How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You
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Hard to believe anything other than luck and maybe fate, never mind a book, can make someone fall in love with you, but oddly enough, Leil Lowndes seems to offer the advice that can do just that in How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You. The sensation of falling in love comes from a chemical secreted by the nervous system, phenylethylamine (or PEA, as Lowndes calls it, as in "Scientists tell us only PEA-brained people fall in Love"), and the trick is to trigger the manufacture of PEA in your potential love partner, giving him or her the sensation of being in love. Lowndes offers 85 techniques for "Hunters and Huntresses" to capture their "Quarry." Much of what the book offers is common sense--the power of eye contact and compliments--but it's presented in a new way and with such detail that it seems that it can't help but work.

Following some of her advice will have you treading that fine line between nice and obsequious, and at times, this book may sound offensive to some, advising the reader to play what may sound like games. Lowndes is aware of this, and she offers some caveats, but still it is hard to get past advice such as, "Show him you're smart, but remember--not too smart" or "Watch your Quarry's reactions to outside stimuli, then show the same emotions." In all fairness, Lowndes doesn't play favorites: her advice to men and women can be equally appalling. Yet, the relaxed style of this book, presenting solid wisdom with a bit of scientific support, makes this book appealing, and, who knows, maybe it will make you more appealing, too! --Jenny Brown

"Here, from bestselling author Leil Lowndes, is a surefire guide to love for anyone seeking romantic bliss. In How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You readers will find 85 techniques based on scientific studies regarding the nature of love, including: Finding potential love partners
Making an unforgettable first impression
Dodging "love bloopers"
Establishing sexual rapport
By using these pragmatic, down-to-earth strategies, anyone can turn new or casual relationships into lasting ones -- or make current relationships deeper."

Customer Reviews:

  • Great book and fun read
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It provided keen insight into the dating/mating process. The chapters are divided into relevant topics and the author has a unique writing style that draws the reader into the content. Very helpful and fun. ...more info
  • You have got to be kidding...right?
    When I first read the title, I thought is was a dating Bible for losers. However, I agree with another reviewer, the title is misleading. It's really about being confident, projecting that confidence and how others perceive you.

    This book WON'T make anyone fall in love with you. BUT, you can use this book to change how your prospective partners perceive you. Even if you only build close friendships, this book is a good buy....more info

  • The science of love
    A lot of people fall in "love" for practical, calculated, and even cynical reasons which they disguise, to themselves as well as others, as "random" elements based on luck and fate. Love is supposedly idealistic and blind, but people tend to fall in love with people of their own level of physical attractiveness and of similar material aims. Financial and materialistic matters clearly come into it a lot when females select love partners - a tradition which has never really died off, just as the male focus on appearance and physical attributes has never altered.
    Some of us, however, are being left behind in this area, and are still naively blundering along, falling in love for all the wrong reasons, or, worst of all, for no reason at all. I find myself falling for women just on the basis of a random smile or the way they look at me or laugh or flick their hair. For this reason I find myself falling in love with women who aren't necessarily particularly attractive in social terms, or don't necessarily share any of my attitudes or aims in regards to career and finance.
    A book like this could therefore be a godsend to old-fashioned folk like me, who are falling in love for the wrong reasons. Rather than allowing love to happen randomly, or for that matter through business-like love arrangements in the aristocratic tradition, we now have the power to manipulate an actual love-response in whoever we choose, by encouraging the production of phenylethylamine in their brain. This is surely the most promising aid to self-gratification in the area of gender-relations since those "x-ray specs" they used to advertise in comics. No more do we need to worry about our physical appearance, social status, and wealth (and lack thereof) in seeking love partners. Science-nerds can finally gain the upper hand in the dating game, as their skills in chemical manipulation lead them out of the science lab and into the bedroom! Also, the mental pain and anguish of shallow one-night-stands and unsatisfying relationships based on lust are a thing of the past, now that we can chemically manufacture real love! Unhappy marriages everywhere can benefit from these discoveries; older couples whose passion has run out, or couples who are together for reasons other than love in the first place, can now discover or rediscover the passion of the real thing, just by playing with each other's phenylethylamine levels....more info
    "John Gray needs to move to Mars or Venus! Leil Lowndes is the Goddess of Love on this planet!" --Chari Krishnan, RESEARCHKING
    It's been over a year since I first read this book, and since then I've written and spoken to author Leil Lowndes, I've read the best of her competitors like HOW TO SUCCEED WITH WOMEN and WHAT THE HELL DO WOMEN REALLY WANT? and I've even read several of the pretenders to the throne like MEN ARE FROM MARS, WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS, and DATING FOR DUMMIES, and do you know what? After 15 rounds Leil Lowndes' HOW TO MAKE ANYONE FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU is still the champ!!!
    So what makes this book the best on Sociobiology? There are 3 keys to LOVE'S success:
    #1 ORGANIZATION!!! Not only is this the best organized book on Sociobiology, it's one of the best organized books about any subject I've ever seen! #2 "EVERYBODY'S GOT A MARKET VALUE, BABY!" This chapter is DYNAMITE!!!--SO CLEARLY EXPLAINED THAT NOW YOU UNDERSTAND WHY SOME PEOPLE HAVE MORE CHOICES THAN OTHERS!!!
    #3 LOOKS!!! AND LEIL LOWNDES IS THE FIRST WRITER TO TACKLE LOOKS!!! Yes, they matter, and I challenged Leil on this chapter because she actually ended up contradicting herself, because she showed me that looks are so important that you can't actually make ANYONE fall in love with you, just people within your range of looks--two points up or down on the Bo Derek scale according to THE GODDESS OF LOVE!!!

