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Samsung WEP410 Bluetooth Wireless Headset
List Price: $59.99

Our Price: $27.99

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Product Description

Samsung's WEP410 has both powerful features and an innovative design. Unlike most models, Samsung Bluetooth Headsets WEP410 gives you both. Various vivid colors grab your attention. If they become your first headset, you may want to wear them all the time. Talk for hours with the ergonomically stylish design. Wear the Samsung WEP410 Bluetooth headset and keep communicating. It is compatible with Samsung and other non-Samsung Bluetooth enabled phones. Kit includes - Bluetooth Headset Charging Case Travel Adapter Headset Hooks (M&L) User Manual Quick Start Guide

  • Up to 4 Hours Talk Time
  • Up to 70 Hours Standby Time
  • Bluetooth Class 2 Provides Enhanced Clarity, Range and Security
  • Up to 4 Hours Talk Time, 70 Hours Standby
  • Premium Features and Design Offer the Ultimate Bluetooth Experience

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent bluetooth headset!
    I like this headset so much, I bought a second one for my daughter. Then, my son and brother bought three more. It's small and easy to use. The audio is superb.

    Florence, SC...more info
  • Durable and Functionable
    This bluetooth earpiece is easy to setup and has good clarity and range. I accidentally washed and dried mine with some clothes and it still functions perfectly!...more info
  • This Headset is NOT worth buying because it doesn't FIT RIGHT!
    Maybe I was a bit harsh in the title, but I had to put something out there that would grab your attention. I want to save you the trouble that none of these other reviews did for myself. Most of the reviews were great so I bought it. I have to say the sound is pretty decent, very similar if not slightly worse than my wep200. The wep410 looks very stylish, but it just doesn't FIT RIGHT IN THE EAR. It feels like it is going to fall out and it doesn't sit at the angle where it is pointing from your ear to your cheek, which is what the wep200 does. When it sits at the angle it is NOTICEABLY flaring outwards. It looks like it is sticking out of your cheek at a 30-40 Degree angle, which looks extremely odd. I tried all three different sized earbuds, but no luck with any of them. I can get it to fit in my ear, but the fit of the earbuds is VERY poor. I even got my father to try this headset to see if I had deformed ear canals, but they also didn't fit him right. I really wish I could return this, but since I have opened it I can't. Sadly, I had to give the headset to my father. (He doesn't care how poor the fit is as long as he can use it for hands free calling in the car)

    Bottom line is that you SHOULD NOT buy this headset, but you should buy the Samsung Wep200. That Headset is excellent for the price and very light in weight That headset is also the one you want if you like ear buds like myself. I don't like big bulky "Android" looking Blue tooth sets that take up a bunch of room....more info
  • Great convenience, mediocre performance
    I love the convenience of the simple, in-ear design. Never falls out. But the sound quality is fuzzy on my end and very noisy on the other end when driving. Honestly, this headset is no worse than dozens of others that are less convenient and more expensive. But no bluetooth headset without a decent, noise-cancelling microphone deserves more than 3 stars, imho. I'm shocked at the generally poor audio quality of virtually all products in this category....more info
  • Comfortable but poor sound quality
    It's a comfortable earpiece and lightweight. It's nice to have the different ear gels, because I needed the smallest one. The big one was making the earpiece stick out too much and uncomfortable.

    I hear some static while I'm using it, which is kind of annoying. Also, you can't go too far from your phone with it, which is also annoying.

