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Lost & Found
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Ledisi, whose name does not rhyme with "release me" (it's LED-duh-see), nevertheless sounds like she's hit upon freedom and sweet salvation on Lost And Found, her third CD and the first on a major label (Verve). And it's not just a matter of the third time being the charm: Though she's long been the object of love from critics--2002's jazz-themed Feeling Orange But Sometimes Blue earned props for its depth and nuance, and her contribution to 2004's Luther Vandross tribute, Forever, For Always, For Luther, also prompted breathlessness--her focus this time out is less on music that'll win her respect and more on the kind that'll render her a mainstream R&B favorite. Which is to say it's a much different and more accessible record than its predecessors, the kind that comes first from the heart, then from the head. First single "Alright" grooves insistently and with deep reserves of attitude; "I Tried"--a tell-all about a doomed relationship--packs a rhythmic wallop as well as an excellent set of lyrics; and "Upside Down" gets fuel from fierce, infectious guitar funk. Those are just a sampling of what makes this an instantly diggable (and, at 16 tracks, likably long) set. Straight up is sometimes a hard road for artists who value more than their sales rank or chart position to follow, but for Ledisi it's the way to go--what turns up in this particular Lost And Found is her groove; her ticket to stardom is likely in there with it. --Tammy La Gorce

Named by Billboard Magazine as one of the Top 10 Faces to Watch in 2007, the acclaimed Bay Area-based vocalist and songwriter makes her major label debut on Verve Forecast with a show-stopping blend of soul, funk, gospel, jazz and R&B on Lost and Found.

Named by Billboard Magazine as one of the Top 10 Faces to Watch in 2007, the acclaimed Bay Area-based vocalist and songwriter makes her major label debut on Verve Forecast with a show-stopping blend of soul, funk, gospel, jazz and R&B on Lost and Found.

Customer Reviews:

  • Finally....A REAL Singer!!!!!!
    I kept seeing Ledisi's CD on Amazon, thinking it was "just another run of the mill new singer". I decided to give it a try. Buying this CD was the BEST decision I have made. I haven't been this excited about a new artist since Keyshia Cole (Both have actually been out a while). Ledisi is in heavy rotation on my radio. The CD is excellent from beginning to end and you won't get tired of it. The "intro and outro" was really not necessary, but I understood why she put it in. "Joy", the first track, is wonderful, as is "You and Me". But honestly, I could sit here and say that about all of them. So, I will list me favorites:

    Best Friend
    In the Morning
    Lost and Found
    Upside Down
    Get to Know You
    Think of You

