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Real Genius
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  • One of my favorites
    This is one of my all time favorite movies! Ranks up there with Weird Science and From the Hip....more info
  • Revenge of the Techno Geeks
    Real Genius is one of my favorite 80s films. If for no other reason than the fast-paced story, razor sharp one-liners, and brilliant pranks. For example, the revenge visited on Dr. Hathaway at the end is perhaps the most perfect in comedy history (even better than the Animal House finale). Real Genius deftly pulls off what few films have managed to do--it makes it cool to be a techno geek. Revenge of the Nerds attempted the same thing, but its approach was much more ham-handed. The characters are well done, especially Dr. Hathaway, Chris Knight (Val Kilmer at his best), Kent, and a surpringly hot Jordan (played by the hyperkinetic Michelle Meyrink). The dialog is also top notch, even for the minor characters (Dr. H- "I noticed your stuttering has improved, Brody.". B- "I've been giving myself shock treatments.", Dr. H - "Up the voltage."). As an extra bonus, it features a memorable mid-80s soundtrack too.

    Despite all that, I subtracted one star for the film's ending, which is totally divorced from reality. Lets face it--there is nothing wrong or illegal with using science to build weapons--it happens all the time. In real-life, the aftermath of these events would have resulted in Chris, Mitch, and Jordan going to Federal Prison (for sabatoging a multi-million $$ DOD test), Kent going blind (his retinas surely burned out from staring directly at the laser beam), and Dr. Hathaway suing the Air Force for professional and personal damages (the test would have gone fine if base security wasn't so shoddy). Oh yeah, and Brody gets the Darlington job by default.

    ...more info
  • Great smart comedy
    This is a must for any Val Kilmer fan! I purchased this on VHS in the mid-80's then finally gave in to the inevitable and got the DVD.

    This is a smart little comedy that shows how a kid genius can grow into a cynical but still extremely smart student that learns how to work the system in a prestigious technical institute to the chagrin of his fellow classmates and disappointment of his snobby professor. William Atherton nails his role as the professor with a God complex as does the actor who plays ultra-preppy suck-up student Kent.

    Although the technical references in this movie may be a bit dated now for those hi-tech geeks out there, the movie holds up very well for what it was intended to be and the message it makes. It is also fun to see how "smart people" act when they have some free time in between classes and studying as well as what happens to one particular former burned out student (Lazlo) who became a little insane with his obsessive knowledge and lives below the school in the steam tunnels plotting his revenge on society.

    Kilmer's deadpan comedy and antics alone are worth watching....more info
  • Underrated; a goofball comedy with "smarts"
    It's been years since I watched this endearingly goofy little 80's comedy about a group of misfit whiz-kids whose Professor dupes them into creating a deadly military weapon for his profit. Like "Top Secret", this is a sorely underrated film--and coincidentally, a young Val Kilmer stars in both. He plays one of the main characters, Chris Knight, a brilliant student who never takes his work too seriously & has a crazy fashion sense (including wearing fuzzy slippers & novelty antennae). Kilmer clearly has a field day here, playing a "loose cannon" who seems strongly connected with the brilliant but undisciplined/quip-filled Hawkeye Pierce of "Mash". Gabe Jarrett (who somehow dropped off the radar after this film) is equally good (and more of a straight man to Kilmer's character) as Mitch, the new whiz-kid assigned on the project. It is then Kilmer's job to introduce a little fun to the straight-laced 15-year old...before he "melts down" like former resident Lazlo (who pops mysteriously in/out of a closet).
    There's a wide assortment of eccentric characters (naturally): Nerdy whiner Kent (who's sort of a comic rival here in the "Frank Burns" mold); the already mentioned former genius/recluse Lazlo; Mitch's object of affection, a girl who never sleeps & who jumps around & speed-talks like a waitress at Starbucks. Of course, lest we forget William Atherton, the "all-purpose villain of the 80's" at his snivelling best here.
    Director Martha Coolidge showed real finesse with handling her story. She had enough common sense not to take things too seriously & keep it loose, while at the same time, didn't allow the story to bog down into a "big-bad-military-using-weapons-of-mass-destruction" morality play. There is a genuine sense of fun here.
    This is an enjoyable comedy, and surprisingly, it hasn't really dated at all. ...more info
  • A must have for every college geek!
    Every college student should own the movie "Animal House". But every college geek should own "Real Genius" as well. It's really just a crazy story about college students who are way to smart for their own good. Sure, they have a subplot regarding the ethical use of technologies the world's great minds come up with, but it's really all about the oddities. We've got a number one math genius living in a dorm closet. A whacky, slacker genius wrecking havoc on his fellow students (very amusingly played by Val Kilmer), lasers, and popcorn!

    You can't go wrong with that. Now can you?...more info

  • Like No Other--and Brilliant!
    There are few in the teen genre with as my great one liners as this movie, Val Kilmer's character, Chris, for once is a nerd who knows how to be cool. I love that not all people with brains are totally inept socially. (Because its true) The movie both feeds and fights the sterotype.

    I hadn't seen this movie in years but I grabbed it from a video sale, and do not regret it one bit. I think perhaps this was the first film I saw Val Kilmer in, it makes me wish he did more comedy because he is so wonderful at it. His chemistry with all of the other characters is the glue of the movie and is a joy to watch.

    It also is a teen comedy that actually might cultivate a few brain cells instead of killing them off with crude humour (not that there aren't a few sexual jabs scattered through out this film, but they are more witty than overt).

