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Logitech Alto Express Notebook Stand
List Price: $29.99

Our Price: $23.71

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Product Description

Take your notebook to new heights of comfort. The Logitech Alto Express Notebook Stand raises your notebook display for increased viewing comfort. You're more relaxed - and more productive. It's an attractive alternative to expensive monitors and docking stations.

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Customer Reviews:

  • So simple that is great
    I know is just a piece of plastic, but its so well crafted and does its job just great. Nuff said...more info
  • Logitech Alto Express Stand
    This is an excellent product and was just as described. Arrived quickly and well packaged....more info
  • Works as designed!
    It's a great inexpensive laptop stand that effectively cools the laptop and provides a good angle for the connections. Be aware that it may be difficult with a front loading DVD drive as you would have to lift up the front to access the drive. ...more info
  • Logitech Alto Express Notebook Stand
    The stand is great. It has a concave area on the surface where the laptop sits. If I had to suggest an improvement it would be to have holes over the area that the actual laptop sits for greater dissemination of the heat generated by contact between the stand's surface and the bottom of the laptop....more info
  • Great product for a great price
    This laptop stand works great for what I needed. It may not have fans, but it accomodates even the larger notebooks. The rubber on the front and back do keep the notebook in place. It is comfortable to place on your lap and works great for books and binders and stuff too....more info
  • Spectacluar
    Awesome, the product was sent on time, arrived on time and was in excellent condition. I would recommend this product for anyone and from this company!...more info
  • Ultimate Notebook Stand
    I've had the stand for nearly 2 months now and it's been absolutely great. It is ergonomically perfect and the screen is at a perfect height to reduce neck and eye strain. The keyboard can also be used if you really need to- I was surprised. The space underneath it can even be used for storage. Above all, it was very reasonably priced. Absolutely recommend....more info
  • light weight, stylish, portable
    This was one of the cheaper stands I found, yet it is so cute and matches perfectly with the mac book and mac keyboard. I can easily fit it into my backpack and I even drag it into bed to watch movies sometimes. Lightweight and practical....more info
  • Excellent stand for a MacBook
    I ordered this stand from BuyDirect about a three weeks ago and it is fantastic. I got it knowing that I would be getting a 22" external monitor to use with my MacBook and I didn't want to spend too much, I mean, the Alto Connect looks great, but $60? Yeah, no.

    The Alto Express is perfect. My MacBook looks great on it, either opened or closed and the height is perfect. I just got my monitor and the two are amazingly almost the same height, with no adjustment required.

    My boyfriend liked the stand so much, he ordered two for his laptops (one Mac, one Dell) and they look great. for anyone who is concerned about price, BuyDirect (at least right now) has them for like $15 shipped and that's totally, totally worth it. The plastic is smooth and well shaped and the bottom crevice is great for a MacBook. If you have an older MacBook Pro or another laptop with an optical drive in the front, it might be a slight hassle, but for anyone who has a right or left facing optical drive, it's perfect. ...more info
  • Avg. = 4stars, 5 stars = quality, 3 stars = usability
    Review like this is somewhat subjective, so please keep in mind that this is strictly one person's opinion. I have DELL Inspiron 6400 notebook (15.4" screen), which I love and use for all my work. But my posture was not good using the laptop, so I needed a laptop stand that would elevate the laptop so that I could have convenient eye-angle and better posture. So I purchased Logitech Alto Express Notebook Stand.

    1. Excellent quality. Sturdy plastic with non-slippery grip on the bottom of the edges. Notebook does not wobble when it is rested on it. Very stable.
    2. Sleek and contemporary design. Because it is transparent, you do not really notice it, since it is not bigger than the laptop.
    3. Well-designed, in the middle of the stand, there is a curved concave which let the hot air from the notebook escape.

    1. It is NOT adjustable. This is a big drawback. I am 5' 8" male using standard sized desk and chair. Yet, when I placed the nootbook, the screen placement seems little too high. After using the product a couple of hours, I had neck pain and upper back strain. I tried to adjust myself, but of no avail. If you are shorter than 5'8" then I do not recommend this product. You should seriously consider purchasing adjustable laptop stand.
    2. Another issue I found is that once you place the notebook on the stand, the laptop screen will be farther than what you use to. Since you must also purchase external keyboard to put it in front of the stand, you push back your laptop further. It wasn't easy reading things on the screen.

    In sum, I went back using the laptop without the stand. Again, this is a high quality product, but the usability is limited because it is not adjustable. Especially, for a person whose height is 5'8" or under, this product MAY NOT be right. Consider adjustable stand....more info
  • You gotta love it...
    when form follows function. These are as pleasant to look at as they are to use. They feel more substantial than they look, but they are plastic. If they were $10 cheaper, they'd fly off the shelf, but even at $30 they are worth it for the relief of neck pain....more info
  • The perfect notebook/netbook companion
    This stand is attractive and almost weightless. It is easy to pack and go. The shipping was very quick and exceeded my expectations. I was happy to see something so useful at a reasonable cost. One thing to take out of the stressful budget! I give it a five star....more info
  • Logitech Alto Express Notebook Stand
    I just Love the Logitech Stand. It really does the job and looks so beautiful on my desk....more info
  • serious flaws
    I bought this on the strength of the claim that it works with most laptop computers. It does not work with my HP Pavilion 9700 series which just slides off. Any ports on the front of the computer are useless (on the aforementioned HP that means the remote control, the microphone and headphone sockets are unusable. I bought it to be comfortable watching TV and to use with Dragon Naturally Speaking. I can do neither. If that were not enough, I don't understand why it isn't perforated to allow airflow to the fan. There is a good idea here but this is poor execution.
    Also, be aware of the small print saying you should use a separate keyboard and mouse which contradicts the claim that it de-clutters your desk. ...more info
  • Great
    I have had several stands, this one is it. My office is an executive office and I have many clients come in. I like the stand because it keeps with a low profile unlike other stands, the laptop does not slip off which I understand can be a problem and it is pleasing to the eye. Absolutely recommend....more info
  • The best, but not perfect
    Works great for my Dell Latitude D820, and would work just as well for any other non-apple laptop. However, costs about $10 too much based off what you actually receive. Also, as I like to move the stand on my desk, it squeaks hardcore when you try to move it backwards. Overall, a great purchase, just take those few things into account....more info
  • You gotta love it...
    when form follows function. These are as pleasant to look at as they are to use. They feel more substantial than they look, but they are plastic. If they were $10 cheaper, they'd fly off the shelf, but even at $30 they are worth it for the relief of neck pain....more info