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Grand Theft Auto IV Special Edition
List Price: $69.99

Our Price: $58.49

You Save: $11.50 (16%)


  • Carry on the Grand Theft Auto tradition playing through the single player campaign as Niko Bellic
  • Get cars and other modes of transportation anyway you can
  • Interact with various colorful characters who give you various missions to engage in
  • Engage in multiplayer challenges ranging from cover matches to shoot-outs
  • Game Rated 'M' due to Intense Violence, Blood, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, Partial Nudity, Use of Drugs and Alcohol

Customer Reviews:

  • A Lot of Nothing--The Best Part is the Duffel
    This game is just like all the other Grand Theft Autos, and the graphics are not where they should be for a PS3 game. The story is simple, which would be fine if it wasn't so complicated to progress....more info
  • Where's my game?
    I preordered the game about 2 months ago. The day it comes out i get a email from amazon, sayin they are having trouble charging my card. Why would they wait till the day the game comes out to tell me this! I've been patiently waiting for 2 months, and people that just ordered it the day before, got it the next day. Now I have to wait untill May, 12 to get it. I'm letting Amazon go on this one since its Grand Theft Auto 4, next time I wont be so nice....more info
  • A Lot of Different Things All in One
    I thought the license plate, duffel bag, and metal security box w/ key (and a rockstar key chain) were a nice touch.

    Gameplay: The menus are very handy, to include the first menu which has a map that you can set waypoints, which in turn create GPS driving directions on your small in-game map.
    The cell phone does everything. You'll receive calls, texts, etc. You can change your ringtone, etc. It's also your connection to get online for multiplayer.
    The fighting system has been improved. I like being able to seek cover and blind fire if need be.
    Last night I had fun just playing pool and darts. These mini games are available at different locations.
    I'm definitely going to have fun just exploring, etc. while working though the missions.

    There were reports of the Online Community/Multiplayer being down. And yesterday (30 Apr 08) when the Online was still down I was getting the feeling it might take a while to fix, but when I came back from dinner it looks like they've got it back up and running. A def. plus.

    There is a lot of freedom in this game. The random people on the street actually react to your actions. A rando dropped a cigarette, so I picked it up, still lit.

    Driving and walking takes some getting used to, but fighting is pretty straight forward, lock on to your opponent and then dodge, kick, punch or jab if you're unarmed. If you're packing, well that's a different story.

    There's a lot of detail in this game to include lighting and the environment. Your car takes damage depending upon what you hit and where. Or when bullets hit it...

    I'm definitely going to have fun playing around with all the crazy details, mini-games, and exploring the city, which is so massive it's going to take a long time to visit the entire thing....more info
  • Best PS3 game.
    Best PS3 game. thats all i will say. you have to experience it to believe....more info
  • Review of the Special Edition Items
    This is for people still deciding between the regular and special editions.
    I have over 15 special edition games in my collection. I have never seen a special edition as elaborate as this. For an extra thirty you get a wide variety of quality bonuses.

    First thing you will realize is that it is a large, heavy box. Slide off the cardboard box and inside is the safety deposit box. This box is sturdy and has a decent amount of room. I would not say use this thing as a safe, but it is nice to store things in. It come with two keys.

    The art book is probably the nicest surprise in here. It contains some incredible production art for the game. It is a 30 page (or so) hardcover book. Not a pamphlet like I was expecting. The quality of this thing is amazing. For me it was worth the extra thirty alone.

    The soundtrack was the reason I got the special edition. I thought I would like a lot of the songs on there. I did enjoy most of them, but likely not all the songs will fit your tastes. Either way nice bonus. I would think they would release a more complete version down the line.

    You also get a Rockstar logo keychain which is nice.

    It also contains a duffel bag. It is a surprisingly good size. If you travel often you may be able to put this to good use. It is also good if you go to a gym often.

    Of course you also get the game which is the most important thing of all.

    If you feel burned by previous limited editions there is little to fear here. This is a great deal for collectors and grand theft auto lovers alike....more info
  • A great game, but repetitive
    Overall story is well written and unfolds very well within the game. However I find that the repetitive structure of the missions and keeping your friends "happy" can get old later on in the game.

    Overall, it is worth playing and the best in the series that I have played thus far.

