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Western Digital WDXMS2500TN Passport 250 GB USB Portable Hard Drive
List Price: $199.99

Our Price: $94.99

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Product Description

Light and rugged, the Passport USB Portable Hard Drive is easy to carry and no external power adapter is needed. Sync & encryption and Google software is included. Carry important files and e-mail between work and home or on the road Share large files between office and home, between PC and Mac Back up your existing notebook hard drive for extra data safety

  • 250 GB USB 2.0 2.5-inch external hard drive ideal storage solution for Mac or PC
  • USB connection; requires no external power source;128-bit encryption for data security
  • Included Google software for searching and managing files
  • Features glossy black design
  • Measures a 0.59 x 5.1 x 3.14 inches (HxLxW); weighs less than 4 ounces

Customer Reviews:

  • Great purchase, silent and very portable
    This external drive was affordable and has proven reliable. It has fallen a couple times to the floor without losing my data, which is more than I could ask for. It is also estetically pleasing, though the plastic has proven to be very scratch-prone.

    It would have deserved 5 stars, except that is is not made of recyclable materials and the manufacturer has provided no option for sending the unit in for recycling....more info
  • Not Good for Travel!!!
    I brought my Passport for backing up my computer and using for "portable office files" that I need to do business. The device works fine if you are just leaving it sitting on a desk. If you are buying to use for travel, it sucks. After 4 days on the road the Passport stopped working. It is not has tough and cannot handle on the road travel. I kept it in a padded lap top case and it still didn't hold up with all the moving around of the luggage. The customer service support from Western Digital is poor. The first thing they try to do is get you to buy a "power boost" cable. After researching the problem of the device not being recognized by Windows, I found out that a whole lot of other people end up with the same problem after using the Passport for a while. I would not buy this product again, because it is not a durable product and it doesn't hold up to being moved around a lot. The data retrievable cost is ridicule, the cheapest quote was $550....more info
  • Its small and powerful
    I am a global traveller and backup all my data where every possible. This was very easy to use via USB on my standard Dell 620, encryption software and password protection if required.

    The size for the price WOW. My whole drive was backed up plus all DVDs/CDs I required for training were on this little power house.

    This was stored in a travel pouch and left in my case as back up to laptop. No problems to date. A great back up device..

    I am still playing ......more info
  • Very good choise
    I made a very good choise selectin this portable hard drive. It works without any problem in my toshiba laptop....more info
  • Its Awesome.
    I just got it, but I like it so far.. I have the 250GB but really its about 235GB.

    I've seen reviews where the user has had problems with their laptop not being able to power the WD hard drive on. My HP pavilion dv6000 has no problem powering it.

    I say if your thinking about buying it..Buy it.. You can always return it, if you don't like it for some reason.....more info
  • Works as advertised
    WD250GB drive works as advertised, no complaints with it per se. However, have since learned Seagate drives are more reliable than WD, and a similar unit with a Seagate drive & twice the capacity was recently $30 cheaper at Best Buy. Do your homework! ...more info
  • Works for basic stuff.
    This is my second WD portable drive. The first one failed on me. I lost about 6 gigs of photos on it. Lucky for me I have several back ups of them. Honestly I don't place much faith in hard drives anymore. WD has been the only brand I've used, and I intend to switch. I've noticed that when you shuffle through all the reviews, all the brands suck or fail or are horrible. So heres my review,

    WD 250GB Drive

    Works Well, quiet, operates warm but not hot, gentle vibration, almost unnoticeable.
    Slow in my opinion Uses 2.0 High Speed USB, I would find one with firewire if you have it available.
    Why? If you use Time Machine, you will want it, or may I say beg for it. I backed up 30GBs of data in a couple of hours. Not that I had any problem, I just wanted it to go faster.
    It powers down when inactive ++

    I would recommend this drive to anyone who is transferring data from on place to another. Though I lost my faith in the storage aspect of it. But that was before they remodel it, "I have both the new and old WD models"

    If your into actually storing data, get a real drive one that's powered. Quality built, and for heavens sakes back up the back up. You are NOT BACKING UP if you delete all the crap from your computer. A back up is to have two copies of the same data. Which is why I don't get why people complain when their backup drives die. You should still have a copy on the main drive.

    Why three stars, because I've had one WD drive fail on me. And I bought another HD of the same design from them....more info
  • pretty good
    it's awesome and small...just wish it wasn't's not that bad just a bit slower than other hard drives that are powered seperatly....but it's great in everything else!!!...more info
  • Nice little package
    Great little drive, superb for mailing files in a flat rate pack. Good performance...more info
  • Excellent Backup Solution
    Bought this drive primarily to backup my MacBook Pro using Time Machine. As with all hard drives, keep in mind that it's sold as a 250GB drive, but the actual drive capacity is 232GB.