    Really, you can't go wrong with this purchase!...more info
  • Where has she been???
    Ledisi has a great voice that has been hidden for too long. She has an old school smoky voice that reminds me of Chaka Khan in one song and Betty Wright in another. Great versatility. I hope this album gives her the break she truly deserves. She would definitely be one of the great voices today....more info
  • wonderful!!!!!
    this cd is the bomb, loved the lyrics and the music. Cant wait to hear her next cd!!!...more info
  • pretty good
    i wasn't crazy about this one when i bought it, so like some others it sat on the shelf. got up to clean one day and popped in and couldn't believe that i slept on this cd. great flow, great sound and great voice. buy it!...more info
  • Hot, hot, hot!!!!
    Ledisi has me in her clutches and won't let go. This CD is definitely more "main stream" in the sound; she didn't quite let it go, but I like that she can let go and draws you in with such anticipation. I can't wait for her next release. Ledisi is a true artist; writes, produces, and delivers her music is the most explosive package. In my eyes, "Lost and Found" can't hold a candle to "Soulsinger", but she's so on fire she could sing the yellow pages, and I'd buy 2 copies! Love her always!!!...more info
  • Ledisi is very underated!!
    This is one of few CD's that can be played from beginning to end without skipping a song. This lady can "sang" and her voice is soothing to the ear. This is a must buy!...more info
  • Pleasure to my soul!
    I love the price! Quick delivery! Deliver in good condition! Most of all, the music is GREAT!...more info
  • Glad I bought it
    I like the beat to both the intro & outro, they frame a pretty good CD. Track III "You & ME" has real soulful feel as well as beats. My favorite song is Track VI "Think of You". A real upbeat song kind of reminiscent of Jaguar Wright. The XI "I tried" is another upbeat song that can be considered a good dance song. I think the fifthteenth song "Someday" is the most heartfelt song of the whole CD. She mentions her family in a very loving way. Songs IV, "Best Friend", V "Alright", VIIII, "Upside" Down", are decent cuts as well. I know I shouldn't but I must compare her sound to Angie Stone with whom I have a high opinion of....more info
  • Love it, Love it, Love it, Love it, Love it, and did I mention LOVE IT!
    Probably one of the most underrated Sangers. Yes I said SANGERS, because she don't sing, she sangs. Her voice is so untouchable. Her style is jazzy, classy, r&b, neosoul, and little gospel mixed in. If I had to compare her voice she is a blend between the great Karen Clark Sheard( my hometown homie) and Chaka Kahn. One of the my rare 5 stars is going to go to this young lady named Ledisi, gone head with yo bad self. Can't wait for the next album....more info
  • This is worth buying
    Ledisi takes you on a journey of emotions with this CD. I guarantee that anyone who is into NeoSoul will not be disappointed and for the newcomers this is a refreshing change from the same old music you hear on the popular radio stations. Give her a try and if you can check her out live like I did this summer you will instantly become a fan....more info
  • Soul/Jazz at its best.
    Ledisi (whose name means "to bring forth" in the Yoruba language of Nigeria) has been known for delivering electrifying and memorable live performances, and over the course of her career she has earned the respect of fans and music writers alike.
    Now, making her major-label debut after 11 years of indie hustling with Verve's release of "LOST AND FOUND", Ledisi has the opportunity to further develop and expand her fan base, and share the gift of her r&b, jazz-influenced musical style with a wider audience.
    The album showcases the multi-talented artist who co-produced all of the songs with veteran music producer/composer Rex Rideout, Rick Watford, Jamey Jaz, Errol Cooney, Luther "Mano" Hanes, Lorenzo Johnson and her longtime producing and writing partner keyboardist Saundra Manning, with whom she formed LeSun Music the independent label which released her two earlier projects " Soul Singer" and "Feeling Orange bit Sometimes Blue".
    The 16-track set is a sonic m¨¦lange of jazz, classic R&B, and scat, all fused with rib-thumping bottom notes of unadulterated funk and gospel, and Ledisi moves fluidly between these genres, mixing it up to create a flavorful aural Gumbo that is melodically lush, lyrically appealing and unabashedly soulful. After hearing it, music aficionados will understand why Stephen Holden of The New York Times said: "Her voice is her own portable playground".
    It's a quality album albeit that Rex Rideout's production makes it a little less edgy and her vocals are more subdued than on her outstanding first album "Soul Singer".
    The highlights are the mid tempo head nodders "Alright", a mellow groove about staying positive, recently entered the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart at No. 66, and the semi funky mid tempo "Best Friend" and the plodders "You And Me", "In The Morning" and "Someday"
    Ledisi, a "cult" singer and certainly one of the best female vocalists of her generation, has more space to let go on "Upside Down", the funky foot taper co-written with Saundra Manning.
    My favourite tracks are "We Are One" (with Rahsaan Patterson), and the the heartbreakingly touching title track, which Ledisi sings lovingly accompanied by just Rex Rideout at the piano and Karen Briggs on violin.
    Feeling Orange But Sometimes Blue: The Jazz Singer Limited Edition
    Soul Singer
    ...more info
  • Great cd
    Awesome. She has a powerful soulful voice and lyrics. She great on cd but magnificent in concert...more info
  • Worthy of more stars!
    A friend of mine told me about Ledisi after her heard the single Alright. After finally finding her, (he couldn't remember how to spell her name) I listened to the samples and I fell in love within the first few songs. I love absolutely all of them, with You and Me, Best Friend and Get to Know You being my favorites. I love buying a cd that I can listen to from start to finish and this is one of them. For fans of Jill Scott, Angie Stone, Erikah won't be disappointed....more info
  • "I've been waiting for y'all to hear me sing, 'cause I've been here all the time!"
    A few years ago, I was browsing through some Listmanias and came across an unfamiliar name in someone's list of best R&B albums of the year. I found this odd because I'm usually really on top of new artists and discoveries in the genre. Ledisi... `who is that,' I wondered. Why hadn't I heard of this woman? I read up a little on her and found that she was an independent artist who supposedly delivered a mean live show. After hearing all this hype, I was about ready to buy some of her albums. That is until I realized both of her releases were then out of print and only available used starting at a whopping forty dollars. Sorry, but I don't buy CDs for that kind of price, especially if I'm not familiar with the artist. I immediately became excited when I saw she was releasing this album, Lost & Found, on a major label and I bought it the Tuesday it was released.

