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Leslie Sansone: 3 Mile Weight Loss Walk
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Studio: Starz/sphe Release Date: 09/04/2007 Run time: 46 minutes

Customer Reviews:

  • Another great walk route
    Hey, I love Leslie's walking routines and I have quite a few. This is a 3 mile walk in which the time flies. In the end, you will have worked up a good sweat and feel energergized. I like Leslie as an instructor, although sometimes she can be annoying with chatter, causing me to lose focus and movements. This time she let Mary Kay lead the second mile and Mary Kay is a tough walk leader. I was actually happy when Leslie took over the reigns again. If you are a fan of the Leslie Walkers, I believe you will like this one....more info
  • Wow!
    This DVD is really great! Leslie has Mary Kay do the super fast middle mile - what fantastic energy! I laughed the first time she moves so fast, but after a couple times I keep up with her. A really fun and energetic workout!...more info
  • Genuine smiles from the background walkers!
    Every positive review of this dvd is TRUE!

    My little add on is:
    You know how it's kind of hard to do a workout dvd with ONLY the leader doing all the smiling and having fun while those in the back ground with either a stone face or a fake plastered on smile? Your legs start feeling like lead, you start wishing you were done, etc.
    Well, NOT this video! The people in the background look SO genuiinely happy and cheerful!(All except for the one man and a lady on the side - but she tried.) They actually look like they ENJOY all that excercise and their experience truly resonates and translates into mine.

    I think Leslie is at her best, too. She is playful but also very encouraging. My favorite lines "You don't have to settle for a slow matobolism -NO WAY!" and "Don't let muscle waste away". Then at the end she reinforces her positive thoughts by softly saying "you are a healthy person" and "you have a healthy body". VERY good for mental reprogramming any negative thought patterns.
    In short:

    I LOVE THIS DVD! ...more info
  • accuracy
    I enjoy the workout, but would like to know how she figured out the exact distance. I have set my pedometer to various "stride" levels and have yet to walk 2 miles in 30 minutes, even though I keep up a perfect pace with her. Anyone have any ideas how she came to the conlusion that she is indeed walking 2, 3 or 4 miles?...more info
  • One of my all-time favorites!!!
    I live in Buffalo, NY and was looking for a workout to use on all those blustery, snowy winter days. I do a lot of outdoor walking in the nicer weather - up to seven miles a day, so I was really skeptical about how good of a walking workout I could get in my living room. I was pleasantly surprised!! It wasn't anything I couldn't keep up with, but I was definitely sweating by the start of the second mile. The third mile slows down a bit, but I found that because of using the weights, I was actually sweating even more! In less than two months, I've gone from a size ten to a size eight. I talked my mother into trying it because she wants to lose weight, and in just two weeks she's already lost five pounds!!!

    I'm so happy with the endurance I've gained from doing this video that I'm seriously considering taking up jogging instead of walking when Spring rolls around. Please don't be afraid to give this workout a try!...more info
  • a sweat producing workout
    I am not much of a sweater but this video made me one. I love lesile's energy and she is darn cute. Mary Kay did the 2nd mile and was great and worked me hard. I loved the visuals and production and even the music. Everybody that loves Lesile this is a good one....more info
  • Excellent Leslie Workout DVD!
    After reading the many positive reviews of Leslie Sansone's 3 Mile Weight Loss Walk DVD, I decided to order it and check it out for myself. I'm very glad I did! This DVD is one of my favorite Leslie DVDs and I can get through the first two miles with no problem. However, I wish there were an actual cool-down segment instead of just the quick stretch at the end. After working through two miles, I have to cool myself down before doing the stretch at the end. The set is nice and the exercisers are motivating - two of them lost 100 pounds and one lost 70 pounds. A nice incentive!...more info
  • Motivated to exercise
    This is my first Leslie Sansone DVD and the first exercise DVD that I enjoy doing day after day. The steps are not complicated, but what a workout! I have found after a few times using the DVD that I can follow without devoting all of my thoughts only to the steps. The 45 minutes flies by and since I enjoy doing the exercises everyday, I have noticed results in just a few weeks....more info
  • The best!
    This is the best DVD I've seen yet from Leslie Sansone and the power walking is great, you will get a great workout from the video. You'll also work up a sweat!...more info
  • Love It!
    A friend turned me on to this DVD and I am so happy she did, I really love it. The work out is easy to do, but it really does make you sweat. I have always hated working out, but I enjoy doing this one. The people in the video are real people, in all sizes, not just skinny workout people. I have used this DVD every day since I bought it. I'm pretty out of shape so I started with one mile and worked my way up to the full three. The 45 minutes flies by. I recommend this video for anyone, but especially for people just starting to work out. Since I've gotten my DVD, several friends and co-workers have gotten it as well. My boyfriend even likes it. I also got the 5 mile fat burning walk, but haven't tried it yet. ...more info
  • Great for beginners, sedentary people getting active again
    The most important thing to remember with any of Leslie's DVDs is that you do NOT have to do the arm movements or use the weights when you are beginning. I believe this is an excellent way for sedentary people to get active again. You can gradually increase your movement by adding the arm movements as you get more fit. Ultimately, add the weights. I love the third mile that uses lots of weights movements for the arms. I have added it to other miles from Leslie's other DVDs to form my own custom workout.

