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The Heart of Everything
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US version includes two bonus tracks, 'Stand My Ground' and 'What Have You Done' (Extended Version). 2007 release from the Dutch Gothic Metal band who have been pounding the Metal pavement with their unique brand of hard-edged Metal for over a decade. Their sound is the perfect combination of guitar-driven Hard Rock and ambitious Symphonic Metal. Underneath the aggressive wall of sound lies a secret beauty that can often be dark and uninviting. 13 tracks including 'Howling', 'Frozen' and 'Final Destination'.

2007 Issued Fourth Studio Album by the Dutch Symphonic Metal Band. Within Temptation Once Again Prove Themselves as Peerless Purveyors of Quality Gotihic-tinged Rock, Produced Again by Daniel Gibson and Mixed by Stefan Glaumann (Rammstein). While the Epic Grandeur of the Band's Sound Remains, it Now Coexists with a More Contemporary "organic" Feel. Nowhere is this Highlighted More Than on the Single "What have You Done" (Featuring Life of Agony Vocalist Keith Caputo), which Manages to Be Both Passionate and Punchy. Elsewhere "Frozen" is a Classic, Streamlined Ballad and "The Howling" Swirling Tour-de-force.

Customer Reviews:

  • You want to know about this album?
    First off, though I am hardly new to symphonic rock, I am new to Within Temptation. And I feel extremely fortunate to of discovered this band.

    If you love symphonic rock, stop reading this review right now and buy this album. Don't even waste your time finding out what my opinion is, just know you must own this!

    Alright, now if you are still reading this here is exactly what I feel about this band and this album:

    This album contains music on a truly epic scale. This album is, for lack of a better word, perfect. From the truly rocking guitars, to the beautiful strings, to the ambient and dark choir like voices, to the very deep and amazing lyrics, to the pounding drums, and of course to the heavenly vocals of Sharon Den Adel (this woman can sing like no other in my opinion, even surpassing my prior favorite of Amy Lee).

    To get some idea of their sound, what I came up with is this simple formula:

    Kamelot + Epica + Evanescence = Within Temptation

    Enough this album, and experience true music.
    ...more info
  • Finally, a US release!
    Within Temptation are back with their latest arsenal of symphonic rock and metal songs bound to infest themselves in the listener's mind for days on end, and while The Heart of Everything may not benefit from strong orchestral emphasis (as seen on their previous album), it will surely retain WT's loyal fanbase, and will no doubt be their key to crack into the US market.

    When I first listened to this album (half asleep on a tour bus in France, mind you), I wasn't sure what to think. There are some notable changes from the band's last album: Sharon's vocals don't quite come off as angelic as they did on "Jillian" or "Dark Wings," instead remaining in a somewhat lower key for the majority of the first few tracks - with virtually none of the high-pitched screeching that distinguished them from the rest of the symphonic metal pack. "The Howling" is a good example of this - much of the verses feature shouted vocals from Sharon that may take some getting used to, but actually suit the song quite nicely.

    The next two tracks, "What Have You Done" and "Frozen" were rather disappointing for me. The first makes "Stand My Ground" look like Dark Tranquillity, and I can only assume that this was forced by the band's label. Anyone who said this song sounded like "Bring Me to Life" was right on the mark. Half the vocals are done by Life of Agony frontman Keith Caputo, and as far as I'm concerned, he's no longer welcome on a WT song again. :P That aside, there's really little here to maintain my interest, and "Frozen" is nothing to write home about either. Sharon's vocals seem strained during the chorus, similar to those of Alanis Morissette's, but not in an attractive way.

    Fortunately the album picks up its pace with the appealing "Our Solemn Hour," which will surely win over a live audience. The strangest track of the album, the title track, follows, which marks the biggest departure for Sharon - entirely abandoning her falsetto roots for a deeper, grungier vocal. And this time their experimentation worked. "Hand of Sorrow" revisits the older days of WT, sounding closer to Mother Earth-era writing than anything else.

