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Belkin Flip DVI-D KVM Switch with Remote F1DG102D
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Product Description

Two computers. One monitor. No Problem. Business professionals who bring home their laptops spend countless evenings in front of a small display and cramped keyboard. Thanks to Switch2 for PC, you can now use your big DVI-D monitor and full-sized keyboard for both your laptop and home computer. It's simple. Just press the remote to switch your monitor from one computer to the next. Switch2 for PC is also great for connecting your old and new desktop computers, so you can access files and programs effortlessly using the same monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

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Customer Reviews:

  • More than it appears
    We ended up returning the Flip because we didn't need it. Be aware that the cable runs on this device are long and thick. This is fine of you have two computers located some distance from each other. If your two computers are right next to each other, you'll have a pile of extra cable to tie up or hide. ...more info
  • Occasional monitor flickers and visual corruption
    I wanted to switch the input to my 23" monitor between my 24" iMac and my macbook pro. I liked the remote and the switch was able to toggle between the two inputs as expected. However, my 23" monitor would occasionally flicker or display colored lines on the screen. The monitor issues bothered me enough for me to return it....more info
  • Not durable
    I bought this KVM switch on September 10, 2008 and has been plugged in since its arrival to my mac pro and macbook pro. I worked pretty well except for some flickering of the screen that occurred once or twice in a day. I continued to use it until it completely went dead on Jan 2, 2009. Considering the cost of the device, I am disappointed with the longevity. The only advice that I would have for future buyers would be to turn their KVM off after use (which is a pain if you have the power conditioner under the desk like most people) and not leave it on all the time.

    Service at belkin has been poor. Tech support said the item is out of stock and wanted me to call cust service... I am not sure when this will be replaced....more info
  • Not very useful
    I've had my flip for less than a year, I share a 23" display, macally keyboard, and logitech mouse between a MacBook Pro and 5 yr old G5. Every third or fourth flip to the G5 causes the usb devices to crash - keyboard and mouse are unresponsive, if I try to shutdown the computer gets to the end of the process and hangs. So, I have to hard restart the computer. Similar issues happen on the MacBook Pro - but much less frequently. ...more info
  • Its OK but there are things to know before you buy
    I have been using this KVM switch for several months now to switch my 30" Dell monitor running at 2560x1600 between two Dell desktop computers.

    The first KVM swtich that I received was terrible. I saw bright flashes followed by a black screen and then a few seconds later it would recover. This happened a few times a day. Every few seconds I would see colored horizontal lines flicker across the screen. The third issue was corrupted video across the entire screen that made everything look gritty. The only way to resovle this was to power everything down and back up again. This is a huge hassle with multiple computers and multiple monitors. Everything tries to auto resize and reconfigure and it can take a long time to get it all straightened out again. Those of you with multi-monitor setups know what I am talking about.

    I called tech support numerous times and they had me try many things (switch to a different AC wall plug, swap the two video cables between the two computers, unplug everything and re-plug it all in again, power cycle the switch and so on) none of which solved the problem more than temporarily. Belkin's final tech support resolution to the problem was to tell me to run at a lower resolution. Right. Pay $1,500 for a monitor and then hobble it because of a Belkin Quality control problem. Tech support also told me that this switch did not support 2560x1600 resolutions (a quick reference to the Belkin website that clearly states it can got us past this one). They then told me that this switch did not support dual link DVI which again the website says it does. Clearly there was a delay in getting information from Belkin to their tech support team on their latest products and specs.

    I tried to get them to replace the unit on call five and six but they would not. I finally went to the Belkin website and setup a replacement myself. The replacement arrived quickly and every single problem went away and has not returned over the following several months that I have been using it. I have found from Googling that I am not the only person seeing these problems.

    The other issue to know before you buy is that the switching speed is not acceptable if you switch back and forth rapidly when you work. I just timed it twice and it took over 20 seconds to switch each time. The video switches reasonably fast (a few seconds) but the keyboard and mouse take a very long time. I only switch a few times a day so it works for me but if I had to switch a lot like I have in the past it would not have been usable. I have used many other KVM switches over the years for work and some switch as fast as you can type. If you need that kind of switching speed then don't buy this switch....more info
  • YMMV
    I purchased this KVM for my home office, where I have a Windows PC and a MacBook Pro. I haven't nailed down the exact steps to reproduce the problem, and this may be specific to my setup, but a couple times a week the KVM is unable to switch the keyboard and mouse over to the PC. I have to unplug the keyboard from the KVM and plug it directly into the PC, and I usually have to power-cycle the KVM.
    When it works, it works well. The video is indistinguishable from direct connection. I really like the concept and the form factor. I just wish it was a little more consistent. ...more info
  • Good product
    I needed a KVM switch for my windows PC and my Macbook w/DVI. At first somehow I couldn't get it working. The LED light on the switcher wouldn't turn on. Maybe it was because it wasn't fully plugged in. After a while, I got it to work and was glad to find that the switch from mac to pc was pretty quick. I switch between a Vista machine and Leopard on the mac w/Logitech keyboard/mouse. Sometimes the switching back to windows it takes a more than usual. But most of the time I am pleased with it. For those looking for a KVM solution, I would definitely recommend this. Good product...more info