    I literally thank God every single day for bringing Leslie's DVDs and the Wii Fit program into my life....more info
  • One of my favorite Leslie Sansone DVDs
    I have really enjoyed this DVD. I have several of Leslie's DVDs. I agree with others that the light bright setting was great, the music was pretty good. I like how this DVD is split up on the menu so you could do just a 1 or 2 mile and go directly to the stretch. Good energy and a few new moves. It was over before I knew it! I love working with the weights and the weights portion was at a bit slower pace than some of her DVDs but it seems to be just as effective as moving quickly with the weights. I enjoyed all the miles. I will use this one a lot. I also have her WATP 1-2-3 miles in one DVD which is also very fun as well as some others including Walk Strong 3 Mile (with weights...also a good one!). There were not as many side steps in this one which I like as I have a foot issue that bothers me sometimes with so many side steps. I actually look forward to doing this DVD. That is saying a lot. Since January I have lost 15 pounds with doing Leslie's workouts (not every day, either) I started with the one mile and have dropped two sizes so far. I like the 45 minute workout. It's the most I seem to be able to fit into my schedule. I recommend this DVD. It can be more or less intense depending on how you feel that day. Very flexible....more info
  • Best music, best queing, and Mary Kay!
    I have a lot of Leslie workouts and consider the 4 Mile Super Challenge Express to be her best, this is a close second.

    The music is very energizing and for a change it's actually audible, though on my dvd, the 3rd mile seems to be at a much higher volume than the other 2 miles. Mary Kay may have put a little weight on, but she can still whip your behind in mile 2! I like her energy. I love Leslie, but I found it a little irritating that she interrupted a lot while Mary Kay was leading mile 2. The woman just can 't be quiet! But having said that, I still find her very motivating and uplifting. She's always smiling, always supportive and encouraging. That's what you need to get you through a workout some days...and she provides it.

    Well, I'm off to Walk, Walk, Walk!!

