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Logitech Premium 4-Port USB Hub
List Price: $29.99

Our Price: $16.99

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Product Description

Increase your possibilities with a compact 4-port USB hub that fits your mobile lifestyle. Extra ports add instant connectivity for up to four devices - including thumb drives, cameras, and MP3 music players.

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Customer Reviews:

  • easy, simple, works...
    no complaints, works fine, small and compact and easy to hide. also the non-skid pad on the bottom is a nice touch....more info
  • expected more
    Functionally it works fine. I have not yet had the need for extra power supply for this unit. There are 2 things that bother me. The ports are packed too close - using 1 port blocks the next one. Also the cable provided is short; little over 3 ft....more info
  • Awesome
    I've been using this usb hub for about a month, and everything works great.
    It's very smal, and portable can fit into your pocket. If you're looking for a notebook usb hub, this one is a right choice...more info
  • Works with half my USB cords
    I have used this hub on 2 different computers so I know its the hub... but it seems to be hit and miss for what seems to work on it for me. For example, my zune chord won't work with it (computer won't pick up the zune), my mouse won't get picked up, while things like my USB phone cord, or my cooler fan for my laptop will, and other things will. So IDK, maybe its defective but otherwise its fine....more info
  • Great hub but mislead on 9.99 power
    I bought this hub and I think it is great but I am not impressed with the lack of power. This can be powered hub but you need to spend another 10 bucks to get the 5w of power. I feel that they should have included the power with the hub not make it an accessory to an accessory.
    This would be a 5 star if it had the power included....more info
  • Real slick little hub
    The design and green light up indicators for the ports (though basically useless, unless perhaps if you want to glance and tell if a memory stick has been unmounted) are what sold me on this.

    Have used it with 2 high capacity usb sticks simultaneously....more info
  • Inconvenient External Power
    The external power adapter for this hub does not ship with the unit, and as of this writing is available only direct from Logitech's website at a cost of $9.95 plus shipping ($5.95 standard) and sales tax, taking the total cost of this hub to almost $50. Not a bargain, and I wouldn't buy it again even though it works well and looks wonderful....more info
  • Works with most, but not all, of my devices
    This is a great, discreet little hub. When I replaced my Dell monitor, I lost my convenient desktop USB hub. So I bought this instead to use for plugging in a USB drive for backups. It works great for that. It also works fine for my two cameras, my PSP and my GPS units. It does not work with my Palm LifeDrive nor my son's Sansa Clip MP3 player....more info
  • Excellent!!!
    This is a Superb Product!!As usual, Logitech has again delivered!!The Power Adaptor for this Hub is NOW available on the Logitech Website for $9.99.

    Shoaib Hasnat
    ...more info
  • It works
    I bought this a couple months ago and haven't any problems with it yet. The supplied cord to connect from the hub to the computer is only about 1 foot long, and it also charges my iPhone 3g without the optional power source as long as there is only one thing plugged in at once. It will however allow all four ports to transfer files at normal speeds simultaneously. Overall I've had nothing but good experiences with this hub, it does what I want.
    Keep in mind when buying hubs that almost all will not come with a external power source, so in order to charge an iPod or anything like that, you must have as little amount of power going to the hub or any other connected devices....more info
  • Sleek and stays put
    I use a iMac and am constantly in need of more ports. Purchased this but had to order the optional power supply from logitech as others stated for $10. Its not required to have and is fine for normal use. But Im not using it on a laptop and would rather have a independent power supply for it.
    Unlike other hubs this one stays put flat on my desk.
    The only draw back is that the power supply connects on one side and the usb connection is on the other. I wish both were on a single side to have a cleaner look....more info
  • Nice product.
    This 4-port hub is very compact and works as one would expect. Standard size flash drives will fit side-by-side, but with no clearance. Practically speaking, it works best with only two devices attached, but will hold additional devices if attached by a cable. If you plan on using all four ports, you might need the optional power cable available from Logitec. It worked fine for me with two flash drives and an i-pod nano attached. I give it five stars even though it would be nice if the ports were an eighth of any inch farther apart. Update: without the optional power cable, it doesn't have enough juice to charge my 2nd gen ipod Touch even if the ipod is the only thing plugged in. ...more info
  • Excellent Compact USB Hub
    The Logitech Premium 4-port USB hub is excellent, its compact size adds to versitility, whether with a desktop or laptop and aids in space consumption for travel. I highly recommend....more info
  • Good Hub
    This hub works great, high quality as expected from a Logitech product. The connector displays on each port is cool. Surprised at the small size, easily stored in briefcase....more info
  • Perfect USB Hub for 10 Dollars
    It's Cheap and it looks nice what more do you want?
    The ports light up green when they are plugged in.

    Bad thing is it dosent come with a A/C cord.
    If it did then I would be amazed but you have to buy it from the original producer. LogiTech....more info
  • Excellent
    Bought this item as I was running out of USB.
    So far I have devices that are not "power hungry".

    3-Tablet (Wacom)

    So far it is working perfectly, no complaints of any kind.
    In terms of looks, is a really neat device, construction is great, illuminated USB indication is cool.
    ...more info