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Omron Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with IntelliSense
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  • Very good unit
    My wife and I bought this because we both need to monitor bp as we get older. Bought this one after borrowing the same machine from my brother. Easy to use, simple instructions and seems to provide consistent results. One reason we chose this model was the larger comfit cuff which works well for both my small wife and myself. We're happy with the purchase....more info
  • Great buy
    Easy to operate.Fits comfortably and the readings are accurate against other monitors.In the past I've used other brands, but always had to take a reading more than once. It inflates and bingo, you get a reading. Once you put the cuff on according to the instructions, it doesn't get too tight, but you get a good reading. I'm sold on this one and the price was right....more info
  • Very inaccurate (reads too low!)
    This blood pressure monitor provided accurate readings only the first couple times I used it. Then I noticed a large drop in the systolic (but not diastolic) reading. I thought my pressure might be going down, and was happy. However, two more trips to the doctor verified that my pressure had actually gone up 10 points, and the Omron was now reading 20 points low (and yes, I've read the instructions many times and tried everything I could to get it to work).

    Too bad, I liked the unit, and would use it frequently if it was even remotely accurate....more info
  • Happy with performance
    You'll be pleasantly surprised at the ease of use of this product. Well worth the purchase price. Taking your own blood pressure has never been so easy!...more info
  • Good monitor, but get the larger cuff.
    I am a cardiac patient (heart attach 2/17/09) and am currently in a cardiac rehabilitation class. I went back to work 1 month after the heart attack and decided that I needed a blood pressure monitor to keep me in check at work. I was happy with the Omron products, so I ordered this one with the larger cuff. It covers the same range as the smaller cuff, but goes up to 17 inch biceps. When I took it to the cardiac rehab class, they were shocked that I purchased this one. They have the HEM-712 and told me that they wished that they had the HEM-711 as it can detect irregular heart beats. When check it, it was very close to what they were showing. Keep in mind that they told me that your blood pressure can vary 10 mb per measurement, depending on the conditions. So you probably won't get the exact same measurement each time. So it was a great purchase at a very low price. I've recommended this to coworkers....more info
  • Blood Pressure Cuff Does The Job
    This is a wonderful product for the home user! The fact that it's "automatic" takes the guesswork out of the equation. We purchased the Extra Large Cuff as well thinking that it would be needed, but the cuff that comes with the unit is very generous, so it really wasn't necessary. We love that the unit is "portable" and can be operated with either batteries or plugged in. The quality of the Omron Unit is also evident in the construction...very sturdy and yet lightweight. We would highly recommend this product!...more info
  • Junk!
    My physician asked me bring my Omron 711DLX into the office so that he could compare its readings to his own: Omron: 158/100; My physician's: 120/80. It is very sad to find it so ridiculously far off as I'm certain that some Omron owners are making life and death decisions based on the numbers produced by their machine - hopefully theirs is more accurate than mine! ...more info
  • Omron HEM-711 DLX
    Product was received in good condition although the packaging was not very good. Product has worked flawlessly since we figured out how to get it programmed. The instructions on how to program the monitor were confusing and in place very vague. All in all though I would recommend this to anyone else that may be looking for a blood pressure monitor with memory....more info
  • Good value, accurate
    Calibrated unit at my Dr's office - very close reading (a tiny bit higher) than their professional machine. Very easy to use, comfortable, well built. Great value....more info
  • LeeKamreview
    We enjoy this item very much, find it very easy to use, and are thoroughly satisfied with our purchase. The price was very good too, so we have no negative comment to offer at all....more info
  • Omron HEM-711AC B/P Monitor
    Omron HEM-711AC Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with IntelliSense

    The monitor functions well, however, the accuracy when compared to the readings obtained at the Doctors office with a mercury sphygmomanometer is off by about twenty points. It may be a quirk in the unit I purchased, as this unit was judged excellent in a recent publication from an independent testing lab. ...more info
  • Small arms? This is for you.
    This is the only BPM that accepts the small size cuff. It may lack some of the features of the newer models, but it takes accurate readings and works just fine. ...more info
  • best bp cuff
    Was recommended by my cardiologist for accurate home bp readings, works well most of time, hard to adjust tight enough, will give error reading if not snug enough on arm. Good memory listings to write down for Dr....more info
  • Easy to use
    This is the first BP monitor I have purchased,so I don't anything to compare it with. It's easy to use, large numbers, acturate....more info
  • Super Easy to use
    I found this product to be very easy to use. It's comfortable, quick, and the display is very easy to read. I would definitely recommend it....more info
  • So Easy
    This cuff is so easy to use. It fits my arm perfectly without constant adjustment. Love the history and large read-out....more info
  • Good value for the item.
    I'm still measuring the accuracy of the product, but for the price it was a very good value....more info
  • A Blood Pressure Cuff That's Just What The Doctor Ordered
    There are lots of blood pressure cuffs for home monitoring that are out there. This one is the HEM-711DLX and is exactly in the middle of the Omron line up for over-the-arm blood pressure cuffs. Over the arm blood pressure cuffs are considered to be more accurate than wrist cuffs or finger cuffs. They are also less expensive than the wrist or finger cuffs in most cases.