    Chari Krishnan
    RESEARCHKING...more info

  • No-nonsense direct but entertaining information !
    I sincerely believe for no-nonsense direct information, producing the desired results in relationships on all levels, Leils books are best, and I have read quite a few.
    The book is written in entertaining manner from her personal life experiences and observations. Obviously this is back up by much scientific study information.
    As with all Leils book's it hits the subject head-on and wasted no time....more info
  • If only I knew this when I was in 8th grade.
    It seems simple - quite the contrary we are Oblivious. This book brings deep insight only a scientist would know with presentation from a person who probably has 60 % more Corpus Colosseum than us dummies. I would suggest focus on the similarity section and the ego section. You will thank GOD (actually beautiful and super smart Goddess Leil Lowndes) and maybe my review. The only problem I face is fear - from the girl I'm attracted to the most: she sences I seem different; maybe for the best....more info
  • A fascinating book
    I purchased this book not really sure what to expect from it. Making anyone fall in love with you is a pretty big chore for most of us. However, since reading it all the way through, I can say that the author knows her subject quite well. I have since used some of her techniques on a few ladies I know, and I can say without a doubt that they do work. While I do not believe any of them are now in love with me, they have certainly "warmed up" to me in a very noticeable way. ( I must admit that it was not my goal to have them actually fall in love with me, so I did not use all of the techniques/advice available in the book. My results may have been different if I had.) The psychology of how we interact with the opposite sex is described at length and never ceases to fascinate me.

    If you have a special person in your life that you would like to attract, this book would be an excellent starting point. Good Luck!...more info
  • Don't fall for it!
    If you buy this book -- as I did -- then you deserve the lesson that I learned. Some people just aren't going to fall in love with you, just as you aren't going to fall in love with everyone.

    If you learn that lesson and learn to be comfortable with it, you'll save yourself a lot of heartache. Don't try to make that one special person fall for you. That person may not really be all that you image him or her to be.

    However, some of the lessons in this book will make you a more lovable person, and will increase your chances of finding an attractive human to fall in love with you....more info

  • Bring out your highlighter for this one
    There are dozens of tips in this book that will greatly improve yourself when trying to make yourself more appealing to the opposite sex. Men can especially benefit from this great advice that I couldn't find in other books. Want something different to read? Try this one.

