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FIFA Soccer 08 challenges players to master the skills required to play professional soccer. The FIFA Soccer 08 next-gen gameplay engine delivers animations and ball control that is so responsive you feel like you are actually on the pitch. Players are now aware of their surroundings, reacting authentically to threats and opportunities to make intelligent decisions. The FIFA Soccer 08 shooting system allows even more control and precision in front of the goal to become a true marksman. You can combine tricks and skill moves together to recreate signature moves from the real-world superstars or define your own style of play. You can even capture video of your best moves and goals in-game and upload to the FIFA 08 website to show off your style and celebrate your glory with friends across the globe. Brand new to FIFA Soccer '08 is a play mode called Be A Pro, which locks you in the role of a single player and challenges you to master the same disciplines as a real professional player, from positioning and tackling to reading the field and passing. Tired of playing alone? You've got the award-winning Interactive Leagues. Represent your club online against your rivals throughout the season in the F.A. Premier League, Bundesliga, French League or Mexican 1st Division. When they play, you play. Plus, create and organize your own multiplayer Friends Leagues and tournaments with all the tools in-game. FIFA Soccer 08 brings all the drama of pro soccer right to you, made even more real with the inclusion of 620 licensed teams, 30 official leagues, and more than 15,000 players! 620 licensed teams, 30 official leagues, and 15,000+ players Tournament Mode - Play 60 tournaments, including 35 licensed ones, or create your own ESRB Rated E for Everyone

  • Next-generation ball-striking engine recreates the unpredictable nature of shooting.
  • Now featuring AI with a 35-point decision engine
  • New, organic building-block system lets you to combine tricks and skill moves together to recreate signature superstar moves or invent your own
  • Create and organize your own multiplayer Friends Leagues and tournaments with all the tools in-game
  • Capture your best goals and highlights in-game and bring them online for the world to see.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great game but really steep learning curve
    I bought this game a few months ago and have probably played about 20-30 matches so far against the computer. It's quite fun and the animations are great (and really exciting when you play a friend), but I have had a lot of trouble with its learning curve as far as playing the computer goes. Normally I stick to FPS games, but I would think that after a while, I would have been able to at least defeat the computer some of the time (though I admit I haven't stooped yet to playing markedly inferior teams). It just seems impossible to shake a defender one-on-one, or to create good separation for your teammates in the red zone. I've tried doing crosses, one-on-one tricks (with Wayne Rooney), and even shooting long range for lucky shots, but I simply cannot find the back of the net consistently. On the other hand, the computer seems to be able to pull off at least one or two impossible shots in your goal during each game (after one player somehow runs around with the ball in and out of your goal box). It seems others have had similar problems as well -- any hints on how to be more consistent at scoring? As a typical American, I'm wondering whether it's just my lack of understanding football strategy that is accounting for my troubles...

    All in all, though, a good game worth buying. ...more info
  • A step in the right direction
    Fifa 08 is a marked improvement over fifa 07,the addition of skill moves and a ridiculous numer of leagues has made this year's installment a must have for any soccer fan.The graphics and player movement are spot on,the stadiums are surreal.
    The only thing that's a bit fustrating about the game is the difficult level.This fifa pehaps has the steepest learning curve I've seen in my 9 years of the EA Sports FIFA series.So its really rewarding to score 6 goals against Arsenal FC....more info
  • G.reatest O.f A.ll T.ime - soccer game
    E. A. has finally done it,
    this game is far superior than PES (konami) in terms of realism, controls, online capability and customization. To any Pro Evolution or Winning Eleven soccer fan looking to buy a soccer game i totally reccomend FIFA 08. The used version of this game is a great buy....more info
  • Fifa 08
    Not into soccer games so its hard to play and control different players. Much better games out there...more info
  • Band From The Game!
    Hey folks! This is an amazing game! Also here's a link to my favorite band from the game. They're called Jupiter One. They're an Pop Rock Electronic band. Their music gets played throughout game. I did some searching and found their album...IT'S AMAZING!

    Here's a link to Jupiter One's newest album.

    ::Matt...more info
  • Still Room for Improvement
    I've had this game a couple months now, and overall it's probably the best soccer/football game for XBox360. With that being said, there are some definite things I don't like about it, and things I wish were carried over from previous FIFA games.

    The good: An amazing selection of teams and players, great graphics. It's hard to imagine having more choices for teams. Even the Irish league is on here, a first for EA.

    The not-so-good: As usual, the AI players (players not controlled by you) act like they've never played the sport before. Try not switching players when the other team has the ball, and watch as your defense sits back and lets them take shots at your goal. Yet when you have the ball anywhere near the box, the computer team swarms you. I'm also trying to figure out the secret to a successful corner (how does Peter Crouch NOT win the ball against much-smaller and inferior defenders? Good question, but it happens routinely on this game).

