Prison Break: Season Two
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After escaping from prison Lincoln Burrows & Michael Scofield are on the run with one goal in mind clear Lincoln s name and uncover the hidden $5 million.System Requirements:TRT: 966 Mins.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: TELEVISION/SERIES & SEQUELS Rating: NR UPC: 024543458340 Manufacturer No: 2245834

At the close of Prison Break's terrific season 1, the motley crew of convicts successfully accomplished the title. So naturally, season 2 becomes about the manhunt, where the best-laid plans of Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller)--concealed in his body tattoo with his escape route and hinted at throughout last season--get thrown for a loop. First, he and his convicted brother Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) are torn between fleeing the country and staying to clear Lincoln's name, which draws them deeper into a conspiracy that surpasses even the President of the United States (Patricia Wettig). Second, they're simultaneously pursued by Agent Kellerman (a terrific Paul Adelstein); prison warden Bellick (Wade Williams), now a bounty hunter; and a new pursuer: FBI agent Alexander Mahone (William Fichtner in all his bug-eyed glory), whose intelligence makes him a worthy foe to Michael, and whose pill-popping habit makes him just unstable enough to be interesting. There's also a new sinister lackey for the Company named Bill Kim (Reggie Lee, whose constant grimacing smile is a result of being instructed to act like a "customer service representative" while arranging for characters to be killed off, the actor reveals in commentary). Meanwhile, the other escapees scatter across the county, eluding the FBI as they try to reunite with their loved ones--Abruzzi (Peter Stormare), C-Note (Rockmond Dunbar), and Sucre (Amaury Nolasco)--or settle scores (in the case of T-Bag, played by Robert Knepper). But lest you think the series will split in 10 different directions, there's always the money hidden in Utah by fellow prisoner Westmoreland that will eventually lead them to cross paths again.

Season 2, taking place outside prison walls, doesn't have the claustrophobic tension of season 1; instead, it becomes one long Fugitive-esque chase, which lost interest every time it kept shifting to different characters' storylines. There are more baits-and-switches than you'd care to keep track of, and more than a little suspended disbelief. But the intriguing center of the drama will always be the way Michael's forced to think on his feet when his grand plans hit their snags, whereas in Fox River he was most assuredly in control (it also forces Miller's stoic acting to loosen up a little). Moreover, his unexpected feelings for Dr. Sara Tancredi (Sarah Wayne Callies), who was found overdosed in her apartment at the end of season 1, further complicates Michael's disappearance plans. The DVD includes several candid commentaries by cast members and show creators, and an Easter egg that alludes to the "death wall" (number of casualties) the show's writers kept in production offices. --Ellen A. Kim

Customer Reviews:

  • Prison Break Season 2
    Gave this as a gift and the "kids" have watched it so much they have the lines memorized. If you are into the series, this is a must....more info
  • As Good as the Last
    I found season 2 to be as amazing as the first season. I liked the new characters that got more involved with the plot and how the original characters split up so there were multiple story lines intermixing. Anyone who liked the first season will love the second season. There are so many times when you think that one of the characters will finally get a happily-ever-after, and so many times when you are sure you know what is going to happen, and yet, you are almost always wrong. Extremely entertaining and full of heart stopping adventure. ...more info
  • prison break
    prison break is one of the best TV shows on the air and this is a good way to get to view it again and again.......i reccomenit highly.......more info
  • prison break is great
    the dvd was in great shape. I had no problem watching them. the x-tras were great.I had areally good time watching them.
    tim...more info
  • Loved the twists and turns
    For three years, I was a weekly visitor in a maximum security prison, and so I thought I would be distracted if I saw technical errors in their portrayal of a prison. Well, I was very surprised that the story, plot, and cast of dastardly characters won me over. It is a thoroughly entertaining and exciting series to watch.
    ...more info
  • A Great Season
    The first season of 'Prison Break' was great. Season Two is even better.

    Prior to watching it, I was not expecting much. Season One was all about their breakout from prison. Once they were out, I had my doubts that the writers could keep it as interesting with the escapees on the run. I could not have been more wrong.

    After the eight break out of the Fox River Penitentiary, they have lots more action. Some of the times their paths cross. Some of the fugitives are all alone. They face a myriad of challenges. The two main characters, Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) and Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) also have the challenge of a very bright and resourceful nemesis, FBI agent Mahone (William Fichtner), constantly in pursuit.

