The Thomas Crown Affair (1999)
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  • They Have Us Rooting For The Crooks Again!
    I found this to be a pretty solid re-make of the Steve McQueen-Faye Dunaway film of the early '70s. Actually, a lot of people thought this version was a lot more interesting and entertaining.

    This '99 re-make was more of a thinking man's crime movie that one normally sees these days in which violence and profanity are way overdone so many times. However, this movie is far from "family entertainment, " not with Rene Russo baring her breasts a few times, just to give one example.

    Here's too, another case of the film world making the criminals the good guy and the police as someone to root against. Neither of the two leads has an ounce of integrity....but we are manipulated into rooting for them.

    For nostalgia buffs, the let Dunaway play a small role in here, as a psychiatrist.
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  • Fantasy Love Nonsense
    Slick, stylish remake of 1968 film which had Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway in lead roles. This time we have Irish actor Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo in a formula love story similar in many aspects to James Bond movies from the late 90s, which coincidentally starred Pierce Brosnan.

    If you want a safe, entertaining movie to watch with a girfriend or wife then this fits the bill. Don't be deceived by the art-heist caper as it is simply a hook to connect billionaire Wall Street crook Thomas Crown (Pierce Brosnan) with insurance investigator Catherine Banning (Rene Russo). Females love Rene because she is not a stunning, hot-body and provides subliminal hope to all average looking girls.

    In reality this is just an old-fashioned Hollywood love story in which rich playboy falls for poor, working girl. He dazzles her with expensive restaurants, jewelry and trips. She pretends to play hard-to-get but in the end succumbs to his money and lifestyle. Story ends with them embracing and kissing.

    In spite of slick production and excellent direction by John McTiernan, the script by Leslie Dixon and Kurt Wimmer has glaring problems. Leslie wrote the love scenes and Kurt the action sequences. Approximately 12 minutes into the film and two days after the heist of a $100 million Claude Monet painting from a New York City musuem, insurance investigator Rene Russo while guzzling a can of Pepsi One in a New York Police Department precinct office has a mind-boggling revelation: billionaire Wall Street financier Thomas Crown is the thief. She rushes to a computer terminal and with four keystrokes generates a report about all top bidders at woeldwide auctions during the previous five years for Claude Monet paintings. Voila, Thomas Crown is consistently among the top bidders.

    Then with nothing more than the auction report and her feminine intuition, Rene confronts Pierce. And, so begins the cat-and-mouse romance. Rene has a dossier about Pierce and Pierce a dossier about Rene. She is from a poor family in Lima, Ohio and has clawed her way into the world of high-paid of insurance investigators with a gig for some rich Swiss. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

    After dancing the tango, he asks if she "wants to dance or wants to dance?" They rush to his luxurious Brownstone in the upper 60s (streets) off Park Avenue in Manhattan and fornicate on the stairs leading to his bedroom and then again on a desk in his home office. Rene or her body double shows bare breasts.

    Soon after they fly a glider plane and then fly by private jet to the Caribbean island of Martinique for a romantic tryst.

    Of course, he has fallen in love with her and to seal the relationship promises to return the stolen painting. But, she cannot forsake her alleged ideals and commitment to her employer, so she tips the New York Police Department about his plan to return the painting to the museum during the day, just before her planned elopement with Pierce. However, Pierce assumes such and brazenly outwits the NYPD by mysteriously infiltrating dozens of similarly dressed men into the museum. NYPD detectives are reduced to bumbling idiots and Rene is happy. As she sneaks away to rendezvous with Pierce, the chief detective tells her to say hello to Pierce.

    Rene rushes to meet Pierce at the East River heliport in Manhattan but Pierce is not there as promised. Rene proceeds to JFK airport and boards a United Airlines flight to London. After the plane departs she begins crying. A man in the seat behind her offers a hankerchief. Yes, it is Pierce. Somehow, he either followed her or knew she would flee to London. Somehow he knew she would fly United Airlines rather the more popular British Airways, Virgin Air or American Airlines. Somehow he managed to obtain the seat behind her. And, somehow he managed to board without her noticing.