    I wiped the drive clean and partitioned it -- 200GB for Time Machine use on my Mac and 32GB for storage use on a PC and Mac.

    Power isn't an issue on my MBP, the WD Passport operates whether my Mac is plugged in to a power source or running on the battery. Only wish the USB cord was longer.

    It comes with WD Passport Software (Windows only) installed on the drive, but I'd highly recommend not installing it or using it especially since it's the drive is PnP and the software (as reported elsewhere) makes the loading time slower....more info
  • Beware: does not work on PowerBooks
    I run Mac 10.4, and according to the specs, this drive should have worked. The USBs in my computer are not enough to power the machine, so I ended up with a beautiful, shiny brick. If one needs a Y-Adaptor connecting to two ports for the product to work in a PowerBook, then the product (or at the very least, the description) should include such information.
    I feel ripped off....more info
  • Fantastic upgrade for any Intel-based Mac notebook
    I purchased this drive to install in my MacBook Pro. I used a program called "SuperDuper" to image my internal drive to the WD Passport, which made a bootable copy of everything on my computer. I then took out the WD drive from the plastic case and installed it in my laptop. After replacing the old drive into the WD USB case, I had a great backup drive (for TimeMachine or whatever) for my system. I highly recommend this drive. Low cost, quiet operation, and < so far > no issues at all. Buy it now!...more info
  • Great hardware, Poor Software
    Pros: Compact. Good looking, cheap for the size (250GB), sturdy for the price, very quiet, reasonably fast, blue power indicator looks cool, especially on the piano black body. Short USB cable. Having only one USB jack (more on this point below).

    Cons: Why the case needs to be tilted. I prefer rectangular shape rather than rhombus shape. Would be nice if it comes with a carrying case. The backup software is horrible. It's free, but cannot automatcally backup the folder that are newly created after the initial set-up. Basically, the backup becomes a manual labor for me. I don't know why but the backup software (WD Sync) frequently crashed, making me nervous to rely on the software for backing up valuable data (especially because the data will be encrypted by the software). Some bloatwares: ADobe Reader and some google bloatwares.

    Others: Many people with low-powered laptop might complain about the lack of the second USB to provide enough power to spin the device, but I knew that my laptops are fine, so I actually like that there is only one USB cable. You should check before buying it, if you use it with a loptop.

    Botoom line: Great hardware for the price, even with the poor software included (you can and maybe should erase them)....more info
  • A lot of Space for the money!
    I purchased this drive so I could store files on it and not clog up my desktop hard drive. Lots of room on this bad boy and the price was less than 50 cents per gigabyte....more info
  • Good Portable drive
    Owner for how long? - 1 month

    I was in the hunt for a larger capacity Portable hard drive for while now and bought Western digital passport - 250GB, online via Amazon.

    Pros: - Very sleek, fits in a shirt/pant pockets. A little over prized considering the features that comes with it. Easy setup, no hassle.
    As usual, delivery/shipping were good as promised. Again no hassle.
    I had no problem in reformatting to NTFS and get it into working condition. Its doing its job well so far.

    Cons - 1) Software that comes with it is lousy. Nothing much can be done (or probably I couldn't do much). I was expecting a backup software which could do an incremental, on-demand, selectable file backup and sync. But the software is very basic and pretty ordinary.
    2) Could have been competitively prized considering the stupid software that comes with it and lack of dual direct power option.
    3) Poor user manual.
    4) Could have been a provision for a direct power supply (now it is via a USB connect to a PC). My 3 year old portable hard drive from Transcend came with an alternate direct power and a power cord included!!
    5) The USB cable slot is somewhat awkwardly placed probably compromised to maintain the sleek design. The slot cover somewhat blocks the space. But it could save from dust.
    6) I'm not sure of the casing. It doesn't look to me of sturdy stuff. It could have been better if its of a metal casing but I'm not sure. My old transcend portable was made of aluminum. So I'm confused on this.

    So many Cons but still 4 star??All the Cons I have listed are purely my expectations and wish list and hence are not critical. All said and done, what is required is a sleek portable hard drive at reasonable prize. Wish WD comes with a 500GB passport hard drive.
    ...more info
  • Life saver...and files too...LOL
    Very impress, pocket size, great volume storage, work very smoothly...I travel often, so, very please...Use it with all my computers, MAC, PC and laptop....more info
  • Sleek Design - Great Hard Drive
    The drive is a great drive. Worked right out of the box with my Windows Vista Laptop.

