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TiVo TCD652160 HD Digital Video Recorder
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Product Description

TiVo HD is a smart addition to any high-definition TV, combining the clarity of high definition with the smart, easy-to-use TiVo Service. It works with any cable set-up. It connects to any home network, so you get access to the best of both broadcast and broadband content. It downloads the latest movies straight from the Internet to your living room. It can pause, rewind, and slow-motion your favorite moments with razor-sharp HD clarity. Plus, TiVo HD connects to virtually any cable service via CableCARDs1, so it replaces your existing cable box.

TiVo HD Features
Search for HD movies and sports: With our intelligent search features, you can easily find a specific director, actor, player, or team among the world of both broadcast and broadband content. Prefer to see a movie in high definition? Do a WishListTM search and the TiVo service will automatically record the HD version and place it in your Now Playing List.

Record movies in HD: When recording with TiVo HD, you have the option of capturing shows in standard or high definition. Plus, when you play them back, you can easily pause or rewind HD instant replays without ever sacrificing their original razor-sharp HD resolution.

Download movies from the Internet: Don't see any great movies in your cable program guide? You can easily select a classic or new release from the world's largest movie library, order them with a click of your remote control, and have them downloaded directly to your TiVo box.

Access your music library with the remote: When you connect your TiVo DVR to your home network, your HDTV can connect right to millions of songs and playlists available over the Internet. You can now enjoy digital music on the best sound system in the house.

Schedule an HD premiere: With TiVo, you can do your TV scheduling from any computer when you are away from home. Log onto, click on a show, and you're done.

  • Controls cable TV with record, pause, rewind and fast-forward in HD
  • Records two HD channels at once, while watching another recorded show
  • 160GB internal hard drive records up to 20 hours of high definition programming (or 180 hours of standard definition
  • Video output modes include: 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i
  • Sources supported: Digital cable, Analog cable, Digital antenna (ATSC), Analog antenna and broadband content

Customer Reviews:

  • great product
    very nice product very happy with it. its my second one since this digital convertions.. just dissapointed that lifetime membership cant be transfered anymore.....more info
  • A great DVR...that's in need of a makeover.
    The Tivo HD, like all of its Tivo predecessors, is an excellent DVR...very easy to use, easy to learn, easy to set up (even with a Cablecard), and extrememly stable. This alone makes it better than most other DVRs (eg. Directv's horrid HR2x series of DVRs) that are out there on the market. The additional, more recent features like their Amazon video marketplace support, Nextflix streaming, and Tivo Desktop solidly put Tivo into a class of its own.

    However, the only problem I see with these new-ish HD Tivo boxes is that, while the content you're watching may be in glorious high definition, the Tivo menuing system/UI is in a much lower resolution. I don't understand why Tivo would have released an HD receiver whose UI was running at a MUCH lower resolution than 1080p (looks like its ~ 640x480). Hopefully the next generation of Tivo boxes will address this.

    Thankfully, this is the only issue I have with this Tivo. If you have the option to incorporate a Tivo in your home A/V system (ie, you're not on Satellite), then I HIGHLY recommend the Tivo HD....more info
  • Tivo HD recorder
    Our HD Tivo was easy to install and has been working great. What a big difference in recorded shows now that we have HD TIVO. The colors are crisp and bright. ...more info
  • This was a gift
    This was a gift but I ahve purchased 3 before and knew what I would be getting.. I and the receiver, weren't disappointed!...more info
  • Tivo HD
    The problem I have with this very good product is they are not upfront on the need for cable cards and what you lose by using them. Also they are less than candid about the need for additional hardware if you want to go wireless.
    These two concerns become pretty obvious after the unit arrives and you start to set it up but by that time it's too late to have the necessary equipment at hand.
    I also find the navigation remarkably non intuitive. Sure you get use to it reasonably fast but I found much of the navigation too indirect. Certainly they can do better on future versions....more info
  • Nothing but an ad delivery platform
    Save a ton of money and a lot of irritaion and get youself a MythTV system. Tivo has completely sold out.

    Just about every screen in the entire system is now infested with ads. The final straw is they've now added pop-up ads that appear every time you pause a show.

