one hour at a time. There is an option to purchase the software but I have repeatedly been unsuccessful when clicking the buy button. I have the camera set at our vacation home hooked to a computer I have left on. With other remote access to that PC I can activate the software for 1 hour at a time and view thru the camera. I can capture snapshots and video. I have the camera installed inside a window and can see quite well in the daylight but duh at night the LED lights reflect off the window and make night vision impossible.
    E-mails to the company indicated in the instructions have not been answered about the software problem.
    Not Bad for the price and being USB ready but I am very disappointed in the software issues and the lack of support. I have not yet called the 800 number given but that will be my next step.
    I do intend to add additional cameras for more viewing and next time I am there I will put one with an unobstructed night view. ...more info
  • Connects to your computer via USB
  • Record video or images directly to computer
  • Motion Activation Recording
  • Real-Time Email Images sent directly to your cell phone (phone must be able to receive email)
  • Wireless Technology for easy installation anywhere