P3 International P4460 Kill A Watt EZ Electricity Usage Monitor
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Connect your appliances into the Kill A Watt and measure how efficient they are. LCD display counts consumption by the Kilowatt-hour just like utility companies. Application: Electricity usage monitor, Battery Included: Built in, Measures: Voltage, line frequency and amps, Display Shows: Large LCD shows Kilowatt-hour

  • Shows the operating costs of your household appliances
  • Accurate within 0.2%
  • Calculates cost and forecasts by week, month and year
  • Displays eight critical units of measure on the large LCD display
  • Built-in battery backup

Customer Reviews:

  • P4460 Kill A Watt EZ Electricity Usage Monitor
    Good, accurate product when it works. Mine was not packed properly and arrived with a damaged power plug. Once fixed it works well....more info
  • As advertized.
    The meter makes easy work of identifying energy hogs in the house. With the battery back up, it easily assesses appliance that cycle on and off, and their energy usage as well. After a first round of checking appliances, I'm not sure I will need it much, but will see....more info
  • A+ Product
    This product was everything it said it was and works great!
    It showed us that our coffee maker was consuming 3 watts when turned off.
    It showed us that some of our chargers where consuming electricity when just plugged in, not charging, while others were not....more info
  • Kill A Watt works well
    Works as advertized. the P4460 model is good, as you can put in elec rate and it will calculate annual usage. Works well for the money....more info
  • helpful-neat tool
    I live in an all electric home and thou I know my major consumer of power in my home is the hot water heater this tool helped me identify what "vampire" items were most worthy of regularly disconnecting. The entertainment centers in each bed room TV,DVD,cable box, surround sound only consume about a $1.00 worth of electricity a month, my PC with scanner,printer,desk light 22in LCD and speakers cost me about $2.00 a month when left on 24-7 so putting it to sleep is a cost savings of about 65%.
    The frige is about $3.55 a mo. Haven't checked out the cordless phones yet or microwave... but overall the Kill-a-watt is helpful to educate yourself of what uses power even when you don't use them and how much they cost you an hour, week, month or year...
    Its also good way to show the kids how to be aware of wastefulness that you might not even realize......more info
  • Does the job
    I was a bit disappointed after I received the item. Don't get me wrong it works as expected but I was thinking I could really find out ways to save some money by identifying electrical vampires. All of the electronics I tested used so little electricity when not on it seems kind of silly to be concerned. For example a 27" HDTV with a DVD player on the same circuit uses $4.53 a year when not being used. For some reason I thought it would cost more than it does.

    But it is interesting to find out how much appliances cost to use if you ran them 24/7 for 365 days. The TV and DVD player runs around $98 a year.

    My Wish list: I wish it had a back light; I'm 50 and can't see so well. I also wish it had a tilted screen; it's a pain to work with it while it's in the wall socket and catching the right angle to see.

    Overall, it's a fine product.
    ...more info
  • Watt monitor
    This is a good product and does exactly what it says it will do. Great way to monitor electric usage. Well worth the money. I highly recommend this product. ...more info
  • power monitor
    The P4460 Electricity usage monitor is a nice item to have.
    I have found the things in my house that use the most power and have made arrangements to turn them off when not in use and in some, that meant pulling the plug.
    If you have high electric bills, I recommend this item to find out why and give you ways to lower them....more info
  • handy informant
    Easy to use and helps to spot energy hogs. I solved most problems by using power strips to turn off groups of electronics sucking up "standby " power....more info
  • good idea lousy design
    it sounds great and I really wanted to use it. we all should do as much as we can to save energy. The product promises to tell you how much energy diferent appliances etc. use, and you get the impression you can zoom around the house easily getting readings and decide what are the energy hogs. Instead it is very hard to set up or figure out so you can get started and once you know how to use it it is difficult to plug in and use. The instructions are confusing. In short unless you are willing to spend hours figuring it out and then trying to plug it in to corners where it doesn't fit, it is a waste of time and money....more info
  • As advertised, works well
    I bought this product to charge my Electric vehicle and get an idea of how much electricity I'm using for a given trip. It works very well and I've not seen any problems as of yet. I did not go through the checking and calibration procedures as others have because I simply need an idea and am not selling KWH's. The instructions are very lame but with a little fumbling around in the basic menus it's real easy to figure out. I agree with several other postings that a back up battery would be nice to view data when it's unplugged but that would only add to the price. A cheap lamp extension cord at the bench could act as a data reader when not in use. Very nice little gadget. Buy one, you'll not regret it!...more info
  • Great product, but a few changes would make it excellent
    This product works just as advertised and I am really happy with the information it provides. There are a few easy modifications that would really make it much better. It needs to be back lighted. I have to use a flashlight to see it in most cases. It could also use a 3 foot cord so it would be easier to access. Also in today's world many places use timed rates and this does not account for that but overall it gave me the info I needed even if I had to provide light a little math to figure my cost on a timed basis....more info
  • Useful, but not perfect
    Very useful for determining the amount of energy used by major appliances. I like the fact that it keeps track of total energy consumption and uses the actual energy cost to forecast the cost of operation. This information is very useful when targeting appliances to reduce energy consumption. It is also useful for evaluating how successful I am at reducing energy consumption.

