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FBI agent Sean Archer (John Travolta) knows how to stop elusive terrorist Castor Troy (Nicolas Cage). He'll become him. Archer undergoes a futuristic surgery and has Troy's face mapped onto his, then infiltrates the terrorist's world to discover his deadly secrets. But as much as Archer looks and acts like Troy, he doesn't really know him. He never figures Troy will retaliate and force doctors to transform him into Archer. Now the agent faces a shattering nightmare: his archrival is living with his family. The Travolta/Cage star-power comes on strong and so does the excitement in this roaring thrill machine of a movie directed by John Woo (Broken Arrow). So buckle up. It's going to be a furious fight.

At his best, director John Woo turns action movies into ballets of blood and bullets grounded in character drama. Face/Off marks Woo's first American film to reach the pitched level of his best Hong Kong work (Hard-Boiled). He takes a patently absurd premise--hero and villain exchange identities by literally swapping faces in science-fiction plastic surgery--and creates a double-barreled revenge film driven by the split psyches of its newly redefined characters. FBI agent Sean Archer (John Travolta) must play the villain to move through the underworld while psychotic terrorist Castor Troy (Nicolas Cage) becomes a perversely paternal family man while using every tool at his disposal to destroy his nemesis. Travolta vamps Cage's tics and flamboyant excess with the grace of a dancer after his transformation from cop to criminal, while Cage plays the sullen, bottled-up agent excruciatingly trapped behind the face of the man who killed his son. His attempts to live up to the terrorist's reputation become cathartic explosions of violence that both thrill and terrify him. This is merely icing on the cake for action fans, the dramatic backbone for some of the most visceral action thrills ever. Woo fills the screen with one show-stopping set piece after another, bringing a poetic grace to the action freakout with sweeping camerawork and sophisticated editing. This marriage of melodrama and mayhem ups the ante from cops-and-robbers clich¨¦s to a conflict of near-mythic levels. --Sean Axmaker

At his best, director John Woo turns action movies into ballets of blood and bullets grounded in character drama. Face/Off marks Woo's first American film to reach the pitched level of his best Hong Kong work (Hard-Boiled). He takes a patently absurd premise--hero and villain exchange identities by literally swapping faces in science-fiction plastic surgery--and creates a double-barreled revenge film driven by the split psyches of its newly redefined characters. FBI agent Sean Archer (John Travolta) must play the villain to move through the underworld while psychotic terrorist Castor Troy (Nicolas Cage) becomes a perversely paternal family man while using every tool at his disposal to destroy his nemesis. Travolta vamps Cage's tics and flamboyant excess with the grace of a dancer after his transformation from cop to criminal, while Cage plays the sullen, bottled-up agent excruciatingly trapped behind the face of the man who killed his son. His attempts to live up to the terrorist's reputation become cathartic explosions of violence that both thrill and terrify him. This is merely icing on the cake for action fans, the dramatic backbone for some of the most visceral action thrills ever. Woo fills the screen with one show-stopping set piece after another, bringing a poetic grace to the action freakout with sweeping camerawork and sophisticated editing. This marriage of melodrama and mayhem ups the ante from cops-and-robbers clich¨¦s to a conflict of near-mythic levels. --Sean Axmaker

Customer Reviews:

  • explosive trill ride
    Sean Archer has no other choice but to disguse his face and body into his worst arc enemy Caster Troy in order to get his brother to tell were the bomb is hidden some were in LA. Caster Troy woke up from sleep and got into Sean Archers body bailed his brother out of jail and he stoped his own bomb from going off so he can be famous. ...more info
  • This movie is fantastic.
    Nicolas Cage plays a villain worthy of a comic book, the chemistry between him and Travolta is outstanding. The cinematography is dazzling, the plot is so far out it is amazing, but still stays within the realm of possibility.