    Those who have not seen the first season should definitely start there. This is not the type of series where one should just start in the middle. It is very entertaining. Prepare to be hooked....more info
  • Visual Addiction
    What a cracker. This is to television what drugs are to an addict. My wife and I were riveted from the off. This was a piece where character development was steady, story line ebbed and flowed, suspense was maintained and the high standard from series one was actually exceeded. When series 1 ended, the question that sprung to mind was 'Prison's broken, police on your heels, c'mon get real?'. The ensuing hunt, the introduction of new equally flawed characters (on both sides of the legal spectrum) and and the puzzle that is Michael Schofield (and his tattoos) made this more unmissable than series 1. Do yourself a favour, take out the popcorn, sit yourself down and enjoy....more info
  • Prizon Break TV Series
    The TV series Prizon Break has it all... I don't know how a person could watch just one a week... We rented the first season... I bought the second season and will have to buy the first and when the third, which is on TV now, comes out I will buy it... Wonderful program.. has adventure, suspense, mystery, romance... has it all.. you won't want to stop watching this one.. trust me... Thanks for listening, Betty in Va. ...more info
  • This is TV suspense at its very best
    There are no words to describe the tension and thrill that Prison Break succeeds in creating. The fact that Lincoln Burrows is framed is in itself an underlying point of tension. Lincoln's brother Michael Scofield having designed the penitentiary where Lincoln is lodged is a little too convenient but one gets over that little quirk rather quickly. Michael's plan to get incarcerated and to carry the blueprints as torso tattoos is daring and ingenious. The alliances that must be formed with hardened criminals is incredibly riveting TV watching. This is TV suspense at its very best....more info
  • begging for more
    Prison break series are awesome. They leave you in suspense all the way through it and you'll be begging for more as I do! guaranteed!...more info
  • Love it!
    Love the show! Second season is even better then first. One of the best shows on television, but, most importantly, it's unlike anything else on TV....more info
  • two thumbs up!
    This season had me sitting on the edge of my seat! I am hooked to this series..I am now on season three. Very pleased with the product and fast shipping.....more info
  • Best Show
    This is absolutely one of the best shows on television. Totally addicting!! I loved season 2 as much as season 1. None stop acting and a great cast!...more info
  • Prison
    Good series Very happy that William Fitchner joined the crew. He's such a good actor and adds a lot to the show....more info
  • Excellent!
    This is the best TV show in town and I love it. I am perplexed as to why it was not nominated for the Emmy. The plot is excellent and Lincoln and Scofield are brilliant. I greatly enjoyed the Season I and found Season II just as reverting. Great show!!!...more info
  • Excelent Product with aditional features
    If you dont have enough patiente to wait a week to see the next of this series, the best is to buy the complete season and take a part of your weekend to see it all
    Excelent Quality and Additional Features (Season 3 Preview)...more info
  • Fallout and unforeseen consequences after the breakout
    Breaking out of prison is one thing. Dealing with the inevitable and complicated fallout and consequences afterwards is another.
    In the second season of this series, the characters discover just how hard it is to regain a normal life, a life not spent on the run. C-Note has a wife and sickly daughter who suffer to a degree because of him and he nearly kills himself. T-Bag's twisted logic tells him that his former lover will take him back into her home, but he doesn't face reality. Bellick thinks he can find the money but ends up imprisoned in a foreign country and has left Sucre's beloved woman locked up somewhere.
    Haywire ends up dead, as does Tweener, while Mahone and others involved in the conspiracy and the hunt create their own hell.
    Scofield and Burrows try to hide out in Panama with Sarah, but all goes asunder and Scofield is now in the hellish prison of that country.
    In such a bleak world, it's amazing that any of these people keep trying to carve out a life for themselves.

    ...more info
  • One of the best ever.......
    To anyone expecting a letdown after that monster first season don't fret - season two will have you on the edge of your seat from the VERY second you turn it on - and that is no exaggeration! One of the best shows on television in recent memory - a definite must....more info
  • Just too addicting
    Prison Break is the story of how one brother is framed for a murder, and the other brother gets himself thrown in prison to better be able to break out his brother. At the end of season 1, they succeed. Season 2 is all about being on the run from the law.

    It is not as good as season 1, because it not nearly as well planned. The nice thing about Prison Break (as opposed to a show like Lost) is that each season concludes with a decent ending. Season 1 ended with a successful break out. Season 2 has a satisfying ending, but the lead in to Season 3 was just too much.

    Prison Break, like 24, is one of those mystery shows that hook you into the DVDs much like I envision crack addicts are addicted. I know intellectually it's not good to watch 7 episodes in a row, but I do it anyway.

    Also, a word of caution - Prison Break is pretty dark. Lots of people die, and some of the people they broke out with are pretty grisly characters. The show does have great characters, great plot twists (though they get more unbelievable the longer they go) and is generally an engaging show. But I give it only three stars because I hate being hooked into an episode like that. Not good for anyone. ...more info
  • Prison Break
    DVD is a lot better than trying to watch show on TV. NO Adds.

