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Product Description

Professional Video Surveillance Software That Supports Multiple IP Cameras. Security Monitor Pro lets organizations monitor large areas using multiple IP cameras. You can configure each camera individually, with its own alert and detection settings. View all cameras in a single window, and quickly zoom in on trouble spots with a simple mouse click. You can even monitor cameras at several locations from a single central PC. Combine with classic features like snaps, email message alerts, sound alarms, and video/audio recording when motion is detected, and Security Monitor Pro is the ultimate weapon in your security arsenal. Try Security Monitor Pro today. You can view samples configurations, tutorials and find out more about Security Monitor Pro at DeskShare's web site.

  • Replace expensive CCTV systems with a PC and networked or directly connected cameras
  • Simultaneously monitor and record from multiple cameras, and stream live video from any or all of your cameras over your local network or the Internet
  • Schedule monitoring for each camera independently, on a daily or weekly basis
  • Record video, audio, or snapshots, either when motion is detected, at regular intervals, or continuously
  • Supports over 100 models of IP camera, and almost any USB or FireWire webcam
Customer Reviews:
  • Great Program When It Isn't Crashing
    I really like the features in this program but it crashes several times a day. I use it with two IP cameras that I set up to be monitored simultaneously. The program is easy to set up and handles a variety of storage media and methods. It's too bad it won't stay running for even 24 hours without crashing....more info