    This is a direct quote from the Tivo marketing hacks explaining their latest way to spam ads onto their customers:

    "Using the TiVo Pause Menu, advertisers can, for the first time, reach audiences with targeted product messages displayed within the pause screen of a Live or Timeshifted program. The feature provides an original solution for advertisers seeking to capture the fast-forwarding viewer. It's another example of how TiVo offers unique and different solutions for advertisers looking to get viewers to watch advertisements"

    Come again? Who are their customers? Obviously not us idiots who are paying big bucks for their crappy machines PLUS paying them monthly fees for them to fill our hard drives with ads.

    These greedy clowns just don't get it -- people buy Tivos to AVOID watching ads. I am never buying another Tivo until they rent a clue. ...more info
  • Great product, but needs a little refining
    The TiVo DVR works great and the service is cheap. By combining it with a $9 Netflix service we have just about all of the TV options we want. Add $16/mo. for basic cable to keep up on pop culture shows and it's much cheaper than any digital cable package I could find. The only setbacks are that occasionally it will crash and need to be unplugged and plugged back in to reboot. Also occasionally some services such as video on demand will be unavailable for system maintenance. Overall it's a great investment and makes watching TV less of a habit because you have to think about what you want to watch instead of just turning on the tube as background noise. We have cable internet and the wireless Tivo network adapter (wireless G home network). We consistently get HD quality streaming video with no signal loss....more info
  • Good product-with a heads up on a potential remote issue
    We like the many features that our TIVO offers, however, we had a problem that you should be aware of: When we 1st got our TIVO we had a rear projection TV. Shortly after that we had to replace the TV and went with an LCD. That is when we started having trouble with the remote. It would only work intermittently. After doing a bit of research we found out that if your TV uses back-lighting, you may need to adjust the setting or it can affect the function of your remote. After making a minor adjustment it worked perfectly. So if you have an LCD and have remote issues you may need to adjust the back lighting/energy saver features.

    Beyond that my only real negatives are: The start up for the system is REALLY long. The menu structure could use a little stream-lining. The remote could use a few tweaks: Our old DVR had a 20 sec skip which was really nice. Instead of having to use the arrows to select letters for season pass and such, it would be better if they used the same technology as on phones where you hit a number button instead-It would save a lot of time. It would be good to have the ability to turn off/on the stereo receiver and select the input with the remote and not just the TV and TIVO. Lastly, some of the stations that we have scanned do not register with TIVO for some reason, so they have no guide information. I believe there is a way to fix this, but it should be more automatic than that.

    These are all fairly minor issues though more annoying then anything else. If they were addressed I'd be happy to give it 5 stars instead of four....more info
  • TiVo HD DVR Excellent Buy
    All the great features of TiVo with High Def also. HD Recording space that comes with the box is a little small at just 20 hours, but you can purchase the Western Digital "My DVR Expander" (external 500 GB HD) to increase that to 80 or 90 hours. The price of both this TiVo HD and the DVR Expander are dropping now....more info
  • Great, but could be so much more...
    I won't go into all the features of the Tivo HD DVR because there are plenty of other reviews and articles about it. Instead, I'll add a few thoughts based on using it for the past 5 months.

    -Overall, it does everything it's supposed to in an excellent manner. I have comcast and they came and installed a multichannel cable card - very simple - and I've had no problems with it ever since.

    -Every once in a while the Tivo will freeze up - usually when I'm navigating through some video-on-demand portions of the DVR. No computer is 100% stable, so I shrug it off. Unplugging it and waiting for it to start up (takes about 5-8 min) gets it back to normal.

    -Navigation is good, although sometimes the remote response lags a little when you are trying to enter text onscreen for a search. Still, in my experience the lag is less than some other DVRs that are supplied by cable companies.

    -The user interface is great. However, I wish there was a way to organize channels by HD/SD, or group HD/SD channel "pairs" together. My parents' Dish Network DVR does this, but I haven't discovered a way to do it. I think there is a way to filter, but that's different from simply changing the organization of channels. I found that I get many channels in both HD and non-HD versions but one will be listed way down in channel 48, and the other will be up in channel 235. For example, if you see something you'd like to watch on an SD channel like TBS, it can be a pain to check to see if it's being broadcast on an HD version of that channel. Different ordering (i.e. seeing the TBS SD and TBS HD channels sequentially one after the other) would make it much easier to know you are watching the highest resolution version of any given program. I ended up just going through and manually de-listing all the SD versions of channels that I also get in HD.

    -I appreciate the Mac OS X support, but I wish there was a better way to take programs off the DVR and burn them on a DVD without having to buy a program like Toast, which gets mediocre reviews. I haven't used it yet, but I probably will get it since I have some inauguration footage sitting on my DVR since January that I'd like to have on a DVD to keep. Still, the process seems clunky and slow.