    If you are a fan of either of the main actors, or are just a fan of action, this movie cannot be passed by, and I highly recommend owning it as you WILL want to see it again....more info
  • Great collector's edition of "Face/Off"
    I'm a big fan of John Woo, so i allready owned "Face Off" on DVD, but without any extra's. I was happy to hear that it was coming out on HD DVD, and ordered it. The improvement was very clear, a crystal clear picture and fantastic sound. The extra's are also worthwile(mostly on disc 2), some very good insight's into the movie, and very interesting interviews with the cast and crew. Very hard not to like!!!...more info
  • Mind Blowing DTS Sound !!
    Watching this movie in DTS 6.1 surround sound is truly an amazing experience. I already had a single DISC edition of this movie, but
    when two-disc edition was released, I couldn't resist myself and
    added it to my collection. ...more info
  • 4.5; wow, an action movie with heart?
    When it comes down to action movies, a lot of them are impressive visually and filled with cool set pieces yet a lot of them seem to be emotionally inert. It's as if they write the action scenes first and then decide to just connect them with the flimsiest of plots and barely any character development at all - or at least poorly-handled development anyway. One of the few successful ones at combining drama and action is Face/Off, directed by John Woo who did Mission:Impossible 2 but is mainly known for doing A Better Tomorrow and Hard Boiled. It's a cool insight in taking on personas we don't want to do but the freedom they can allow.

    FBI Agent Sean Archer has been on a long hunt for Castor Troy, a known terrorist who's responsible for accidentally kiling Sean's son Michael in a failed assassination attempt. Well after successfully capturing Troy and his brother Pollux but leaving Castor in a coma, Sean receives grim news: a bomb is hidden somewhere in Los Angeles and is set to go off soon so Sean decides to go through an odd procedure: borrow Castor's face through advanced surgery and get the location of the bomb from Pollux in prison. But things don't go as planned as, even though he gets the location, the real Castor awakes, sans face, and takes Sean's. Now both are dealing with new people and the problems or the advantages they can create and both have to figure out how to kill the other and get their faces and lives back.

    John Woo has been known recently for being an almost easier-accepted version of Michael Bay. Both make action movies yet don't really have the dramatic impact of anything. Of course Woo has done A Better Tomorrow, the Killer and Hard Boiled so he's got that going for him but Face/Off is probably his best Hollywood movie. Not only is it visually exciting but also has great character moments and interesting ideas. How would we react if we were supposed to react in a certain way because of the environment and the people around us? Both characters find it's not easy to just slip into a new life so comfortably.

    But it would all fall apart if it didn't have strong actors and luckily we have John Travolta and Nicolas Cage who manage to both play twisted and psychotic for one character yet sympathetic and caring for another yet not feel disjointed when they switch places. The supporting cast also includes Gina Gershon and Alessandro Nivola on Castor's side and Joan Allen and Dominique Swain on Sean's end, even James Denton (Mike from TV's "Desperate Housewives" and comedienne Margaret Cho turn up).

    Even though it does have some "Woo-isms", namely flying doves, highly-kinetic action and characters' puzzling tendency to flip and jump when in gunfights and could've done with some trimming, it's still a fun and even touching action movie.
    ...more info
  • Unrealistic,but unbeliavable
    In Hollywood,there are realistic films,but there are also unrealistic films also. A movie is a movie-and we've seen realistic fiction movies before("Mercury Rising"),realistic movies that were true stories("Windtalkers"),and there are also some films that as good as they are,have been unrealistic. "Face/Off" falls in the category of films that happens to be unrealistic. However,it is also unbelievable,and it is one of the best films both Nicolas Cage and John Travolta have ever done. Read on for my review of this:

    This movie starts off with John Travolta playing Sean Archer,an FBI agent in Los Angeles. Archer has pretty much everything-a wife,a lot of awards,and even though she has become really bratty,a teenage daughter named Janie. However,there is one thing that is missing from Archer's life,and this isn't something like a condo in Aruba or the Democratic/Republican nomination for President-it's something more than that. What he is missing is his son,Michael,who was killed a while back ago(they actually show that at the very beginning of the movie). The man who killed him is Caster Troy(Nicolos Cage),a terrorist who is Archer's archrival.When Troy killed Archer's son,it was actually just an attempt to kill Archer;however,the bullet missed and ended up killing Archer's son. Ever since then,Archer has been trying to get even with Troy for killing his son.

