Sandisk MicroMate SD/SDHC Reader (Black)
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Product Description

SanDisk's MicroMate Readers/Writers line is compact in design and dedicated to a select type of card formats. These readers are perfect as an extra set to carry around in your briefcase, purse, or on your keychain. MicroMate for SD supports SD and SDHC.

  • Supports SD and SDHC Memory Cards

Customer Reviews:

  • Simply put...
    Simply put...

    What used to take me 50 minutes without a reader (transfering 400 RAW photos from my Sandisk Extreme III 8GB SDHC memory card to my PC), now takes only 5 minutes with my Sandisk MicroMate.

    Unbelievable improvement over transfers without a reader (or even with the cheaper readers that I've owned).

    Enjoy!...more info
  • Very reliable SDHC card reader
    This is a standard memory card reader for SDHC as well as older SD memory cards. The reader comes with a clear plastic cover to protect the USB jack. I'd highly recommend it....more info
  • Micromate Sandisk SD/SDHC Reader
    This is a must have for your computer. Works in a USB port. Love it, works everytime on any SDHC card. ...more info
  • perfect
    Works perfect with my macs and i also use it with my samsung hdtv wiselink input, to view photos from my cameras sdhc card....more info
  • My Precious!
    It mades my life simple! I don't need to conect my camera, celphone or Palm anymore! I just get the SD card and connect it to my computer.. I even use it to storage stuff to one place to another. ...more info
  • 3 Free
    So far, I've received three of these bundled with SDHC cards. I've given one away, keep one at work, and keep one with the laptop for travel. I haven't had any problems with the reader fitting into any of my USB ports (two desktops and one laptop). The card reader is fast and compact. Love it!...more info
  • One of the only SDHC readers I found
    I bought a 4gb SDHC card for my digital camera, only to later find that the number of SDHC memory stick readers out there is abismal, including the one already in my PC. Note: If your existing reader doesn't say "SDHC", you (probably) cannot read that SDHC card in it.

    I bought two others before finally purchasing this unit. It does a perfect job and VERY FAST (full USB 2.0). I can put my standard SD cards in here and they transfer pictures faster than on my internal SD card reader. Go figure.

    There are a few posts about it being too wide to fit in narrow slots. My Dell monitor has 2 USB ports on the side. I plug this reader in one of those slots, and I am able to fit this next to my Jabra bluetooth adapter. ...more info
  • Invaluable -- love it!
    One of my most useful tech items. It's great to have an inexpensive card reader that so small and portable -- no wires, no bulk. My only minor quibble is that I wish it came with TWO plastic covers -- one for each end, so you could both cover the SD slot AND protect the USB plug simultaneously during transport. In most situations, the the exposed SD slot probably isn't much of a problem, but if I had my druthers... anyway, as I said, a mere quibble....more info
  • Simply perfect.
    This is nothing fancy - just a simple, streamlined plug and play USB card reader. It is as small as a SD Card reader could be, just a little bit wider and thicker than the card itself. If you have a computer with cramped ports, you'll want to get a USB extension....more info
  • Think About It
    Product is OK. Problem was the design does not lend itself for US Port (s) on neither my desktop (Dell Dell XPS410) or laptop (Gateway 450). My fault - check out your computer before buying an adapter. ...more info
  • Great Product with limitations
    This product works very well reading SD Cards and as fast as any internal reader. The design is poor in that it limits the USB ports it can access because of the wide body of the reader. I could not use this reader on any of my desktop computers with front USB ports. This reader doesn't fit into the space allowed. It would have been a better design if they made it so it could fit like most thumb drives. The lanyard hole should have been placed in the body, again like a thumb drive. It did fit fine and work well with all my laptops. Because of the fit issues I could only give this reader 4 stars. ...more info
  • Not sold in stores
    I was very surprised to run across this card reader for sale via the Amazon market place. The SDDR-113-A (white version) is readily avialble but the 113-B (BLACK) is only bundled with some of Sandisk's 4GB & 8GB SDHC cards. I assume the seller has separated the reader from the aforementioned 4GB/8GB combos as my reader arrived without any retail packaging.

    The reader performs the same as the white version and readily recognizes and reads regular SD and SDHC cards. The reader is very compact and fits snugly in my Canon S3's case (Canon's PSC-75 Deluxe Soft Case) along with a set of batteries. Read and transfer speeds are great. My only complaints are that the lanyard ring is built into the plastic cap and not the reader itself and that this reader is so hard to find by itself in the 1st place.
    ...more info