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Macally Protection Shell for Macbook (BookShellB)
List Price: $29.99

Our Price: $21.12

You Save: $8.87 (30%)


Product Description

PRODUCT FEATURES:Two piece snap-on protective leather shellSpecially designed for you MacBookAccess to all ports and CD/DVD slotVentilated rear to minimize heat built-upSuede inner lining to prevent scratches to your MacBoook

  • Two piece snap-on protective leather shell
  • Specially designed for you MacBook
  • Access to all ports and CD/DVD slot
  • Ventilated rear to minimize heat built-up
  • Suede inner lining to prevent scratches to your MacBoook

Customer Reviews:

  • good product
    Fits nice, looks good, and most important, protects my macbook from scratches, which is why i bought it. does its job!...more info
  • I love it! And I don't say that lightly!
    First of all the price was a great. Very fast shipping, it, actually, arrived much early than was anticipated. Snapping on the cover was child's play. I looks great, complements my MacBook oh, so, nicely, even though it the white model. It, also does not hinder my mac cooling. All, in all, it is a great buy at even a greater price. You should not pass this up....more info
  • Excellent product, worth the money
    As someone who dislikes fingerprints on my screen, junk in my keyboard, and scratches on my new "toys," i purchased this protective case for my Mac. It was between this product and the colorful Speck cases. Too many reviewers cautioned that the Speck case actually scratched their laptops...that was enough to scare me away. The outside AND inside of this protective cover are nice and padded and I feel that it's very safe when I take it anywhere.

    The only very minor setback is that the very cool "apple" logo on the outside of the laptop is not visible. Oh well! Small price to pay to keep it looking polished and new underneath....more info
  • Protects and easy to attach/remove
    Top and bottom pieces snap on in seconds. The cover has a soft slightly padded feel, and grips to some surfaces. The inside of the shell is lined with soft black velvet that prevents tiny scratches. It hides the sleek look of a Macbook, but that's okay with me as long as it protects my investment. I like how it can be easily removed without damaging the exterior of my laptop. Although the hard shells (sold for twice as much) look cool, they can scratch your Macbook if you decide you want to clean the dust that makes its way between the case and body. No problems with this product. Snaps off in seconds and my laptop looks like new after a year of use. Gotta love that! I recommend buying one for your new Macbook ASAP!!
    FYI - keyboard is not protected, ports and drive are exposed....more info
  • Pretty cheap feeling
    This will make your laptop feel like a naugahyde couch from the 70s, but it attaches easily without marring and it's pretty cheap, so why not? I'm pretty surprised that it stays on as well as it does, but so far I haven't had any problems with it at all. ...more info
  • Nice Product,well worth the money!!!
    Bought the case to protect my white Macbook.It fits excellent,looks great,and has the nice feel of leather!...more info
  • Good and Inexpensive Protection
    Good protection. Inexpensive. No scratches. Installs quickly and easily. I recommend it. What more is there to say?...more info
  • Used for a year
    I have to say that I don't think I've ever been as satisfied about a product as I am with the Bookshell B by MacAlly. When I purchased this product I wanted to buy something that kept my Macbook scratch free and in as new of a condition as possible. I didn't imagine it would keep much past a year, but at a relatively inexpensive price I'd deal.

    A year later, my case is 100% scratch free and looks the same as it did the day I got it. The case grips perfectly onto the laptop without staining the shell or creating any scratches. It fits firmly into place and takes some effort to remove. The inside of the case is lined with a soft felt type fabric so any small particles that get inside it don't rub against the case to create scratches like the hardshelled protectors do. The outside of the case has negligible wear, and only one inside corner is showing any sort of breakage at a seam.

    The case does limit the backward movement of the screen, and it will stop at a little over 110 degrees. Sitting at a desk, or even with the computer on my lap this has caused no issues for me. The apple logo is not displayed, and if you're yuppie enough that might bother you. The battery meter is covered but I don't find myself looking on the bottom of my computer to see how much battery life I have left when I've got a meter in my menubar.

