Mini Wireless Full Motion Color Camera w/ Microphone 150ft range
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Product Description

Product Description New Model High Power 2.4GHZ Wireless Pinhole Surveillance Color Camera System /w Audio and super slim receiver (be aware of other sellers who will ship lower quality receivers not like the picture here). No need to turn the know to adjust frequency in order to receive sharp video picture because this new 2.4Ghz receiver has 4 channels that capable to lock frequency automatically. You can move the camera anywhere and the 2.4Ghz receiver will lock the freq for the best quality video picture. Integration with other 2.4GHz cameras - The receiver can be shared with other 2.4GHz wireless cameras if their frequency match. So, you can view different purpose cameras at a central point. This new version of pinhole camera comes with metal base for easy installation. All cables & adapters are included so it can be easily installed in a few minutes to your tv, vcr or computer that has tv tuner or capture card. Installation is plug & play, only take minutes to install. A Complete 2.4Ghz Wireless Spy Camera Kit System ($199 value) /w Audio are included: 2.4Ghz Wireless Color Camera /w built-in microphone inside. Size is small and discrete & can be hidden anywhere Included Camera Adjustable bracket for easy installation 2.4Ghz RECEIVER /w 4 channels to avoid interference power on/off switch Receiver Antenna Easily connects to a TV, VCR, Computer or DVR for recording Video/Audio Cable AC adapter for receiver AC adapter for camera Manual

  • Slim Receiver w/ 4 channels & power on/off switch as shown on picture
  • Complete kit system ($199.00 value)
  • Free camera adjustable bracket for easy installation
  • Built in microphone
  • Camera is small & discrete - can be hidden anywhere
Customer Reviews:
  • these are so amall and verstile. can be mounted in some strage places ! always be informed within the law
    I bought several of thee for mt company. some of my fellow workers wanted me to mount them in smoke detectors cigarette pack even a remote controlled plane for a photographer arial...he made big bugs getting arial shots for new hotels and bizs..rec highly Ill bebuying 50 more to mount...Oh I even mounted one in my little boys bob the builder..they are that small...more info