    I've also had some issues with the penalties. The button to clear the ball is the same as the button to slide tackle. On more than one occasion, I've thought I was clearing the ball when instead it had already been miraculously stolen from me and I've ended up tackling a player instead, resulting in a free kick or penalty. I've also had free kicks given - almost always conveniently near the box - just for taking control of a defender and making contact with the other team.

    One other thing I miss from previous versions is the custom camera angle. You basically get a few camera angles to choose from, and cannot customize them in any way shape or form. I find that I am either too close to the action (and can't see approaching defenders or players on my team who are open) or too far away (where I can't tell who has the ball).

    The stadium set-up is weird, too. I liked it better when teams who didn't have a custom stadium played in a random one with no name. I played a game as Celtic the other day and their home stadium was not Celtic Park, but as if that wasn't enough, it was a stadium with a Spanish-sounding name. If you don't want to create Celtic Park, fine, but don't have them playing in a stadium with a name that clearly is not their home stadium. That just seems stupid to me, and educated football fans know Celtic don't play in El Stadio Olympico or whatever they have them playing in.

    When I think back to previous versions of the series, I think the older versions were just a lot more fun. The crowds even seemed smarter and more in tune with things - remember when the Liverpool crowd would sing "Michael Rowed His Boat Ashore" after Michael Owen would score? I guess I just miss some of these things that appear to have been sacrificed for better graphics. ...more info
  • I love this game
    This is my first Xbox soccer game, I previously owned FIFA 06 on PC. The graphics on FIFA 08 are amazing, the gameplay impressive. I love everything about it. The auto transfer updates that are received via Xbox Live are a great feature. I also like how endless the gameplay is, there are so many acheivements and trophies to win, it makes the game last longer. I won MLS and moved on to EPL, then will take on La Liga, all the while playing new teams, new tournaments and raking in the trophies and acheivements....more info
  • Fifa is always the expert in the soccer games
    Even though many people say PES 2008 is the best, I support Fifa because it is always the expert in the soccer games. Also, the graphic is very valid. I like it...more info
  • ...that's more like it...
    when i played the demo for xbox 360, i'll have to admit i was very skeptical of how much i'd actually enjoy the game. fifa 07 was certainly an enjoyable game in it's own right, but it did need cleaned up a great deal.

    nevertheless, i went out and bought 08. to say the least, i was pleasantly surprised. while general gameplay is a bit more complicated than its predecessor, fifa 08 provides you with a plethora of teams to choose from, a much more realistic artificial intelligence experience, relatively seamless gameplay and transitioning, flawless graphics, and greatly improved game modes.

    with all this said, i would have given fifa 07 4 stars. so to be fair, this game is a definite 5.

    if you truly enjoy the game, buy fifa 08 asap.


    p.s. i don't review many games, but i feel as if this game in particular is getting some unfair reviews. if you buy games with the intent to pick apart every little detail, you need to reassess your priorities....more info
  • Stop tricking us and give us the treats!
    You might already be confused by the rating I gave to this game but let me explain. FIFA 08 is a great game, with the best gameplay ever in the FIFA series. The soundtrack can easily satisfy most listeners, the graphics are imperessive as always, the commentary although repetitive still good and at times even pleasent, the BE A PRO mode is insanely amazing and very well done...I could go on and on about how great this game is. However there is something that totally disgusts me about the FIFA series every year and that is how they always manage to short change soccer fans around the globe. My problem with FIFA is that it never adds the icing on the cake...EVER. As a fanatic I want to feel that football atmosphere that goes with every game...waving flags, flares, national anthems, longer goal celebrations, the roar of the crowd when u score, especially in a Champions League final or world cup. Especially being on a next generation console how about adding the reserve bench, the coach, and a nice 5 minute trophy celebration that any player deserves after playing an intense tournament or season 4 a few good days. How about adding a little human touch and reality to those motionless laughable environments? All that aside, stil a great buy....more info
  • Beyond awesome
    If you're too cheap to shell out the big bucks for FIFA 09, FIFA 08 is a great deal. Hours of ball-kicking fun....more info
  • Spend the extra $17 and get FIFA 09 you cheapskate!!
    This game is good but for a measly $17 you can get FIFA 09 which is supposed to be much better. I bought this game last year and now bought 09. You can't go wrong with FIFA (except for FIFA 07 which was a total rush job)....more info
  • Very realistic but not as fun as Pro Evo 2008....
    I originally purchased Pro Evolution 2008 (Australian version), however, was a bit dissapointed with the graphics and very dissapointed with the online play. In fact Pro Evo 2008 is so jerky it is almost unplayable online.

    So after a few weeks I also purchased FIFA 2008. The best four things about FIFA 2008 when compared with Pro Evo 2008 are:

    (1) The graphics and realism is much better. It is almost like watching a football game on TV.
    (2) The fully licenced teams & players. Even LA Galaxy with David Beckham and the Australian Hyundai A League.
    (3) The on-line play actually works and is very playable. In fact the online features with FIFA 2008 are great.
    (4) I find the camera angles to be better in Pro Evo 2008.