    -The price for the Tivo wireless dongle isn't great, but better than the huge price that Microsoft will charge you for wireless on an xbox 360. Still, I wish there was wireless built in. In retrospect, I probably should've used the money I spent on the Tivo dongle to buy a router. Even with wireless, Netflix streaming of HD content is usually perfect - I only get some hiccups during prime time, and that's more a function of my internet connection than Tivo.

    -Recently, Amazon began offering HD movie rentals via Tivo. I haven't yet taken advantage of this, but I'm looking forward to the option. It makes me less inclined to buy a blu-ray player - I think the market is really going towards content delivered via the internet versus on a disc.

    -Overall, a great buy. It's a significant cost up front versus getting something from your cable company, but it's a superior product and I refuse to give a cable monopoly any more money than I have to. I would rather vote with my dollar and give it to Tivo, even if it costs a bit more up front than renting an inferior DVR from comcast....more info
  • Liberating!
    I first heard of Tivo 8 or 10 years ago and always believed it was an expensive gimmick. Over the years, I have grown to despise Cablevision here in NY - for denying millions the NY Yankees for a whole season - and for constantly raising their rates while arrogantly lowering their service quality. I used their SA 8300 HD DVR for 4 years and grew to like it for mostly conceptual reasons. However, I concluded that for $10 a month plus the $6.50 receiver charge, it was woefully lacking in sensible features. It also routinely failed to record shows that were programmed and required a high degree of management by the user. I finally decided to try an HD Tivo this year. I purchased a standard HD Tivo and, like some other great products, asked myself "Why didn't I do this years ago??" After two visits from Cablevision, including one tech who was a complete incompetent, the cable card was installed and I began using the Tivo. I got the lifetime service subscription and use a wirelsss G adapter. I would advise anyone who makes this purchase to plug in and install the Tivo 2-3 days before your cable company comes to install the card. It will take a day or two for the unit to get firmware upgrades needed for the cable card to function properly. My favorite features are the ability to program your recordings online, the Season Pass feature, and Tivo suggestions. Additionally, Tivo service offers the user the ability to search for programs by keywords, actor, or director. I am completely blown away by the features that merge the DVR with the internet. For those who like cable tv's "on demand" services, fret not: As a Netflix subscriber, I can watch any movies or programs that are available as "Watch Instantly." Though the picture quality is not HD, there are thousands of documentaries and older movies that I can watch when picture quality is not a priority. To summarize, Tivo is a quantum leap over current cable company-issued DVRs. It's like comparing the Model-T Ford to the Starship Enterprise. I will purchase an additional Tivo when the tuning adapter issue is settled. I also use a Western Digital My DVR Expander, for a total capacity of about 93 hours of HD recording capacity. If you're wondering about my total HT setup, I use the Tivo HD with a Sharp Aquos 42 1080P, a Sony Blu-ray 350S, and a Bose Lifestyle V30 HT system. Bottom line, the cable card costs $2 per month, so I don't have to pay Cablevision $14.50 per month. After about 3 years, I am ahead cost wise with the $399 lifetime subscription. Liberate yourself from your arrogant cable company. There are so many better choices out there. Without a doubt, I love this product and will never, ever go back to Cablevision's crappy, expensive equipment. If you watch lots of TV and lead a busy life, the Tivo HD is a fantastic product and a great value. I highly recommend it!!!...more info
  • If you use an Antenna, you need Tivo
    I only use an Antenna to receive tv signals, no cable or satellite. I was looking for an alternative to cable or satellite but still wanted a DVR. This is perfect. My TV is a 32" LG model and I can record 2 HD programs at once. No more shuffling VHS tapes and waiting for the show to finish taping. Now I can join any recording in progress and catch up. The TIVO unit even made my antenna signal stronger. I live 10 miles north of Indianapolis and always had pretty good reception, but now it works even better and I pick up a few extra channels. To connect the TIVo, I also purchased the Wireless Adapter use with my home network. I have the slowest speed DSL from AT&T and don't have any problems. If you stick to most network channels and don't want to pay for cable, this is the way to go. It save so much time when you don't have to watch commercials. Just set a season pass for your shows and you're good to go. No more racing home to watch a show or set your VCR. I've even found shows that I didn't know were on. Who knew Fox was showing reruns of American Chopper at 1:00 AM on Monday mornings....more info
  • The BEST DVR on the Market
    Watch Video Here: It really hard to describe how much better a DVR is compared to a standard cable DVR. The best way to describe it is that TIVO has had to sue most of their competition for patent infringements. The Tivo technology is intuitive and works seamlessly with your television.

