Wide Angle Peephole Door Viewer Doorscope 2- 3/8" Silver Metal
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Product Description

These Wide angle door viewers are made of high quality aluminum with a polished finish. They are manufactured with the highest quality prisms and optical lenses available. Unlike competitors which use ordinary glass lenses and inferior prisms which makes a clouded image. We use only the highest quality material available. Each door viewer comes with its own installation instructions. For an easy installation.

  • Super Wide Viewing
  • Get A Clear And Magnified Picture Of who Is At Your Door
  • View Up To 7 Feet Away From Your Door
  • Replaces Conventional Peepholes
  • Maintenance Free
Customer Reviews:
  • great peephole, but expensive drillbit
    It really is a great peephole. It arrived quickly. When it came, I was a little hesitant about making a hole that big in my doorway, but I am really glad that we decided to put it in. It looks good.
    The Drill bit 2 3/8 costs around $13. Also, on other sites, the Doorscope Large in Silver metal costs at least $30 plus shipping.
    ...more info
  • Peephole of the Future!
    I've been looking for this product for a long time. Finally I found it and immediately ordered it.
    I love it. It's like having a mini lcd color screen as a peephole. You can see it from several feet away without getting up close to it like you would with a regular peephole.

    The only problem is the drill bit you need to use. It's a really hard one to find cheap. 2 3/8"

    Other than that it works awesome! I love it....more info