    I don't like the fact that the LCD does not have a backlight, and that the display can only be read while the unit is plugged in. I have to get on the floor to read it. The unit also blocks both outlets.

    I recommend getting a couple of extension cords and using this device "in line". Use one cord from the kill-a-watt to the wall, so that it's easier to read, then another cord from the kill-a-watt to your appliance (not needed if your appliance has a long enough cord)....more info
  • Useful, practical
    This Kill A Watt Monitor gives me the data which I was looking for. I use it to check my personal appliances and electronics. My use is simple and I have nothing to compare it to, so I give it a good rating. It could us a back light on the monitor for convenience....more info
  • Handy and interesting
    This was VERY easy to use. Put in the cents per Kwh (on your bill) and press reset. Plug it in and the calculations are automatic.

    I was able to identify that my refrigerator used about $6 / month, but I wasn't about to unplug that.

    Most of my chargers used about $.41 per month. They can be unplugged.

    My Wii uses 21 watts when turned off if it is on WiiConnect24. Who knew?

    The dehumidifier was the real shocker at $46 per month.

    A toaster oven uses .07 per hour at 400 deg. F.

    Once you know your costs, you will probably not need to use it again. Share the wealth and loan it to all your other techno geek friends.

    You get the picture. Easy to use, but if you are testing something that is necessary, you probably won't change your habits and turn it off.

    The refrigerator? I will leave that on. But two refrigerators? I might turn the second one off.

    Don't buy the cheaper one (p4430?). This one has a battery back up so you can move it to a more convenient location and read the results. It still needs to be plugged into an outlet to read the display....more info
  • Kill-O-Watt
    Does what is advertised. Read instruction's, don't get to impatient to determine cost of on and off items, like a TV, Refrigerator etc as it take a number of days to produce a accurate reading. Spend the extra money to get the unit that keeps it readings when unplugged. Makes reading and understanding all the numbers much easier. ...more info
  • Kill A Watt EZ Monitor
    Does what it says it will do. There are more sophisticated monitors out there, but also more money......more info
  • Kill A Watt
    Seems to work fine, but as others have mentioned it only allows you to plug one item into an outlet plate because it covers both outlets when plugged in. This is a design flaw....more info
  • Super Easy, Great Money Saving Device
    I am always fascinated by the number of electronic devices the average modern household uses. Many of us leave these "energy vampires" - like VCRs, DVDs, cell phone chargers and other things, plugged in all day long. They drain our electricity and rack up our electrical bills! How can you know how much money they cost you? The answer is the Kill-A-Watt device!

    P3 P4460 Kill A Watt EZ Electricity Usage Monitor Operation of this device is VERY easy. You lug the Kill-a-watt into your power outlet. Then you plug your electronic toy into the Kill-A-watt! That's it! Instantly the device starts figuring out how much electricity the electronic object is using - EVEN WHEN IT IS OFF. A lot of devices like cell phone chargers sit there drawing electricity all day long.

    For example, I leave my laptop plugged in all day. I have it "shut down" - but it's plugged in. It turns out I'm paying $3.76 a month to have it sitting there. I know that might not sound like a lot, but if you start multiplying that by all the other objects in your house that stay plugged in, it can add up quickly.

    Just how much is that old computer of yours costing you? It might actually be MUCH cheaper to buy a new one that consumes far less electricity, rather than powering the old behemoth every month! You could be amazed at the amount of money you can save, just by unplugging some things when they're not in use. Invest in some power strips with on-off buttons. Turn them to OFF when the items are not in use, and see your savings soar.

    I love that you can program in your current electrical cost - this is always found on your electrical bill. So for my home in Massachusetts that is $0.187 per kwh. The device then lets you see - at the touch of a button - how much the current object will cost you each hour, each day, each month, each year. The longer you leave the specific item plugged in, the more perfect your reading is, as it averages the device's fluctuations over day and night.