    Ledisi has a unique and invigorating voice; it's slightly raspy at times, but it is always bold and packed with emotion, personality, and power. She has obviously drawn inspiration from some of the jazz and soul greats. The production on this album is well done. It has quite a bit of live instrumentation, which is very refreshing when compared to the mechanized beats that usually surround us today. That plus her expressive vocals provide a listen that pops out of the speakers and really moves you. Most of Lost & Found is composed of cool and soulful mid-tempo grooves, and I must say that there is really not a bad track on here.

    The album begins and ends with "Been Here," which is an energetic exercise that hypes you up. It does a great job of creating an intimate musical environment and simulating the sound and spirit of a live performance. She is quick to let you know that she is not a "new artist" by any means: "I've been waitin' on y'all to hear me sang/ `cause I've been her all the time," she sings. "You & Me" is a song that immediately caught my attention on the first listen. The bass and the cool, beautiful harmonies compliment each other quite nicely. The jazzy bridge is great and a groovy touch of organ in the background of any R&B song makes it ten times better. "Alright," the inspirational first single, is also a standout track. The laid-back track is the perfect remedy for a bad day, whether it is due to work, bills piling up, rainy weather, or just plain unhappiness. "Think of You" is my absolute favorite track of the set, however. Beginning with tight drums and a thumping bass, the summery track is just irresistible. The lilting chorus is catchy as all goodness, too. The title track is a departure from the rest of the album. It is a sparse, stripped down ballad with only piano and raw, emotional vocal delivery. "When will the sun ever shine on me?/ I need love to come and carry me." The lyrics of being lost without love are beautifully written. Everything about "The One" is perfect, from the guitar backing, to the chorus, to the harmonies, to the song structure, to driving back beat; it is supreme perfection. "Someday," the last full track, is a very memorable one. It is a sweet dedication to her parents and her desire to care for them and make them proud in everything she does.

    I was pleasantly surprised with Lost & Found. Ledisi proves she is a distinguished talent and a force to be reckoned with. Full of passionate and sincere mid-tempo R&B/soul grooves, the album remains one of my favorite albums from 2007. At the end of the year, she was nominated for two Grammy Awards: best new artist and best R&B album, and she definitely deserves to win both. I wish Ledisi all the luck and she will definitely have longevity as an artist. ...more info
  • I love it
    I LOVE THIS of the best.The sound is so soothing and relaxing. I LOVE IT...more info
  • LEDISI Lost and Found
    I loved this CD from beginning to end. I could not stop playing this CD. I love track number 5 "Alright". It's an inspirational song that I think all can identify with. I also love the fact that Rashawn Patterson has a spotlight vocal appearence on track # 13.

    I don't know why this CD is just now getting lots of play but I LOVE IT!This will be my stocking stuffer....more info
  • A long time coming
    This CD is a long time coming. Ledisi has been a huge underground hit for years, known for her unparalleled live shows - fans need to see her live, especially in a club setting, to truly understand how great they are. "Soulsinger" was a very nice CD that gave us a taste of what she can do, but this one is a gem.

    The first single, "Alright", would be beautiful as an instrumental. The song is about persevering through hard times, and the lyrics tell the story beautifully to go with the pace of the song. "Joy" likewise has wonderful lyrics and might be the best song on here, although there's also good competition for that "Get to Know You", "In the Morning", the title cut and "Someday".

    But that's not all. "You And Me", "Today", the very up-tempo "I Tried" and "The One" are all very good songs.

    And while we all love to enjoy the music itself, these songs make you think as you listen closely to the lyrics, because they all have an idea behind them.

    At long last, the whole world gets a chance to find out how great she is. She won't be underground much longer....more info
  • Great CD
    This is a wonderful CD. Ledisi has a beautiful voice. I play the CD almost everyday. I would recommend this CD to everyone!...more info
  • Hidden Surprise
    Ledsi has a sound all her own. Her track "In the Morning" is what most women can relate to at one time or another. This 1st album is truly an inspiration. I'm telling all my friends about this CD. ...more info
  • great!
    It was fast and just like advertised!! Thank youu!! The cd sounds fantastic, great sounds, one of my fav artists!...more info