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Logitech QuickCam Communicate Deluxe Webcam (Black)
List Price: $99.36

Our Price: $55.95

You Save: $43.41 (44%)


Product Description

Enjoy sharp, vibrant images in any light with the QuickCam Communicate Deluxe Webcam. A glass lens provides more lifelike images, and the high-performance sensor captures detailed photos, up to 5-Megapixels (software-enhanced) with RightLight 2 technology. Video Effects - Personalize your conversations with hundreds of avatars and face accessories that mirror expressions and motion Downloadable fun filters - Add video effects like fisheye, '50s movie, neon, and more Privacy shade - Launch, mute, and close video sessions with confidence Bonus software - Use bundled HP Photosmart Essential software to capture, edit, customize, and print images Snapshot button - Click to snap candid, high-resolution photos Flexible camera base/monitor clip - Use it on a flat surface, a monitor, or a flat-panel display System Requirements - Windows XP, Pentium P4 processor 1.4 GHz, 128 MB RAM, 200 MB free space, 16-bit color display adapter, Windows-compatible sound card and speakers, USB port, and CD-ROM drive

  • Product Type - WebCam
  • Microphone - Microphone built-in
  • Manufacturer Warranty - 2 years
  • -- High-performance sensor: Capture finer, more accurate photos?up to five megapixels (software-enhanced).
  • -- RightLight2 Technology: Adjusts intelligently to produce the best possible images in dim light or backlighting.

Customer Reviews:

  • Good value for the money
    The Logitech QuickCam Communicate Deluxe is a good value for the money. Considering it's features and performance, I'd call it a mid-range web cam. It does a good job without costing a fortune.

    The face recognition software does a pretty good job detecting the eyes-to-mouth region. It definitely doesn't have any sort of advanced visual recognition, because the software actually detects movements of the mouth, face direction, eyebrow movements, and so on. It doesn't recognize detailed mouth formations of speech sounds.

    The camera has a built-in microphone, and the sound quality is quite good. It seems to filter out almost all of the normal background noises that you'd encounter in a room.

    The software package contains a number of special effects capabilities, but most of them-- such as the ability to construct a personal avatar-- seem silly to me. To each his own, though...

    Most importantly, the image quality is quite good. The software is good at handling low-light situations and movement.

    This is most definitely not a studio-grade camera suitable for professional-quality video. But it's not priced like a high-end camera, either. It's a mid-range camera, and a good one.

    I feel like I got what I paid for. I'm happy I bought it, and I'd do it again....more info
  • Great Picture But RightLight2 Has Problems
    I replaced an old IBM webcam with this Logitec Communicate Deluxe (Don't know if this is the exact same one because there are several with the same name).
    The picture quality is excellent and I really like the wide angle view. It does fairly well in low light situations, especially when you use the RightLight automatic settings (when RightLight works).

    The camera is pointed out a window into a shaded atrium. But if I set it to use RightLight to automatically adjust the picture it switches back and forth from a light image to a dark image for several minutes until it finally stabilizes. It must do this when the light outside reaches a certain level since it happens every day at the same time of day. This wreaks havoc with my motion detection software because it automatically takes a picture with each change in lighting. So I had to turn of the automatic RightLight setting to prevent it from taking a bunch of pictures when there is no real motion going on.

    The other problem I have is every once in a while it prompts me to turn on the RightLight setting. Even when I tell it to never use RightLight it still occasionally prompts me to turn it on. The camera stops working when this prompt is up. This is really annoying.

    If Logitec can ever get their software perfected this might be a great webcam....more info
  • Disappointed with the image sharpness.
    This web cam retails for $79.95. With all the hype on the box, and at the Logitech website, I expected sharper images. Very disappointed so far. This is not the cheapest cam they make, either. Tried various settings, light adjustments on & off, etc.. My old Intel webCam worked much better, but they are not made any more, and drivers for Vista are not available. Maybe I'll get used to it. Followup: Sometimes the webcam doesn't start up after the computer has been turned on in the morning. I find that by aiming a flashlite into the lens, it starts right up. It's very sensitive to low light, in fact gives a better picture with it. I set it for 3 MP and seem to get a better picture. Maybe I was just hoping for a picture image as good as with a digital camera....more info
  • Good cam
    Bought this cam for my wife since she was having problems with offbrand webcams. Easy install and setup. Only problem is it does have the built in mic (which isn't all that bad actually to my amazement). The built in mic is only an issue because it ALWAYS wants to be the primary like all others. Overall though a great camera for those who only want to plug a wire in and install software....more info
  • Satisfactory
    This is my first webcam, so I have nothing to compare it against, but I will say it gets the job done. I have been using it with Skype and it seems to work well, but the images are rather grainy, especially when transmitted from one computer to another. One thing I don't like is that it doesn't record fast moving objects very well. I am pleased with my purchase, though, because I got a $[...] rebate on it. I wouldn't pay the full retail price....more info
  • The Quick Cam was surprising
    1. The Quick cam has a built in microphone.
    2. The software uses the computer microphone as a default. So you will need to change the settings for the microphone to use the quick cam microphone
    3. The face recognition software can detect the eyes and mouth regions. This is not advanced visual recognition; the software does not recognize mouth formations of sounds; instead the software detects movement of the mouth, face direction, an eyebrow movement; images in real time can be superimposed on the indivdual or a complete avatar representation substitutes.
    4. The time lapse and motion sensing capabilities were excellent. The image quality was good.
    5. The web cam does not have a wireless feature.
    6. The web cam does not come with single frame to animation software.
    ...more info
  • Great webcam!
    Works better than advertised w/ Vista Home premium.
    But, you can only use logitech's drivers. You can not use Logitech's software or it causes problems......more info
  • Excellent webcam
    Not much else to say. Great webcam, excellent resolution, great microphone, very adaptable to any type of monitor or surface, and great sound management. If I had to say anything for an improvement, I would add more options for when you are traveling in other countries. I visited Brazil and I had some issues with the video transmissions. I got into the settings and the Anti-Flicker feature only had options for North America 60HZ, Europe 50 Hz, and Off. What???? What about the rest of the world??? Anyway, when I am at home it is a great webcam...more info
  • Fuzzy picture
    I brought this webcam based on great reviews and been a current owner of a much older QuickCam Pro 4000. To my great surprise this newer webcam the image quality is just horrible, even after downloading newer driver from Logitech. Can't imagine how can older technology surpass newer one. A great disappointment!...more info
  • Good but not that great either.
    Granted this "WEBCAM" is better than a lot of the others out there it doesn't do as good as it should in my opinion.