    HIGHLY recommended. This is perfect for any frugal liver, to determine exactly what devices in their homes are energy hogs and to organize what to do about it. ...more info
  • EZ watt killawatt electricity usage monitor
    Kill-O-Watt EZ Electric UsageThe monitor arrived on time as shipped by the seller. By following the easy directions that came with the monitor, I was able to isolate a refregitor that was using excessive electricity. You can also determine how much electricity your computer, printer, monitor etc is using and turn them off when not in use....more info
  • Fun Device
    This is one of thous things that you can live very will with out, but if you are wondering what an appliance costs you to run, then this is a amazing little tool. After you program into it the cost you pay per kilowatt, an easy job, it will calculate for you what you are paying to run that appliance per hour, day, week, month, and year. I got mine after I had bought a infrared heater, but that is another story. The only con that I can see is that it works only for 110 volts and can't be used for 220....more info
  • Nice Way to find where your money is going
    P4460 WORKS GREAT, wish it had a battery so you could read results without having it plugged in,does store info temporarily when unplugged so you can move to a different outlet for reading results....more info
  • digital display did not work
    Was not able to use this product as the digital display did not work at all. I sent the item back hoping for a replacement but Amazon did not have that option for this vendor. It had to be returned & refunded & repurchased. ...more info
  • Good product.
    I bought this for my Dad and he loves it! He started using it right away. It is easy to use and is pretty interesting! It seems to work really well. ...more info
  • Excellent diagnostic tool
    Kill-a-Watt P4460: For about $30 this product is a terrific value. It is a more advanced version of the P4400 "Kill-a-Watt" which I also own. It does everything the P4400 does (volts, amps, watts, KWH, VA, PF, Hz, & elapsed time), but in addition, it has an internal "power-off" memory, and a KWH cost calculator (enter your specific KWH rate and it will calculate actual dollar cost). 120 VAC only, 15 amps maximum. I've had my P4400 for over a year and it works perfectly. A very well made device. I strongly recommend it. Some technical knowledge is suggected. The only improvements I can suggest to this device is the addition of a short power input cord and a illuminated display. ...more info
  • P4460 Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor
    Although I cannot guarantee it's accuracy, I find the unit very handy and easy to use. My one complaint is that some of the LCD information near the edge is difficult to read. I would like to see the font size for that information increased. A back-lit LCD panel would be a big improvement.
    A hard-wired extension cable would make the unit easier to use especially when you have to get behind a refrigerator. I got around this by adding a six foot extension cable....more info
  • Great product
    This device really spotlights how much electricity things use even while they are off. I gave my home a complete audit and now know what should be unplugged and what doesn't....more info
  • Great product!
    Very nice product, lots of useful features, and it does what it's supposed to. Reasonably priced here on Amazon as well, and free shipping to boot!...more info
  • Nice product with a few flaws (Beware - not supplied in retail packaging)
    We decided to purchase this power monitor (P4460) because of the advanced feature but as other mentioned it really needs a backlit display and offline powered display for easy use. It does functions very well so I would recommend it highly. I will also caution you that Amazon ships a unit in a brown box not a retail packaged unit. I'm not sure if it is refurbished or not but it is definatley not a retail unit. This should have been mention since we were originally buying it as a gift but due to packaging decided to use it in house instead. Way to go Amazon! Even with the few minor flaws it works great and you will be amazed what different devices cost to run annually. Items we thought were very low actually cost a lot while others we unplugged actually cost very little. This is a great device to add to any tool box....more info
  • Good...but not Great!
    I got this monitor as advertised from Amazon within 5 busines days of ordering over the holidays...good job Amazon. As for the monitor...

    The directions are straight forward and easy to read and follow. It performs as advertised. But it has two design flaws, one minor, and one I consider a "DOH!". The first is that in order to read the monitor it must be plugged in...no outlet I have in my house is greater than 2 feet off the floor. Kneeling down to read this is a pain in the butt. Plus, the screen is not backlit, so it is not always easy to read if you are not level with the screen. The second design flaw I consider major and something Homer Simpson would do. It used to be depicted in one of the user provided photos showing the monitor plugged in. The monitor, when plugged in to measure the usage of an item, covers, or makes it darn near impossible to use, the other plug-in on the outlet. So it pratically mandates the use of an extension cord if you still need to use the other plug-in on the outlet be used for the usage monitoring. A fairly easy work around, but then the monitor dangles from the wall outlet, when a proper design would avoid this altogether. All in all, it does what it is suppose to do...it could do it better with design corrections to earn 5 stars....more info