First Alert 2-Pack Mini Color Wireless Security Camera and Receiver #542
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Product Description

First Alert 2-Pack 2.4GHz Mini Wireless Color Camera Family First. Safety Always. That's the motto and motivation behind the innovative security products brought to you by First Alert. Keeping yourself and your loved ones safe from harm is the most important concern any of us has, and that's why First Alert developed unique and easy to use video and surveillance security equipment that can be installed by a layman and used by any member of the family. The First Alert Mini Wireless Color camera is designed with features that make it ideal for security use around the home. With 11 on-camera LEDs, this camera can still record accurate video surveillance in low light or nighttime conditions. It's housed in a durable aluminum frame for use in covered outdoor areas. And the camera connects wirelessly to its receiver, so there's no cable to run. The receiver itself is equipped for up to 4 different cameras and automatically switches between camera views. It connects to VCR or DVR so you can record your surveillance footage. Whether you need around-the-clock surveillance or just an extra eye on your home, garage, or front door, trust First Alert security equipment for you and your Family's peace of mind.

  • 2.4 GHz Wireless Camera
  • Wireless Technology for easy installation anywhere
  • Durable weather proof cameras for indoor/outdoor use
  • Infrared sensors for 24-hour surveillance
  • Auto-switcher in Receiver and remote control for easy switching between camera views