    Then,that day finally comes. After Archer has found out that Troy has planted a bomb in L.A. and he(Troy)ends up in a coma,Archer is approached by a fellow FBI agent who introduces him to Dr. Malcolm Walsh,who has a plan that will help Archer get the bomb and get even with Troy. The plan is that he(Walsh)will remove both Archer's face and Troy's face,put Troy's face on Archer's,and then Archer,disguised as Troy,will enter the Los Angeles prison where Troy's brother Pollux is at,stay there for a few days,find out where the bomb is,and then get pulled out of the prison,find the bomb,and get it out of the building. So,even though Archer is reasonably worried about several things(he has been told that he can't tell his wife,his boss,or anybody about the operation)he takes the mission.

    Then,the next morning,Archer(who is now portrayed by Nicolas Cage)wakes up wearing Troy's face,and enters the prison. Things are going hard for him,but after all,he is Castor Troy(or so they think). However,Archer accomplishes what he is there for-he finds out where the bomb is,except there is one problem:Troy eventually wakes up from his coma,makes doctors transform him into Archer,and then after that,kills all of the doctors who knew about the information and burns all of the papers that have proof about what happened. And once that happens,well,I won't give away everything,but here is a good example of what it is like for the two archrivals once they are wearing each other's faces:

    "I don't know what I hate wearing worse:Your face or your body. I mean I certainly do enjoy boning your wife, but let's face it, we both like it better the other way yes? So why don't we trade back"?

    This is defnitely one of the most interesting movies I have ever seen. The chemisty is strong,the acting is really good,and if you put yourself into the shoes of one of the characters in this film and totally forgot that you were watching a movie,You would probably find it interesting to how Troy acts when he is disguised as Archer(and everyone thinks that's who he really is)while you see how Archer acts when he is disguised as Troy(and everyone thinks who he really is also).

    Recommended!...more info
  • Great Action Movie
    Two of these actors Nic Cage and John Travolta really knock it out of the park on this film. For me I'd say Cage dominated in terms of really bringing over the fact of being trapped within another man's face and life, and being that of a person you hate it was quite the performance. One highlight is of the meeting in the prison of the two when all hell breaks loose for Cage's character when he realises his nemesis has the upper hand. Fun ride from beginning to end with the right injection of emotion. This is truly a blockbuster action movie by all merits....more info
  • Face off in HD Special collectors edition 2 disc
    I saw this movie when it was first released in 97 and This is a Special Edition two disc HD DVD and a Great movie & sound & acting and now have the 3 in standard & HD & Blu Ray so if you like action movies as much as I do four and a half out of five Recommended ....more info
  • Full rounded thriller!
    The mean feature of "Face/Off" resides in its innovative proposal. Two mortal enemies, castor Troy and Sean Archer will be entangled at the moment they swap faces surgically. Since that moment both of them will be trapped in each other's body but besides in the hellish and not envied position of experiencing a totally different daily life.

    If I should turn my memories respect to a tangential plot, I should remit myself to "Seconds."

    Perhaps this film be the most original thriller of John Woo and certainly, one of the most original thrillers of the Nineties.
    ...more info
  • Special Features include no new interviews with Cage or Travolta.....
    We already know this is a great action film with superb performances from both Travolta and Cage so I will just comment on the features:

    Featurettes includes a decent amount information on all aspects of the script development, making of, locations, casting, set designs, special effects, weapons and the 'mimic' acting strategies for Cage/Travlota playing each other. Also includes 7 deleted scenes, a biography-type feature covering the life and career of director John Woo, and the original theatrical trailer.

    The greatest disappointment here is that while several cast/crew members appear in newly filmed interviews, both Travolta and Cage participate only by way of vintage interviews filmed back when the movie was actually being made. You would think they would have been proud enough of this great film to come back to document it for posterity sake...

    This DVD is probably worth the upgrade for fans, especially if you can manage to get a few bucks for your old copy.

    ...more info
  • An Intelligent, Fast Paced Adrenaline Rush Of A Movie
    Rarely does an action movie manage to rise above its mindless shoot em up execution and offer an indepth character study of both the protagonist and the antagonist that helps us better understand them. John Woo managed to do this with his 1997 movie "Face/Off", an absurd but well thought out movie that many modern action movies should be modelled after.