    The hard drive does come with the option to install synchronizing and encrypting software to protect the data you transfer to the drive.

    The glossy finish gives the drive a nice touch.

    Other great features:

    -Very Quiet
    -Requires no extra power source, simply use the USB Cable
    -Small and lightweight
    -Does not get very hot
    -Has a flap that covers and protects the drive's USB plug when not in use

    The drive is formatted as a FAT32 file system. I converted mine to NTFS because FAT32 cannot support files larger than 4GB (which you might run into if you work with digital video). Formatting the drive is as easy as right-clicking the drive (in Vista) and selecting "Format...". Formatting will erase the data currently on the drive, so make a backup....more info
  • Excellent Portable Storage
    I have owned several Western Digital Passport drives and a few other mobile drive brands. This drive is great for backups, as you can hook it up fast without a power supply and store it anywhere. Put it in your briefcase, put it in your safe, take it with you anywhere and keep a copy of your data. It is almost pocket-size and the only thing you have to keep with you is a short USB cable. Some people consider the short cable that's included to be too short, but it's mobile!

    Some owners have commented on needing a power adapter or extra usb cable for it, but I've never had that issue. I've used it on multiple desktops and multiple laptops with no issues at all, but you'll have to try it on your own system.

    The surface of the Passports (shiny, black material) can be easy to scratch if you throw it around or keep it in your bag with other items. That would be my only complaint, but it doesn't really bother to me.

    The speed is very responsive. I've used it on an XP and Vista machine and both have copied data to it fairly quick. I haven't performed tests on it, but it always gets the job done for me. The 250GB version is a great upgrade on the previous Passport models and the price has come down to some extent because they released the 320GB version.

    WORD OF CAUTION: The price of the Passport drives (all models) changes frequently. Watch the prices for a few days and you'll be able to get a big drive (250-320gb) for a good price. ...more info
  • perfect size - easy to carry
    This product is a great little investment. i'm not tech savvy and was just looking for a hard drive so i could move data around between my four computers. The price was great for 250 gigs - and it was way more than enough for what i needed it for. so far i've hardly even filled 10% of it. I also love how small and portable this thing is. It fits in my purse and is nice and light....more info
  • good
    nice product - i like th sync in feature with windows - am disappointed that they don't have something like that for mac too....more info
  • WD Passport w/ Sync not a true backup device.
    WARNING: Do not think that the your WD Passport, using the WD Sync software, is a backup drive; it is NOT !As per the documentation with this device:"synchronization software is intended to synchronize the data from a computer to the drive (WD Passport) and SHOULD NOT be used as backup software. To use this software properly, we advise that you do not wipe orerase the data from the internal hard drive (computer) and resynchronize, as this will cause the data that WD Sync stored to the Passport to be deleted."This is why you are hearing so many people saying that they are deleting the WD Sync software, reformatting, and using the WC Passport as a true backup drive where you can actually see the files that you are backing up, ratherthan a bunch of unrecognizable sync files that likely don't have all the files that you thought you "backed up"....more info
  • Best in the market
    The Western Digital portable hard drive is the best in the market right now. Slick and stylish, easy to use and great price. What more can you ask for. I have a large number of movies and and music, so i have two hard drives from western digital and i am loving it. FIVE STARS!!!...more info
  • Nothing but GREAT!
    I just love this drive. It's the most handy piece of portable equipment I've had. Use it mostly to carry my virtual PCs around and to have backups when in need. Highly recommend it to anyone!...more info
  • Amazing Product
    I have owned this product for over 6 months now and never had any issues. Its really small and compact and fits right in my pocket. I carry it with me all the time during my business trips. Copying files is also pretty quick.
    Highly recommend this product...more info
  • great backup & easy to use
    This is a great backup device- simple plug and play, fast transfer and it is really small and lightweight. Does not require external power which is a bonus...more info
  • Great drive; poor software.
    I bought the WD Passport as a primary backup drive for my desktop. It is small, light, quiet and has plenty of space, and install was a piece of cake. So far, so good.

    The problem came when I decided to use the included software, WDSync, for my backups. WDSync "synchronizes" your data to the drive and encrypts it. You choose the folders, it keeps them up to date, and you can save your "profile" so that each batch of data (ie, if you use different computers) is kept separate. The problem came after I decided to reinstall XP on my C: drive and use the WDSync to restore my data later. When I did, I selected all my files, hit "Copy to PC"....and I began to get a recurring error. "WDSync could not copy a file that was too large for the mobile storage device." This obviously made no sense, as the "mobile storage device" - ie, the Passport - already HAD the files on it. But even after multiple tries, reading the manual, etc. I was unable to get back a number of files. Plus, since the drive encrypted the files, I can't just bypass the software and grab everything off the drive! ARGH.

