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Accutire MS-4751WC Digital Programmable Tire Gauge with Light
List Price: $29.99

Our Price: $15.00

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Product Description

The Accutire MS-4751WC Digital Programmable Tire Gauge with Light is a smartly designed tool that feels right in your hand. The large back-lit display is easy to read, and the rubberized grip and cast metal housing ensure many years of service. Driving with correctly inflated tires is important for safety, reduced tread wear, improved handling and ride performance and better fuel economy.

  • White LED flashlight tip and blue backlit display
  • 5-99 PSI
  • Accuracy is +/- 1% + 0.1 PSI
  • Easy-to-read LCD display, beep verification
  • Comes with storage pouch

Customer Reviews:

  • Accurate, but not easy to get a seal
    It does seem very accurate, but it takes some practice to position it correctly to get a seal.

    The included LED light is a great idea and is surprisingly useful. It is bright enough and points in the right direction to help you use the gauge in poor lighting....more info
  • Too Big!
    The unit works great except that I can't use it on my truck. The way it is shaped is odd and it will not seat on the valve stems on my truck, because the big round part hits the center caps. My rims are not small, it's just that it's a 4X4 and the center caps stick out farther than the average car center caps. Other than that it works great on my Wife's car....more info
  • Didn't work for me
    The only thing this product seems to be good at is letting air out of tires. I have been checking tire pressures for almost 40 years and have never used a product this troublesome. For me, this product simply doesn't work. Compared to this product, my old Brookstone dial type tire pressure gauge seems terrific....more info
  • Well built with no problems
    I assume that Amazon will directly be selling this product at some point in the future (1/2008 right now), so I wanted to take the time to review this product.

    I purchased this product from Costco for Christmas (well, the wife did for me) ... price was about $15. The model number was MS-4751WC. I can't see a difference betweeen mine and the MS-4751B advertised here.

    Correcting some specs that are in the description ... Range is 5-99 PSI, Accuracy is +/- 1% + 0.1 PSI. Resolution is .1 PSI. The unit uses two replaceable batteries (CR2032). The unit is extremely well built ... with a heavy solid feeling that probably comes from its 1/2 pound weight! The unit is 5-1/4" Long by 2-1/2" Wide by 1-1/4" Thick. There is a bright white LED light in the tip of the unit that works well. Strange is that neither the users guide nor the unit itself tells you the model number ... it is only on the cardboard in the blister pack. Perhaps it is under the battery compartment that is held on by a philips screw. The actual display is 1-1/2 in diameter. The unit comes with a nice zippered storage case.

    The unit allows you to program in front and rear tire pressures, and then will indicate if your pressure is either high or low. It looks more like a marketing gimmick, but I did program the front tires for one car, and the rear for my other car so I don't forget the inflation pressures that I use.

    The unit needs to be held onto the valve stem for 2-3 seconds before the unit beeps to tell you that the pressure is recorded. It stays on the screen for 10 seconds and displays with a nice blue LCD backlight display. Unlike other Accutire gauges, this one makes a great seal between the gauge and the valve stem with absolutely no hissing or loss of air. This was on different types of tire valve stems.

    Overall I like the unit, although it's a tad on the large size. It fits my hand well and the outside has a nice rubber cushion to allow you to have a good grip. A definite 5 star rating in my book. ...more info
  • It does what it is supposed to do.
    I don't know if I am impressed with this tool. I have used it a few times and it does what it is made to do and nothing more. The LCD screen is easy to read, but I never expect to use the built-in LED - I doubt that I will be checking my tire pressure in the dark.

    This is a good, solid product that does its job well. ...more info
  • How handy and it WORKS
    Some of you may agree that when you get old you often need numbers that you can see without having to get assistance. This gizmo does just that and it works well. I had no problem getting it to work and it did a fine job. Still does actually. It fits your hand well. It is easy to operate even after reading the instructions that were well written. Buy again? You bet....more info
    Lets see... I can't use it for my ATV cuz it only goes down to 5 psi. And I can't use it for my bicycle cuz it only goes up to 99 psi... BORING!...more info
  • Glad I bought this
    Have a work truck and horse trailer this has proved invaluable for checking my tires. Worth the small amount I paid for...more info
    Product arrived in inopaerable condition. Had to send back to manufacturer for replacement. Have not received replacement yet....more info
  • If you like bulky... this is it!
    I owned the earlier version of the MS-4445B and it finally broke while taking readings in the rain. I ordered the MS-4445B along with the MS-4751WC to do a product comparison. Both have a nice bright backlight for night time readings. Both have front and rear tire programmable settings. Both have the same 2 tone color. Other than price, there are a few differences. The talking feature of the MS-4445B is more of a novelty for those who want to impress children. The MS-4751WC has the "Low" and "High" feature for those who failed math. The main difference is the size and case. I prefer the MS-4445B because it is slim, sleek, and has a pistol grip, but it comes with an oversized case. The MS-4751WC has a nice carrying case that fits like a glove, but is pretty bulky. If you have large manly hands, this gauge may fit nicely in your palm. But, if your valve stem is hard to get to, like between spokes or something, forget about it. This gauge is too fat for some rims; it is nearly impossible to take a reading. But, if your valve stem is easily accessible, and you like that bulky look, this is the gauge for you. Both gauges did well as far as the readings were concerned, but this one ended up in my wife's Denali to fit that "bulky" profile. I've heard that using tape solves the perfect seal issue for both gauges. I have not resorted to that method, luckily. Maybe it is because I was use to the less forgiving older model that I can take a perfect reading most of the time. If you press the gauge down perpendicular to the pin, you should not have a problem taking a reading. Beware, any slight degree off 90 may bring on some frustration. This is common for this bulky fellow....more info