    As I said the plot is absurd. Sean Archer (John Travolta) is a ruthless FBI agent out to capture and, if possible, kill Castor Troy (Nicolas Cage), a homeland terrorist who accidentally killed Archer's young son in a botched assassination attempt. When Archer succeeds in his goal, he thinks it's time to retire and go home to his troubled daughter and his wife (Joan Allen). But, as Pacino would he say, just when he think he's out they pull him back in. It turns out that Troy is still alive and has planted a bomb set to go off at the L.A. Civics Center (at least I think that's where it was). Using new science, Archer and Troy trade faces. Archer, as Troy, will infiltrate a maximum security prison and get the scoop on the bombing from Castor's brother, Pollux. Of course, as expected, Castor emerges from his coma and realizes his face is gone. He forces the surgeons to give him Archer's face and then kills them. He torches all the files that proves who's who. When Troy finds out what happened, he goes ballistic. He stages a daring prison escape and delves deeper into the life of Castor Troy. Troy, meanwhile, has a ball being Archer, sleeping with his wife and getting heaps of praise showered on him as he defuses the bomb he planted. Archer will stop at nothing to get his true identity back and kil Archer before it's too late.

    As I said, the plot couldn't be more absurd. However, it is very easy to understand. It's more unrealistic than it is absurd. It also does a very good job at examining the pysches of both Archer and Troy. Woo gives us revealing looks at the inner aspects of the two, what makes them tick, why they won't stop until one of them is dead. Most action films are just mindless shootout movies with a few bad catchphrases and weak characters. Woo managed to go beyond this and create one of the most intelligent action movies ever.

    The film is violent and bloody as hell. However, the violence is very stylized and is not overused, as the violence adds a lot to the tension. "Face/Off" is a relentlessly entertaining action thriller that I would highly recommend.
    ...more info
  • Looking forward to this HDDVD
    Face/Off is a great movie and will be great on HDDVD. Thank you Paramount for supporting the best high definition format!...more info
  • john and nick
  • Woo Elevates Action to an Art
    I've been somewhat disappointed with a few of John Woo's American films, feeling that his prime really took place back in Hong Kong. But FACE/OFF is a happy exception. I was very impressed with what Woo managed to do with this film. First of all, let's examine the premise (as others have). It is, indeed, one of the most absurd premises of all time. A Cop and an Evil Villain swap faces and identities and are suddenly forced to deal with each other's worlds while they desperately try to "get their face back." If you think about it for more than two seconds, this is the sort of plot that would make good fodder for a `B' movie...something starring Dean Cain perhaps.

    But FACE/OFF is anything but a `B' movie. I was entertained every second of this film for two simple reasons. (1) The action, as in all of Woo's films, is absolutely superb. I'm not sure how Woo is able to achieve his "ballet," but his talent is in full throttle for the entirety of this film. The poetic gunfights, the slaughter set to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," the entire chapel sequence, the class "Woo" ending...it's all here. (2) The acting is incredible. John Travolta and Nicholas Cage carry this film. Instead of becoming a corny movie about swapped identities, both of these characters manage to have a lot of fun playing each other. In essence, what I'm trying to say is that these two actors make the premise work. After they have "switched," I found myself really looking at both of them quite differently. Every once in a while, I would have to remind myself that the premise was not real and that the actors were playing each other. Due to the fact that both Travolta and Cage have such big personalities, the film works. If it had been cast with the less talented bunch that we normally see in action films, it would have failed miserably.