    The bonus items were an added treat to this game. ...more info
  • best ps3 until mgs and more controllable
    i played this game on my ps3 and i switched backed to classic controller and it played best value on original controller .i played it on the 360 and it was running at garbage controlling my friend had got pissed because he complained about the driving...he was very pissed and never knew the controling on ps3 will be so much better microsoft son of b#$%^ controller....more info
  • I never received the game
    I never received the game and I dont know where to call they already charge to my account ...more info
  • The Best Game To Come Out In The Last Decade!!!!!
    I was personally shocked when I first played this game. I knew this game was going to be amazing but I didn't know that so far it is one of my favorite games of all time. This first thing to grab my attention was the level of detailed realism in the game. The car crashes, the guns, the character apperances, the mini games, everything are perfect. The biggest fixes in the game that hands down win over the game to me are the lighting effects and new and improved aiming system. The lighting in the game has gone over a dramatic makeover and makes the game look beautiful. Instead of two settings light and dark you can tell the differences in light throught the gaming time while playing. The sun will gradually change and the effects it has on the shadows and glare on everything in the game is amazing. The aiming system is hands down the best in the series and is very similar to Gears Of War. COVER is now a must have in combat. There are some close range issues with the aiming system though but overall it is perfect. The next best thing is the story and characters in the game. The story is hands down the best in the series and the animations of the characters for such an in- depth game are gorgeous. Your running is more realistic the way the crowd reacts, and the intelligence of the local LCPD is incredable. The police are extremely smart and deadly increasing the level of difficulty in a new "What the hell do I do now to escape the pigs chasing me way". Overall the police are now incredibly smart and you'll need to think twice on what to do. The game is overall to perfect to describe in words on what you can do with up to the 35-40 hours of game play it offers and the best multiplayer i've played this year. This game is a deffinit by for video fan-boys or not and is worth every penny. This is deffinitley a candidate for GAME OF THE YEAR....more info
  • Best PS3 Game
    This game is awesome. It is the most realistic GTA game! The Special Edition is definetely worth the extra 30 dollars. My favorite additions are the safety deposit box and the duffel bag....more info
  • My eyes are bloodshot, my hands hurt, and I can't walk away.
    This is the best game that I have EVER played. I have been a fan of the GTA series since part 2, and I never thought that they would progress as they have. The game is so much fun with a compelling single player storline, and then you are also given the option of jumping into multplayer, which is stunning. I could not have asked for more. My only complaint is that they released the game the same week as my finals, so theres no chance of me studying. lol. Great job Rockstar....more info
  • For the true GTA IV fans, this is the ONLY version.
    This review will just be on the extra goodies that came included with the Special Edition.

    Firstly, I was quite pleased with's added bonus for pre-ordering this version: Maybe I wasn't the first person on my block to get a copy, but I am the only person with a Liberty City license plate!

    The safe deposit box is very sturdy, with the GTA IV logo impressed on the top of the box. While I like having the keychain and keys for it, I can't see myself using the keychain - the huge star on the end of it would hurt like hell if I had it in my pocket!

    The CD is more of a sampler than anything else - as with previous Grand Theft Auto titles, the full soundtrack won't be out for a while.

    It has the following tracks:
    Michael Hunter - "Soviet Connection (Theme from Grand Theft Auto IV)"
    Mobb Deep featuring Havoc & Prodigy from H.N.I.C. Part 2 Sessions - "Dirty New Yorker"
    The Rapture - "No Sex For Ben"
    Munga - "No Fraid A"
    Busta Rhymes - "Where's My Money"
    C.J. - "I Want You"
    Joe Walsh - "Rocky Mountain Way"
    Bob Marley & the Wailers and Damian Marley - "Stand Up Jamrock"
    Seryoga - "Liberty City: The Invasion"
    Greenskeepers - "Vagabond"
    Electrik Funk - "On A Journey"
    Qadir - "Nickname"
    David Axelrod - "Holy Thursday"
    Nas - "War Is Necessary"
    Fela Kuti - "Zombie"
    Global Communication - "Maiden Voyage"

    Both the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - Box Set and the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Box Set are welcome additions to my musical library, We'll just have to wait a while for GTA IV's box set to arrive.

    The duffel bag? Well, it's a duffel bag with a Rockstar logo on it. Not much else to say on that one.

    But what's the best reason to get this version?

    "The Art of Grand Theft Auto IV". This 36-page book shows us all kinds of scenery from the game: Characters, weaponry, clothes, enviroments, the animation process, and much more.
    My favorite segment in the book is from the art director of Grand Theft Auto IV, Aaron Garbut. He gives his own thoughts on the difficulty and sense of pride in creating a fully functioning, living, breathing, and interative city. From the cigarette butt dropped on the ground to the changing of daylight to dusk, we have untold areas to explore for days, weeks, maybe even months.

    And of course, the game itself is FANTASTIC. I haven't had any of the reported problems with freezing during the intro movie or other cutscenes, so I'll consider myself lucky there. With a game this popular, I'm sure a fix will be along soon.

    If you can get your hands on this version, I'd highly recommend it. As for me, I'll be preordering the Grand Theft Auto IV soundtrack boxed set when it becomes available.

    Welcome to Liberty City!...more info
  • Welcome to Liberty City**Special Edition Review
    Niko is new to America. Brought by hopes and promises of his cousin Roman about how wealthy he is. Unfortunately for Niko he quickly finds the stories to be lies. Grand Theft Auto IV starts as others in the series with an anti-hero. Getting involved in doing the wrong things is all to easy in this game. From the very get go you are learning that living the American life can be difficult and in order to get your story going you must break the law. For the most part Niko doesn't have a problem with this since he has become raw after being a soldier in war.