    Another favorite, "The Cross," benefits from a well-rounded chorus and better-than-average lyrics, while "Final Destination," a slightly less memorable but altogether decent track should please fans. "All I Need" is the second ballad from the album (they usually come in threes), and while not their finest ballad to date, still surpasses "Frozen." "The Truth Beneath the Rose," the longest track of the album is a success - combining a beautiful symphonic intro with reflective lyrics that may or may not have been inspired by the Beauty of the Beast. Our third ballad, "Forgiven," is also a winner, stripped down to a keyboard and Sharon's beautiful vocals that will send chills down your spine.

    Overall, I think this was a very good buy. It doesn't look like the band will surpass their magnum opus, 2000's Mother Earth, but that doesn't mean they'll stop putting out other great albums for their fans. While there are a couple misses, the majority of the songs here are hits and I hope any Americans with taste in music will make the wise decision to buy this CD when it's released domestically in July.

    Highlights: The Howling, The Heart of Everything, Hand of Sorrow, The Cross, The Truth Beneath the Rose, Forgiven


    Originally reviewed on April 30. Here's hoping more American fans will check out this great band, and hopefully dig into their back catalog as well. :)...more info
  • Very very good!
    I was very pleasantly surprised with this CD. I find myself throwing it in again and again. She has a wonderful voice. Great songwriting. I feel like I am on Broadway some moments, and others rocking out at a metal concert. I kind of think it is Abba meets Dream Theater. Weird combo, but it really works. I will be buying other "Within Temptation" CDs and hope they continue to pump out the music....more info
  • Amazing Album
    When i heard Silent Force and Mother Earth, I thought those were the best Albums by Within Temptation, i was a little hesitant to listen to The Heart of Everything. Because i heard "What have you done now". I didn't like that song at all. So i started to listen to more of the songs, and I absolutely loved them. I actually thought this album was better than "Silent Force". BUY THIS CD NOW!...more info
  • BEWARE: More rock than metal
    I bought this album with much enthusiasm, and yet I found nothing but pop-friendly rock songs reminiscent of Evanescence.

    Now don't get me wrong, Evanescence is a great band, and this is a good album, but what happened to the old Within Temptation? Their first album was their best one in my opinion. Even though it saddened me to see them take a new direction in their next albums, at least it was still unique. In contrast, this album sounds like Celine Dion with guitars in the background. It still sounds good, but I personally like metal more than rock.