    If you're not typically a fan of action films, I recommend that you see FACE/OFF. It will give you a new appreciation of the genre and perhaps also give you some insight on the current work of other directors, such as Quentin Tarantino. ...more info
  • which product?
    it's been a couple months, and i'm still waiting for the product therefore, my review is,,, inexistent...more info
  • Sony fanboys = crybabies
    If Paramount is 'in Microsoft's pocket' then there are FAR more companies in Sony's pocket. If a studio chooses a format based on production costs, higher number of 'movie only' players (PS3s skew the number of blu-ray players out there, the industry has found that people who buy a 'movie only' component to watch movies are more likely to buy movies vs. a console that plays movies, which means there are MORE HD DVD player owners than Blu-Ray owners), and for not getting strong-armed by Sony I say more power to them, quit whining, obviously they're doing just fine. Sony decided they didn't want my business by making their players more expensive and provide less features (they have done this with Betamax, Mini-Discs, S-DVDs, etc) and keeping antiquated relics from DVDs such as region coding etc. It isn't reasonable to expect studios to release both formats just the same as it is unreasonable to expect a retailer to carry both and have to commit twice as much (or 3 times as much when counting regular DVD) so until there is a compromise, expect many producers and retailers to side with one or the other, all it means is that when one company goes exclusive with one format, a competitor will go with another. This is called a 'free market economy'. QUIT WHINING....more info
  • Great acting, good blu-ray video & audio.
    The acting by Nicholas Cage and John Travolta is fantastic in this movie, but there is too much vulgar language for my taste. The blu-ray quality is top-notch. There are a lot of special features included, and I especially enjoyed watching "making of Face/Off". The story seems like science fiction, however, I understand that face replacement now has been done and is actually a reality. Other than the bad language, the movie is well-presented and worth watching. ...more info
  • Greatest Movie Ever!
    I have watched this movie over and over again, and it gets better each time I watch it. It's very action-filled and suspenseful, keeps you on the edge of your seat. I highly recommend this movie! I love Nicholas Cage as Castor Troy and John Travolta as Sean Archer in this movie! I especially love it when they switch faces and identities. So cool! ...more info
  • Great Movie/Buy!
    This action packed movie stars two great actors Nicolas Cage and John Travolta at their best. A great movie if you're a fan of action films, or just like either of the actors. Castor Troy (Cage) has planted a bomb somewhere and agent Sean Archer (Travolta) must literally switch identities with his old enemy in order to find out where the bomb is and disable it. I don't usually hand out 5 stars but this one definatly deserves it!...more info
  • great movie
    The best part about this movie is you get to see both the actors as hero and villian. John and Nicholas acted so nicely, that the idea of whole face/off surgical theme didn't look silly or matter much. Two great actors at their best... ...more info
  • It's a very good movie
    A action movie that delivers in acting, directing, and most other departments. 4 out of 5 stars....more info
  • GREAT!!!!!
    Love the movie...my g/f was more than happy when she opened it for christmas...would do business with anytime...more info
  • Thank YOU!
    I am so happy with my dvd. Not only is it a great movie, the seller got it to me super fast!...more info
  • Terrific acting, terrific action, terrific characters!
    Face/Off marks John Woo's first Hollywood movie where he was given complete creative control. While I am not familiar with John Woo's material except the new video game "Stranglehold" and his movie "Hard Boiled" (which I felt was mediocre, but suspenseful and interesting), I think "Face/Off" hit the spot for me and I will definitely check out the rest of his Hong Kong work (rumor has it "Face/Off" is his only true great American work due to lack of creative control of his other films).

    "Face/Off" begins with terrorist for hire Castor Troy's failed attempt to kill FBI agent Sean Archer, and instead killing Archer's young son. 6 years later, Archer is extremely close to catching him, and he finally does. However, just as Sean Archer is about to retire, he learns that Castor Troy planted a bomb somewhere but Troy won't say where (since he is in a coma). Since only Sean Archer knows Castor so well, he must undergo a top secret undercover mission (that only 2 other people plus the doctors know about). He must have his own face surgically removed and he must acquire Castor Troy's face and voice. After the surgery, he infiltrates the prison where Castor Troy is to go as well as his gang. He acts like Castor Troy very well.

    However, Castor Troy wakes up from his coma, and he and his gang force the doctors to give him Sean Archer's face. Unlike Sean Archer, however, he cannot imitate his mannerisms. A whole series of twists and turns occur as Castor Troy is now living in Archer's home, and taking over his job.

