First Alert Wired Color Day/Night Security Camera with 100-Foot Cable #521
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Customer Reviews:

  • Day/Night Camera
    The camera looks really nice but in regards to imaging its pretty poor. (I have the camera pointing out looking at a 20' by 20' area of my yard which includes the street curbside. The point was to monitor my car parked out on the street. The camera is placed under the eve of my roof, with plenty of shade from the sun and the elements.)

    The view you get from the camera is very narrow, which means its not very effective looking at lets say, a front-yard or a wide driveway. It is color but "indirect" sunlight really affects the image poorly. For example, when the sun is shining on the ground in your target area or the contrast of the shadow of your house and the sun on the ground.

    The night vision is virtually impossible to use unless your using it to monitor a small well lit entry way or 5' by 5' area.

    This camera is most effective if used to view a small area, placed close to the target or indoors. I wish that it had a better performance, but unfortunately it doesn't really do the job well.

    The positives of the camera is that it looks nice and it does come with everything you need to install it but the praise ends there.
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  • 100 Feet of cable included
  • Full Color
  • Night Vision
  • Built in Microphone
  • Weather Resistant