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The Angry Red Planet
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  • Great low budget science fiction movie
    I enjoy this movie. A fun science fiction film - a low budget one that delivers some very unique monsters from Mars. This one is famous for the Rat Bat Spider , in fact there are toys and kits of this creature. There are other Mars wonders as well, like giant Amoebas,killer planets,etc.. I love how the movie goes all Red when the cast is on Mars. Acting is ok for this kind of movie. a B effort, but it is really a lot of fun. Check it out. And its cheap on DVD ! ...more info
  • the angry red planet
    this is a five star its the first of it's kind with great special effects for its time and the people act the one they did in the best years in america 1950's...more info
  • Getchyaasstomarsgetchyaasstomarsgetchyaasstomars
    Mars is a lousy vacation spot when it's in a good mood(just ask Arnold Schwarzenegger), but when it's pissed, it's downright mean.
    When a rocket is retrieved from a troubled Mars expedition, it's only coherent survivor(Naura Hayden) tells a tale of how upon landing, the crew is menaced by man(and woman)eating plants, a giant amoeba, a triclops, and that spider-bat monster from the Misfits' Walk Among Us album cover. Basically it's a subtle hint to Earth to leave Mars the hell alone!
    Fairly typical 50s sci-fi silliness, so you know what your pretty much in for. The irritating thing about this film is the annoying red filter used for the scenes taking place on Mars' surface. I know this supposed to be snazzy looking,'s not! I think it was probably also used to mask the fakeness of the creatures to some degree, but fake is fake. Besides, we goofballs who like this stuff love the fake creatures!
    Only fans of(bad) 50's sci-fi need apply....more info
  • Pink's Red Planet
    Sid Pink's "Angry Red Planet" was a delight when it came out four decades ago and it's still great fun to watch. In a day when low-budget SF flicks were all in black and white, this ruby-hued gem was dazzling, filmed in "Cinemagic" - a kind of solarized and red-tinted film processing gimmick. So boost the color control on your TV to the max and get your retinas scorched the way audiences did in 1960. Sid Pink's pics tend to the bizarre - "Bwana Devil", "Reptilicus", "The Man From O.R.G.Y." and of course the camp Hans Conried classic "The Twonky" about an alien TV set that takes over a geek's household. This film is no exception. This time four astronauts land on Mars, only to find they are unwelcome. Armed only with a sonic ray gun named Cleopatra -- "because she's such a cool doll" -- our intrepid quartet must fight off a meat-eating plant with a yen for red-haired Irish-American exo-biologists, a 40-foot-tall bat-rat-spider drooling over a goateed, pipe-smoking professor, and a one-eyed blob the size of a mountain that wants to devour their spaceship with everybody in it. All the while they are ogled by three-eyed, two-horned Martians with an attitude problem. Hand-painted sets, puppet monsters, beatnik dialogue, nothing but red as far as the eye can see, and a jazz xylophone score - hey, daddy-oh, this is like coolsville....more info
  • The Angry Red Planet
    The 1960's would be a transition decade for science fiction films. The special effects and storylines would reach new heights in the 60's-The Time Machine, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Planet of the Apes, 2001: A Space Odyssey, etc.

    Unfortunately, The Angry Red Planet is not a great film. The plot is thin; the female scientist is too hysterical to be believable and the special effects are not that good. One exception would be the freeze rifle that was a nifty touch.

    I know that Cinemagic was supposed to be the revolution in special effects. Sorry, it wasn't. However, it deserved credit for attempting to elevate the art form.

    I don't mind a film using futuristic drawings, etc, but when drawings are the primary special effects than a film loses its appeal. I remember when the Adventures of Superman premi¨¨red in the 50's, they actually showed Superman flying-no cartoon drawings like the movie serials.

    Low budget takes on a new meaning in this film. I know that a number of people like this film, and it does have some moments.

    However, those moments are not enough to carry 83 minutes. So, is it a bad science fiction film? No. There are many bad ones out there.

    The reason that I bought it was that I watched it one Saturday afternoon in the 70's on television. I did remember the giant rodent and the sea monster plus the green Martian hiding behind rocks.

    You would think that an advanced civilization which had been monitoring earth for centuries would be a bit friendlier to visitors. The Martians could have come up to the rocket ship and plainly stated - Go home. We don't want you on our planet.

    Instead, the plot unfolds. The first and final message from the Martians is as hostile as anything that man could utter.

    This may sound contradictory, but I don't regret my purchase. It is a nice addition to my science fiction DVD library. ...more info