    If the sound quality was better I would've loved it because its really comfortable....more info
  • Perfect for the car!
    I bought this because my other bluetooth headset was impossible to hear in my loud car. I bought this one because it has the "in the ear" speaker which actually inserts into your ear canal like a lot of the popular earphones out today. It has 3 different size rubber pieces to fit any ear canal size and it is nice and loud. I went from rejecting incoming calls because I could not hear them to using it every day in my car with ease. It is very light weight and after a couple of minutes you forget it is in your ear. It also allows you to turn off all blinking lights which is nice if you don't want to attract attention or have someone else know that it is turned on and working....more info
  • Samsung WEP410 Bluetooth earpiece
    Very good device, Easy to use and set up, fit is comfortable, sound quality is very good, and stand by /talk time are great, I have had a few other bluetooth ear pieces that fit better but sound was poor, longer stand by and talk time, but I figuerd if I was on the phone that long I need to re think my life, when I first purchsed it because of it's size I thought I would loose it, year and a half later my dog chewed it, Great device for the money. ...more info
  • Samsung 410 - I can hear you now
    I have had problems finding a bluetooth device that you can get enough volume through to hear the other party. While this device is not optimum, it is much better than those that just fit over the ear.
    The samsumg fits into the ear. It was a little uncomfortable at first, but after a while I got used to it and it works very well. The volume is good I can finally hear the caller.
    The one downside is that for me the Wep 410 is difficult to hang up. It has the capability of redialing your last number when you click on the "mode" button. Coincidentally, this is also the way you hang up a call. I have yet to be able to distinguish the two and seem to constantly be recalling my last dial.
    I do recommend the device though. It is smaller than some devices which I LIKE and I can now hear my caller which is even better....more info
  • Best Bluetooth with best value!!!
    I've purchased 15 of these for our employees with different brands of phones. Blackberry, Samsung Blackjack, Blackjack II, Palm device, etc. Everyone came back and told me how great it works with all their phones.
    I recommend it to everyone....more info
  • I bought it again.. enough said.
    I took a gamble and bought this one a while back, for my 4hr+ commute. Lost it last week (I think I dropped it at a gas station) and immediately ordered a replacement. It does everything I need it to do: works in my car, stays in my ear, has good volume. Most importantly, it works fine with my iPhone. Once it's paired, it will auto dial the last person you called, auto pick up and auto hang up by clicking the button - no need to do all that tedious & unsafe "slide to unlock" rigmarole while driving. It has the usual Bluetooth problems (call quality at the other end is not spectacular, but no worse than any other) but overall, I liked it enough to replace it with the same model. The only real problem is that it's so tiny it's easy to lose..!...more info
  • Too bad; wont stay put
    I wanted to love this thing, based on all the glowing reviews, but I'm like a small number on here and other review sites (I read many many reviews before ordering) that cannot keep this thing in my ear for more than 5 to 10 minutes with any of the earpieces. It sounds good on both ends, but I honestly can't comment on anything other than that because of the above problem.
    My adult son has had one and really loved it with no problems. If I can find a way to keep it in place, I may love it. Otherwise, oh well. At least it didn't cost a $100....more info
  • Excellent tiny product
    Excellent product..its been 2 weeks and no even works with my oldie Nokia 6682, I tried many bluetooth which didnt sync with my mobile, this one works....good one, but they should provide one car charger for free..afterall thts where we mostly use out bluetooth..;)...more info
  • Returned it
    After reading the reviews I was sold until I tried it. It was returned sound quality was poor. Purchased a Shure headset and love it, best ever! 5 stars is for Amazons order processing and return policy. ...more info
  • Works Well - good value
    Overall, very happy with this purchase. The downside is that you need to be somewhat close to your phone, within 5 feet or so to get the best sound, otherwise it gets a little scratchy. I also get the "talking in a tunnel" comment especially while driving in the car. Other than that, it is as clear as the cellphone. I like the lack of a wrap around and the adjustable sizers so that the headset does not fall our of your ear. Awesome, small design too. No contraption hanging off your ear!...more info
  • The Ear-bud style is Much Appreciated... Very Not bad
    I tried on a lot of bluetooth headsets in a the stores and concluded that they were all uncomfortable in my ears -- the circle ear piece was too wide and thus hurt. So, just before giving up I found this earbud style Samsung WEP 410 online. Since earbud-style headphones are the only ones that fit comfortably in my ears, I thought I'd give it a try on a bluetooth. Not only am I appreciative, but I am sold. The three sizes of earbud cover options give me a perfect, snug fit that doesn't hurt (and it doesn't dangle around my ear when I move like some of the over-the-ear versions). It also helps that the functions of it aren't bad either. The buttons are easy to learn; the signal is clear. And since I primarily use it in the car (with the window up) so as to not get a ticket, I don't need the more expensive noise-cancelling technology -- afterall, this earbud style reduces a lot of the outside noise anyway since it fits into the ear and thus doesn't have wind passing by it to disrupt the sound as much. And although it doesn't reduce the noise others hear, I haven't heard any complaints yet (I'm told they can't tell the difference). So, I'm satisfied. Too bad they don't carry these in the stores anymore -- you can only find them online. It's been worth it for me. I would definitely recommend the Samsung WEP410 Bluetooth Headset....more info
  • NICE~
    I like the trendy design. I have been using it for about a month now and I've only rechared it once. will recommend this product..^_^.....more info
  • Samsung engineers savvy way beyond the competition
    The Samsung WEP410 performs so much better than any other bluetooth unit I have used, it makes one wonder why other makers are still trying -- I've owned many models from Motorola, Bluespoon, Plantronics, Jawbone, and many other makers.

    Samsung has done it with the WEP410. Period.

