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Belkin F5D8053 N Wireless USB Adapter
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Product Description

Time to move up to the "N" degree. That's 802.11n wireless networking. It's an emerging extension of 802.11a/b/g. It employs MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) spatial multiplexing techniques which greatly increases speed, coverage and the reliability of the wireless network and works with all 802.11n equipped devices. The N Wireless USB Adapter connects your desktop or notebook computer to a wireless network. It delivers greater range and faster speeds, N offers an excellent solution for sending large files such as video, music, photos, and documents among the networked computers in your home. When used as part of an 802.11n WiFi system, downloads and data transfer are far more rapid than previous 802.11 version standards.

  • Connect your notebook computer to a wireless network to: Stream Music, Share Photos, Enjoy online gaming, Surf the Web, Email and Chat Online

Customer Reviews:

  • Adapter seems fine but the software utility sucks
    I purchased this along with the Belkin Wireless N Router to upgrade from my old D-Link router and outdated and slow 802.11b adapter. Setup was a breeze with the included quick install guide and I was up, running and secured with the very secure WPA2 WiFi security protocol in about 10-15 minutes.

    The software utility on the other hand sucks but it's not a big deal because I use the wireless utility built into Windows XP to control the adapter. For example, the Belkin utility says that I don't have a connection but I've got a very solid connection with an Excellent signal and I'm connected at 150 Mbps. Might not be 300 Mbps but 150 is plenty for me as my old "b" adapter connected at a max 11 Mbps.

    The only thing I use the Belkin utility for is to occasionally look for updated drivers. So far there are none as the device shipped with the current driver.

    Also the adapter seems to get bogged down at times, not sure why but I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this....more info
  • Easily installed on Vista and Ubuntu 8.10
    I bought this card two weeks ago, needing to upgrade my HP laptop running Vista to wireless-N as well as something I could take and plug into my desktop running Ubuntu 8.10. Vista installation was quick and painless. I didn't discover any problems. With some tinkering, I was able to get this card working on Ubuntu 8.10. I had to use ndiswrapper and it successfully loaded the XP driver.

    This is my first Belkin adapter and I was pleasantly surprised....more info
  • Excellent adapter
    The Belkin F5D8053 N adapter is one of the few which will process a 300 bmps signal. The USB cord allows for optimal placement to receive the router signal--especially with the use of powered extension cords. It works well with other brands of routers, also....more info
  • lost signal
    Works like a charm and the signal is always strong. It's great for you desktop that doesn't have wifi. ...more info
  • Terrible product and terrible service
    Please never buy Belkin product. I had terrible experience. They sent me a fault device and took me almost a week now still not able to get it resolved for me. Their technical support and customer guys are absolutely helpless and hopeless. Please learn from my experience and never but their products. Please tell your friends this as well...more info
  • Good Range
    First, let me say I'm no tech, so my comments are more observational than technical. I bought this unit and the matching Belkin N wireless router because of the range touted by N wireless. I installed the router in the basement of my home to service a desktop which is located on the second floor, at the opposite end of the house from the router. The Belkin N wireless adapter gives me a 4/5 signal strength and moves data at about 78 mbps, even though the signal passes through 3 floors and multiple walls. So, it lives up to the claim of excellent range.

    On the downside, once installed, the Belkin program manager was unable to "see" the router, even though the Vista network manager could see it and reported the signal as good to strong. I could not connect to the router using the Vista network manager because of a conflict between the Belkin program manager and Vista. Every time I attempted to connect with the Vista network manager, I got the "blue screen of death" and the computer shutdown. Therefore, if you are using Vista with this product, you must go to the Belkin website and download the driver for Vista and install it. In attempting to resolve this problem, I called Belkin support. That effort proved fruitless as the Belkin support team was unaware that a Vista driver was necessary and that Belkin had such a driver available on the Belkin website. So, Belkin technical support was not helpful in resolving the issue. Thankfully, a call to Dell Support pointed me in the right direction.

    Once I loaded the driver, however, the Belkin program manager would not recognize the router. The good news is that the driver removed the conflict and the Vista network manager now allows me to connect to the router and surf the internet.

    Bottom line is that the hardware works well but the Belkin program manager was for me at best useless and at worst, a source of trouble. ...more info
  • Excellent product with a sleek design
    I love this adapter and this is the best looking product in its category.

    The part that I hate about other USB Wireless adapter is that they directly plug into the USB socket meaning, it is very risky to use other USB sockets around the adapter. A slightest touch on the adapter could cause network loss and internet goes crazy and sudden death.

    This adapter solves the issue through creative idea. Takes the USB port about 3 feet away from the computer USB socket and provides a pluggable interface.