    Notes -

    - For optimal performance you will want a HDMI cables - I recommend buying inexpensive cables (which can be bought on Amazon for about a dollar).
    - If you have a Blue Ray player you may need an HDMI Port slitter (many TVS only have one HDMI input) if you need one check out 3 Port Smart HDMI Switch
    - Take advantage of the two week free trials to the movie services
    - HD new release rentals from Amazon
    - You need to buy theTiVo AG0100 Wireless G USB Network Adapter for TiVo Series 2 and Series 3 DVRs in order to update your Tivo settings (your player may not work until you download the service updates - the Wireless G adapter will greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to download the service pack). Also, the Wireless G adapter will allow you to download movies - and eliminate the need for a phone line.
    - You can significantly upgrade the memory of your Tivo by purchasing Western Digital My DVR Expander 500 GB eSATA Desktop External Hard Drive WDG1S5000VN or Western Digital WDG1S10000N My DVR Expander 1TB eSATA (Black)

    Cons -
    - Until they get finalize the "Switch Player" you will be unable to view some of the channels offered by Tim Warner Cable. This includes the MLB baseball package, HBO, Showtime and other pay-per-view type events.

    Final Verdict-
    Despite the problems with Time Warner the Tivo Series 3 is still a significant improvement over all of the other DVR available.

    5 Stars...more info
  • So much more than the original
    As if switching to HD wasn't amazing enough, the additional options on this TiVo are out of this world. We are constantly exploring features we didn't know existed. Bring on the rainy days because our TiVo keeps us occupied for hours!...more info
  • So Much Better Than Cable DVR
    I made the switch from Comcast to a roof antenna with Tivo and can't be happier. Living near a major metro such as Atlanta I am able to pull in all of the network channels in stunning digital high definition and TiVo makes it even better. With this HD version and a wifi connection I can watch video podcasts, Netflix streaming movies and Amazon on Demand. Who needs 150 channels on cable when you have everything you need in uncompressed HD via the antenna and TiVo. I can't recommend it enough!...more info
  • Wish I had bought it sooner!
    I gave up paying for cable over fifteen years ago. It just wasn't worth the monthly expense. We get plenty of over-the-air stations and it has been fine. With the switch-over to digital TV I needed to get a tuner for HD and the boxes from the government didn't allow me to see the HD in its "full glory".

    I splurged to buy the Tivo HD. I just love it. I can now watch a recorded program, skiping all the commercials, while Tivo records two other HD broadcasts. And, with Tivo I can download movies for about the same cost of renting them and the cost of driving to the video store. For me it is more cost effective than cable and I don't have the high monthly costs!

    I should have made the switch long ago!...more info
  • Amazing!
    I never believed the HD hype, I had a nice HD tv with digital cable and was very happy. I had the series 2 tivo and life was wonderful. I worried about getting HD because I wanted the tivo if I made the move and I read so many horror stories about getting the cable cards connected right. I eventually made the move. This tivo is amazing. I love the fact I can view youtuve videos, transfer videos between tivos and schedule recordings online via the tivo website or the iTV iphone app. As for getting cable cards, it wasn't bad at all. Yes it took 3 Comcast truck rolls but the last tech had the issues resolved within 5 minutes of arriving on-site and Comcast is not charging me anything extra per month for the cable cards. Picture is great, the GUI (graphical user interface) is slick and the intelligence the Tivo has to find suggestions along with the scheduler makes this a must have product. ...more info
  • It just works
    Very few DVRs can even compare to a Tivo, and the Tivo HD goes beyond previous versions by including great broadband features. We had the cable company DVR for only two weeks before buying a new Tivo to replace our Series 1. One of the best purchases I've ever made....more info
  • Avoid
    When I bought mine, the brochure didn't show any ads in any menus and infact, the service at the time had no ads except the showcase. Now the ads are annoying to the point of me avoiding using Tivo infront of people out of embarrassment. Alot of customers are complaining. They are raping the customers with ads in every nook and cranny. AVOID this product....more info
  • Great way to save money
    I was tired of playing the specials/promotional period game with my cable company, and when they nearly doubled my monthly bill I canceled everything. I signed up for "naked" DSL for 1/3 of what I'd originally been paying and bought the TiVo and a set of rabbit ears. The annual TiVo charge is less than what I'd been paying each month.