    However, for the casual player (like myself) FIFA 2008 just doesn't feel as much FUN to play as Pro Evo 2008. By comparison, passes and shooting for goal feels spongy. Even on the easiest difficulty setting FIFA 2008 is much harder than Pro Evo 2008. With Pro Evo 2008 on the easiest setting you end up with some big scoring games. In this respect it probably has a more Arcade feel to it than FIFA 2008. However Pro Evo 2008 is FUN. Even when you play it occasionally (so you have not necessarily mastered all of the moves).

    In summary, if you are a die hard football fan looking for total realism then FIFA 2008 is your game.

    If you are after a game which will give you much fun with less frustration to master (and you are not concerned about online play) then Pro Evo 2008 is your choice as far as I am concerned.

    I find I play Pro Evo 2008 far more than FIFA 2008 for this reason.

    Saying this, if FIFA 2008 had Pro Evo 2008 great ball control and Fun Factor for the casual player (at least on the easiest settings) then it would be almost perfect....more info
  • What a Waste!!!
    I really long for the days when games played like games. The days when one had a few options and at least some of the options were good. With the growth of the few titans of the industry, we are subjected to various versions of repackaged garbage year after year. Fifa 07 was a mess plain and simple. I had hoped that having another year to tinker with this on a new platform would finally generate some quality. Once again I have been utterly disappointed.

    To be fair, the game does have some bright spots;
    Graphics are very good, player animation is mostly good and fairly accurate, and the stadium noise and play by play commentators are as usual very good.
    Initially when I played the, I played against my brother (both of us seasoned Fifa players), everything seemed dandy with a few isolated issues.
    However once I tried playing against the computer, everything broke down, and the game became pretty much unplayable in my opinion for the following reasons:
    1) It appears as if none of your team mates has ever set foot on a soccer pitch. No one knows how to pass the ball, how to defend or stay in position.
    2) None of your team mates will go after a loose ball, no matter what. They will simply stand by and watch an opponent scope it up. Passes do not go where you aim all the time sometimes they do and sometimes for no apparent reason, they don't quite. Off course there is always the ever seeing AI to take advantages of these situations.
    3) It doesn't matter who you are paying as, you can't outrun any of the computer controlled defenders nor can your defenders get anyone of the ball with any success.
    4) The referee must run around with blinders on or he must be in the pocket of whichever AI opponent I play. He swallows his whistle while you get thrown and shoved around the pitch and miraculously finds it if you are able to make a challenge.
    5) It is almost impossible to maintain possession of the ball to any length, if an AI opponent even breaths in your direction, you loose the ball. Ah but wait, just watch in amazement as the AI strikers weave and draw circles around your clueless defenders.
    In short this game in a nutshell has characterized a lot of EA's sports titles lately. I am a football (soccer) fan; I played soccer for years as a kid and have watched the game on several levels from kids including me, playing in our backyards with rocks for goals to the English premier league. On no level do I see anything resembling the rubbish that EA has called a soccer offering for 2008. I can't believe that any of the designers, testers or anybody at any level that had anything to do with this piece of trash ever played soccer or has even seen the game played.

    Ok. Fed up with playing against the CPU, I decided to try playing online since the game seemed a lot more balanced when playing with another human being. I already have an xbox live account etc and have been playing games online for a while now, including EA's Fight Night. However trying to get a game going, I was greeted with a new sign in screen with so much fine print that it literally took me almost a half hour to get through!!!!! I guess EA assumes that most people will simply click "I Agree" and move forward, but at this point I had to see what they had to say that would take up soooo much. The gist of it is that they are collecting your information including your user tag, birthday, etc and have cookies which will install themselves on your machine (pc users) and monitor only for their purposes of course how long you play etc so you can be properly advertised to.
    Perhaps I was pissed of already at this point but that was the last straw. To charge $60 for this game, another $60 to Microsoft for access to Xbox live and then sign away to have ads imbedded in the game when I play online and my info sold to others, so EA can make even more money, oh yeah off course you indemnify them from everything under the sun, and to top it all off, the game plays like crapola...
    All I can say is that I am glad I only rented this game.
    ...more info
  • New engine, same method of fun
    Luis Mejia - One of the ultimate franchises in football soccer once again gives us the most complete and most interactive branch of gamming. As for anyone meandering about how "average" the franchise has proven to be over the years, this can't repair the most amazing and most complete variety of teams, modes of play, and realistic scenaries. The fact is the controlls are very tough, and the movement goes back to a harsh style; the ball gets often too high and too bouncy, and the player you control usually doesn't adjust very well, plus the gols that can be make are also those types of errors in which the position of your GK is the reason (which you can't even control so...). The variety of game modes turn from the classic D.T. mode to new tournament mode, become a pro and create your tournament, plus a personal create your own player. Along with hours of entertainment, still those movement details and the fact it's not smoothly crafted are noticeable, but yet enjoyable and effective....more info