First Alert Wireless Color Security Camera and Receiver #531
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Customer Reviews:

  • Not a quality item
    Very poor reception, I had the camera positioned only 25 feet away from the receiver not even blocked by a wall and the picture had multiple lines of interference. It would not work anywhere in except in line with the receiver and only within 5-10 feet. Great daytime picture if positioned in line 5-10 feet away. Trying to use the camera through a window at night was worthless because it would just reflect off the glass. Through a screen window at night would result in a great picture of the screen! I tried everything suggested in the manual, no good! If you are looking for a daytime camera and can position it 5-10 feet away and not behind a wall, this is your camera. My honest opinion, don't waste your money!!! I'm sending it back and loosing the postage charge....more info
  • 2.4 GHz Wirless Camera
  • Wireless Technology for easy installation anywhere
  • Durable weather proof cameras for indoor/outdoor use
  • Infrared sensors for 24-hour surveillance
  • Auto-switcher in Receiver and remote control for easy switching between camera views