    The reason I bought the TiVo is, that while everyone knows it works well with cable, it is also excellent with over-the-air HDTV. I put a set of rabbit ears up in my attic and ran some cable down through the wall. I get about 10 channels in HD and it works great. The TiVo will record two shows at once and you can watch a previously recorded show while it's recording two others. I thought I'd miss cable at first, but there are lots of interesting shows that come on in the middle of the night (on PBS, especially).

    If you're considering dumping cable, I'd highly recommend getting a Netflix subscription. There are thousands of on-demand movies and it is lots of stream-able TV shows.

    I had a Scientific Atlanta 8300HD HD DVR from my cable company and was constantly frustrated with it because it was hard and unintuitive to use, would cut off the end of shows and record repeats of the same shows over and over. The TiVo is smart, easy to use and never records reruns.

    I connected the TiVo to my home network it works pretty well. I previously had an old computer hooked up to my TV and stereo for streaming Netflix movies, streaming music from my computer and listening to internet radio stations. The TiVO can do all of that, but it chokes on large MP3 collections if you try to have it play on shuffle. If you pick a particular artist/folder it is fine.

    Another thing that's cool is that, with TiVo Desktop Plus ($25) you can send DRM-free movie files from your computer to the TiVo and watch them on your TV. It works great, though for some reason it likes to squish widescreen video into a 4:3 window. But I just use my TV's zoom feature to fill it back out.

    Desktop Plus also has the ability to stream shows to other computers in your house, which would be useful if you wanted to, say, record cartoons and let children watch them in another room. But I found the transfer speeds to be very slow. At first I was using 54 Mbit "G" wireless and was only averaging about 900 KBytes/second, so ran some Ethernet through the wall and connected it to the network via 100 MBit Ethernet and it is still only averaging about 1.5 MB/second. HDTV recordings can be up to 10 gigabytes or so, so transfers take a long time. It can do "auto transfers" after the recording is complete, so I assume that means it can do them in the middle of the night so you don't have to wait. I haven't really used this feature since my TV is considerably larger than my computer monitor.

    If it sounds like I'm gushing, I am. I have never been so satisfied with an electronics product. I tried using a PC with Windows Vista Media Center as a DVR and it was so frustrating. The TiVo just works.

    ...more info
  • Great Choice!
    I bought this Tivo unit because I wanted to save money by dropping my cable service and installing a digital antenna. After having pay TV for a number of years, I decided I could not live without a digital video recorder, but could sacrifice a lot of channels that I almost never watch. This unit works great with over the air antenna and I am receiving a better picture. ...more info
  • TiVo HD DVR - Upgrade from Tivo Series2
    I upgraded to the HD DVR from a Series 2 (still have the Series 2 hooked up). Like the Series 2, setting the box up was fast and easy. Now I can watch my recorded shows in all their HD Glory. I also linked the Tivo HD to my Netflix account so I can stream movies and Television shows to my TV for free (just wish they were in HD like my Blueray Discs). I recommend getting an external HD to expand your HD recording capability....more info
  • You cannot live w/o a DVR but needs improvements on Video on Demand!
    I am a big fan of Tivo. I bought my 1st Tivo Series 2 on September, 2002 and got addicted to Tivo. It is really easy to setup, record and watch your TV shows anytime you want. The Tivo to Go software is another great and free tool which offers you the capability of not only download your Tivo Recordings on your laptop, but also stream your digital photos, music and videos to your TV and hometheather equipment. I had to upgrade my old buddy Tivo Series 2 after 6 years and 4 months in order to be able to watch Netflix and YouTube and also receive HDTV transmission. Yes, it is really cool to be able to watch their content on my TV using the remote control and free HDTV open channels using an antenna. The video on demand works, but there are still some glitches that sometimes (not often) I need to reboot it because Tivo gets stuck in one of the scenes or you are watching the movie and suddently goes to the central menu. I hope Tivo in the near future release a software version more stable for video on demand to get 4 stars and one of my wishes are to add Hulu on their Video on Demand list to get 5 stars. The TV recordings and the dual turner feature allowing to record 2 tv-shows at same time works flawless. ...more info
  • must have been a bad batch...
    Well - my TiVo experience was a mess. I set the thing up and started working my way through the long power-up configuration process (easily a half an hour) when the thing suddenly powers down. Ok - try again - same thing. Randomly over the next 10 tries or so the unit would just power cycle. I made sure I had a direct electrical connection to a wall socket, etc (no power strip). Okay - so TiVo says they've "never heard of this happening before" and they send me a new one. Great - this time I get all of the way through the configuration process. I have no cable card yet 0 just raw cable to see how it works. You guessed it - 15 minutes later I get a fast green light blinking at me and the thing freezes. I then attempt the config again and I get a stone gray screen and more flashing green lights. I read somewhere that they thing the flash is not soldered correctly - I don't know. Trying to get TiVo to cancel everything was a process - they kept wanting to send me a third one (no thanks) and kept saying that "the odds of two boxes having this problem are astronomical".