    If you like female-fronted rock bands then by all means buy this album, you will not be disappointed. However, if you're more into Gothic Metal I recommend you buy Within Temptation's first album "Enter", it's more melancholic and poetic in my opinion. You may also want to check out other bands such as Theatre of Tragedy (their first three albums), Tristania, Sirenia (first two albums), The Sins of Thy Beloved, and Penumbra....more info
  • My first WT album.
    I bought this a few months ago and it was immediatly one of my favorite albums. THe sonwrting and musicianship on this album is unspeakably wonderful. ...more info
  • A metal band turned alternative pop rock
    This album is a major disappoitment. A lot of it resembles Evanescense - the pop rock band with pseudo metal/goth elements. But aside from that , Sharon is one of the weakest female vocalists in metal, but they still attempt to make songs for her wish high notes that are outside of her vocal range....more info
  • AMAZING Album!
    I am going to start off by saying that this is easily one of my favorite albums that ever came out, and I am a proud owner! I truly wish that bands like Within Temptation, Epica, Nightwish etc. were more popular in the US so it wouldn't be a pain ordering their CDs, and I wouldn't have to shut the radio off. It is easy to say that the Europeans are by far the best when it comes to the symphonic metal genre. I think every single track on here is strong and just as good as the other. The vocals are amazing, soft where they need to be and strong/ heavy where they need to be powerful. I am not sure how people can relate "What Have You Done?" to Evanescence's "Bring Me to Life". These bands are just not even close talent wise. Evanescence is America's struggle to beat Europe's symphonic metal which obviously cannot be topped. Within Temptation has been around for years, and will be around whereas Evanescence is now on hiatus with Amy Lee looking for a solo career. I am not saying they're bad, just not up to par with bands like these.Also notice how years after Within Temptation's Mother Earth release, most of their CDs cost still over $10, as opposed to many other bands with their releases costing about 90 cents. That's how you know a CD is appreciated and just THAT good. I love how every CD Within Temptation goes for a different theme/ topic with different vocals from Sharon. Mother Earth sounded rather heavy on the vocal range as opposed to Silent Force that sounded rather angelic, and to top it, The Heart of Everything combined both elements which is what makes it a top notch release. You can hear the emotion in all of their songs and no track is weak! This is one album worth listening to for years to come....more info
  • Amazing Stuff
    This is my favorite album of theirs. I didn't mind their other works, but the growling got annoying in my opinion. This is one of the finest works of art in this genre of metal. There's melodicness, all the songs are intricate, but there is one tune in particular that I really don't care for "What have you done Now?" but that's because Sharon's voice wasn't the only one caring that tune. Oh well, the rest of the album is mind-boggling. And to retaliate to the customer who thought that their name wasn't really creative, need I remind you that sometimes simple thintgs are the best....more info
  • Female-fronted Symphonic Metal at it's Finest!!
    Within Temptation is what all female-fronted rock bands aspire to be when they grow up, with "The Heart of Everything" being the primary case study.

    Sharon den Adel has a *powerful*, top-notch voice that surpasses even that of Tarja Turunen of Nightwish (and blows Amy Lee of Evanescence out of the water), and the rest of the band puts a guitar-laden mix of symphonic metal that is unmatched by any band anywhere. Combined with powerful lyrics and powerful themes, this nearly cinematic mix comes together to make "The Heart of Everything" quite possibly the *best* album I have *ever* heard.

    Stand-outs tracks include "The Howling", "Our Solemn Hour", "The Heart of Everything", "Hand Of Sorrow", "Stand My Ground", and "The Truth Beneath The Rose". I've traditionally considered an album to be worth buying if it has two stand-out tracks. This album has SIX, and nearly all of the other tracks are worth a listen as well.

    *Highly* recommended. Any fan of female-fronted rock should buy this album today....more info
  • "All we are is fading away when we start killing"
    I thought that most of the songs in this album were great. Some catchy ones included What Have You Done and The Howling. All I Need and Forgiven were beautiful songs with mostly classical music in the background and Sharon's singing shines the most in those two. Overall, the singing was good and the lyrics were meaningful. However, I thought that some of the lyrics could have been better, especially What Have You Done, which had lyrics that were a bit too "mainstream." I also didn't like Sharon's singing in The Heart of Everything (the song), because it sounded horrible, like she had something stuck in her throat. But overall, I would give most of the songs a 4/5. ...more info
  • Another great album by WT
    First I'd like to make one note. There are three versions of this album out. This version is probably the smartest choice. It's less than half the cost of the imports and it also includes one more song, Stand My Ground. Sure Stand My Ground has already been released on Silent Force. But you're still talking about half the cost and one added bonus song. It sounds like a no-brainer to me.

    I got into Within Temptation with their album Silent Force. I immediately fell in love with their music. Their mix of orchestral music and heavy mettle riffing along with Sharon's amazing voice range landed their music as an instant staple in my collection.

    This album is no less amazing. The lyrics can be related to by anyone. The variety in each song keeps the album from getting dull or redundant.

    If you like Within Temptation, this album will not disappoint. If you've never heard their music before, I heavily suggest both this album and Silent Force. This album would probably be a great starting point, though, given it's price.
    ...more info
  • This is the Heart of Everything!
    I thought this band was just going to be another evanescence or nightwish rip off. After listeniong to this CD I was blown away. I admit the first 2 songs on the album did not grab my attention at first, but now I am hooked. Sharon Den Adel voice has many ranges and pitches.Her voice sounds harder on songs such as "The Howling" and "Final Destination." Altogether her voice is pretty good and especially since there is a lot of competition out there.

