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Thermos Nissan 16 Ounce Stainless Steel Backpack Bottle, Smoke Color
List Price: $30.00

Our Price: $21.07

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Product Description


  • TherMax double wall vacuum insulation locks in temperature to preserve flavor and freshness
  • Unbreakable 18/8 stainless steel interior and exterior
  • Drink lid opens with push button
  • Lock for leak-proof travel
  • Bottle stays cool to touch with hot liquids and is condensation free with cold

Customer Reviews:

  • Keeps My Coffee Hot and Doesn't Leak!
    I used to bring my coffee to work in a regular travel mug, which meant I had to carry the mug by hand out to the car in the morning, then across the parking lot and into the office. At the end of the day, I'd repeat the process in reverse with an empty mug. I couldn't put the mug in my briefcase because even empty, some coffee residue would still leak out. Not the end of the world, but an annoyance I would rather do without.

    Along comes the Thermos Backpack Bottle. I fill it with coffee at home, seal it up, and throw in my briefcase. When I'm done with the coffee, I seal it back up and put it back in my briefcase. I've been using it for two weeks, and haven't spilled a drop of coffee in my briefcase yet.

    The 16 oz. capacity is enough to get me through the day, and the coffee remains hot and fresh. I haven't tested their claims about how long the coffee remains hot, because it doesn't last too long when I'm around.

    I almost gave this a four star review, because the top is a little difficult to clean. Then I realized the top's design is a necessary evil to keep the beverage hot (or cold) and prevent anything from leaking out. I couldn't really fault Thermos for that.

    The product is made in Malaysia, if anyone cares....more info
  • A truly impressive product
    I have now had this thermos for two weeks and could not be happier with it.
    -The thermos is surprisingly light-weight.
    -The size is pretty much perfect. It holds 0.5L but is not too tall or too wide, slipping perfectly into a standard backpack water bottle holder.
    -The thermos is perfectly leak proof. It even has a special latch you can close for double security, in case the button to open the lid is accidentally pressed.
    -The flip top is very convenient and can be opened with one hand. There is a pencil-sized opening inside the lid that allows only a small amount of liquid to flow forth at any time, which works well for hot beverages. The lid, when open, juts out a bit but is really not a problem and does not take up much space.
    -The thermos' insulating ability is impressive. Even when pouring boiling water inside to steep tea, the outside of the thermos was cool to the touch. I actually could not drink my beverage right away because it remained too hot and was forced to open the lid and let it cool to a drinkable temperature.
    -Aesthetically the thermos is very pleasing, with a slightly rugged but nonetheless slick, shiny look.

    All in all, this is a superior product and an amazing find....more info
  • Thermos Backpack Bottle is Great
    I agree with all the good things that others have said about this bottle. I fill it with coffee at 7:30 every morning, and when I finish the last few swallows at 3:00 it's still hot. The bottle has only leaked once-- when I overfilled it and held it completely upside down. Other than that, it's been fine when it stays semi-upright in my messenger bag on the way to work. So far, I've not tried it in the dishwasher. Hand washing seems to do a good enough job of getting the bottle clean, although I am a bit worried that over time coffee residue will collect in the groove around the yellow plastic that lines the inside of the lid. But I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. All in all, this bottle has been a joy to use every day....more info
  • Best thermos
    You can drink with one hand, keeps things hot a long time, lasts for years and fits in a bottle cage on a bicycle.