    Thanks...more info
  • Great Show, Great DVD
    I just love this show, and even after watching season 2 as it was going along, there are still so many things that I missed, since the story line is so fast and intricate. Prison Break is just Great TV....more info
  • better than the first season
    i just purchased it recently but i am almost finished watching it....
    i gotta say it is a bit better than the first season...things happen that i never even imagined would...really shocking sometimes and so dramatic...its incredible....they did again a great job on this show...actors are brilliant...and wentworth hotter than ever...:p...more info
  • mind-juggler
    i mean it in a good sense. scofield found his match. yeah there're minor plot-holes or un-convincing moments but, hey, as long as it can keep me wanting for more it's excellent. i know the series are in the 3rd season, just hope that this is it. i think we all know that it's not supposed to be longer the 2 seasons, but hopefully the producers can close it out tightly and satisfyingly in the 3rd. it's an instant classic already. ...more info
  • Riveting
    So when this program started back in 2005, I was into it, but sort of was in the state of mind where I could have forgotten to watch an episode and wouldn't have bothered catching up. You know, dangerous TV-watching ground. But last year, I decided after watching the first season (and thinking it was good but not great) that I would buy the first season and watch it all at once. Since I missed season 2 on television, I decided that once I'd watched all of season 1, I'd buy season 2 and jump right in.
    Which is exactly what I did.
    And I freakin' LOVED it!!
    It's been a year, but in those 4 and a bit weeks (where I watched one episode every weeknight), I was so glued to my TV set that I would tap my fingers watching the clock at 4:49pm, waiting to get home so I could watch the next episode. I suppose in such a tempting situation I'm lucky I didn't just ruin it and watch it all in one gigantic go.

    What you have here is the epitome of excellent television. It seriously rivals the first season of 24. Michael and Lincoln's escape from the law is fast paced, and every episode ends on a cliffhanger.

    One of the things I loved about this season was that everybody kept dying. Well, not just that. Everything kept changing. Main characters were offed. Their locations were different in every episode. New characters popped in and out (including a particularly psychotic detective hot on their trail who isn't out to re-capture them, but to clearly - and sometimes quite successfuly - kill them all). The 2 dimensional characters who were merely misguided inmates in the first season were suddenly morphed into desperate, frightened people with hearts and loves, who only wanted their right to freedom. Take C-Note for instance (his storyline in particular intrigued me).
    And Sarah... well, she went from monotonous prison doctor to Sydney Bristow in the blink of an eye. Sarah Tencredi was the one character who held my attention the most throughout the series, I just couldn't believe what she did/went through to survive. But that's another story.
    The last episode of season 2, though, is a little bit of a let-down personally, but it sets things up for season 3, which I haven't seen yet....more info
  • Top A+++
    The Show-Runners did a great job. PLease AMPTP, find a solution to end this strike and let these guys do what they can do "best"...
    And Prison Break is one of the best. ...more info
  • The Fugitives
    Season 2 of Prison Break was just as exciting and brilliant as the first, but the cool thing is that it was a totally different setting. You never know where this show is going to go. They are not afraid to kill off characters, it is never predictable. Can't wait for season 3!...more info
  • The Boys Are Out!
    The status quo has radically shifted but the intensity has in no way declined. Prison Break serves as a delightful counterpoint to the numerous Gong Show rip-offs and the onslaught of dramas that resolve all plot points within 42 minutes. With a stellar cast and nerve-wracking cliffhangers Prison Break continuously proves itself to be one of the finest shows on television today. If you are a fan of programs that feel like ongoing movies like Lost or anything on HBO, you will not be disappointed with Prison Break....more info
  • Great Service!
    Love my item. It arrived on time and in perfect condition! Thank You for being a great Seller....more info
  • Great, but..
    This 2nd its almost as good than first. The bad thing is the 5th world image of Mexico, old ways, buses, etc.and the poor Mexican geography knowledge of the writers (Sinaloa-Chiapas-Guerrero, its not a logical way of Sucre. But, on the rest is good...more info
  • aMAIZEing
    Use with caution, cause it's very addictive. Once you start watching it, you can't stop.
    And the writers have done an amazing job - they can get the characters out of even the most hopeless situations.
    Can't wait to see Season 3 :)...more info
  • Fantastic Follow Up
    I love this show! And Season Two, amazingly, does not disappoint. You might think that once the prisoners make the "break," there would be a lack of compelling storytelling to follow up. Not so! Inspired writing, casting and some of the best production values in contemporary television come together to make a very original and pulse-pounding season.