    Facial Tracking - it's nice but it just doesn't ALWAYS work, and it will loose tracking every few minutes and so on. If you are like me and you are tired a lot and or your eyes aren't the A typical person, another words your eyes might be slightly closed more than a wide eyes person, it wont be able to keep track of your face. Why it's not able to recognize you IDK. You should be able to program it for your face but it's only a generalized programing for a typical face, or atleast what it thinks is a typical face.

    Video quality - If you want to just hook this up to your computer and record some video with your friends don't bother. It's a waist. It's way to chopy to work that way, it's frame rate is set to low and you can't change it to help things out and smooth out the video. So you are stuck with choppy videos recorded.

    WEBCAM - the fact this a camera that is hooked to your computer leads me to expect a lot more from this device than what's given. This is no cheap webcam but yet it is still out performed by many a small handheld camera on the market at this point that also can be used a webcam when needed.

    I should have just returned this cam but I waited to long and got tied up with work. Yeah it does it's WEBCAM part nicely and all but for the price it's a WAIST! Get a cheaper cam that will do similar, your video quality will be about the same.

    If you want to be able to get video with your friends you're simply going to have to look elsewere or you'll have chopy frames like a son of a gun.

    You'd think for the price when not operating as a webcam it would be able to up it's frame rate/recording abilities and give you smoother video, but no I was wrong. I guess I expect too much from a device with a high price tag....more info
  • good but lack focus
    This is my first webcam, so, I don't have any others to compare with. I do, however, have played with built in webcams from the newer mac books as well as PC laptops own by friends. The webcam is nicely built and mounts securely on top of my LCD monitor. I got it primarily to use video chat through skype. It works well for that application. Install went well. I downloaded directly from logitech and did not use included CD. My only con is that it does not focus well at all. I knew it is a manual focus webcam. I used a white background with letters focus method. I set the white background on the chair at the my sitting distance and turn the dial till I can read the letters on the white background. The letters were never clear no matter how slowly I "tune" the dial. This translates to slightly fuzzy picture on the other side. My experience with built in notebook cameras were opposite. The are sharp and clear all the time. I got a huge rebate on it, so it doesn't bother me. But, I am hunting for a auto focus model for the future....more info
  • Decent Webcam
    A decent overall web cam. The Logitech interface for the driver is fairly annoying and somewhat poorly planned out. The camera itself is good, showing good colors and picks up sound really well. The frame rate drops a lot if the auto lighting features are turned on, and I didn't notice any difference in picture or color quality with them off. The tracking is a gimmick, it did not work at all, actually messed up the camera with it turned on (camera would constantly zoom in and out of one spot). Didn't really use the picture taking aspect, but they are probably of similar quality of most cell phones. Overall a good camera, I would recommend, however, if you're going to spend 70$ (which is the retail) for this camera, why not add 30$ more and get the best Logitech offers. One more note, if you have bad to decent internet, and you're using this with an IM program (aol, msn instant messenger, yahoo) the frame rate will likely be terrible. When using a web cam with a program like that, the frame rate as well as most of the quality of the images/video depend on the internet speed, and that of the person on the other end, as well as the computers themselves....more info
  • Logitech quickcam communicate deluxe
    Love this new logitech quickcam. Just plug in the cd and then plug in the cam and its soo easy and works awesome. Love this cam as it helps me chat with my daughter who is away at college. Its a joy just to see her face and hear her voice. The built in microphone is a must and works excellant. I love this site. Good deals and fast delivery...more info
  • machine dependant
    i have a fairly well equipped desktop that i use for image/video editting along with all the other bits of stuff that one typically has. i attempted to install the logitech software probably a dozen different ways (each attempt requires 2 reboots). in protected mode, out of protected mode, install portion of the software first, then the remainder of it, finishing the install with plugging in the hardware, with no other usb devices plugged in, with other usb devices plugged in. ALL failed. the help from logitech was a good effort but not worth much. i have asked for debugging software from them, nothing. i have volunteered to help debug the issue, nothing.

    on the other hand, in a fit of desperation, i tried to install it on my wifes laptop. first time everything worked perfectly and the device has performed as advertised!

    i used to be a big believer in the logitech products but recent purchases have caused me to consider more carefully the items i purchase from them.
    ...more info
  • Logitech Quickcam communicat deluxe
    Great item at a good price. Shipping was fast. Very pleased; would buy from this dealer again....more info
  • Great Product
    This Webcam does the job. Even a first timer can make this work. Great Product!...more info
  • Very Good
    I am using it from alomost a year with no problems. Picture is better than quickcam messenger and it has a wide capturing area. Software provided is working nice, and no problems with driver eigher on Vista...more info