    The unit is easy to use and is straight forward to operate. It is easy to apply the cuff and all you do is press a button. The blood pressure correlates well with manual readings and my doctor's readings. Once you set the time, date, and year the memory feature is helpful so that you don't have to record all of your readings to paper or your computer at once. The cuff remembers the last 60 readings with a time and date stamp.

    There may be other companies that produce quality cuffs, but Omron has always worked well for me. I have been impressed with the accuracy and the reliability of these cuffs. The company produces other cuffs, but I felt that this one hit the sweet spot for features and price.

    The other Omron cuffs are as follows:
    1. Omron HEM-432 Manual Blood Pressure Monitor
    2. Omron HEM-712C Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with IntelliSense
    3. Omron HEM-780 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with ComFit Cuff
    4. Omron Ultra Premium Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

    All of these cuffs are easy to use, accurate, and reasonable options. After trialing most of them, I felt that the HEM 711-DLX offered reasonable features at a reasonable price and made the most sense.

    The lowest priced model (HEM-432) was just as accurate, but required manual inflation and had a more difficult to apply blood pressure cuff. Manually inflating the cuff was at best an annoyance and resulted in errors from under inflation. The low line model also had a cuff that was a little harder to apply with one hand, the HEM 711-DLX has one that has a contoured side that made it easy to place and velcro the cuff in place.

    The second lowest priced model (HEM-712C) worked well, but for about 10 dollars more, I was able to get a model with the easier to apply cuff and increase the warranty from 2 to 5 years. I felt this was worth it, but the HEM 712C is still an accurate and worthy model.

    I didn't see an advantage to the HEM-780. It does have the 'TruRead' feature, whereby the blood pressure cuff takes three consecutive readings over three minutes and averages them. It also has a larger memory and can record blood pressures for two users. I didn't think that these added much for me. If my wife wanted to have the unit record her pressures too, I might have gone for it.

    As to the HEM-790IT, Ultra Premium model, I didn't feel that I needed to download my blood pressures to a computer. If you like this kind of feature (which sounds kind of neat), this cuff is for you. I transcribe the blood pressures to my computer manually, so this was not a big selling point for me.

    ...more info
  • Orion Blood Pressure Monitor
    This blood pressure monitor works great as long as you follow the directions. Most will not need the extra large cuff....more info
  • Accurate and easy to use
    I purchased the HEM-711 DLX to replace a very old blood pressure monitor. It was a good decision. This is a very easy to use blood pressure monitor. The cuff is well designed and stays on if you follow the directions. The display is easy to read with large numbers. The monitor also has a large memory to store previous readings. The price is right for this excellent Omron monitor. ...more info
  • Omron Comfit electronic b/p cuff
    So far so good. Love the memory feature so that I can keep track of my b/p's. It's still slightly cumbersome to get on the arm. I've double checked with my manual cuff & the readings are either identical or just a few points difference. I am using my cuff plugged into the electrical outlet. I have had to reset the time or date several times in the last month. I'd definitely recommend this cuff to a friend/family member etc. This cuff is a lot more $$'s elsewhere....more info
  • Omron HEM-711
    Timely delivery. This brand was recommended by a cardiologist. I had one once before that worked well, but the cuff failed early. A replacement cuff was more than half of the cost of the entire product. This new one has the same type of cuff. The only reason this review isn't 5 stars is that I haven't had the machine long enough to see how well the cuff holds up. Electronically, I have no complaints. It is a nice machine....more info
  • Pleased with Omron blood pressure monitor
    I am very pleased with the Omron HEM-711AC Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with IntelliSense. I recommend it highly. It's easy to use, easy to read, seems accurate. I like the two warning indicators -- irregular heartbeat and high reading. I also like that it can also use the provided AC adapter. This model has a memory but I don't believe it can be split across 2 people -- i believe there are more expensive models that can be....more info
  • Very satisfied
    Had a previous model before. Bought this one because it could accomodate Medium to Large arms....more info
  • Omron HEM-711AC
    I had been using this monitor for some time. It gives you accurate readings, plus I appreciate the buckle that comes with the strap because it makes it much easier to fasten. This second monitor I purchased for a friend and he loves it. I recommend it highly. ...more info
  • Fast, Easy, Convenient, Accurate
    This product works as advertised, just make sure you get the right cuff size. It has been accurate so far. I took it in to check it side by side with my doctor and it seemed accurate....more info
  • Works Great
    For years I used a manual blood pressure monitor by Omron. This automatic one makes it so easy. After a month I've had no problems with it whatsoever (except sometimes I wish the readings it gave were lower!!). No problems with discomfort. It's a top notch product. ...more info