    Perry Rose, author of I Love You...Will You Marry Me?! & Women, Sex And Dating, For The Single Man...more info

  • Fell in Love with this Book!
    This book was amazing! A guy friend of mine had given me some tips from it years ago and recommended I should read it. I finally got around to buying it a couple of months ago and finally sat down to read it. It offered great tips about communication and gender differences. I often found myself reading the sections geared towards men and thinking "Yes! That's exactly how I would like a guy to act!" So I have faith that the sections that are geared towards women are accurate in their suggestions. In fact, I have toyed around with some of the ideas she gives and they honestly worked. I'm sure it isn't the ONLY reason that the guy fell for me, but it certainly helped! I 100% recommend this book for girls AND guys. Even for those of you who are skeptical or not looking for love, it still brings to the table some really interesting sociologial studies and impressive facts! Happy Reading!!...more info
  • Doesn't Quite Hit the Mark for Me
    Not a bad book but one reservation I have is that it encourages people to act like a 'phony' sometimes. While I can appreciate those kind of tactics in dating, it doesn't appeal to me.

    I have found from reading books like Regan's "The Evolution of a Warrior" that attracting the opposite sex requires both work on your own attitude as well as building an irresistible rapport with the other person. Being a man, I find the best teachers for how to pick up women are those men who have mastered the game - not another woman writing another one of the million "How to.." books on this subject....more info

  • Insightful ...
    This book focuses on what to do / say when you're around members of the opposite sex in the hope that they will fall in love with you.

    The book offers insightful information and key points to helping encourage and foster a relationship with someone. Many of the things suggested actually work (from personal experience) and do help you get closer to the people you care about. Some of the techniques include finding commonalities and really listening to the person. Using the techniques offered could, I would argue, help you improve your relationship with others (family members, relatives, etc) in your life not just your love interest.

    Honestly, though, the only thing I found misleading is the title. You can't MAKE people fall in love with you. This book will definitely help you hold and encourage interest, but if the person's not into you, then there's not a lot you can do to change their mind (see "He's Just Not That Into You").

    Overall, the book is well worth the money and really does offer great perspective and insight. You won't be disappointed.
    ...more info
  • Read This: A True Story
    Hey, everybody, listen up. I actually practiced several of the techniques in this book. I got so caught up in it, and the guy was eating it up. Then I finally spent a week in his house. By the 3rd night he was raging drunk and screaming at me, following me from room to room! I got the hell out of there early the next morning and called his ex-wife. Turns out his divorce is not final (as he swore it was), that he had been arried THREE times, got a woman pregnant and married her at age 18, has a 30-year-old daughter with whom he is not in any kind of contact,.....and get this: the ex (a really nice woman) tells me in detail how he threw her to the floor of the kitchen during Super Bowl Sunday, repeatedly kicked and punched her, and pulled out all the hair on the side of her head--so much so that it filled a whole sandwich baggie. She had him arrested that night and filed for divorce the following day. I went to a PI and sure enough, there's the Arrest: Domestic Violence of the First Degree. My advice? Check the guy out through a PI (much cheaper than internet services and more effective--PIs are the only ones with special licenses and access to criminal records), talk with his exes, figure out first if your values and personalities mesh (i.e. do YOU even like HIM?), and if all that checks out, only THEN practice these techniques. (It could save your life)....more info
  • Another great book from Leil Lowndes!
    Just bought this book and loved it.Forget the men are from mars type books this is what you need.This book is for men and women.Great advice.Now I know why we fall in love.(...)...more info
  • Interesting book on some basic concepts
    When I broke up with my girlfriend, I decided I was going to do things differently; first, I would spot warning signs earlier and second, I would be conscious of my own shortcomings which needed work. So, rather than be the typical guy who never tries to get advice, I decided to read several books with varying opinions.

    This is an interesting book on what works w/ men and women towards attraction. While it has good points, it doesn't go into a ton of details but it's a good basic starter on understanding attraction.


    (1) How anyone can make themselves attractive;

    (2) Why playing hard to get can work, but only up to a certain point;

    (3) How to use your body language to turn the opposite sex on;

    (4) Why criticizing men is really bad;

    (5) How a woman can charm a man with her fantasy disclosures;

    (6) how a man increases his chances with women

    And much more!

