MPEG-4 Standalone Combination 4-CH DVR
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A security DVR and monitor in a single box, this Mpeg-4 standalone combination digital video recorder has a true triplex operation - it can record, stream, and playback at the same time. Uses Mpeg-4 compression to record and to transmit live or archived video over the Internet. Built-in motion detection can trigger siren and notification e-mail. Accepts 1 RS-485 connection for support of most major ptz protocols. Simple and intuitive graphical user interface for easy management. Uniquely control each video feed's quality to emphasize the important cameras when remote viewing and recording. Bi-directional audio allows for remote communications. Account support allows for user management to restrict privileges. The USB port allows archives to be backed up to USB flash drives or external hard drives. The included software can be installed on PC to allow for remote monitoring.

  • Integrated monitor and dvr functionality in one package
  • Triplex operation (recording, playback, live streaming)
  • 120 fps multiplexed MPEG-4 video compression
  • Adaptive network monitoring bandwidth control
  • 2-way audio communication support
Customer Reviews:
    I personaly don't own one..........yet. I think this is a great idea witch kind gave me one of my own, why not make one look exactly like a computer monitor or built directly into a smaller tv nuthing fancy, kinda like one you would have in the bedroom so theifs wouldnt know U had a system and make it totaly wireless. The hard part is for the average citizen to hide it in a good spot so the theifs dont take the evidence against them and get off scot free. But I LOVE this idea, may shell out the money for one....more info