    My Macbook is my lifeblood, and the Bookshell B couldn't have done a better job. ...more info
  • It is very nice!
    I was working with soldering gun near my computer and somehow the soldering gun twisted and I did not notice and lid of my computer was burned and damaged. I filled it with plastic resin but it was still visible. I bought Macally shell after all. Now the burning mark is not visible and my computer looks very nice. I have received many attention!...more info
  • Very good
    I purchased this Macally soft shell and I love it!! A friend of mine also had one and I asked her if the computer heats up and she said no. So I bought it and now I am feeling very happy with it because I can do anything with the computer ( I usually carry it in my backpack) and don't worry too much about the laptop. The computer doesn't heat up, which is a definite plus for this shell and it looks professional....more info
  • Works as promised - but loses on Dork Factor
    I used mine for about a week. But ultimately this thing is just too dorky to use. Let me put it this way: if MacBooks were meant to have thick leather covers, God would have made them that way. Of course, by God I mean Steve Jobs....more info
  • Great Price, Great Item!
    Does exactly what you want it! It protects my macbook, does not cause overheating and allows circulation without obstruction. it looks great, and snaps on ever so easily. Great price, great item!...more info
  • great case
    very nice...fits well and tight on the macbook and it doestn scratch like other cases. looks very nice on it took. i dont care about the apple logo not visible, so this is great for me. it definitely protects the laptop from everything. recommended....more info
  • Saved my MacBook from a Three Foot Fall onto Concrete
    Put this (Red one) on my white MacBook. Left MacBook charging on bookcase 3+ feet above concrete floor.

    Not sure if I left it partly hanging over the edge, but during the night one of our cats pushed it off, SMACK onto the concrete floor.

    MacAlly case has a small ding where it hit. It flipped off on impact. But the white plastic MacBook was just fine, no cracks, damage, or issues.

    Have the same case for a MacBook Pro. Makes that computer cumbersome. But on the MacBook, it actually fits perfectly, and the pebble finish of the shell makes the computer very easy to grasp.

    Best $25 I've spent in forever....more info
  • Awesome
    i was always trying to figure out a way to keep off all the finger prints besides using the cloth the macbook comes with (which i didnt realize it had till i got my cover). but anyways, i love my new macbook cover! fits perfect, doesnt fit as perfect with the cover for the buttons but its still great and my computer still looks new....more info
  • Highly Recommend this product
    I was looking for a a cover for my macbook that would both protect my mac both on the outside of the computer but also the contact between the cover and the computer. The Macally protection shell was the answer. It snaps on with ease for a snug but not too tight fit. There are no scratches on my computer from the shell plus the outside is protected from scratches, dirt and even spills. It even allows for the heat created from the computer to escape. The only complaint is that it doesn't come in different colors. I would buy this product again in a heart beat!...more info
  • Great case
    When I got my 13" MacBook, I wasn't particularly happy with the white color (I'm not paying an extra $200 for just another color). So I decided to buy a black case that would look nice and be functional. Fortunately, I bought this case, and I am so happy I did. This in an excellent looking case. Very professional looking and looks much better than the plastic cases (the ones that scratch very easily). It took literally 20 seconds for me to put it on my MacBook. When closed, it looks very good as well. The only fault is that the Apple logo is not visible, but I don't really mind at all. ...more info
  • Great price Good case
    I purchased the black "leather" Macally case for my Macbook before I ended up like some poor other soul who posted on here and burned it with a soldering iron or got scratches all over it. I feel I got a great product except for one small complaint does not allow the LCD screen to fully recline. Other than that and I would have given it a 5 out of 5.

    ...more info
  • Stylish Protection for Macbook
    On my previous Macbook I used the Speck hard plastic covers (red) and was quite pleased. When I found this leather covered Shell for my new Macbook (and at a lower price than the Speck product) I ordered it. The fit and finish are great. My white Macbook looks quite stylish, though it makes the notebook a little tighter fit in my bag since it is thicker than the Speck shell. Heat has not been a problem. I love it....more info
  • Good Product - Should be a good alternative to Speck Macbook Cases!
    Before planning to buy this product I was thinking of getting a Speck Macbook case for my newly bought Macbook. I even went to the Apple store near my place and they had the red case which I was not interested to buy. I think that's a blessing in disguise. I ordered Macally Protection Shell for two reasons:

    1. Its less expensive than Speck Macbook cases
    2. I thought this would weigh less than the Speck

    Although, I am not sure about the second point (I haven't had a chance to put on a Speck case on my Macbook and compare it), I am overall satisfied with Macally. The shipment arrived really fast and the fitting was perfect.It looked like custom made for my book. I like the overall appearance and they are well designed as all the slots are visible. I would have loved to see my apple shinning but one cannot ask for too much. I think overall its a good buy and could be a nice alternative to Speck cases....more info
  • My Oreo Macbook!!
    This is soooo cool! Just bought a Macbook and wanted some accessories. Based on only a couple of bad reviews I gave it a shot. The material is extremely lightweight. It is a foam type material that insulates the notebook well. It makes my white Macbook look like a rectangled oreo. LOL. Great work Macally!!...more info
  • i give it an 'a'
    it does what it's supposed to do, it looks cool, my husband likes it. there's not much more to say!...more info