    But, remember, a lot of this is basic research material. If you want something more involved, try HOW TO SUCCEED WITH WOMEN or R. Don Steele's books....more info

  • Practical and Effective
    This book is excellent for teaching you how to send the proper signals to someone that you are romantically interested in them. It tells you how your body language and dialouge will be interpreted by the opposite sex. Many of us have no idea that we are sending the wrong signals when we really want to show interest. I have tried her techniques and they DO work (unlike John Gray's)....more info
  • you cant just attract people, then "keep" them!
    this book was really kind of funny! it shows the different ways to act, but thats the point, you will be ACTING!! its all an act. if someone falls in love with you, it will be the ACT they fell in love with! not you! people are so stupid! you cant teach love, its just there!...more info
  • Good but turned Sour
    I downloaded this book off Kazaa (glad I didn't pay for it). It seemed fairly helpful until about halfway where it seems the Author was hurt by a man and feels the need to bash them and make exaggerations. She talked about how important it is to appeal to the opposite sex's ego but then bashes men. As if women are so perfect. These partisan, biased, and bigoted attitudes are not going to help anyone who really cares about making someone fall in love with them. I would never date anyone with these attitudes. Personally I think male bashing comes from women who feel inferior to men anyway. The only people I would recommend this book to are women with low self-esteem. For the rest I would recommend books that do not need to put down one gender, like "Men are from Mars, Women Are From Venus."...more info
  • A temporary solution
    I feel like wasting my money on this book. I don't like the idea of faking emotions and interest. Even if such faking does work, it will be only for a short-term. I think any couples who fooled each other this way will end up breaking up or divorcing. For a long-term relationship, I recommend Willard Harley's "His Needs Her Needs."...more info
  • BUY & USE as long as you're somewhat confident. 8-)
    I was too embarrassed to attend Leil's recent workshop of the same name here in LA, but when I saw the bookseller had a copy her book, I couldn't resist. Leil offers great advice that's based on behavioral studies and personal experience. These communication (or mating) techniques, however, will not work for you unless you can summon up the courage to use them. I've been told I'm nice looking enough, but because of a thick buildup of psychological scars, I find it terrifying to look most people in the eye, let alone a handsome stranger. I have no doubt that Leil's techniques will work - they just make good sense - no matter how much my inner-feminist complains. I appreciate Leil's upbeat, authoritative style that makes for a fun read. Use it and enjoy the results. I hope to do the same very soon. Note: this book is for adults due to the mature examples cited....more info
  • A worthwhile read, well researched, well written.
    This is one book that is thoroughly researched, professionally written and a pleasure to read. There is a combination of review of research added to practical experiences that are easy to follow and realistic in expectations. Definitely worth reading. I purchased it to add some more depth to my own relationship with my wife and we have both been reading it with impresive results. It would be even more worthwhile if you are looking to meet someone. ...more info
  • I have a problem with this book, even though it's great
    I have a problem with this book, even though it's great. I am an unattractive man who has been trying to at least change a woman's PERCEPTION of me, until I save enough for plastic surgery, which i don't have to wait that long for. Then I will change the imperfections and flaws that i have (large nose and a receeding chin.) Anyway, the book's title is misleading. In the book, it teaches you what i said above, to change what your PLP (Potential Love Partner) perceives about you. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but i have obvious flaws that any woman would shun, which keeps me unloved. On a positive note, the book gives some great information and techniques to find love, but i believe it's more for the person who has found love in the past, and who is attractive enough to find love again, which counts me out. It does teach us that LOOKS DO COUNT in a relationship, which i've always known anyway. Therefore, the title of "how to make ANYONE fall in love with you", where the author implies these techniques in the book will change a loser into a winner, is untrue. The book would be humorous, delightful and inspiring for all the single attractive people in this world, and would be a great help. It's just not for me. I do give it 3 stars, because of the delivery of the writer, which gave me enjoyable reading material....more info
  • Not so flaky...
    As you might think. Rather a play it safe or maybe play it real book. Is this a sell out of our dreams? I dunno... Having been in relationships where the balance is grossly unequal and felt the peace of looking at someone I knew was the same as me... Just maybe I agree with the author. An interesting & thought provoking book....more info
  • Excellent book, great incite!
    I have read the book and used these techniques at a party, even though most of the women knew me they were friendlier towards me then usual. Like anything else you have to perfect your techniques and be aware of what works and what doesn't.
    I have read other reviews and one stated that they picked up a rageaholic, all I can say is the techniques worked very successfully and the outcome is never guaranteed, it is like purchasing a Corvette and complaining that they wrecked it because the car was to fast for them to handle. There is an old fictional story about a person that sold love potions for $10 per bottle, this man wanted women to fall in love with him so he paid $30 for 3 bottles. About a week later he frantically went by the shop and noticed the shop was closed and there was a sign that showed the shopkeepers home address. He went by the shopkeepers house and it was this beautiful mansion. "You have to help me" replied the guy who purchased the 3 bottles "those 3 women are about to kill me. You need to break the spell." Well replied the shopkeeper "that will cost you a $1,000 per bottle." a thousand dollars a bottle! Yes, how do you think I can afford this mansion!
    The moral here be careful who you use these techniques on. I picked up a women using these techniques very successfully now I can't get rid of her. This is not the books fault. Remember the title is "How to make ANYONE fall in Love with you" this includes rageaholics, and dependant people as well as white collar professionals and successful people, use this love potion sparingly! Excellent book I would highly recommend it....more info
  • Don't Be Single Without It
    Many well-educated experts can't get their information across to the average person, because their writing style is more effective as a sleeping pill than a self-help manual. Leil Lowndes does the seemingly impossible in this book-she intertwines behavioral studies in a fun-to-read book. Nodding off is never an option, as she takes you on the exciting journey of capturing your quarry. And unlike some "experts" who only deal from their own personal experience, Ms. Lowndes constantly cites unbiased studies to back her claims.