    The Howling- Is one of those songs that grow on you, but Sharon voice is unforgetable and demands to be heard.

    What have you done- I wouldn't release this as the first single because it isn't the best song on the album. I like this song, but it doesn't stand out.

    Frozen- I love this song its one of my favorites. The lyrics are about loss. A tear dropper definitely.

    Our solemn hour -This song sounds like nightwish espeically in the chorus "Sanctus Espiritus" This isn't the greatest song, but it will probably grow on me.

    The heart of everything- I like Sharon voice in this song it is powerful and rougher. This song has memorable lyrics.

    Hand of sorrow- This song is very religious and spiritual.Good chorus and well put together lyrics.

    The cross- I think this song is close to being the best song on this album. Good tragic love song. " Why have you waited to embrace me my dear." "I'm still wondering why I'm still calling your name through my tears."

    Final Destination- Sharon voice is very distinctive. The chorus is memorable and filled with fear. Not a bad song.

    All I need- This song is one of my favorites and the lyrics are passionate. "Can you still see the heart of me" "Don't tear me down for all I need." "Make my heart a better place."

    Stand my ground- This song is strong and inspiring. Very catchy.

    The truth beneath the rose- This one sounds like nightwish especially the choir. Its a great song. The chorus is upbeat and Sharon voice is angelic.

    Forgiven- This another tear dropper. The best song on the album. " You gave up the fight." "You left me behind" Very sad but I love it.

    I am hooked on this band. Must listen to" Frozen", The cross", "Forgiven", "the heart of Everything."
    ...more info
  • Simply Amazing
    I've been a fan of Within Temptation for quite some time so when I heard they had a new album coming out I was excited. Luckily I wasn't let down. This album is one of their very best, which a new but similar enough style that will keep old fans happy and entice new fans to listen. I was able to buy this album at a store here in the U.S., which made it even more fun. I highly recommend this as one of Within Temptations best albums!...more info
  • A very good album
    I personally liked the album a lot. Some people say its to much like Evanescence but I believe that its the opposite and Evanescence is trying to mimic this group. I would definitely rate it equal with or better than Evanescence album Open Door. If your a fan of Evanescence or NightWish I strongly recommend this album....more info
  • Within Temptation's Best
    Some people have been claiming that with "The Heart of Everything", Within Temptation has been becoming more mainstream, which I don't think is necessarily true. Yes, "What have you Done Now" is more radio-friendly than much of WT, but I think that many songs on this album still hold that very unique, beautiful sound of WT. This album is certainly much more polished than previous albums but I think that this is really a step forward. It is an amazing piece of work, especially because every single song on the album stands out.

    WT has been compared to Evanescence, lately. Don't be fooled. I used to be a pretty hard-core Evanescence fan but I've certainly noticed the decline in Evanescence while WT has been getting better and better. Moreover, WT is a similar style but far more unique. Sharon Den Adel is, without a doubt, my favorite female singer (and ties as my favorite overall singer with Roy Khan of Kamelot). She's got an absolutely gorgeous, strong voice. But what really sets her apart from other singers is the amount of variety she can sing with. She sings every song with a very different style. My boyfriend, while listening to the song, "The Heart of Everything" even asked, "Is that still her?" In my opinion, "Mother Earth" and "The Silent Force" (previous WT releases) showcased Sharon's voice in much different ways. "The Heart of Everything" really combines different elements of her voice - she can sing with a very soft tenderness in "Frozen" and in a cruel, almost growl in "The Heart of Everything."

