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Cables To Go 40697 6x2 Component Video Matrix Selector Switch
List Price: $229.99

Our Price: $107.60

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Product Description

The 6x2 Component Video Matrix Selector is the ultimate controller for high definition and progressive scan video sources. This HDTV selector allows you to simultaneously route any of six source devices to two separate TV/monitors or one source to two TV/monitors. Connect all your HDTV products such as DVD players, satellite receivers, cable set-top boxes, or gaming systems, and use the remote control or front panel buttons to watch any picture on either of two plasma, CRT, LCD or projection televisions with complete independence!This switch offers six component video inputs, six stereo audio inputs, and six optical digital audio TOSlink inputs. It will switch all of these inputs to either of the two outputs, with the audio following video. Comes complete with an infrared remote control that features discrete commands to make programming complex macros into your universal remote control system a snap. Now you can take control of your system and watch what you want, where you want, and do it with no compromises!

  • Route up to 6 source devices to two separate TV/monitors
  • Route one source to two monitors
  • 6 component video inputs, 6 stereo audio inputs and 6 optical digital audio inputs
  • Remote control included
  • Easy macro programming

Customer Reviews:

  • Don't buy any other switcher
    I read several reviews about different component switches, and this product seemed to be the best-reviewed.

    Apparently with good reason. I pulled the ole' 55" CRT RPTV out from the corner, hooked up the two component inputs to the switch, pushed it back into the corner. I hooked up the DVD player, the Wii, the HD TiVo, the MythTV. Absolutely no degradation of the signal at 480p (dvd and Wii) or 1080i (HD TiVo and MythTV).

    I haven't tested it at 1080P or 720P obviously, since my CRT TV won't handle 720P. I can say that, if anything, the other devices may actually look clearer, and I can run the TiVo and the MythTV normally, and only switch if I want to play TiVo or a DVD.

    I do wish it would automatically switch to a new input when a new signal is introduced (i.e. the Wii or DVD player are turned on) but the included remote does OK, and I have programmed my URC 10820 to handle my main inputs anyway.

    I also wish it could be set up to be always-on. Turning it on after a power-outage seems unnecessary.

    Highly recommended by a 36 yr-old electronics engineer....more info
  • Lacks audio conversion
    The video quality was excellent without any noticeable degradation.
    My only (serious) problem was the manufacturer's oversight of not including audio conversion between the unit's two included audio input formats: L/R RCA and optical.
    I understand that it's pointless to upconvert stereo to optical, but they could have easily included a downgrade conversion from optical to stereo.

    If all of your audio is the same format, this unit is great. If not, look elsewhere....more info
  • Very Satisfied
    Unit has performed flawlessly. Easily controlled with my Logitech Harmony H626 universal remote. While I do not yet have a 1080p flat screen TV, the signal output looks great on my LG 37" 720p set. Sound quality also excellent through my Bose 3-2-1 system. Recommend for anyone who needs switching capacity....more info
  • Works Great in HD Distribution Setup
    I am using this in conjunction with component video baluns to distribute HDTV from components in the basement to the bedrooms upstairs, and it works great!

    Here's the distribution setup ...
    Video equipment is relegated to the basement, including the Cables To Go matrix switch. We have 2 TiVos and a DVD player; with all these inputs we still have capacity for 3 more devices.

    Each of the matrix switch outputs is connected to a CE LABS CAT5TX CAT-5 HD A/V Transmitter. In each bedroom, there is a CE LABS CAT5RX CAT-5 HD A/V Receiver; of course there are 2 Cat5 cables connecting each transmitter to its receiver. See my reviews of these baluns for details.

    The result is that you can get a great HD picture and sound in each bedroom, with the ability to independently select different video sources in each location.

    I had an existing IR distribution system, so getting the remote control signal down to the basement was no problem. However for a multi-room setup, the missing piece was that the unit comes with only one remote control! I guess they never anticipated that the displays might be in different rooms. To solve this, I went to the Cables To Go web site and ordered a 2nd "replacement" remote control.

    In the living room, BTW, I'm using HDMI connections to the same video sources in the basement. For more information, including the snag I hit on this front, see my review of the OPPO HM-31 HDMI switch. Bottom line is it works with a separate HDMI cable from each component to the living room TV; I don't recommend using HDMI switching in this kind of application. Stay analog, it's simpler (i.e. not hobbled by digital rights management snafus!)

    All in all it works very well!
    And for about 1/6th the cost of an HDMI distributed matrix switch (that the reviewers said was flaky)......more info
  • Great product!
    This is a great product at a very reasonable price. It was easy to hook up and has worked perfectly. I have cable box, TiVo and DVD through it now and plan to add X-Box soon. It even comes with a remote to make switching between components easy. I would highly recommend this....more info
  • Works Perfectly
    Item arrived on time and is in perfect working condition. Does exactly what its supposed to do. I have 2 xbox 360s, a PS3, and an xbox 1 all connected to the unit with 1 output going straight to the Receiver. The PS3 is hooked up with HDMI straight to the t.v. but the sound goes straight into the 6x2 matrix. The remote is very small but works nicely and is simple. I did not notice any quality loss or compression issues that usually occur with cheaper matrix selectors....more info
  • Works great.
    Using my Logitech Harmony 720 to do the switching. Works as advertised and the video looks great....more info