    Never seen better....more info
  • Gift-recipient happy
    Bought for daughter to use at college. Pricey, and kind of small. Seems to be made well, has features she wants....more info
  • What a pleasure a well-designed product is in my life!
    This bottle goes EVERYWHERE with me for either hot OR cold beverages. It NEVER leaks and goes in my backpack AND purse! I drive buses for a living and it can be operated with one hand. I think I may have lost it tonight and I'm in a panic. So, I'm not even waiting to see if it turns up and ordering another. When you find something that works this well in your life--you really get to depend on it. What an incredible product!...more info
  • simply amazing
    I received this thermos as a gift a year ago and have been enjoying it immensely since then. It's a must-have for the commuter and keeps my coffee steaming hot every day on my mile + bike ride to and from school even on the most frigid of days (I've had many days starting at -20 without a problem). The only minus is that it's so well-insulated that I can't use it to warm my hands with it.. well I guess that's not the purpose of this bottle. By some fluke accident this morning I dropped it hard on a concrete floor and broke the plastic clasp that holds the lid shut. Even now it's still usable as the metal ring holds it firmly shut but I'm now contemplating buying another one (as well as epoxying this one back together). The thing's built like a rock and this is nowhere near the first time I've dropped it. The clasp is well protected all around too- so i know that this failure was not the fault of any engineering or design, just my bad luck. I highly recommend!...more info
  • Backpack thermos is superb
    If I put 6 ice cubes in this thermos and fill it with a cold beverage before I start a round of golf on a hot North Carolina summer day and if I refill it during the round only with cold water, some of the ice cubes will still be present after playing 18 holes. It is easy to drink from and doesn't leak. It also keeps beverages hot for hours. It is the best thermos I have ever had, and it fits in the pocket of my small carry golfbag and in all golf cart beverage holder cups....more info
  • the perfect insulator
    After years of searching I have found the (near) perfect insulator. I have tried mugs and bottles in all shapes and sized but nothing comes close to this baby for keeping coffee hot yet accessible. The flip top lid and small pour spout are great for sipping allow for easy recapping. My coffee stayed hot to warm for 11 hours!...more info
  • Love it! I use it every day!
    I LOVE this bottle! I use it every day. I can put ice in it in the morning, in the summer, and my water stays cold ALL day. (I have another one that I use for hot drinks. This bottle is equally good for hot drinks. I have kids and it often takes me hours to finish my coffee, but it always stays hot until I'm done.) Occasionally it leaks (just a little though), but you just have to unscrew and rescrew the lid back on. I don't know why, but for some reason that works. I highly, highly recommend this bottle. I have three of them. ...more info
  • Superb
    I usually don't write the reviews on the stuff I buy from Amazon, but this thermos is exceptional! The coffee I brew in the morning is still hot (notice: not warm, but hot) after 7 (sic) hours! I have no idea how Nissan managed to make such superb thermoinsulation, but this is by far one of the best purchases I have ever made....more info
  • Great mug but......
    Its an awesome bottle i agree with the fliptop and all.....but i think its a lil overpriced....was 25$ a while back and with many ppl clicking it and 5 star reviews guess they hiked the price ....
    I had been to walmart today and saw the similar "thermocafe by thermos" bottle at 9.50$ and it made me wonder ....was 27-30$ reasonable for marginal better quality???
    the one less star is for the high price.......more info
  • The Perfect Coffee Mug
    We have gone through countless mugs, from freebies to expensive ones, but never found the right combination until now. This mug does what we need it to do: keeps coffee hot (make sure you have it at the temp you want it when you put it in the mug- don't expect it to cool down!), is leakproof (my son can toss it in his backpack or it can roll around my car floor), holds a good amount of coffee, fits in our car cupholders and is easy to clean. The Perfect Travel Mug! We bought three!...more info
  • At long last, the search is over
    I've been looking off and on since college to find a great thermos for taking coffee with me that had the right combination of size, features, functionality, looks, and quality. I've bought a few commuter mugs of varying quality but they were all a letdown - shoddy quality, bizarre looks, or caps that would hold back the coffee until tilted at such an extreme angle that it suddenly came rushing out in a scalding mess.

    I've always heard that Nissan made the best stainless steel thermoses on the market, but I guess I was just lazy and didn't want to pony up the money. This item is well worth the price, and then some.

    I have the gunmetal gray version, which is very handsome, understated, and sleek looking. It kind of reminds me of a BMW. The construction is all stainless steel (I've had some others that had stainless exterior and plastic interior - which retains flavors/smells and provides inferior insulation). The cap is really the standout - it's lockable for when you put it in your bag, but at the push of a button, the top flips open to make it a sort of "sippy cup" for adults. The spout consists of a bigger hole for the coffee to flow out of, as well as a smaller one to facilitate a smooth pour. When closed, it is completely airtight and does not allow liquid to escape. The capacity is perfect to keep one coffee-loving person going till the afternoon - bigger than your single "morning cup" but not so massive as to be inconvenient to carry/hold.