    I'll briefly go through each song:

    1. The Howling: 10/10. This song has steadily grown on me since I got the album. It's a fairly heavy song, Sharon belts out the chorus, "When we start killing, It's all going down right now." It is very catchy, and has a great music video to go along with it (I highly recommend watching it, Sharon is absolutely beautiful).

    2. What Have You Done Now: 10/10. Probably the first song that really caught my attention the first time I listened to the album. I've now listened to it almost a sickening amount so I've come to like other songs on the album better but I still recognize this as a great song. Inevitably, it's compared to Evanescence because it's much more radio-friendly than most WT. Features Keith Caputo and the duet between the two is very nice.

    3. Frozen: 10/10. A little more slow and ballad-y than the previous two songs. This is another one that has grown on me since I've gotten the album. It's a very sad song (especially is you watch the music video to it). I love the way Sharon sings this song with so much emotion.

    4. Our Solemn Hour: 10/10. I would have given this less than a 10/10, originally. I feel like I'm giving too many but I just can't bear to rate any of the songs less so far. This song has really, really grown on me since I saw them live (It was the first song they sang). It is truly showcases the Within Temptation sound. Parts of the chorus are latin, the chant which pretty much makes the song. I have a hard time placing this song as heavy or not. I'd say more towards the heavy side but not very fast.

    5. The Heart of Everything: 10/10. This is one of my favorite songs on the album. I love the way Sharon sings the verse: very cruel, harsh, letting her phrases almost growl off. The contrast with the sweet way she sings the chorus is just great. "Open up your eyes," she says, "Save yourself from fading away." That chorus is truly catchy, just great. There is a far amount of soft growly stuff in the background and Sharon "ahhhh"ing.

    6. Hand of Sorrow: 9/10. This is the song that tends to be forgotten in the mix of all the other songs around it. It's no less a good song. The verse is fairly slow, with just a piano and Sharon at the beginning. The chorus is very catchy and great.

    7. The Cross: 11/10. My absolute favorite song on the album, even from the first time I listened to it. It's slower than many of the other songs on the album but still fairly heavy. The background is part of what makes it so good. Sharon sings this really haunting melody before the verses and behind the chorus. There is a hint of "Mother Earth" style in this song.

    8. Final Destination: 7.5/10. I'll listen to this song and enjoy it but for some reason, it just doesn't stand out for me the way pretty much all the rest of the songs do. It's pretty typical WT sound, on the heavier side. I think it only pales in comparison to what it comes after.

    9. All I Need: 9/10. A ballad and the slowest song on the album. WT Temptation ballads are always great stuff and they always show Sharon's voice at her best. This isn't quite as good as "Our Farewell" from Mother Earth or "Pale" from The Silent Force but it is still a very pretty song.

    10. The Truth Beneath the Rose: 9/10. The longest song on the album, clocking in around 7 minutes, but unlike some other similar bands (*cough* Nightwish *cough*), they actually fill up the whole time with the song. This song is on the epic side for Within Temptation, it all runs together very smoothly. It's very nice.

    11. Forgiven: 9.5/10. I had forgotten about this song when I said "All I Need" was the slowest song. This is slower, even more of a ballad. The entire song is acoustical, all piano and Sharon. I pretty much ignored this song the first couple times I listened to the album but it is a very beautiful song, especially the chorus and Sharon sings it so gently.

    12. Bonus track: What have you Done Now (Rock Version): I've already rated the original and I don't think this is really different enough to warrant a different rating. The beginning is a little more distorted and heavier but besides that, it is pretty hard to tell the difference. I wonder why it says "Rock Version" because no one can argue that the original is rock. Go figure.