    End of story as they embrace and kiss and she promises to break both his arms if he ever pulls another similar stunt. Most females in the audience will have tears in their eyes. All I can think is that I write free reviews and two writers got paid $1 million for some trite cliches.

    This film premiered during 1999 with a mild box-office opening of $14.6 million in the USA. Eventually after two years it grossed $124 million. However, it was far overshadowed by the World Is Not Enough, the James Bond film starring Pierce, which opened in the USA during early November 1999 with an initial weekend gross of $35 million and then went on to become the then biggest-grossing James Bond film with worldwide theatrical revenue of $362 million.

    Pierce began playing James Bond in Goldeneye which was released during 1995. He was the fifth actor playing Bond and replaced Timothy Dutton. You can see much of the James Bond films in the Thomas Crown Affair, especially since Pierce also produced the Thomas Crown film.

    However, as with the first Thomas Crown Affair film, it is superficial like a stunning, mindless blonde bimbo or male model. Beneath the surface are the usual cliches giving hope to all poor girls dreaming of escape from poverty by marrying a rich man and living happily after. Such nonsense has now been embraced by alleged music cable channel VH1 which for the 2009-2010 season is offering psuedo-reality show "Megan Wants To Marry A Millionaire." I wonder if Megan is going to fornicate on second dates like Rene and Pierce?

    Pierce since 1999 has been trying to produce Thomas Crown Affair 2 and during 2009 said that if it did not go into production during 2009 that it would probably never happen. After ten years, I suspect that few people care. And, apparently the Thomas Crown Affair with Pierce and Rene is no longer a hot commodity considering the low price on Amazon for used DVDs in very good condition. That says more than all the glowing reviews by Pierce and Rene fans.

    By the way, I formerly worked for a very rich man who had a world class art collection and regularly bought at worldwide auctions. He never attended such and never bought in his name which is standard practice for the ultra-rich. First and foremost he did not want rivals to know he was pursuing any artwork and secondly for security and insurance, he did not want public records of his acquisitions.

    So, Rene's supernatural revelation and miraculous, instantaneous worldwide auction report is nothing but nonsense and Hollywood fantasy which also is this film's foundation. If nonsense and fantasy are your desire then this will fulfill.

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  • The Thomas Crown Affair
    One of the best chick flicks ever!! I watch it over and over. Rene Russo rocks. Pierce Brosnan much better than as James Bond....more info
  • windmills in your mind.
    the thomas crown affair stands as one of those cinematic moments where the re-make truly builds on the cultural foundation of the original film so much so that the newer film -- starring rene russo and pierce brosnan -- crystalizes the original intent far better than the film on which its based. while the great steve mcqueen and faye dunaway could have done no better, the raw sexuality of the second film matched with the even more over-the-top antics of the affluent make the second film soar. the first features a bank robbery, the second an art heist -- you almost have to have money to even understand the crime in the second film. the first film introduces faye in a scandalous mini-dress, the second throws rene onto the scene in tailored perfection, legs for days, and a fur.

    while the plots do diverge in many ways, it's interesting to see what society would allow of a woman in the late sixties and how much further that got pushed forward by the late nineties. if only the studios saw the wisdom in creating these "two packs" so audiences could decide for themselves. a treat for fans of the old and the new....more info
  • A really fun film
    I recently saw this film again and it has aged very well. Its an escapist "caper" picture cleverly done. Its also far less depressing than the original was while almost as stylish. The basic plot has a board rich man (Pierce Brosnan) turn to over-the-top crime and a conflicted insurance investigator (Rene Russo) going after him.

