GeoVision GV-1240 8 CH, 240 FPS DVR Card
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Product Description

GeoVision's GV-Series is a PC based surveillance system designed to process video, audio and data from local and remote network surveillance environment. It utilizes the most advanced software/hardware digital video compression and processing technologies to generate superior video quality. The GV-Series product range starts from the entry level GV-250 to the flagship GV-2008. Up to 16 cameras can be connected and view live on a local monitor screen or through TCP/IP network. Video can be recorded based on specifiable schedules or motion detection. You can store video clips in HDD or any optical storage device by using GeoVision Backup System. GV-Series also provides a hybrid solution with IP surveillance that would integrated with existing analog cameras through the GV-Video Server. The strong networking capability enables video/audio data to be transferred over the Internet to WebCam, 3G mobile phone, PDA or GeoVisions remote monitoring applications.

  • 8 Channel Video Input
  • 240 Frames Per Second
  • Advanced Internet Remote Viewing, Recording, Backup
  • Advanced Motion Detection
  • Most Recent Software Version