    The fact that the character of Castor Troy in the film continues to be himself while Sean Archer must act like the bad guy gives both Nicholas Cage and John Travolta the opportunity to be the villain. They both come across as creepy and downright mean throughout the film, and this a true test of acting skills and both pass with an A. And the "gun-fu" is excellent, especially since both characters had to have been in their physical prime, but it will probably be one of the best ever seen in a North American film....more info
  • Action-packed thrilling chill-to-the-bone movie
    (I'm not a kid)

    Acting: Creepy, funny, serious, gut-busting

    directing: Woo Hoo for John Woo

    this is the best Action/Thriller since True Lies. Next to the underrated Con Air...more info
  • Great Movie
    Sound and Picture is better than the original 1 disk DVD. Love the Movie, so much pointless action....more info
  • its john woo what more do you want :D
    After Hard Target and Broken Arrow another american movie with the action movie master director in the director chair.
    have a plenty of guns, bullets, winds, doves and slow motion, mix them perfectly, chill for a while and voila you have a great action film only Mr Woo can deliver.

    a must see for his fans and wanna be action movie directors :D...more info
  • John Woo's Best Hollywood Film
    It took two Hollywood films (Hard Target and Broken Arrow) before John Woo was allowed to cut loose with his trademark style on Face/Off. The result was his most commercially and critically successful American film at that point in his career. However, for fans of his Hong Kong films, this one seemed like a highlight reel from his earlier work as Woo recycled many of his signature shots Birds flying in slow motion? Check. Guy Leaping in the air while firing two guns simultaneously? Check. Unfortunately, Face/Off marks the apex of his Hollywood career. Woo has done nothing since that's been as good. So, to celebrate the film's 10th anniversary, Paramount has revisited the film with a brand new special edition.

    Woo works hard to sell the film's admittedly outlandish gimmick by throwing all kinds of scientific mumbo jumbo at us and lingering on shots of spiffy looking technology. The swapping of identities also allows the filmmaker to examine one of his favourite themes: how two people can exhibit similar characteristics but be on opposite sides of the law and on opposite sides of the moral spectrum. It is nice to see Woo finally given a decent-sized budget to play with and two big-time movie stars like Cage and Travolta to work with. Despite a few audacious glimmers, like staging a chaotic gunfight around a child listening to "Under the Rainbow," we still get a recycling of Woo's stylistic trademarks. However, this can be somewhat forgiven as it was the first real exposure for many North Americans to his work on a mainstream level.

    The first disc features an audio commentary by director John Woo and screenwriters Mike Werb and Michael Colleary. Woo says that he initially passed on the project because he didn't think that he could do a science fiction film, but after working with CGI on Broken Arrow, felt more comfortable with the idea. The writers say that Woo concentrated on the characters and their emotions in their conversations together.

    Also included is an additional commentary with Werb and Colleary that features a lot of repeated comments from the previous track. Werb and Colleary stress that they wanted to write an action film with a villain that was just as interesting as the hero.

    There are six deleted scenes and alternate ending with optional commentary by Woo, Werb and Colleary. There's a nice, reflective moment where Archer spends the night in his dead son's room before his surgery and also two action sequences that are extended.

    The second disc has a well-made documentary entitled, "The Light and The Dark: Making Face/Off" that can be viewed in five separate featurettes or altogether. Cage and Travolta talk about how they approached their roles, mimicking each other. Cast and crew praise Woo and his signature style and how well he works with actors. The film's elaborate practical, visual effects and stunts are all examined. Finally, Woo sums up the film - for him, it's all about family and how Archer achieves closure with his.

    "John Woo: A Life in Pictures" is a 30-minute profile of the filmmaker, from his humble childhood, living poor in a bad neighbourhood to a successful Hollywood director. It also takes a brief look at some of his key Hong Kong work but nothing too detailed for hardcore fans. This doc acts mainly as a primer for newcomers to his work.

    Finally, a theatrical trailer....more info
  • ...But you are still not having fun
    "Face/Off" is a dynamite-packed action powerhouse, with loads of stuff being blown to Kingdom Come, lots of people getting shot at and shot and loads of fun tossed in for good measure.

    The basic plot takes you along with obsessive FBI agent Sean Archer in his all-consuming chase for arch-enemy and criminal nasty type, Castor Troy, backed up by his genius brother, Pollux. Part of this chase requires Archer to assume Troy's identity via surgery, completely off the record and totally "black bag". Of course, it all goes wrong.

    "Face/Off" almost seems choreographed in its fight sequences and shoot outs, which is pretty usual for director John Woo's style. However, the action is fast, furious and volatile. There is also lots of it.

    Both John Travolta and Nicholas Cage are brilliant as Sean Archer and Castor Troy, a challenging duality of personalities to act. Both actors did a marvelous job of it.