    - 802.11n for very high speed data rate (can support upto 300 Mbits/s)
    - User friendly Wireless utility (no crazy options)
    - Does not heat up
    - Can be stored away if going away (to save network from hackers)
    - Sits firmly on computer table

    The only negative point is for the price. I wish this product was below $50 as afterall it is a USB wireless adapter. But performance proves its still worth spending $58.
    ...more info
  • Strong signl, but becomes idle after sometimes
    The adapter always shows good or very good signal.
    But, suddenly it becomes idle. the blue light becomes static, it does not blink & there are no date received or sent at that time. If you ping some website & monitor it activity, you can see that after sometimes it shows "request times out". It starts working automatically after 1 mins or so, sometimes more than that. So, this is really annoyimg.
    It is also sensitive to the distance & the position of the router....more info
  • Work with Vista 64... with some problems.
    I bought this adapter after trying three different PCI adapters with no success on Vista 64-bit. To my surprise, this adapter connected to my router immediately with an excellent connection after I installed the updated drivers found on the Belkin site. All other connections in the vicinity are also accessible.

    However, I can't load any videos and can't initiate an RDP session (with an ActiveX or Citrix box). Not being able to RDP is a major drawback for me since I work from home from time to time. Downloads and games (BF2, Crysis) work fine at 802.11b - I top out at 800kb/s which is about the ceiling for my cable.
    ...more info
  • Belkin F5D8053 N Wireless USB Adapter Review
    I bought this about 2 months ago for my desktop which is connected to my TV in the living room.

    Has been working perfectly. Wireless router is located in the upper level study while the desktop is in the lower level living room. This adapter always picks up the signal whenever the computer is switched on. No issues. Typical speed is 150mbps to 70 mbps (not the usual N-wireless speeds).

    Would recommend...more info
  • Very nice product!
    The reason I gave it 4 stars is that the one I got was defective right out of the box. Had to return it (DOA) and Belkin shipped me a brand new one. Customer service was nice about it but I did have to pay shipping to return the unit.

    Once I got one that worked, everything was super smooth. Very good network adapter! I wish they would also supply a longer USB extension cable as it works a lot better when you have the freedom to place it up high or in a better place with less obstacles blocking the hot spot. You can always buy an USB extension cable, but that's an extra expense on top of an expensive adapter.

    Very good overall. Would definitely recommend it. But I would also recommend purchasing it where you can return it easily if it is defective....more info
  • Great speed, signal, and no software problems
    My old adapter couldn't handle the distance and number of walls--poor signal and slow speeds. I installed this Belkin adapter a couple of months ago. Unlike other reviewers experiences, the installation went smoothly and the software has played well with my computer so far. No problems with installation, hibernation, or glitchy software. The signal strength is excellent and the speed is about 6 times what I got from my old adapter.

    The only thing that remains is seeing how long this gadget lasts....more info
  • Connection is very bad
    the wireless N USB was kinda cool because its so easy to install. But the actual connection is weak. I later compared my wireless laptop and the desktop which was connected to the wireless USB. the result was interesting, my laptop had 100% connection while the wireless usb remained the same 10% connection or no connection at all.
    I highly recommend against buying this. ...more info
  • Better than stock adapter
    I replaced the stock Dell wireless N adapter with this one and get 2-3 bars instead of 1-2. Beware, none of the distance ratings mean a thing when the signal must pass between buildings. I'm just 40 feet away from the Belkin router and can't use security due to the poor range. I think Belkin is better than Linksys which I sent back....more info
  • Excellent Signal Strength, but disable the Belkin Software
    I just upgraded from a wireless G PCI card to this USB device. I still have my Wireless G router. My signal strength went from "poor" with old adapter to "excellent" with this device. I would rank this as a 5 star product, but the Belkin software manager is non-functional. It would/could not detect my network. I could not even change any settings in the Belkin program. All of the settings would return to default after you clicked on another field. I repeat, THE BELKIN PROGRAM DOES NOT WORK. Fortunately, it does tell you how to use Window's Built-in Wireless Manager instead of the Belkin program. However, you need the internet to read the help-tip instructions on I guess the Belkin software turns off the automatic Window's Wireless Manager, so it can replace it's functionality. Like I said, the product works great once you re-activate the Window's Wireless Manager. [...]...more info
  • Works well.
    Not a lot to say here. I bought the Belkin wireless adapter. I installed it per the directions, without a hitch. And it works really well. If you like the price, you'll like the product....more info
  • Lousy management program makes problem solving impossible.
    I bought this adapter because a double-solid wall appears to make my PC location a black hole for signals. This item's cable is over 4' long, so I figured it could get me better reception in the middle of the room. And better reception it gets (mildly). However, the Belkin connection manager is beyond lousy.

    1. When I jump onto my computer after it has been in hibernation, the connection is lost and the program itself appears buggy and unresponsive to my request to connect. The only way to fix this is to reboot, so now I've basically prohibited my computer from ever hibernating. This is a pain.
    2. I've gone into the Belkin management settings and chosen only my home network as a default network connection. None of the unsecure neighborhood networks have been "okayed" by me. But the manager keeps going behind my back and choosing random networks as official connections that are "OK" to connect to.
    3. When I have no connectivity problems, the manager sometimes says that I have a good signal to the router but the router has no internet connection. It's clearly not in sync with reality.

    So despite my hopes that this was the solution to my internet woes, it is only marginally better than the g-card I had installed before, and the lousy program is more of a hindrance than an aid....more info