    The only thing I disliked was the poorly constructed way that Pierce Brosnan became the prime suspect in the case. Everything else was well thought out but the logic of the film at that particular point was lacking. The introduction of the thearpy sessions was a good step over the original though in that it made the Thomas Crown character more human....more info
  • Wonderful!!
    I love this film and still watch it about twice a year. Pierce was born for this role (this and James Bond). He is the perfect suave millionaire the little princesses in all of us dream about. Normally, I'm not a Rene Russo fan, but she certainly nailed this part to the wall. The original, to me, has nothing on this remake and I swear I'm still waiting with baited breath for a part two. Holding on to a man like Thomas Crowne can't be easy to do......more info
  • Guilty Pleasures
    This could be one of the eccentric secrets you hold among your friends who are poets, academics, and other nogheads who, like you, like WB Yeats over Tom Clancy. This movie is an indulgence in luxury: the fantasy protagonist who has every single item of fancy and lustily shares them with the audience. From Jaguars, skyscrapers, excellent wardrobe, private planes, a killer dress, Magritte, and a snappy score, this movie fulfills hits luxury on every level. If it were a sweater it would be of the finest cashmere, and the sex is the kind everyone aspires to, whether or not they'd admit it in say, a bohemian gathering of the literary bent.
    So enjoy. Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo deliver on all the levels you want them to. Curl up with chocolates and watch this movie, and revel in the sheer luxury of it all....more info
  • This is a great film!
    It is rare to find such a fine blend of drama, culture, and romance in a film and this one has got it all! Pierce Brosnan and Renee Russo give excellent performances in this remake of the old Steve McQueen-Faye Dunaway classic! A must see!...more info
  • It's One To Own, Not To Ebay
    Whatever you think of this movie, it's surely no "drag." While Pierce Brosnan doesn't make my list of leading men (though it's not like he's inquired), he was well cast - or maybe I just like his swagger. And the opening bit with Faye Dunaway is a stroke of genius both in the casting and in the scripting.

