Logitech Alto Connect Notebook Stand
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Product Description

Improve your notebook comfort and connectivity.The Logitech Alto Connect raises your notebook display for increased viewing comfort. You're more relaxed - and more productive. It's an attractive alternative to expensive monitors and docking stations.Three High Speed USB ports make connecting peripherals a snap. An extra port on the front adds instant access to your personal digital devices - thumb drives, cameras, and MP3 music players.

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Customer Reviews:

  • Good Stand but a bit pricey
    I wanted a stand for my MacBook Pro that would raise the screen to eye level. I ultimately settled for this over the Griffin CURV2 Elevator stand. One of the things I like about this stand also happens to be something I don't like about it. Unlike the CURV2, this stand doesn't have empty space underneath it. This makes for a very solid base and I don't have to worry about the potential of me knocking my computer off. Unfortunately, this also means that I loose the space underneath the computer; with the CURV2 you can store your keyboard underneath the computer when it's not being used. This is less of a problem if you have a large desk area to work with. Also, the front of the stand will block the optical drive on the older MacBooks Pros and PowerBooks. I don't use the optical drive too often so it's not a big deal. One of the advantages the Alto Connect has over the CURV2 is the powered USB hub built in. The Alto Connect is definitely a nice stand, and makes your laptop much more desktop-like if you don't mind the steep price tag....more info
  • Works Great
    I use this with my MacBook Pro and it works great. Having all the extra USB plugs if very handy.

    The only thing that would be nice is if it could tilt up a little higher....more info
  • Logitech Alto Connect Notebook "X" Stand
    This product stands out from most other notebook stands in design, and is a most excellent choice for the factors of screen height, cooling area (without a noisy fan), and USB hub capabilities, with a surprise bonus of a front USB port for portable media devices. The two pieces of the X shape separate for easy portability with your notebook in most notebook cases.
    I've been so satisfied with my stand that I can't recall how I managed before I had it. It is, as I said, "MOST EXCELLENT"...more info
  • Great product!!
    I love this stand - it's everything I hoped it would be! Service was also great....more info
  • Great for laptops without docking stations
    I use this with my Dell XPS m1530 and am very very happy with it.

    The built in USB hub allows me to keep my keyboard, mouse, printer, and WD myBook plugged in all the time and just come and go with my laptop.

    Integrated cord management is a great feature. Collapses down into two pieces for compact travel

    The stand looks great on a desk and raises the laptop screen to a very comfortable height. Fantastic with my 20" Samsung monitor

    ...more info
  • Great Laptop Support for Mac Pro
    I got this to lift my Mac Pro off the desk some so I could it as a second monitor. The bonus was that it allows you to plug in some extra USB devices. The only problem is that the way the laptop sits on it, blocks the DVD drive. However, if you slide the laptop to the left some, it is fine. I would have given it 5 stars if it wasn't for that. ...more info
  • All good
    Excellent laptop stand. Very good to keep from straining the neck. Also easy on the wrists which was my main concern when I bought. Price could be a little bit more affordable which is why I asked for it as a gift for my birthday. Very convenient to be able to just walk in with your laptop and plug one USB in to hook up all of the necessities. It also provides a little more room on my desk and I can type comfortably at any angle. Have been using Logitech products for a long time and this is yet another one I am very satisfied with. Thanks Logitech... just drop the price a little more on your products and you'll qualify as a company "for the people" in my book. ...more info
  • Great Notebook Stand
    Watch Video Here: http://www.amazon.com/review/R2DT0DBGZP8T6P Great notebook stand, which thanks to the USB ports, is excellent for my purposes... using my notebook like a desktop. Logitech Alto Connect Notebook Stand...more info
  • Works Great for my MacBook Pro
    Eliminates the need for a second monitor for me, as it elevates my Macbook Pro 15" screen to the right height, gives my keyboard and accessories all the ports plugged in. Not quite a full docking station, but it helps quite a bit. And my laptop stays naturally cooler without fans....more info
  • Very nice stand
    I'm rather picky about laptop stands. I've had a few and some have been not so great. Most of the others I've had were adjustable but some were solid while others felt flimsy/wobbly. This stand, however, is very solid and the top edge is covered in a nice rubber-like material so that your laptop won't slip (an annoying problem I'd had with my last stand).

    I LOVE the USB connectors in the back. I can leave my keyboard and mouse plugged in there all of the time as well as my webcam if I like. There is an extra port in front that is easy to access for say a USB Flash drive, however, I've found that anything you want to access that contains data is still better when plugged directly into the Laptop. I have several external drives that seem punchy or like they blip in and out as if not really plugged in if I plug them into the stand rather than directly into my laptop, but for USB devices like mice, tablets, keyboards, webcams etc, it's a nice way to be able to just leave all of that stuff plugged in without having to undo it all when you pack up your laptop.

    The stand is very sturdy and looks classy. I'd definitely recommend one of these to anyone and would buy it again....more info
  • Great Product
    Great product, the power cord doesn't quite stick, thats why I gave it 4 instead of 5, but other than that its been great....more info
  • Perfect substitute for docking station
    Great product! Perfect for any laptop. Have less headache when working long at home. Thanks logitech for great product and amazon for great price. One small negative thing: it would be great if USB hub didn't require AC power. Less wires - better product....more info
  • great laptop stand
    Logitech has some great products, this one is no exception. I own an Alienware 17" laptop over 16 lbs. and this stand holds it with no problem, the only thing is that computer doesn't rest centered with the stand due to the laptop supports and part of the cooling vents are blocked, but still computer breathes fine; so this might be a little problem with some computers. The 4 built in USB ports are a nice feature and the aesthetics of this product is just nice, it has matte and gloss plastic and a little gray trim on the back.
    I do recommend this stand, just be adviced that your laptop supports might interfere with being centered with the stand (mine doesn't unbalance being off centered); and I can tell you it can surely hold big heavy laptops....more info