    I can't reccomend this movie enough. For anyone who wants to just have fun watching a movie, look no further!...more info
  • 'it's a moral imperative'
    Like "the manhattan project" and "wargames", this is a smart, funny, and endearing 80s movie with an important message about the responsibility that comes with intelligence and privelege. In all three movies, we forgive the bright but naive high school kids for their actions (building a military laser, building a nucler weapon, hacking into military computers) because they are ethical human beings who try to do right. Their morality puts into sharp relief the profound immoralities of authoritarian institutions and the cowardice or fear that causes people to participate in them....more info
  • A "Real" Good Movie
    I first saw this movie as a child and wanted it to have it in my DVD collection. 60% of my DVD's have been purchased through AMAZON, it was the only place I could find it. I'm thankful for Amazon again....more info
  • Good movie...
    Kilmer acts the way I wish I could.

    This is a great movie and aside from some major contituity flaws, stands as one of the few movies that I'll watch if I see it on the tellie while surfing through my 400 channels of ----...

    Maybe it comes from knowing to many graduate assistants in college. This is the ultimate revenge flick...

    A must have in anyone's cult movie collection......more info
  • A classic 80's movie
    I never saw this movie, but my wife wanted it for Christmas. I found it here on Amazon, and ended up buying it. We watched it on Christmas day and I found myself really liking the movie. While typical of many 80's comedies, I had enjoyed the movie greatly. Val Kilmer, in an early role is absolutely hysterical, and William Atherton in the 80's was a classic villian. Take a chance on this and watch it. ...more info
  • Real Genius is Real Genius
    I have loved this movie since I first saw it in the 80's. Okay, so it's another one of those 80's goofy adolescent's fun. Because of the rapid banter and inane situations, its one of those movies you can watch over and over and still enjoy. Where else can you see a dorm turned into a winter wonderland, a rocket scientist living in a closet, popcorn blowing the roof off a house and Val Kilmer in bunny slippers?...more info
    Total 80's flick, however, it had a smarts to it that just made it timeless and CLASSIC. There are so many little gems that KILL. Just as "Spies Like Us" was basically a little lacking in some areas, it had moments of greatness. Real Genius is ALL GREAT, every frame. Absolutely worth a viewing (renting), although this is proudly a TOP DRAWER DVD for me. ...more info
  • Maybe U R smarter than me, but can U do this?
    Another extremely funny 80s movie with a derivative plot. I never get tired of watching this movie. The one liners are practically endless. This a definite cult classic. Val Kilmer is perfect as a smug genius who thinks he knows everything until his project for his professor turns out to be something else. The other reviews fill in the plot details nicely. Suffice it to say, if you've never seen 'Real Genius', check it out, along with 'The Mahattan Project' and 'War Games'. 'Weird Science' and 'My Science Project' aren't nearly as memorable, particularly after repeated viewings. Other reviewers mentioned that it's too bad Val Kilmer stopped doing comedy. I agree, because in the long run, 'Real Genius', along with his portrayal of Doc Holiday, will be remembered long after the others are forgotten....more info
  • Still Great After All These Years
    This movie has aged well. The plot is believable even today. It is funny everytime I watch it. I love the characters in this movie. You will see a little bit of yourself in at least a few of the characters. This is a fun movie to watch by yourself or with a group of friends. ...more info
  • Love this!!
    This is one of my favorite movies from the 80s. Completely hilarious, Val Kilmer is great, made well before he was "Iceman." Since it wasn't a huge movie I was shocked that retail stores were selling it for $22; this was a great deal....more info
  • Really Genius
    Real Genius was the 1st time I saw Val Kilmer. He is very funny. At a school for genius young people, you see how some of them cope with their skills. Val was once a very serious student & almost went brain dead. Now he copes by being a funny goof-off. I enjoyed the antics & behaviors that are brought out of these real genius's....more info
  • Movie Great, DVD blows
    The movie itself is great. Cheesy, but a true 80s classic. Unfortunately, this DVD version is horrible. If you already own the VHS, don't bother with the DVD. There is nothing extra on the DVD at all. No commentary, no notes, no trivia, no cast info, no original trailers, nothing. Totally slapped together. I'm sick of McDVDs like this. Personally, I'm waiting for the Special Edition that you *just know* they will crank out once the market is saturated with this version....more info
  • The 80's best kept secret.

    "Smart people on ice!"

    Missing geniuses found living in student's closets

    Apples that spontaneously combust on the teacher's desk

    These are but some of the classic moments from "Real Genius", a rare overlooked gem of 80's flicks. If you have not seen this movie, you are truly missing some of the best comic writing and acting college humor has to offer.

    For the nostalgic children of the 80's, this is a must-have....more info

  • VERY funny movie
    It's a shame Val Kilmer doesn't do more comedies. He was great in this (and in Top Secret.) If you're a Val fan and haven't seen this, do yourself a favor and see it.

    If you're not a Val fan...see it anyway. It's a riot....more info
  • movie
    it took awhile to ge in the mail but once it got it i was very happy!...more info
  • So glad this is on DVD!
    I remember watching this movie many years ago, and it was one of my favorites. After just about wearing the old vhs tape out, I set out to look for it on DVD. I was surprised to finally find it, and am so glad I did because DVDs will not wear out! This is a great movie.
    ...more info
  • One of my all time favs
    i have run into people who have seen this movie or remember this movie and all you have to do is throw a line out and instantly you have a conversation started. this film has some of the funniest one liners. its hard to remember val kilmer before fame and fortune.

    One of my all time favs by far...more info