    I have not yet called WD, but I have emailed them, and their answer was unhelpful, to say the least. First they told me to do what I had already done, then they pointed out that WDSync is NOT backup software and should not be used as such. Are you kidding me?? What else would you possibly use it for?? Anyway, I still need to call WD and try to sort things out further, but my long-winded conclusion is this: Buy the drive. DON'T use WDSync....more info
  • If it requires power boosting for the USB conection why not include it???
    I bought this unit through the distributer my wife works with.
    The price seemed fair. The look awesome. The size sleek! Almost a video ipod size.
    When I got home (to my desktop computer), exited to try it out. My Xp would tell me there was something connected to the USB port, but it didn't know what the hell it was. And asked for a driver.
    No disk was included with the unit. Just a VERY short USB cable. And some documentation that is mostly warranty and warnings. On regards to installation instructions there where to graphics. One showing what's in the box (already mentioned) and another pointing out where to connect (DUH!). The graphic does show though a LAPTOP, not a desktop computer.
    I was stuck, so all I could do was trying WD online support. As with any of these companies it was a trip with a lot of dead ends (you mostly get pages PROMOTING the product, even the ones that read on the link "support"). In the end I actually had to register to get access to the software, I guess because of the encryption included with the unit's apps (in the actual unit, which if in the first place you can't see on your system, then how the hell can you access the apps???). The software I could download?
    -Mass storage unit scanning. (read hard drives scanning).
    -Sync app.
    -Encryption app.

    All these require your unit to be visible by the system in order to work! (WTF?)

    So... I turned to my wife who was using her laptop at the time and when she conected it it came up perfectly on her system. Total access, working like a dream. She handed it back to me with a look of "do you really know anything about this kind of stuff baby?".
    I turned away with a frown of stubbornness and returned to my search. To no avail. In the end I had to leave to an appointment I had feeling frustrated. When I got home, my drive was connected and now it was working properly. I knew my wife had something to do with it. What she had done was that using our local wireless network she had taken the driver from the drive while it was connected to her laptop and transfered it to my desktop where then she proceeded to install the drive properly.
    Problem fixed, but not thanx to Western Digital.

    Today I get to work and try connecting the drive to my two desktop computers. This time I don't even get the install hardware message from windows, just another message that tells me there's something there but the system doesn't know what it is and it probably won't work properly...

    I've connected my drive with a longer cable, since the one included requires the drive to sit on the CPU because of how short it is (about 12") It then connects properly and works fine.

    Reading up on other customer's reviews I notice they mention the Y-USB cable a lot, a power boosting option for your drive.

    It probably all boils down to power.

    So if that's the issue, and not everyone has the benefit of a laptop at hand. Shouldn't a power boosting cable be included with the unit in the first place???????

    I'm going out now to get myself a Y-USB cable then.

    I give this otherwise perfect product three stars....more info
  • The best external back up ever!
    It is easy to use and never runs out of space as I'm trying to back up my entire hard drive. Well worth the money!...more info
    I first bought the WD 160GB Passport late last year. It was everything as advertised and the sleek and compact look made it a very handy devise to carry around. A couple of months after buying it, I am about to get my bag from a table, it falls out onto the table, barely 20inches and thats it. No computer can read the drive again. I take it for diagnoses and I am told it would cost me $1000+ to retrieve information. Needless to say. I cant afford that.

    So I still retain my faith and I buy a 250GB and also buy one for my sister. close to 3 months afterwards, my sister calls me that hers is not working anymore. A week later I have mine in my pocket and it falls out onto the carpeted floor, needless to say, thats the end of it with all my relevant info trapped and unreachable. My computer can see, there is just no way to open it. Of course I need another $1000+ to retrieve.

    I now have 3 of these devices and combined, it will take $3000+ to get the data trapped on them. While everything about the passport regarding its effeciency and workability is true, it is just too fragile....more info
  • Nothing but GREAT!
    I just love this drive. It's the most handy piece of portable equipment I've had. Use it mostly to carry my virtual PCs around and to have backups when in need. Highly recommend it to anyone!...more info
  • Excelent Device
    Is an excelent device, fast, compact and very very portable, it really expands my laptop hard drive....more info
  • Did not work well with my mac
    The hard drive was not what i expected. It didn't work very well with a mac even though it claimed it was mac compatible. I did not like the product, although I do think WD makes some of the best computer components on the market. I ended up having to return the unit because it was ejecting itself for no reason and I couldn't even get any data into it. I went with the simple smartdisk firelite and found it to be perfect for a mac....more info
  • Just a poor product and unreliable. Get Lacie or Seagate
    I'm a professional 3D graphics artist and made the mistake of buying this product. This is the second Western Digital portable harddrive I've owned and I regret both purchases. I thought the first harddrive was a fluke, but this one just reconfirmed that Western Digital the company makes unreliable products.