    I ended up ordering an HD DVR from my cable company. Works great...
    ...more info
  • Very good HD recording box, replacing standard cable DVR
    We had alot of problems with our HD DVR from Time Warner and decided to give this TiVO box a try as a replacement. After receiving the Unit, we scheduled TWC to install Cable Cards and within 2 days we were ready to go. Netflx streamed movies are almost perfect. We've had this TiVO box for 3-4 months and have no regrets!...more info
    Do yourself a favor get a cable company DVR........
    its pretty much the same thing without all the hassle...more info
  • Watch out for built-in advertising
    I hate ads. TiVo is by far the best DVR. I have owned a Tivo since they first came out. But there is a recent development that makes me question whether I will continue to be a customer. It now pops up ads, for Domino's Pizza for instance, every time you fast forward. How ironic. I own a TiVo so that I don't have to view ads. I find this especially irksome because I pay a premium not only for the DVR, but for the subscription scheduling service. This is like a phone company contracting with advertisers to advertise via caller ID. This feature cannot be turned off. I consider this a violation of the trust I put in TiVo to become a customer in the first place. Five stars for TiVo. Zero for their latest advertising decision....more info
  • Just works
    Everyone knows why a DVR is so great and it has definitely changed the way we watch TV. What I love about our Tivo is that it was so easy to set up and get working. I'm pretty good with software and hardware in general, but anymore I just don't have time to waste. Setting up the Tivo was quick and easy.

    The other great thing about the Tivo is that it is so easy to use. My wife has had no problems learning to use it and that's a good thing :)

    (Still haven't finished getting the ethernet cabling in place to extend its capabilities but I plan to use it for Netflix streaming and exporting movies to a PC, etc.)...more info
  • BEST DVR ON THE MARKET !!!!!!!! from an 8-Year Tivo Customer
    I had a Series 1 Tivo for about 8 years, I was very happy with it. Since I recently got a Sony Bravia HDTV, I switched to this HD Tivo. Here is why I am very happy:

    -Amazon delivered it in only 3 calendar days even though I used Free Super saver shipping.

    -I love the hardware of this Tivo, it looks sophisticated, it has lots of input and output options. Has component and HDMI for HD. The remote signal is strong. You can connect by Telephone line or Etnernet.

    -I got the lifetime subscription, this is one of the best things about Tivo. Even though the price is higher up front, after a few months the service is free. Unlike cable or sateillte DVR's where you keep paying monthly fees each month. So with cable and sateillte DVR's, it actually costs much more in the long term.

    -This Tivo also has a lot online options like watching movies via Netflix,, etc.

    -Another thing great about this Tivo compared to the Series 1 is that the picture quality is same as watching directly from antenna or cable. With my previous Tivo, the picture quality was slightly worse. But with this HD Tivo, you can't tell the difference. Since HD is digital, I guess there is no loss in picture quality.

    -I also love the Dual Tuner, I can record two programs at the same time. Also I don't have to worry about programs overlapping unless you happen to record 3 different programs at the same time!

    -I can also program the Tivo to record remotely from outside the home via the internet. You can do this from, or others. You can program 5 minutes before the show begins.