    I know it's just a thermos, but life is a little better when those little things you use every day are high quality and do their job exactly as they are supposed to, with no complications, problems, or hiccups. If this sounds like something you'd use, do yourself a favor and get this thermos....more info
  • Wonderful thermos!
    This is a great thermos! Like a few others, I thought it was leaking at first, but then realized that I overfilled it as many people had commented. Then I laughed at myself and I have not had a problem since. This is a great size if you are planning to refill it at work or somewhere else. It says liquid will stay cold for 12 hrs, but if you put a lot of ice in it, it stays cold for about 24 hrs. Great for my long commutes......more info
  • Great Mug... Wish it were easier to clean.
    I really like this mug, compared to anything else I've had it is one of the only mugs I've ever used that is truly leakproof. Throw it in a bag, drop it on the ground, it doesn't matter. Nothing escapes out of this. The only other mug I've had that didn't leak was a mug from REI, but it was only 12 oz and had a lid that still required unscrewing. Not on this one. Full 16 oz capacity and just hit the spring loaded button to release the lid to drink.
    The only downside to the mug is the lid is fairly hard to clean. There are a lot of "extra" surfaces that may collect grime over time. As it is for now, though, I'm extra careful to not leave dairy in there for any length of time and wash the mug carefully in the mean time.
    Summary... Great mug which would be absolutely 5 stars if the lid were just a little easier to clean....more info
  • Wonderful!
    I really like this product, it truly keeps my water cold for hours! I also love the flip top which is great!...more info
  • The best bottle on the market
    I've spent more money on hot-beverage bottles than I care to think about, but my search is over: this is it. Stop looking at the price; this bottle is worth every penny.

    The heat retention in this thing is almost beyond belief. I haven't tested its limits, but just in daily use I find coffee still hot after 5 hours or more. The one-handed operation and ability to drink directly from the top make it an ideal commute thermos (no unscrewing lids or pouring into cups). The construction is light but sturdy, cool to the touch, absolutely leak-proof. The lid latches closed to prevent accidents, again with one hand.

    I've seen complaints about cleaning here, but I don't find that to be an issue... the rubbery stopper in the lid will stain immediately, but daily washing is quick and painless. If you use dairy or other coffee additives, though, you'll probably want to be more diligent....more info
  • Simply amazing
    This thermos has an amazing ability to keep things hot or cold. I fill it up with hot coffee in the morning and go snowshoeing in 20F weather and then drink the coffee on the drive home 7 hours later and it is still almost too hot to drink.

    This size is the perfect form factor for holding, putting in car cup holders, or stuffing in any part of a backpack. You can even put it in a big pocket of a jacket if you need to.

    Never spills (just make sure to leave enough room for the top to screw in without overflow).

    Container is all stainless steal. Top is hard plastic, seal is silicone. I don't generally like plastic or silicone, but my sense is that liquid doesn't sit touching these unless you have it upside down.

    These thermoses are addictive. People around you will want one, so go ahead and buy several....more info
  • It's Better Than I Thought it Would Be - So Far.
    After having simple tumblers that dribble and leak, the slide latch falling and having to hold the thing all the time, I decided that I should just fork over the money for something that I would be able to have for a few years and that was of better quality and durability.

    After looking through the reviews for this product, I knew that I could be taking a risk in that some of them seem a little faulty. But so far, my smoke colored thermos is working just fine. I woke up earlier today after having some tea in there that was mostly full since last night and low and behold, this morning it was still hot after about 9 hours. The mouth piece lid (which flips opens with a press of the little pill shaped button) operates well, and makes me feel more secure with its little locking latch when I am not taking a sip. The whole top lid screws on flush and tightly against the bottle threading, so I know no liquid will be dribbling out of the lid. IMPORTANT: It is indeed true that if you fill the thermos past the lip inside (noticeable when you see the product) you may get leakage, just because it will displace liquid up into the lid, and who knows where it will go from there.

    IF something goes wrong with the lid, there is a way to get a replacement lid from the company itself (which I read about in the warranty that comes with the product). So if you do get dribbling, its easily remedied!

    I haven't had any leaks or other issues that would lower my opinion of the product. I would have preferred if there were an option that used no plastic or very much less plastic. But I am alright with it given the apparent effectiveness of this particular product, which with my busy school and work schedule, will relieve some headaches and free up my hands.

    Now I just think that they should offer more colors....more info
  • Must have item
    Excellent item. Very convenient and durable.
    I have a following recommendation which I found in manufacturer's description: if you need your for coffee or tea stay HOT for a long time - prewarm it - fill it with boiling water for 15 min. If you plan to use it just while commuting, put your beverage right away, thus it will be hot and possible to drink, too....more info
  • Keeps my tea hot all day
    Never have anything work so well at keeping a hot drink hot and with the sip top can safely drink hot tea from it.
    No leaks.
    Just bought two more....more info