    This is great stuff, a very strong album from an amazing band. I know I tend to focus on Sharon (it's hard not to) but the rest of the band is very good, too. I highly recommend seeing these guys live, as I did recently. You will not be disappointed. They sound even better live (if that's possible) and Sharon is just a bundle of energy and beauty (although, I will admit, she has rather bizarre characteristic dance moves). But of course, get the album, too....more info
  • WOW!!!!
    I came across this album accidentally, but then again maybe it was meant to be. I'll start by saying that I come from listening to bands and composers such as The Angels of Venice, Vas, Loreena Mckennitt, and Mike Strickland. So I'm into more spiritual and classical oriented instrumentation. I'm not used to heavy guitar and drums nor do I usually like metal as such. But oh my God, the majesty of this band! This band is a symphony blending everything together in an awe inspiring manner. The vocals are amazing and blend right in with the power of the symphony. Yes, this is no band, this is a symphony of wonder that will take the listener away. I've never heard metal blended so well with classical instruments. This is on par with Vivaldi's Eleven Concerto's by the Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra and that is saying something because Vivaldi was a Genius. ...more info
  • The heart of everything
    This CD is excellent! I was impressed with a previous CD called "The silent force" but this one is much better. It has a slightly harded rock sound than their previous. Absolutely worthwhile....more info
  • Great!
    This is yet another great album from Within Temptation! Even though I don't like this album as much as the Silent Force, I still give it a five star review.
    The music is heavier than both The Silent Force and Mother Earth, but it is still melodic, and that is what I like the most about Within Temptation.
    My favorite songs are the following: Our Solemn Hour, The Truth Beneath The Rose, Frozen, and The Howling. If you are thinking about buying this album, do it, you will be happy you did! ...more info
  • Thanks Amazon for the recommendation!
    I had never heard of Within Temptation before Amazon sent me a "recommendation". On a complete impulse buy, I purchased their latest CD, and I was absolutely blown away! The orchestra, the music, her voice, the lyrics... it was haunting and beautiful. Reminded me a great deal of some of the early Evanescence songs. It hasn't left my CD player yet....more info
  • Within Temptation heart of everything
    this is an amazing Cd! the first four tracts are so powerful i play them over and over in my apartment all the time. the sounds of Within Temptation grow on you and the grow fast. this is a very beautiful cd and i would recommend this to anyone... if you are just looking for sample listen to "frozen" or "the howling"....more info
  • what happened to W.T.?
    Just to start off , let me say that I really like pretty much all of Within temptation's earlier albums. Actually, I LOVE many of their songs from past albums. But this album was downright hard to listen to because of the overly produced teen-goth vibe from pretty much all the songs. Most of previous albums have a somewhat pagan vibe (mother earth, ice queen, etc.) but this album makes me think that their marketing consultant told them that they'd make more money if they marketed themselves to the christian crowd and then they called in someone else to write up a slew of sappy quasi-christian lyrics. If you're into that sort of thing, then this is the album for you. But for me, even if i couldn't understand the lyrics, the music itself seems quite lackluster and not as original as i know they can muster. i can only hope that this is not a permanent new direction for the band i once liked so much. I'd still go see them in concert , but i like them less with this apparent selling out. ...more info
  • heavy metal + syphony = awesome
    Whithin Temptation has an interesting style of music which is heavy metal with symphonic sounds as well as a great female vocalist. If you like Evanescence, you'll love Within Temptation. My favorite song on this album is "Our Solemn Hour"....more info
  • Excellent
    A friend sent me a youtube link to a WT song and I happened to be placing an Amazon order at the same time. Impressed with the clip, I randomly chose this CD to buy. I'm *very* happy I did and have come back to buy more.

    An excellent album and a great introduction....more info
  • Within Temptation rocks!
    I got into this group just recently and I'm glad I did! This album is great! This group rocks. Sharon den Adel can really lay out a song....more info
  • LIke every album from this band: Excelent
    Great group, I have the Live DVD and I was in the NY concert and I'm going to the September 7 concert in NY...more info
  • Amazing vocals and instumentals
    Being a relatively new fan of what Wiki calls 'Symphonic metal', I happened across this band after listening to Nightwish.

    The vocals are amazing and the music has a powerful feel to it. I recommend this CD to anyone who is a fan of Femme metalists. Very amazing talent....more info