    Under all the violence, there are glimpses of Archer's personal journey as he delves into Castor Troy's world. Archer's dealings with Sasha, (Troy's girlfriend), promote some realisation and increased humanity in him.

    I have seen this movie a whole heap of times, and find that the years have not diminished it as a great action movie. It is one that can be seen again and again, with the same sense of relish and entertainment.
    ...more info
  • Will not be released
    Since Paramount is HD DVD exclusive now this movie will NOT be released on Blu-ray. Just get it on HD DVD if you want it!...more info
  • Great action film with awesome plot twist!
    This is one of my favorite action films. For its time, the concept of "face off" and how both Travolta and Cage can act so good and so evil makes this one of the best action films. Definitely will get it as soon as the HD DVD comes out!...more info
  • A big thanks to Paramount for selling out....
    If you haven't heard the reason why this won't be released it's this:Without going into a huge amount of detail,Microsoft paid Paramount/Dreamworks 150 million dollars to go HD-DVD exclusive with absolutely no support for Blu-ray in the near future even though BD is outselling HD-DVD 2 to 1.That now means that any Paramount Blu-rays that are listed for pre-order on Amazon are now null...So basically Paramount is in Bill Gates pocket right now and will remain there for at least the next 18 months.Well,all I can say is that Paramount has lost a customer in me and my guess is that they will regret their decision eventually in lost profits and since many are very critical of their short-sightedness including Michael Bay and Steven Speilberg (who now won't let Paramount release any of his films in HD-DVD)....So thanks again Paramount....more info
  • One word to describe it....COOL
    Wow, it's been a long time when an all out action movie impressed me but this movie is awesome. Action doesn't get any bigger than this.

    The movie starts with a flashback, we see Castor Troy in sniper mode trying to take down FBI big man, Sean Archer who apparently is always on his case. Sean is with his small kid and when Castor takes the shot, it goes through Sean's back and hits his kid in the head. Six years later, Sean is a real hard-a$$ who devotes so much time trying to track and kill Castor that he neglects his wife and teenage daughter. Castor is looking cool as ever and he plants a bomb in the L.A. convention center to take out 3 judges. He succeeds in planting the bomb, but is caught when he tries to escape in one of the best action sequences I've ever seen. In his attempt, he is left in a coma. To find out the whereabouts of the bomb, Sean takes on Castor's face, literally to uncover the situation of the bomb from Castor's brother, Pollux. Castor awakes from his come, takes on Sean's face and the story ensues...

    When it comes to stylized action sequences, no one but John Woo is the master. Note that I said "stylized", not "gory" or "realistic". In fact, to thoroughly enjoy this movie, you have to pay no attention to logic. The plot has many shortcomings, but the action more than makes up for it. The story is captured in awe-inspiring action sequences that involves planes, boats and every other thing that explodes with style. The two leads also make the movie that much more than what it is. They are given unique roles because they get to play the bad guy and good guy, and they nail it. Nic Cage has always been one of my favourite actors, he can always play diverse roles with ease. As Castor Troy, he plays him as an extremely cool albeit slightly demented guy. A scene when he steps out of his car with his coat flapping ever so cool, is classic. And when he plays Sean Archer, he turns into someone suffering and in pain. John Travolta meanwhile is a much better Sean Archer than Castor Troy, but that's not to say his performance was bad. He really did a good job as well.

    In short, this is superb movie to just sit back and enjoy. The action is implemented very nicely and it just seems that the actors are having a hell of a time. I always loved action movies and this is easily ranked one of the best. High octane, and what an adrenaline rush....more info
  • Peaches!
    This is a terrific convergence of talent in front of the camera and behind it. John Woo in only his second American feature after his successes in Hong Kong("The Killer", "Hard Boiled"). John Travolta trying to continue his momentum after his umpteenth comeback that began with "Pulp Fiction". Nicolas Cage fresh from his Oscar triumph with "Leaving Las Vegas" but expanding into the action genre with "The Rock". This is inarguably Woo's best American film and holds it's own with the Hong Kong classics. There is no denying that Woo has few peers in his ability to stage exciting action scenes. What's impressive here is that he manages to weave them successfully into a storyline that has so many intricate plot strands. Travolta and Cage are more than up to the challenge of switching personas. On more than one occasion they seem to playfully riff off each other's style. Though serious in tone the film contains a little bit of dark humor. There are few action films that approach the artistry that's on display here....more info
  • Great Movie
    Face Off is a great movie. Its about a man who's trying to take down a terrorits group so he takes the face of one of the terrorits captured (Cage). But Cage's character somehow gets the face of the man who took his (Travolta), and nothing is the same from there. The good guy is in a prisoner and the bad guy is among the good people, living with the guys face he has family, ect. The ending action scence is terrific and the movie is awesome....more info
  • Great Flick
    Very complicated plot but the story keeps the "good" and "bad" faces reasonably straight. It held my interest. The special effects were excellent. The character development was also excellent for each "face".
    I recommend this movie....more info
  • One of my favorite action movies of all time.
    (Attn ** Spoilers Ahead!)