    As an author and an avid reader, I love her use of language. "Hunters and Huntresses pursuing pedigreed prey should move differently from those stalking a wild cat. The polo-and-port set has a very different body language from the bowling-and-beer crowd." Her ability to paint a vivid picture and her use of alliteration makes her as much an expert with the English language as she is with relationships. As a dating expert myself, I am giving her the highest compliment when I say that hers is the best dating book on the market (aside from mine, of course!).

    Bottom Line-don't be single without it!...more info

  • why you fall in love
    I read this book because I fell in love with someone 10 years ago when I was married and because I was married I did nothing about it. I could never figure out why I still was in love. I have been divorced two years and I can't seem to find anyone else. SO I bought this book and I discovered why I feel the way I do. I did every thing in this book with out knowing any thing about the process Of falling in love- this book showed me WHY! I feel the way I do after all these years. This book should be rewritten for the married and lost in love. The information is right on....more info
  • Excellent Book, Extremely Helpful
    Upon reading this book, I felt more confident about myself in situations with the opposite sex. Lowndes gives excellent advice to both men and women regarding the most important details of attracting the object of your affection. The book is also layed out in an easy to read format. After Lowndes gives one of her suggestions, there is a grey box summarizing it. Therefore, if you need a quick refresher after you have read the book, or need some advice but don't have the time to read it all at this point in time, you can skim through the boxes and get the basic ideas. The ideas she suggested were so captivating to me, that I just wanted to read more, and get the next idea I can use to win over the object of my affection. I would recommend this book to anyone who either wants to know how to treat the opposite sex, but also wants to feel better about themselves as well....more info
  • Enjoyed reading this book
    Some interesting thoughts. A fun book to read....more info
  • Nice Read!
    This book offers some interesting takes on love, mating and dating. I found many of the concepts refreshing and the book made me contemplate the why's and how's people are attracted to certain people. It is one of my favorites along with the classic Stumbling Naked in the Dark by Bradley Fenton. Enjoy!...more info
  • Liked it but didnt love it.
    I thought this book covered a lot of wonderful material that most men (and women too) don't consider when they are interested in having a relationship.

    However, I was a bit disappointed when the author seemed to imply that you could fake emotions or interest in someone just to attract them.

