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Made from comfortable spun silk, our sturdy, ultra-light, under-the-pants moneybelt and neck wallet is your best guarantee against pickpocket theft, Its soft elastic strap/neck cord adjusts to your unique shape and the slim, strong buckle makes it easy to clip on and off, The main zippered compartment features a moisture barrier liner and the second zipper reveals two easy access compartments: one for your cash and one for your credit/debit cards, Rick Steves line of travel luggage and accessories is designed to be practical, durable and light weight - ideal for the frequent traveler, whether for Europe or cross-country, Each items' "Rick tested" features work to make every trip smoother and more enjoyable

  • Made from comfortable spun silk, our sturdy, ultra-light, under-the-pants moneybelt and neck wallet is your best guarantee against pickpocket theft
  • Its soft elastic strap/neck cord adjusts to your unique shape and the slim, strong buckle makes it easy to clip on and off
  • The main zippered compartment features a moisture barrier liner and the second zipper reveals two easy access compartments: one for your cash and one for your credit/debit cards
  • Rick Steves line of travel luggage and accessories is designed to be practical, durable and light weight - ideal for the frequent traveler, whether for Europe or cross-country
  • Each items' "Rick tested" features work to make every trip smoother and more enjoyable

Customer Reviews:

  • Moderate usefulness
    This is a good product if you're traveling to a place with high crime and are not very aware of your surroundings. I'm a little paranoid when traveling though. I assume everyone is a criminal waiting to rob so I'm always aware of what's going on around me. I used this thing for a few days during a month of travel in Europe then it spent the remaining 3 1/2 weeks in the bottom of my bag. With the use of ATMs and credit cards, there is no need to carry large sums of cash. My passport was secured in my camera bag, which never left my side, so no worry of losing that.
    Build quality on the item is pretty good however for those people looking to buy it. Embarrassment factor is extremely high when you get fined for having improper tickets on the European train system and you have to reach into your money belt for extra cash to pay the fine. ...more info
  • great item for a traveler
    I bought this item last year for my travel around Asia. I heard about how travelers were prime targets of pick pockets and I wanted some protection. I placed my passport and large cash denominations in the money belt. I didn't get anything stolen. But wearing the belt gave me piece of mind so that I could actually enjoy myself. I still recommend carrying a wallet with you and putting a day's worth of cash in it. Then you won't have to reach into your money belt and give away your secret. Also, if you get mugged, hopefully they'll be satisfied with the wallet and leave you alone. ...more info
  • disappointed
    We love Rick Steves books. The best investment for traveling. We thought his travel products would be just as great... We bought two money belts, one for each my husband and myself. The elastic is long which allows you to cut it to fit. My husband cut his to fit his 34" waist. The buckle/ clasp broke the first time he wore it! Because I had options for carrying my belongings, he replaced the broken buckle with the buckle from the unused second belt. It broke as well! He ended up rigging the thing up with a lanyard from his convention name badge. This make-shift solution held up for the remainder of our three week trip. On the positive side, the silk was comfortable and the compartments were perfect for travel documents and money. Just replace the buckle and it is a pretty good product!...more info
  • Adequate
    I will be using it shortly. It did take very long to recieve (over a week)....more info
  • product is as good as advertised
    I have bought it but haven't used it yet I intend to because I have been advised to do so We will be traveling around Italy on our own by rented car so we have to rely on ourselves. It will only protect your money passport etc from pickpockets not from thieves that mug you they probably Know where to look for your money. Keep some money handy in your pocket or purse not only for your convenience but as a decoy. ...more info
  • A must have for the traveler
    I recently came back from a trip from Ireland and with the use of this money belt, it was probably one of the most useful items and perfect for protection without worrying about being pickpocketed or any money/important document being taken away. Prior to this, I had no idea that money belts were even out there and then I came across this silk money belt, just in time for my trip to Ireland The separate pockets were very convenient to separate the dollars and euros and small change as well and any card sized item in the bottom pocket on the lower part of the belt. I highly recommend it for the overall traveler. ...more info
  • Almost Perfect Money Belt
    I bought this money belt for a two-week trip to India last month. I wore it everyday at my waist in the front. While the belt was too long, the money belt itself was light and created no bulk underneath my clothing.
    ...more info
  • Good product
    I used this recently and found it to be comfortable, durable and the plastic insert kept money and passport dry. Washed it a couple of times and it dries quickly for wearing the next day. ...more info
  • Useful, but slimy
    In theory, this is a fantastic product... it's light, it's unobtrusive, it has pockets to separate your cash and credit cards, it comes with a plastic sleeve to protect your money from getting wet...