    ...more info
  • High Energy
    I own several Leslie Dvd's but this one is got to be among my top favorites. Leslie and Mary lead you on a 3 mile energy walk with hand weights. The 2nd mile is a boost from her other walks and you really move it. You don't use the weights in this mile but you feel the sweat in this mile because of the pace. This is very well done...more info
  • Whew!!
    This one is a workout! My husband and I worked our way slowly to the 3rd mile. We did 2 miles for the first few workouts - then we were so happy when we completed the 3 and are still using it! I know folks have some issues with Leslie's style sometimes - but I find that either you laugh at it or just overlook it! Heck - we're too busy panting to notice it much!...more info
  • Great exercise, especially for a walk tape
    I am an advanced exerciser and have been doing workout tapes for 8 years. I like walking tapes to give me a variety and it is nice and low-impact.
    I already had 2 other Leslie Sansone walking DVDs, but they were a little older. I liked that this one is new. The music is way more modern, which made the workouts more tolerable (in my opinion).
    I really thought this was a good workout, as it is split into 3 different miles. The first mile is good, then you get to the 2nd mile and a different woman in her group leads. It is suprisingly fast and really gets your heartrate up. I didn't expect to be walking so fast, but this was a good surprise!
    The 3rd mile is much like the first in terms of pace.
    You will feel like you got a work-out in, yet feel very energized afterwards.
    ...more info
  • Love it Love it Love it!
    This is my favorite Leslie DVD. I got it on the recommendation of a friend who also uses the walking videos. I mentioned that I have WATP and Express but I found that I was getting really antsy at the 2 mile mark because I was bored. She said this video really mixes it up, throws in a few different moves and the music is louder. She was right, I love this DVD workout. The second mile seems long and your heart rate gets right up there, and I like that Mary Kate gets to lead, it is a nice change. I also downloaded the .mp3 music files for Leslie's 3 mile workout that is designed to be used with a treadmill or on your own. I turn the sound down on WATP/Express and play the music instead and its like a new workout (and I'm more motivated). Overall, this is a terrific video....more info
  • Ditto to all the five-star reviews!
    The workout, having the chapter markers, and the music are all great on this DVD. I like the sequence of one mile with weights, a faster-paced mile without weights, and another mile with weights....more info
  • This workout is just okay, in my opinion
    For the most part, I like all of Leslie's workouts that I've done. This one was okay, but I do like the 3 mile for abs workout better....more info
  • Love Leslie
    This is a great product. You will not get bored! I do it everyday...I also have another one of Leslie's vhs walking tapes..i'm a new fan of hers. ...more info
  • Great Workout!
    I really love this workout, the time passes quickly and it kicks it up a notch from Leslie's other workouts. I love working with weights at the same time, kills 2 birds with 1 stone so to speak. There is enough variation that it keeps it from being boring, if you're running short on time you can stop after 1 or 2 miles but I love going for 3!...more info
  • Love this workout!
    This was the first video I tried and I was hooked from the start! It's easy and fun yet provides an excellent workout. I was thrilled to be able to follow along the first time using it without having to rewind and figure out what they were doing! I am definitely getting my money's worth. I used to walk two miles around a park and never got this kind of workout. I can't wait to do more!...more info
  • Great Workout!
    This is a powerful walking workout, but easy enough for just about anyone
    to do. It took me a few tries before I got through the whole workout, but now I can do the workout easily and still work up a sweat. It remains one of my favorite Leslie Sansone excercise dvds....more info
  • Love this workout!
    The moves are easy, but it pushes you enough to bring on the sweat. It gives you the option to take it easy for beginners. It also allows you to progress further by using bigger movements and incorporating weights. I'll be using this DVD for a long time and I recommend it to all of my friends. ...more info
    This is a great tape. I have a number of Leslie Sansone's tapes and enjoy this one the most. Leslie is an excellent instructor and is very positive in helping you realize YOU can do it. Instruction is easy to follow and is highly motivating. This is a MUST_HAVE tape!...more info
  • Love this DVD
    I have over 20 of Leslie's DVD's and I would have to say that this is one of my favorites so far. I enjoy how fast she gets your heart rate, yet you don't feel like you are killing yourself. I have recommended this to many of my friends and family and will continue to do so....more info
  • Wonderful cardio workout
    I really enjoy this workout, but find the breakdown by "miles" a bit misleading. The "middle mile" led by Mary Kay is a much faster pace than the first and third miles, but times out at the same or a little longer in length -- so does that make her mile longer than the other two miles? Also the music is much louder when Mary Kay takes over, so for those of us who have to exercise with the volume turned way down low, it is hard to hear the cues. And I have learned to tune out Mary Kay's bounciness - it's almost like a constant jog! I just watch Leslie. I love the weights used during Leslie's segment - I use 3# and it adds to the workout. And tho a couple of times the cues are very last minute, most of the time I know when a different step will be occurring. I am using this DVD twice a week, and really work up a good sweat by the end of it. A very good workout!...more info