    There are constant time-out and hardware recognition problems. Often times, the harddrive will randomly disppear and go off line, probably to sort out it's own personal/emotional issues. The harddrive is very bipolar. Sometimes it will transfer data information quickly, and other times it fits in the special needs category.

    My information is valuable, and don't trust this harddrive with my recycle bin. If you want a reliable harddrive, buy a Lacie or Seagate...or if you have an ipod, just use that. My ipod was the most reliable harddrive I've ever had....more info
  • Great Product
    Excellent product. Fast, efficient. Light and ideal size. Just bought this as a graphic design major after doing lots of research for the right hard drive and found the best results with this, and now can attest that this is the best product. Disappointing that the sync system does not work with Macs, but other than that it is perfection =)...more info
  • Long review containing everything remotely relevant I could think of.
    I bought this drive about a year ago (12/2007); the model number on the label on bottom of the drive is WD2500XMS-00, which is ever so slightly different from the model number here (WDXMS2500TN). I can't tell from the official product picture if the model is the same, but mine has the slightly-slanted casing, so that each of the thin faces look like parallelograms rather than rectangles. You can sort of see this in the 1st, 2nd, and 4th customer photos. The 3rd and 5th look like they are squared off, and may be a newer generation than what I have. There's an even newer version out (WDME2500TN), the Passport Essential, which is squared off and has moved the WD logo from the center of the top face to one corner. The model I have has a little rubber flap that covers up the mini usb port, but I *think* the Passport Essential scorns that sort of thing. ANYWAY, the point is that my review may be slightly obsolete. :D!

    Pros: small, stylish, usb-powered (may require a y-cable to draw from 2 ports if you have an older laptop, but I've run mine on an Acer Travelmate C204TMi while it was plugged into the passthrough for the Antec usb-powered notebook cooler set on hi), quiet (slight audible click when the disk starts spinning), runs cool (you might be able to feel that it's above room temp after it's been on for a while, but it's a non-issue), fast enough, large capacity, etc etc etc.

    Cons and nitpicks:

    There is a shiny side (top) and a matte side (bottom), and both pick up fingerprints and smudge like crazy.

    At one point, the matte and shiny sides of mine parted slightly at one edge; I tried to pop it back together but it wouldn't go. Later, the drive randomly healed itself. >.> I don't know, maybe the glue or whatever held it in place warmed enough to hold it together again. It was a bit odd, but I didn't have to worry about it for long.

    The rubber flap to protect the usb port from dust or from getting wet or whatever is a good sentiment, but doesn't look slick enough to fit with the rest of the drive, which is probably why they didn't keep it for the Passport Essential.

    The included cable (8in?) is fine as far as length goes (unless there's no surface to put the thing on, I don't know why you'd *need* a longer cable), but small as it is I find that I dislike carrying it around. Integrated cables, like on the Lacie Little Disk or the Apricorn Aegis Portable, are probably a good idea, and don't add much bulk (all the 2.5" portables are about the same size anyway).

    It comes formatted as FAT32. I put some data on it, and decided I wanted to format it to NTFS, but I didn't have anywhere to move the data. I attempted to use the trial version of Paragon Partition Manager to reformat it without destroying the data, but it didn't work (fwiw, Paragon successfully reformatted the internal WD Scorpio Blue hdd that had my OS on it, so there must be something going on here).

    I just wanted to use this for as extra storage, so I deleted the stuff pre-programmed on the drive. It doesn't come with a software disk, though, so I wouldn't know how to recover that.

    A few computers I've plugged this into don't really recognize it, and go looking for installation software and drivers (unsuccessfully). I'm pretty sure this is the computers' faults, not the drive, though.


    The current price for the 250gb Passport (this page) is ~$130; the 250gb Passport Essential is ~$90. Also, the 500gb passport essential is ~$160 now. You do the math. There is nothing very wrong with this drive; only the non-integrated cable is a material issue for me. To that end, I bought the Apricorn Aegis Portable when I was in the market for a 500gb portable, rather than the Passport Essential. (The Lacie Little Disk has a cover that comes off, but the Aegis avoids detachable parts altogether. It's a little more expensive, though.)...more info
  • Sync software is bloated
    The price is right. I don't think the sync software did me any good as it's just too bloated and not very user friendly. I currently use it for my MacBook Pro as a time machine and it works great....more info