    There is a reason why Tivo owners are so loyal to Tivo, also why the satisfaction rate is so high for Tivo. Tivo is the original DVR on the market, it has the best overall value, user interface and service. I recommend HD Tivo to anyone who has HDTV!!!...more info
  • Superb Unit
    Purchased the Tivo series 3 when bought a new HD Television. Had the dual channel cable card installed and everything works fantastically. No cable box needed easy connection and selection for other components such as DVD, VCR, Auxilary Drive etc....more info
  • No more cable!
    Time Warner just raised their rates on me. I was paying 95 a month and had no premium channels. I looked for alternatives. I read the reviews and thought TIVO with OTA and NETFLIX might be a good less expensive alternative. I got an antenna and found I could pick up all the networks better OTA than with cable and an HD DVR. Then I got this TIVO with the wireless hookup and NETFLIX. I find this to be better than what I was getting with cable. I get the network programs I like to see, I can record them when I'm away, and I get unlimited movies/TV shows streaming to my TV via TIVO with NETFLIX. This solution cost me about 700 upfront for the equipment and a 3 year subscription to TIVO, and I got the NETFLIX for 8.99 a month which gives me one DVD at a time thru mail and unlimited streaming. The quality of the streaming is quite good. It's about the same as when DVD's first came out, when everyone was like 'this is so much better than VCR!'. This solution will end up saving me over 2000 out of pocket over the next 3 years. I'm quite happy with this. ...more info
  • Item was returned
    We have a TiVo before but we bought this as an upgrade. When my husband connected it, it was not getting all the channels and signals. We called the cable company to help us out, and there was nothing wrong with our connection. Finally, we called TiVo customer service and they admitted that this has been the most common complaint that they have been receiving with the HD Digital model, they still do not know what is causing it and they have advised us to return the item. One good thing with is their return policy. We returned it via UPS with no charges and we got the refund in less than one week. ...more info
  • Superb Unit
    Purchased the Tivo series 3 when bought a new HD Television. Had the dual channel cable card installed and everything works fantastically. No cable box needed easy connection and selection for other components such as DVD, VCR, Auxilary Drive etc....more info
  • Another great TiVo
    I have had TiVos since their introduction. This is another great one, with welcome refinements. Watching Netflix movies instantly? Cool! Two tuners? Also very cool. The CableCARD install was not smooth, however. Verizon Fios scheduled the installation (two week wait), showed up and told me they don't have any CableCARDs. The installer guy called another guy, who drove over with two. I would have preferred a single multituner card, but OK. Once he got the cards, having never seen them before, he proceeded to install. Piece of cake. The one page instructions from TiVo told him all he needed.
    Meanwhile, my buddy in Bellevue, Washington told his Comcast provider he wanted cableCARD service for his TiVo HD. He drove to the Comcast customer service center, picked up the card, drove home, put it in, called Comcast, they turned it on. Simple.
    The unit works as expected. Great picture, simple operating, great features. Hey, it's a TiVo!...more info
  • Tivo HD recorder
    Being backed into a wall with only having Broadcast TV by choice, recording the new HD channels was an issue, even with a converter. The Tivo unit even though there is modest monthly fee, does a superb job. Coming up to speed on using it was quite simple too. Most of it was intuitive. Their partnership with Amazon and Netflix is another nice option that comes with modest fees. ...more info
  • If you know about how tivo works then you'll love it
    Bought tivo HD from because of the price, couldnt be happier. Everything works great no problems. Alot of the poor reviews and returns are not the result of the tivo, it is actually the customers cable company. The tivo HD needs cable card/s (either the m-card or two s-cards) which for some reason the cable company insist on having a tech install them, (it took 3 different cable techs, the first two had no idea how to install a cable card, third guy knew his stuff and had it up and running in 5 minutes) The other problem people are having is not receiving all the HD channels, this is not the tivo fault it is the cable company switching over to SDV (Switched Digital Video) in some areas. Which the cable cards from the cable company are NOT compatible, tivo has filed with the FCC, which will require the cable company to issue SDV Tuning Adapter to tivo customers.

    ...more info
  • Cable Killer
    I upgraded from a TiVo Series 2 to an HD TiVo, so that I could get OTA HD TV. Wow! It has a better picture than HD through my cable company using just a low-profile indoor antenna. This unit also replaced my Roku box for streaming Netflix. I will probably upgrade my hard drive through Weaknees eventually, but otherwise love this box even without the THX certification.

    If I could change anything, I wish that TiVo had a built-in DVD player like my Series 2 had. Then I would be down to just one box attached to my TV for all of my content. In any case, this box will pay for itself in just a few months, because now I can cancel my cable!!

    HD TiVo + Netflix streaming + Amazon On Demand as needed = No need for cable TV....more info