    Specifically: any bluetooth needs to do three things *well*:
    1) CONNECTION & CONTROLS: The WEP410 connects readily and the simple controls are intuitive. Volume control buttons are easy to use even during a phone call without taking the unit out of your ear or dislodging it. The multiple-use main button is well placed so activation keeps the Samsung in place, unlike some other makers.
    2) COMFORT: the Samsung WEP410 reigns supreme!! I often forget I'm wearing the Samsung. At the end of the day, I am surprised I've worn it all day. Compared to the worst (Plantronics) units I have had the Samsung has aced this critical performance criteria. One Motorola unit I had just hangs over the ear with a hook. This design makes the unit flop around with the slightest head movement. Plantronics has tried to redesign their units to fit into the ear like Samsung, but Plantronics units are painful after 40 minutes and they haven't figured out how the pliable soft formed rubber tips of the Samsung are far superior. Samsung=no pain, long time comfort.
    3) SOUND VOLUME & QUALITY. The Samsung WEP410 is the loudest and clearest of the bunch by not just a little, but a wide margin. People I call often think I am calling from a land line. My WEP410 links with my Blackberry 8330 and that is part of the good voice quality of course (I had a new touch screen Blackberry Storm for a week, a great design, terrible sound quality - I returned it). The frequency range determines the characteristic sound we recognize as a friend's voice. Some brands clip off the high frequency thus making both the caller and callee sound as if they were speaking from the bottom of the ocean with a mouth full of prunes! Not the WEP410: it's clarity and frequency range make people instantly recognizable.

    The Samsung WEP410 is soooo good, I just bought a second unit. I never want to be without one.

    The BAD news: I have heard that Samsung may be moving on to 'newer' models. If so, they would forfeit the WEP410 only for dumb market reasoning. They'd best keep it in production and promote it. Compared to what I paid for my first one a few years ago at $89, Samsung has paid off their engineering costs and now you can find it (Amazon) for as little as $29 (!!). IMO 9 out of 10 people who would try it will be a convert and never go back even to the touted Jawbone.

    It boggles the mind that anyone, even the brilliant Samsung engineers, could improve significantly on WEP410.

    ...more info
  • The Best Ear Piece.
    I bought this ear-piece as per the recommendations of a colleague that has it. It works as per the instructions, it is easy to introduce in the ear and does not fall out. The bottom in the external cover of the piece can answer and hang-up call as well as make calls of the last number. It is very small and some people might find you talking to yourself from time to time hence they cannot see the actual earpiece in your ear. This product is the best I have seen. Buy it without question....more info
  • Samsung bluetooth WEP410
    Could not use this item because it would not stay on the ear. It keep poping out of the ear.Need to make one that will have a piece to hold it to the ear. Other than that it's portable and very light ear piece....more info
  • works well for about 3 minutes per convo...
    easy setup, small, sleek, cool charger setup... but it's all moot. Bought it for business calls. I'm on the phone sometimes for hours at a time and I need hands free for the keys. People sound fine to me, but they say that there comes a point (usually about 3 min into the conversation) that it becomes unbearable to listen to me. Also, I've reason to believe that the mic doesn't pick up the speaker's voice as well as something with a longer boom. Unlucky me....more info
  • Awesome Bluetooth Headset
    Had many many different headsets from the high dollar types to the lower end models. Most do not fit well, even fall of your ear. This particular Samsung WEP410 fits easily and can be worn all day if needed. Great sound quality and reception. I already owned one but misplaced it so I was in a panic as I hoped like many other good products, the companies stop producing them. Thankfully I was able to buy another and fortunately found the one I lost !! I cannot say enough good about this headset....more info
  • After several, this is the one I love
    I have purchased several bluetooth headset. Disappointed everytime, even the very well reputable brands. The annoying over the ear clip.. I can never seem to find one that fits my ear perfectly, it comes loose, etc. I must have invested over three hundred dollars going through headsets. Too late or lazy to return them, they end up in the garbage bin.

    What a pleasure it is to get the WEP410 which is light, small, no wire hooks over the ear, and more importantly fits into the ear comfortably. After a couple of minutes I don't even know it's there! I can run, do all kind of activities and the thing just won't fall out! The communication is clea and my friends always can hear me clearly. I have never had one unit which fits so well.

    Cons: battery life for talking is a little too short for my taste.
    You cannot charge it directly but requires a proprietary "box" where the unit fits in. Worse, you have to use electricity. This is detrimental to me who drives 6 or 7 hours sometimes. This is where the units employing standard USB mini plug wins. I am sure the WEP410 has a car adapter somewhere --but that's extra money.

    Button to hang up doubles as to redial. So sometimes, when a connection is already severed, pressing the button doesn't double hang-up, instead it redials last caller.

    Pros: Best darn fitting at least for me. Handsome looking unit.

    ...more info
  • Samsing WEP410 BT wireless headset
    works as advertised. all ear adapters are big for my ears though (I guess I have small ears!). Sound quality is ok and I had better. The samsung WEP185 had better sound....more info
  • Great Price, Great Product
    Loved it!
    Very small, not so noticeable on your hear. Holds charge for a long time and very comfortable to wear. Don't expect to workout with this product as it comes out with movements, yet I use it in the car and the office and it stays...
    ...more info