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Xbox 360 Wireless Covenant Controller
List Price: $59.99

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Product Description

True Halo fanatics can extend their gaming experience to a higher level with the Xbox 360 Limited Edition Halo 3 Wireless Controller. Featuring a Covenant Brute Chief design, this wireless controller contains stunning original artwork from comic book master Todd McFarlane (Spawn, Spiderman) on a high quality, scratch and wear resistant surface. It also includes an exclusive collectible Halo 3 figurine from McFarlane Toys. The Limited Edition Halo 3 Wireless Controller is only available for a limited time and brings a completely unique and new look to the award winning performance of the Xbox Wireless Controller.

  • Product Dimensions (L x W x H) - 10.75 x 3.5 x 3.3 inches

Customer Reviews:

  • I like the wireless controllers, but it said they were new and they weren't
    I bought two controllers from a seller that said they were new. However, they were NOT new. They were not in any kind of packaging, which is fine, and a note came with the package saying that money is not spent on packaging, so that is how I could save the money I did. However, it was CLEAR that these controllers were NOT new, there was caked dirt and grime in the imprinted letters on the buttons obviously from wear and usage. They were also dirty and scuffed. I am fine with used, but I don't appreciate the seller being dishonest with that they are selling, I would have appreciated not being lied to. Otherwise the controllers work, so that is great!...more info
    When I bought my Xbox 360, I knew that it had a feature that could let you have wireless controllers. I wanted 4 wireless controllers (white, black, and Halo). Also I wanted wireless controllers because when I played GameCube, N64, or PS2, people would "Accidentaly" catch the cord on their shoe and pull it out of the socket! Then I would have to start all over! Also, if you have a wired controller and your 25 feet away from the TV then you have a problem and you need extension cords. Well, the 360 wireless controller is great! Not only does it keep you from tripping over the cord, it can be up to 30 feet away! Our big screen TV is 25 feet away from the couch, but I could still be 5 feet away and the 360 would still sense the controller. Also if someone walks in the way of the signal, it won't mess up, it will just continue playing! Take that Wii! Also if the wireless controller ran out of battery life, or the wired controller got pulled out, I wouldn't have to start all over. I could just plug it back in, or send back the signal and I could continue playing! So if you live in a home where lots of people are passing by, this is the controller for you! I would also recommend the black wireless controller, and the Halo Controllers....more info
  • Nice effects for the controller
    Bought this for my son...he liked the Halo 3 effect to it. Works just like any other, but it's "really cool looking."...more info
  • Xbox 360 Wireless Controller
    The controller start working fine, but after one week of use one of the buttons start failing, BTW when I received it, it was very dirty, that I didnt want to even touch it!......more info
  • Great Product, Great Price!
    Got a great product at a great price, worth the wait for shipping(which has never been to long) Vs. the price I would have paid at any local store. ...more info
  • Proud to play Pink
    I share an xbox 360 with my husband, and we had a white wireless controller that apparently grew legs and disappeared from our house. So for my Xmas gift this year I requested a pink controller so I could keep tabs on it, and no one in my mostly male household would want to play with my pink controller! So much for that though - my husband uses my controller more than I do!!!...more info
  • In Charge!!
    Whenever anyone comes over to play, give him the pink controller, and don't let him forget who's in charge....more info
  • Wireless is the only way to go
    The wireless controller is essential to the Xbox 360. Considering the wired controller has a very short cord, unless you like sitting six feet from the TV, you will need a wireless controller.

    Not to heavy
    Button layout is fantastic
    Easy to store/use

    Drains the batteries a little faster than I like (however, it does accept rechargeable ones)

    This is certainly a worthwhile buy, especially if you have guests over to play split-screen....more info
  • great device
    Excellent wireless controller. It is worth the difference you pay for this wireless controller over the wire version.
    The batteries last a lot.
    Great controller for 360 owners....more info
  • Worth the Money!
    This controller worked great for me. No problems and quick shipment from Amazon using the Super Saver. Highly Recommned....more info
  • a very good wireless controller
    microsoft makes very well controllers i have 2 of each colors and 3 xbox 360's ...more info
  • Its okay, but could be better
    I bought it used, Very big mistake. I dont play very often and when i do, i usuallly have friends over so we play together. MOStly racing games... when i ordered it, it took a while to get to me and when i got the controller, it was broken... Luckily the person i bought from was really cool and got me an exchange. But i still haven't recieved it... I wonder where it is.........more info
  • Great
    Controllers work well and are just like new. I cant tell the difference between my new controller and the two I just bought. ...more info
  • pros cons
    pros-very nice looking,feels extra good in the hand and with the costome artwork its just perfect.your not a true halo fan till you get one of these.

    cons-black batter pack,top serfes is slick if you touch it with your hand you get prints but thats just about it
    if you want my opion i would get it if i were you...more info
  • Great controller - the only X360 controller worth buying
    The X360 wireless controllers made by Microsoft are the only controllers worth having for the system. I will agree the d-pad is very very crappy for games like Street Fighter and such but they do the job. The overall construction of the wireless pad is unmatched and is of superior quality. If you need another controller, spend the money and get the controller made by Microsoft. No, I am not an employee or fanboy for Microsoft. I just think their controllers are good and reliable....more info
  • It is a controller!
    The D-Pad is notoriously bad, but everything else works boss. Plus it is black, so that makes it better.......more info
  • perfect
    This is the best controller to grace us after the dreamcast's, just perferct i just wish it was usb powered somehow and not batteries....more info
  • Same as the rest
    This controller works exactly the same way as the one with your xbox, the only difference is the color. If the color doesn't make a difference get the white one for they are cheaper, however, i found that with shipping and handling the white one came out to be more then this one would be with free shipping. So choice what you like. ...more info
  • XBox 360, Game Controller, Wireless
    The wireless controller is a nice feature, as it helps keep down the unruly number of cables between the controller/console, and helps eliminate a potential tripping hazard.