    Improbable? Yes? Fun to watch? Double yes. A movie with impossible and illogical lunacy better do something special to make it work and keep you glued to the screen. Well, Face Off is one of those movies, it's amazing how good the movie is (out of line logic aside) John Woo is a genius! Face Off starts out with a very morbid scene of Travolta's (Sean Archer's) son getting killed by Cage (Castor Troy) and may even draw some tears to the ladies, but from that point on, it's just non-stop action movie to boot and a massive battle between the good guy and the bad guy!

    The movie indulges itself with a very good (but crazy script) and some very clever lines. Fine acting from the newbies and of course Cage and Travolta are the perfect match for this one. How could anyone seriously not love this movie? Case in point, my girlfriend watched this for the first time a few nights ago and she had tears, laughed, and jumped out of her seat about 5 times and said "that was amazing, that's Cage's best movie." I also heard "oh my God, oh my God" out of her a dozen times. The movie simply keeps you involved and that's why it's so great. It's about being fun, and Face Off is one of those movies that you'll want to watch over again. It's fast, funny, morbid, but most importantly, fun! You'll see crazy things like Cage getting dressed up as a priest and doing a dance to the Halleilujah chorus, you'll see an FBI agent and a psychological madman trade faces and bodies and battle it out, you'll see speed boats crashing into eachother on a lake and colliding with other boats, you'll see planes get blown up, crazy gun fights between Cage and Travolta, you'll see guns and more guns too, you'll see Cage tell a story about his wife cracking a tooth on a rice seed, you'll see Travolta *Archer* throw a guy on a corvette and beat the crap out of him for attacking his daughter, you'll see the final clash between Archer and Troy in one of the best action sequences I've ever seen.

    The music in the movie is very well orchestrated, it's a bit reminiscent of the "Speed" movies and really gets your blood churning. I do have a minor nitpick in the movie. Toward the end some of the stunt devils look pretty bad and don't look like Cage and Travolta at all, people with big screens watching these movies will laugh seeing these guys, they really don't look anything like them. The movie is nearly over two hours though and you'll truly never get bored once, I guarantee it. Anyone who says this movie isn't fun doesn't enjoy movies, because this is what movies should be like, just fun and crazy! Do yourself a favor and buy this movie before people forget out it. It's my personal favorite action movie of all time!...more info
    who doesn't like this movie. i can't believe people would give it a low rate, what the...? oh well, you can't win them all. back to the important stuff. this movie is truly a movie of greatness. two of the industries GIANTS go head to head in this action packed story. what better reason are you going to need to watch this than having john travolta and nicolas cage together. all the action and super movie was just a bonus. there couldn't have been a better idea than to make this film. travolta is one of the greatest actors ever, and this is just another huge step to achieving success. cage is another, who brings his own to this movie. he is terriffic, and knows what he's doing. this is natural to him. and the ability to change roles is what makes them two of the best in the industry. legends like these are hard to come by. the plot is they both hate each others guts, but in an attempt to save the city travolta must become cage, and vice versa, but...things do not go as planned, and all hell breaks loose. cage takes charge in travoltas' body, and nobody will believe travolta in cages'. someone must come out on top, and may the best man win. ...more info
  • Chessy but entertaining action with a lot of style.
    This is a decent movie, and the transfer on this HD DVD is excellent. So you can expect a lot of gunfire, and great picture quality on this one....more info