    This might have been my first clue. As other reviewers have stated, the first order of business is to trim down the excess strap to your size. Once that is done, it's not too bad, as long as you remember to keep out enough cash to spend for the day - especially if you wear it on your lower back where it's most comfortable, it's difficult to get in and out of without drawing a ton of attention to yourself. I struggled with the credit card issue, and finally ended up keeping one out, buried in a zip pocket in my pants... I decided I'd rather have it stolen then be trying to get in and out of a money belt in crowded stores.

    It did it's job in terms of keeping our passports safe, as well as our excess cash. Unfortunately, these little guys get VERY nasty VERY quickly. Within 2 days, it smelled like a dead animal, and on more than one occasion, I placed our passports on the wrong side of the protective plastic sleeve, and they actually started to get warped and damp from the sweat. It was kind of gross, and a bit embarrassing handing that to the immigration people. I finally started washing it every night in the sink, which helped with the smell, but didn't stop it from getting filthy by the end of the day.

    In summary, for our 2 week jaunt through Europe, this helped me feel very secure about our passports, and as far as money belts go, it did what it was supposed to do. However, be prepared for a gamey experience when you take it off at night, and unless you want to be blatantly obvious that you have the thing, keep out whatever you'll need for the day, and keep this guy on your lower back while you travel around....more info
  • Great money belt!
    This is the best money belt for the price. The best features are that it is very lightweight and has plenty of room to keep money, passports and tickets. It wraps easily around your waist and conforms to your movements--not restrictive at all. Because it is made of silk, it washes and dries very quickly. Perfect for traveling. You will not be disappointed....more info
  • Not good for wearing on hot days
    I used this product during a trip to India. The belt provided is too long. I had to have the excess belt rolled up and this made it rather uncomfortable. The bigger issue however is that there is a plastic liner but it is not sealed so this is not an ideal product for hot days - many of which I encountered in India. Having the belt so close to your body means that sweat will get on the product. I thought the plastic liner would protect the money and passport copies I had place in it but was surprised to find that since the liner is not sealed (ie, zip lock or some other enclosure) excessive sweat will get inside the liner. After a few days of finding soaked money and copies, I stopped using the product. ...more info
  • Very Comfortable
    Item was delivered fast and in excellent condition. It's very comfortable and lite to wear and there are enough compartments to fit all of my important travel documents. Great product....more info
  • Suitable for its purpose.
    Very simple and comfortable as a hidden belt should be. Main pocket should be a little larger, with plastic removable pouch/liner that is very practicle. 2 front small pockets are only good for money or maybe ID, as they are too small for anything else. Overall, good product, much better than other nylon crap....more info
  • Functional money belt that never let me down
    Recently used this in Europe for 10 days and it was very useful. First off, the weather was hot, mid 80s during the day and the belt didn't really add to my body heat (which was good). Though once it reached in the low 90s and I did sweat a little into it. However, for the most part, I didn't really notice the the belt at all once I had it on. It was pretty comfortable and most importantly, the snap on buckle never gave way or came loose. I've heard some other belts have that issue.