    The nuances make this movie - the sex stuff is obvious, the chemistry works, and many have commented on that below - what was great was the pacing, starting with the opening business deal. Brosnan signs a document, Cigar smoking fat cat weighs in: "Deuce! Times in this thing I'd never thought I'd see that! Thomas Crown forced to sell something. So what do you think Crown, you don't have any regrets about the way you played this, do ya? Response (and yes, I love this): "Regret is usually a waste of time. As is gloating. Figure out what you're going to say to your board when they learn that you paid me $30M more than others were offering." Transition to music taps, taps, more taps, and then segue into the Trojan horse (for those of you who remember or were struck by this). Weave in the Magritte bowler hat backdrop and NYC landscape, the yacht gliding and crashing, and the fact that Rene Russo makes the corners of his not-so-easily-entertained mouth turn up, I can pretty much overlook any of this movie's shortcomings. [Though I really am curious how much collagen was injected into the lips of his young blonde "charge." If they got any plumper they'd overtake her cute little nose.] What great escapism. It's a movie movie! All in all, "do you want to dance, OR, do you want to dance?"...more info
  • A pleasant Affair
    I have watched this film several times, and finally decided to purchase it. I think the chemistry is sizzling and the charcters are so much fun to watch. The scipt keeps you guessing until the end!!...more info
  • The fun never stops.
    For a movie just to remove the ordinary from your day and bring a touch of lightheartedness to your world, this is a great pick! There are twists that are understood and some sleight of hand not to be understood but just enjoyed. After you watch this movie, just getting a glimpse of a derby hat in the distance will create a whole new enjoyment. While others have indicated there is not enough sophistication in this movie, the cast brings it just the right touch of class. Not a movie to be forgotten. Watching it just once, it will be remembered. But for the full enjoyment, you'll want to watch it again....more info
  • a fun but thinking film
    This is a movie that you have to own or rent several times. The first time you watch it, you think, let's rewind to see about that! The second time you see it you pick up new details and have to go back again! It's a wonderful, fun movie the first time around. But you will be drawn to watch it again and again!...more info
  • Greasy kids'stuff
    This is more a sex movie than any kind of robbery cum cat and mouse game. To call it a cat and mouse game is absurd, it started out that way and lasted for about 15 minutes, then the clothes came off. The only good thing I've got to say about it IS the sex, both characters are very natural and childlike about exposing themselves. This I like. The first robbery made no sense except the hero ended up with the Monet. Then 2 endless hours of romance and tiffs. (I preferred the detective.) The plot had a couple surprises. No more than that. The water that washed the paint off the Monet would also have damaged it. The first theft (the hero's part in it) was about as exciting as this flick got except the mix-up with the bowlers and the suitcases at the end, which lasted about 5 minutes or less. The picture tried hard to be classy and sophisticated, but these sudden decisive or definitive gestures and movements (slapping the keys into the cop's hand, tossing mysterious envelopes into people's laps with a flick or a flourish, etc) all reminded me of the te-da-DUM! on a drum after a joke on the old Carol Burnett Show. And as for the keys, supposing the hero was deaf and insensate and couldn't hear or feel his keys being taken out of and dropped back into his pocket, how did he drive our heroine to the restaurant without them? Finally, the last robbery was just impossible, and when and how did he return the Monet. This movie was a mess. A lot of boring pseudo-sophistication and sex between 2 fairing interesting if implausible art thefts. God what a drag! ...more info
  • Grownups Can Be Sexy Too!
    What fabulous fun! People over 40 in a stylish, entertaining, and intelligent film---that's a refreshing change of pace! Two grownups playing "who's got the goods?" and it turns out, neither of them does. Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo are terrific in this updated version of the Steve McQueen 60's film about high-end art theft and pursuit of the bad guy. Twists and turns and Russo in a fantastic Michael Kors wardrobe, plus Brosnan funnier and sexier than ever, make this a smart film for actual grown persons. Amazing!...more info
  • Amazing
    Anyone who has ever read the short stories by O Henry will understand the surprise twist ending at the end of this. The twist was so unbelievable! The way that it was shot, with the action and fast-paced's indescribable through words. You've got to see this ending. I'd reccomend it for ANY movie fan....more info
  • Should have never been made
    What a waste of a story line! This bomb only needs to be watched to see how the original got it right!...more info
  • Elegant, Amusing, Entertaining
    I loved this movie. Even though the 1968 movie with Steve McQueen as Thomas Crown and Faye Dunaway as Vicki Anderson (the Catherine Banning characater in this version)was great, I enjoyed this one more. Faye Dunaway appears as the psychiatrist in this version. Pierce Brosnan plays the Thomas Crown character with the right amount of style and mischievousness and with his cool, calculating reserve makes a good counterpart to Rene Russo's exuberant but equally intelligent insurance investigator (Catherine Banning). The repartee between her and Crown and Detective McCann (Dennis Leary) provides a lot of the energy for the movie. Brosnan and Russo manage to create a strong sexual and romantic tension as well. Scenes of sailing and events in Martinique provide some pleasing visual footage. Crown steals Monet's painting, San Georgio Maggiore At Dusk, worth $100,000,000 and the movie takes off from there....more info
  • Good Movie
    If they are going to remake a movie I think this is one of the best. I love Pierce Brosnan . ...more info
  • best pierce ever
    i think this is by far the classiest movie from one of the classiest actors of our times, just think of a modern sinatra with a hue of mcqueen but shinning with his own glow. i just love this movie, brosnan personifies the coolest character there is....more info
  • The Thomas Crown Affair
    Excellent movie. It has something for everyone. Action, Sex, Suspence. It was a great movie and enjoyed every minute of it. I especially liked Rene Russo and Brosnan together. They enteract very well in a movie....more info
  • Hot Fancy
    Rene Russo as Catherine Banning is great, her facial and body expressions are quite versatile as she proceeds to find and entrap the art thief, taking risks with her own heart and soul. Communication between Pierce Brosnan as Thomas Crown and Russo is near-telepathic.

    Unfortunately the bad guy gets a pass, leaving me wanting. Enjoy the scenes at an island villa and in the NYC mansion. If you are older, the characters look and act your age, which is often rare for a romance.