    The DVD extras were of little interest to me, personally, but there are plenty available for diehard fans and curiousity seekers.

    Seeing the complete season on DVD is the way to go with this show because of the continuing storyline from episode to epispode.

    Looking forward with great anticipation to Season 3 to see how the creative time will keep up the good work....more info
  • Gripping.
    Season 2 is very good. On the run and full of drama. Dont miss it!...more info
  • great!
    i bought prison break 1 & 2 as a gift for my mother in law, she absolutely loves them!!!...more info
  • Another "Break" out season!
    Another thrill-a-minute roller coaster ride with the guys you hate to love, but do. Episodic cliffhanger "endings" that propel you against your will and all better judgment to keep hitting the "continue" button to the sweet satisfying end. Sleep deprivation be damned -- we must see the boys through to a fitting climax . What? I have to wait until August for PB3? I'd rather have electroshock therapy so I can re-view season 2. There's only so much a man can take!...more info
  • Another great season
    When I was able to completely suspend reality, I was in love with this show. Despite impossible situations and continued near misses, it still kept me coming back wanting more. If you enjoyed season 1 you won't be disappointed with the continuing saga of the world's seemingly smartest brother and his clever maneuvering - always one step ahead of everyone else on the planet. It does indeed get intense and there were many times when we did the .... ok...just one more episode before we go to bed...and then 3 or even 4 episodes later and well past our usual bedtime, we finally got up the gumption to say - there's always tomorrow. ...more info
  • Still Brilliant
    This is by far one of the most unique and brilliant shows to come along in a very long time. The cast is amazing. What would seem like a simple concept is developed in an elaborate and creative way. Just because they have escaped, don't let that fool you. The story draws the viewer in to the point that you CANNOT turn away. The characters are dynamic and engaging in every aspect. This is a series that could go the distance as one of the finest EVER. This is non-stop action and excitement from beginning to end!...more info
  • First class production!
    Everything about Prison Break is first class! I would recommend this, along with Prison Break Season 1, to anyone and everyone....more info
  • Great Show!
    Awesome series! Leaves you at the edge of your seat the whole time and leaves you wanting more!!...more info
  • Terrible Ending- Need more!!!
    Immediately we finished season one, my mom, brother and I started this next season. With even more twists, new characters and plenty of reasons to make you kill your TV!!!

    In this season, the convicts are on the run and don't have a lot of people to trust. Some try to connect with their loved ones, some pitch in to find Westmoreland's money. But sadly, many characters die and you just want to kill the new bad ones! (Kellerman for example!) Wentworth Miller and the girl who plays Sarah have great chemistry together, and really make the show! Dominic Purcell really evolves as Lincoln Burrows, the voice of reason. As usual, T-Bag is a modern Hannibal Lecter and can't be trusted! With characters like this, this is a show that exceeds 24 (still love it deeply) and CSI! But WARNING: by the end of the season, adn with season three not out yet, you'll want to kill your TV! Hopefully the next season comes out soon, withdrawal gets pretty bad!

    This is a show not to miss! Go rent it today and join Prison Break!...more info
  • amazon purchase
    Everything was wonderful. The product was fairly priced, in good shape and arrived quickly...more info
  • Fantastic!
    I bought the first series and loved it...Then I tried to watch the second season on TV but couldn't stand all the I decided to wait till the season was over and buy the second season here on Amazon..Now I will wait till the third season is over and I will do the same!..No Commercials!!..its great!!....and you can watch as many episodes as you want instead of being left in the air!! Way to Go Amazon! I love it!...more info
  • Visual addiction-Spectacular entertainment
    You won't be disapponted, great plot, great action, great acting. Superb suspense. This show is So addictive!!!.. Definetely a must see for good television series fans. I was resilient to watch it because of the jail story, thought it was going to be mistaken I was, now I can't get enough... Please hurry with the release of season 4!!!!'s so hard to stop watching one episode after another, it makes your heart beat so fast!! be cautious if you have a heart is so intriguing and exciting. But you must watch every episode of the series from episode 1 ... keep in mind that all episodes are important. ...more info
  • Love Wentworth Miller
    More Prison Break Please!! I bought season one & now season two for my husband for Christmas last two years. Secretly, I wanted them for myself. I do not buy DVDs as I usually do not watch anything twice. This is an exception & can't wait for next episodes to start. ...more info
  • Constant action!
    Better than season 1! The story and characters are already introduced, so season 2 jumps straight into the story and never stops. A definite recommendation to buy and watch over and over....more info
  • BRING ON season 3 !!! can't wait!
    This is edge-of-your-seat action! The only disappointment was the lack of deleted scenes. I can't wait to see where Season 4 will take the brothers!...more info