    That having been said, the only problem I've encountered is the 4-way toggle selector (typically used for weapons selection), as it doesn't always allow access to one of the four items, and this is quite frustrating in the heat-of-battle (try getting your arse handed to you because you couldn't change weapons while being attacked).

    As the controller was bought on-line, and I no longer have the packaging, I'm living with the problem, as it's too much of a hassle to try to return it for an exchange.

    If you're concerned with issues like this, I'd recommend you buy your controller locally (so you can return it), otherwise, take a risk and buy on-line and save 28% ($50 @ Best Buy, $36 @ Amazon)....more info
  • Guess
    It's an XBox360 Wireless Controller. Anyone looking for one, knows what it is. No review necessary. If you've never owned one before, I recommend buying Energizer Rechargeable Batterys and the Energizer XBox 360 Charger Stand. When you're done playing, plug the controller into the stand. No need to break your fingernails extracting the batteries....more info
  • Perfect! Same as original that came with system.
    As a second or replacement controller, this is perfect if you liked the original controller that came with the syste, as it is the same.

    I've never had a problem with this controller. The thumbsticks work great, same for buttons, and fits in my hand just fine (as an older gamer).

    I just use rechargable AA batteries (Sanyo Eneloop with Sony charger) in mine with no problem. It seems to work for a long time with the normal AA batteries it comes with and does fine with rechargabe too.

    What else can you say? You already know the controller -- it came with the XBox 360. If you liked it and want another, this is it....more info
  • Awesome
    Nice to feel the small thumb nubs on this controller. D-Pad is very crisp. Wonderful product!...more info
  • Real men wear Pink
    Great controller for a great price. No problems and arrived earlier than expected. Buy from this seller and you will NOT be disappointed. Now I have my wife playing xbox 360 with me thanks to this pink controller!...more info
  • 360 Wireless controller info fyi
    The 360 wireless controller is one nice piece of hardware. I own a video game store and i know a thing about them. some of the reviews ive read here gave it a low score for a couple reasons. one when you get a new wireless controller you need to sync with your system for it to work. Push the tiny button on the top of the unit and the button on the front of the 360 at close to the same time. then it will sync and work properly. the second thing people seem to complain about is how many batteries they go through. like any modern electronic device that uses batteries cheap "store brand" batteries will die very very fast, like in a few days time inside one of these controllers. I would strongly suggest getting batteries that are made for use in demanding electronic devices and they generally will say so right on the package. I play my 360 ALOT and usually a good set of batteries will last me 2 - 3 weeks. hope this helps...more info
  • Good product
    Controller was in stated condition. Down direction on D-pad has lost some sensitivity. Otherwise, the product works. ...more info
  • Great for your PC too
    If you own an xbox, the choice here is fairly obvious. There isn't much to say other than if you don't have a wireless controller already, get one. If you only own a PC however, or play games on your PC as well as your 360 like I do, then things get a little more interesting.

    I wholeheartedly recommend using a 360 controller in combination with the Xbox Wireless Receiver for Windows. The range on this thing is great and goes through walls. You can tuck the receiver behind your monitor, under your desk, or in a drawer and you'll get perfect reception. The support for this controller is excellent in all applications I've tried, the drivers are minimal, and the controller even turns itself off after not being used for a while to save battery life. In a Games For Windows title, all buttons automatically work like they would on the 360, no muss, no fuss. Hitting the Guide button even pops up the Windows Live overlay if you're playing a game that supports it like Fallout 3 or GTA 4 (normally the Guide button just gives you a summary of your battery life).

    It is also possible to install a third party profiler app that lets you bind keystrokes and mouse movements to the controller, like XPadder (free). This lets me play a movie on my PC, and then sit on the couch and use the controller play/pause/ff/rewind,etc. I've had zero problems using this controller with xpadder.

    If you like emulating old games on your pc (nes/snes/n64/etc), the large number of buttons lets you map the controller to pretty much any retro console controller you can think of.

    As for the merits of the controller itself, there are plenty of reviews here that praise its comfort, feel, and reliability, and revile the D-Pad, so I won't go over any of that.

    + Most comfortable and reliable controller I've used.
    + Wireless, great range, good price on amazon.
    + Good battery life and auto-shutoff feature.
    + Great game & app support with little to no headaches or installs.

    - D-Pad is nearly useless, but there are few games where this makes a difference, like fighting games.
    - It can be hard to find the proper wireless receiver driver if you are running 64-bit Vista, but its out there if you search hard enough....more info
  • Nice controller
    I'll make this one short, the additional controller that I purchased actually seems to be more sturdy than the controller that came with the Xbox. No complaints....more info
  • Xvox 360 Wireless controller
    An extra controller was needed to allow the girls (3) and their dad to play Xbox together. The product arrived with no problems, it works great and all are happy. ...more info
  • Totally cool!
    I purchased this controller for my 8-year old grandson and he is absolutely thrilled with it. It personalizes his controller and adds an extra touch to the overall XBox 360 experience....more info
  • good controller
    The controller arrived in very good condition, but no directions (not good for non-techie mom like me)...more info
  • remote control wireless
    do they controllers have an off switch for unit or is there some kind of charging system for the controllers. and do you have to turn on xbox at the box or can the remote do it becuse mine does not....more info
  • Great piece of hardware.
    Well put together, get's it done. ONLY complaint is how fast the ridges wear off the thumb sticks. ...more info