    The design is functional enough. Its very light and the silk material makes it soft. The nude color helps conceal it even through thin linen shirts. There are two zippered compartments. The back one fits passport, bills, tickets, etc. It also has a soft plastic divider which I suppose can be used to partially shield your valuables from light rain (but it is not waterproof for swimming). The front compartment can likewise fit bills but not much wider than that. It is subdivided into two smaller pockets, which is helpful- I used one to hold tokens for transit and another general coins. Also, I could tighten it enough to not move around on my waist, but not so tight that it caused me any discomfort.

    I agree one setback is that the strap is so long that i needed to twine it around itself it to not stick out of the bottom of my shirt. But that can easily be remedied by just cutting the excess strap off with a scissors....more info
  • Comfortable and useful
    Throughout my 2-week trip through England and Italy, this silk money belt got the job done. It was very hot during this August trip and the silk was neither irritating nor uncomfortable to wear. The slim design functioned as described and I do not have any negative comments about the product or the delivery. Thank you....more info
  • I traveled Europe alone, this helped me feel safer.
    The money belt is a great concept, it was very usful, it was easy to conseal, and could hold all of my important documents. This was absolutely important for me to feel safe, and at no point did have have to wonder about passports,train tickets, credit cards and such. Few things would caution, it is that if you are traveling in warmer climates, it may be uncomfortable to wear, because of sweating, and the silk sticks to your skin. Due to this the belt may have to be washed a few times during the trip.The belt does come with a plastic inside pouch, but i found that the plastic got crumpled easily, from sitting. Although, it does help keep the important stuff from getting wet and damaged. Another warning is that the elastic waste, is a bit of cheap material, and i found that it wore itself down quite a bit during my trip. I may be only have one more use out of it , before i have to replace it. I suggest perhaps finding a belt with a better material to go around the waste. However, for sure the concept is the best for safe travels. ...more info
  • convenient in a pinch
    I bought this "just in case" for my recent trip to Europe. Only used it one time but it came in handy.I used it one day when going to the beach by myself. I never like to leave my belongings on the beach anywhere, so I ended up putting on my money belt. I have a little swim dress and just slipped the belt on underneath. I only had my hotel key card and some Euro coins in it but it worked out great while I went for a swim in the Mediterranean. I let it dry overnight and it was no worse for the wear. ...more info
  • Great little belt
    I have never travelled internationally or thought i had a need for a money belt, so this concept was new to me. my main criteria were price and comfort and i believe this product met my criteria. i wore it probably 10 times and after putting it on, i forgot it was there until i took it off at night. accessing it in public was a little goofy as you had to expose your belly a little and it was a bit of a production to unbutton a few shirt buttons, expose the zipper and take out stuff, but it wasn't too bad. it has room for a bunch of paper money, your passport, a few credit cards, maybe a few plane/rail tix - not tons of room, but enough for the important stuff. i think the product does what it was designed to do well, however, if i were to do it again, i might opt for a neck walley - maybe one could fit a few more things (probably not really necessary) and seems more accessible and easier to put on in the morning. when you went to use the bathroom, it might get in the way a tiny bit but not big deal. if i do more travelling, i will consider the neck bag as a potential new purchase....more info
  • Great product....wonder about the elastic
    Works as promised. I took it on a long trip, and kept my cash in it. The only problems is the elastic waistband, which seems a little flimsy to me, and I wonder if it will maintain tension after a few uses. ...more info
  • Ok...but not great!
    I went on a cruise and bought this to keep with me at all times. It definately has pro's and cons
    Keeps your things concealed
    keeps your hand free (no lugging around a purse

    Doesn't stay in place
    you get sweaty in the place that it's at
    really flimsy...one week of wear is all it has in it!
    the band is way too long....more info
  • Not for everyone
    I brought this money belt with me to China recently and only used it for two days. It was helpful on the "sleeper" (overnight) buses where theft often occurs, but it wasn't particularly comfortable to wear during the day. First, the waist belt was extremely long and would not tighten enough to fit my waist well. I'm an average-sized girl in my 20s, and when I adjusted it to fit my waist, there was almost a foot of leftover strap that dangled unpleasantly (I had to use a binder clip to keep the leftover strap secure). Second, the belt was constantly shifting. I would suddenly find it up to my stomach rather than on my waist. This became quite annoying to me (especially when having to use the restroom), so I gave up and simply carried my passport in my purse (which I clutched tightly).