    Catherine's superego is played by Denis Leary as police detective Michael--the most real person in the film--but he too gives the art thief a pass. If you love great art, you may cry when a "maybe-forged" Renoir is destroyed. Faye Dunaway plays 35 y.o. Crown's shrink -- Catherine from the original film -- somehow looking younger than Russo. Anna, played by a Spanish supermodel, is such great eye-candy that the SO stated he could not see why Crown would pass her up for Catherine. Guys can be such bores....more info
  • Entertaining and Smart
    "The Thomas Crown Affair" is a remake of an older film I've never seen and stars the former James Bond, Pierce Brosnan as the title character. This is the perfect role for Brosnan, because he's better suited as a smart and sophisticated millionaire than an action hero. The movie is smart, plausible, entertaining, and the performances are very suave. As I said, Brosnan plays Thomas Crown; a millionaire who's life really isn't very fun...So, Crown decides to steal a painting from a museum that's worth 100 Million dollars.
    Crown, however, is not stealing the painting for what it's worth but merely for the excitement of doing it. The actual theft of the painting is really entertaining and pretty damned plausible. After he steals the painting, the cops begin investigating as well as an insurance investigator named Catherine Banning (Rene Russo), who's willing to do anything to find this painting. One thing Crown longs for (as it's explained in his therapy sessions) is a female equal to himself and Catherine has enough determination and smarts to fill that. Well, eventually Crown and Catherine begin an affair (and I must say, that for a woman in her forties Russo looks incredible) that appears to be only about sex. Neither one of them are entirely sure if they can trust one another. Comedian Denis Leary ('Rescue Me' & 'Jesus' Son') plays Michael, a detective working on the case along with Catherine. But, Brosnan and Russo really light up the screen. They play the characters better than anybody I could think of and they actually have charisma on screen, which makes it all the more better. This movie isn't a masterpiece but it is entertaining and exciting and worth watching.

    GRADE: A-
    ...more info
  • One part Columbo. One part Steele. One part Banacek...
    ...shaken and stirred. This was an absolute stunner that I picked up. So, there I am at the grocery counter checking out; Hmm, $9.99, huh? Pierce? Why not.

    Everything about the movie is a winner. The chemistry. The soundtrack. The performances. The dialogue. EVERYTHING. I almost feel guilty for paying so little and getting so much. Guess that's why there are charities, like my Xbox 360 fund and my DVD boxset drive :) Having been just burning through Season One of Remington Steele I thought I'd take another look into the career of Pierce Brosnan, and I had no idea I would find golde....more info
  • The Brosnan Russo Affair

    The ending of this 118-minute marvel seems an almost foregone conclusion. The bored billionaire did it. However, he and the sexy insurance detective play with each other until the audience is very, very hot. Pierce Brosnan, the billionaire, still sexist from his stint as James Bond, enjoys playing with the lady, Renee Russo. And she, as the tough but sexy Catherine Olds Banning, loses her heart to him, as much heart as such a sexpot character is allowed. In the process, she shows some very appealing nipples.

    The 1968 version, of which this is a remake, starred Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway. In this version, to the socially irresponsible, self-absorbed 90s are ever present. We don't mind not having the suspense, we just yearn to see Brosnan and Russo "get it on." Dunaway appears as a psychiatrist who is trying to help the billionaire figure out why he is so socially irresponsible.

    Brosnan, as Thomas Crown, is bored, but open to being titillated by a beautiful woman, for as long as he is interested in her. For thrills, he steals priceless works of art from publicly-funded museums. The film makes it clear he can do so, under the noses of security guards, police, and hundreds of innocent art-lovers. Russo's insurance company insured the painting, so she is looking to recover the irreplaceable, but impossible to fence Monet, and save her employer a bundle.

    What we have here is a film with clever dialog, rich and exotic sets, and loads of sexual tension. One wonders now, after Enron, WorldCom, Tyco, and other corporate heists, just whom Brosnan is cheating in order to support his high-tech heist brigade. How many of his employees are going to lose their pensions or health care benefits over this. He never really, you know, works. But I digress.

    Dennis Leary has a character role as the streetwise New York detective, who advises Russo's Banning. As we watch her slowly spiral out of control, risking her job and her reputation, we are kept mildly engaged in the question of whether Russo will fall for him, or Brosnan. Duh.

    The film moves back and forth from caper to cover-up. This can be confusing, but who cares? All we have to do is wait for their next move, the next gorgeous set, the next revealing love scene.

    The Thomas Crown Affair will keep both men and women interested, for all the usual reasons.

    It is a film worth watching, and a great date flick....more info
  • Great Great Movie!
    We love this movie! Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo are just excellent, and even Denis Leary is good too. If you like great action movies with a lot of very cool "twists", you'll love this movie....more info