    I'd also suggest The RoMANtic's Guide by Michael Webb for some really creative and fun ideas on attracting (and keeping) a relationship with romance. It is not stuff you typically find in books like that....more info

  • Helpful...
    I think that this is a great book to use in ensuring that you are putting your best foot forward and to avoid crossed signals. I do NOT care for the insinuations that you (the "Hunter" or "Huntress" as Leil Lowndes calls you) should try to manipulate someone into loving you, for example by faking laughter when your "quarry" makes a joke. (I don't even think most people are good enough actors/actresses to pull that off). I found this book to be at its best in highlighting some general differences between men and women that lead to misunderstandings or dissapointment and giving you tips to avoid these results. For example, in dicussing differences in sexaul expectations and desires, there is a great chart showing the differences between male and female-targeted porn.

    Many of Leil's tips could be used by someone already in a relationship to help keep the relationship stay on track.

    Much as I liked this book, I am only giving it 4 stars--mainly because I think it encourages the reader to try to manipulative. Aside from being morally repugnant, I really think that if you are after a stable, long-term relationship manipulative behavior is not constructive in reaching your goal. Also, if your quarry/significant other becomes aware that you read or are reading this book, many of your actions, however well-intentioned will be subject to suspicion.

    A book that I would recommend over this one is _What Women Want_ by Larry Stains. If you are just buying one book of this genre, that is the one to get. Still, I found this book to be worth the money that I spent on it, and better than _How to Succeed with Women_ which I did not find very helpful at all....more info

  • Better the second time around, great read
    I've had this book for over a year. I've actually had it in the 'to-get-rid-of-pile.' Maybe I wasn't in the right place when I first got the book. It's one of those books you should read before and again while 'dating,' as a refresher. At the moment, it's a work in progress, I'm trying out her techniques on an unsuspecting male. It's very interesting to understand the inner workings of the human mind and how little it takes to change the course of one's future. At any rate, it is very entertaining, helpful and hopefully, will work! It is a must read for males and females alike....more info
  • The best How To... book out there
    Very well organized and written, this book is an easy and entertaining read. It is very useful in isolating the simple technics we already know and using them more conscientiously and efficiently. I have read many books on the subject of what to do and what not to do to get a man/woman, and this is by far the best. Money and time well worth it!...more info
  • Engrossing bible for romance newbies
    I purchased "How to Make Anyone..." over Amazon last year. After a speedy delivery, I got around to poring over the powerful contents. The author's approach cuts straight to the crux and lays down not mere theory, but hard-core application. In contrast to most other works which are wordy and boring to read, Leil's offering is acutely informative AND humorous. This certainly helps retention AND makes the practice of her system an enjoyable game.

    I've read over 20 books on this subject, and written a few myself. I can still attest that this book goes beyond most of them. You'll immediately find it worth your time once you get past the table of contents.

    Cheers!...more info

  • Manipulate your message, not your partner!
    There's a wealth of good plain sense in this book, a rare quality that has a lot of people screaming in anger and giving it one-star reviews. The techniques described will dramatically increase your chances of attracting a mate, and some of them are downright essential. (Those are the ones that successful lovers dismiss as 'elementary' or 'simplistic'. Not everybody knows these things!)

    Is it manipulative? You can use it that way. But there's nothing manipulative about showing someone that you find them attractive, or trying to display your best qualities -- not the ones you like, but the ones they'll be most interested in. You do the same at a job interview, and finding a life partner is a far more important and serious business than finding a job. The fact is that people are not born with the knowledge of how to start up a romantic relationship, and not all of us were the high-school jocks and prom queens who had all the chances to learn it early in life.

    Let's be clear about this. Leil Lowndes' techniques ARE manipulative, but it's not your intended lover who's being manipulated . . . it's your own mind, and how you project your emotions. If you are attracted to someone but fear rejection, they will pick up on the fear but not the attraction. It takes skill and know-how to present yourself so that the attraction shows and the fear is muted. Movie directors know the maxim, 'Don't cast one to play one.' Leading men and leading ladies in romantic movies don't necessarily have the hots for one another . . . but they know how to act so that the audience will be convinced. To succeed at romance, you have to do what will convince your audience. The techniques in this book will be an important part of your repertoire....more info