    The money belt was quite nice in terms of size and the material was comfortable, but note that it does not work well with everyone's body type....more info
  • Can you put a pricetag on added security?
    Whether or not one of these belts is necessary is everyone's own opinion, but if you are afraid of being pick-pocketed (or mugged), then pick one of these up. Material is comfortable and light. The "plastic sleeve" inside is a great idea, but mine "bunched up" after only a few days and it never really got back to normal. However, if you want to be safe, definitely grab one of these and you won't regret it....more info
  • Good for carrying money
    I found this money belt extremely helpful on my recent trip to a third world country known for it's hustlers and pick-pocketers.

    The following are my thoughts to help in your decision

    --made it easy to consolidate all my currencies, passport and important documents
    --barely felt it after a hour of wearing it
    --soft and lightweight

    --the plastic sheath inside is very flimsy and got all wrinkled and cannot be straightened
    --sort of flimsy, uncertain how long it will last. (only use it for 1 week and already seeing signs of wear)

    ...more info
  • Great product
    Great money belt. Everyone should have one for traveling. It is lightweight, well-made and arrived as promised....more info
  • excellent belt. definetly will continue to use it on future travels.
    Used this in Italy. Kept our cash and passports in it. Has a waterproof plastic pouch inside. It rained really hard one day in Rome, and surprisingly nothing got wet. I will definetly use this on future travels....more info
  • A "must have" for foreign travel!
    This money belt is just the right size for your passport, cash, etc. without being too bulky. Lightweight and easy to wear while protecting your valuables when traveling. I bought 2 of these for gifts and liked them so well that I bought 2 more for my husband and me. They are also reasonably priced....more info
  • Great deal and so soft, too
    Got the two of these I ordered today (thanks Amazon Prime!). I love them. They will be perfect for my upcoming trip to Ireland. I had been in the market for a 'fanny pack' and came across these. Although the fanny pack might be good for miscellaneous things, I like the fact that these are waterproof and light and can be worn under clothes (so if anyone stole my pack or my pocketbook, I would have my money and passport hidden). I am very pleased indeed with this purchase....more info
  • Good solid product
    Purchased the money belt for a trip to china. I guess success is not having anything stolen, so far, so good. It has plenty of room for lots of cash, and other docs. I thought it would be a bit uncomfortable, but i actually forgot about it, even on planes when we were sitting for long periods of time.

    it feels solid, and since it's worn under the clothes, was very secure....more info
  • Comfortable Belt
    I have not had an opportunity to use this belt traveling yet, but I did try it on and am excited to use it. The strap feels very comfortable, fabric is very soft and I feel I should be able to put a lot of items in it without much problem. I was unexpectedly surprised to find out that there is a clear piece of plastic in it, so that when I sweat, the items will not get wet. Looking forward to using it. . . . . ...more info
  • So comfortable I forgot I was wearing it...
    I bought this a few months ago, and since then, I've used it on two vacations. It is very comfortable, and I really couldn't tell I had it on. On a few occasions, I patted my tummy to make sure it was still there.

    I especially like that it has two separate zipper pockets. I looked at several different brands on these before I bought, and Amazon definitely had the best price for the silk belt. Most places wanted just as much, or more, for a polyester best...can you say sweaty? Ick.

    For those who might be wondering, this has a really long belt. Great for plus size people. But for those skinny folks out there, just grab a pair of scissors and trim it off, since the elastic belt isn't hemmed anyway. ...more info