First Alert 2-Pack Wireless Color Security Camera and Receiver #532
List Price: $199.99

Our Price: $159.99

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Customer Reviews:

  • Easy to Install, Less Than Perfect Reception
    I bought these cameras to keep an eye on my vehicles, which are behind a fence 75' from our house. Installing the cameras was a breeze, but I needed to run in 110v power outlets to power the cameras, no biggie. Camera reception isn't perfect, but the receiver is on the back side of our house. The camera signal is probably obstructed more than First Alert recommends, but if I angle the receiver antenna just right, then the picture looks good. In short I recommend this camera, as long as you understand the limitations. For best results, a clear line of sight between camera and receiver, and proper antenna position makes all the difference. ...more info
  • 2.4 GHz Wirless Camera
  • Wireless Technology for easy installation anywhere
  • Durable weather proof cameras for indoor/outdoor use
  • Infrared sensors for 24-hour surveillance
  • Auto-switcher in Receiver and remote control for easy switching between camera views