    GTA IV has probably one of the darkest stories so far in the series. This is not the type of game you will play and comment on how cheerful the story is. For those of you who have played previous GTA games you will notice many similarities. From the gameplay mechanics to the story line. Although people who are new to the GTA series will find how simple the learning curve really is in this game. The game gives you an incredible amount of tutorials and guides you thru your first several missions making things easy to understand. Most features in this game are simple to understand and keep this game from getting over anyones learning curve.

    What has made the Grand Theft Auto series so superb is the story telling. Excellent voice acting with intense and exciting missions make GTA IV a true winner. From the first moment on you will notice that you aren't really playing a game as much as taking part in an intense crime drama. Think Sopranos from the former Soviet Union. The game is mission based and gives you the ability to choose what you want to do at any given point. You meet numerous characters who are all about committing crimes and they give you certain jobs. Of course these jobs increase your reputation and help progress you thru the story. Along the way you will find numerous characters. Some you will like and others you will probably want to get rid of yourself.

    This game has further evolved ideas from previous GTA games. Niko can not only date one woman at a time but several. It's really up to you. Just remember how in real life this can be time consuming it can also be in a game. You will have woman calling and texting you if you ignore them to long. Then comes taking them out for dates. Each woman has different tastes and interests and it's up to you to know where to take them. Some of the activities can actually be fun like playing darts or pool as these mini games do have learning curves. The girl you are with will respond to your success or failure at these games. Obviously there are numerous other activities in wonderful Liberty City. Also it's important for Niko to accessorize and finding the best clothing to wear is important. Image is everything as as you progress you get access to better clothes. The car mechanics have improved in this game but don't expect to have similar handling to a racing game. What is cool to look at is the amazing detail they have put into the car damage. Every little ding makes an impact on the car you are in. Lastly is the music selection. An incredible 200 songs are available in Liberty City to listen to on the radio. Numerous radio stations including the talk ones belt out hit songs and comedic advertisements. Niko even has the ability to watch t.v. They covered every detail in this game and it shows.

    As if a single player mode that will take you 30 to 40 hours to beat is not enough there is also online multiplayer. Yes you and 15 others can play on the beautiful streets of Liberty City. The multiplayer is truly open ended for your enjoyment. Several game modes plus the ability to create your own multiplayer. You can also invite seven friends to take on eight others. It's easy to say this game will be enjoyed for months on end.

    It's easy to be impressed by Liberty City. It's as close to New York City as any game has ever got. From the pedestrians that make up the neighborhood to the realistic design of the buildings. The weather changes and the days progress realistically. This is one of those games where you can just take it in and enjoy the scenery. In Grand Theft Auto you have the freedom to do what you want. This game is intended for adults. The language and content can be mature most of the time. Although that is at a parents discretion. I wouldn't suggest this game for everyone. Although I would suggest it for those who have enjoyed previous Grand Theft Auto games. I would also suggest it for those who enjoy mafia or crime movies. This game will have you sitting back and enjoying the incredible story. Just don't forget that it's your story to play.

    **Now for those of you asking. Is the special edition good for you??? If you are a GTA diehard fan I would say yes. If you enjoy getting extras for extra money I would say yes. The Special Edition comes with a mediocre soundtrack album featuring songs you may have never heard before. You also get a good quality lock box with a duffle bag. In the box is a rockstar key chain. I now own this stuff. It's nice but I don't think it's of the best value....more info
  • great game until the save function started too play up
    The games great but after only one week of owning it the save function started too play up. And while i was getting too a good point in the game and the out of no where i have too goo right back too the beggining of the game again. Im not disrespecting the game because it is a awsome game and the special edition package is awsome too. Its just Amazon sold me a bad copy. So while I could be getting further into grandtheft auto 4. Im getting further into Call of Duty 4 witch i bought from amazon also no problems on that one....more info
  • this games effing awesome
    when i got this i've played it nonstop for like a week, and i still do just not nonstop. but its too bad you don't get to fly planes and have a whole variety of weapons to choose from. and NO TANK so no more going crazy. but its fun...more info
  • best game of the year!!
    this game is awesome - it's violent but that is well known. you will enjoy this game.......more info
  • Lighting is too dark even for a LCD/Plasma also very much Overkilled Graphics.
    The Game is too Perfect, too perfect. The lighting een for a LCD or plasma is horrible. Some missions are too hard. The online play is great. you can't operate a Train in this one. only catch one. you can't operate the only plane a 747 I guess thats obvious. Only Helicopters. no bicycle.
    The story line is weak. and San Andreas is Way Bigger. Sure miss the Old Gta Days. Oh well. at least its not A BAD GAME....more info
  • amazing city, tedious missions
    overall this game is a 10, but the missions all seem the same at points, I loved the story and apperently there are different endings so you can play through multiple times, the gun play has been upgraded heavily from the other gta's and the action is more intense, the car chases also seem much more intense and the rag doll effects of people make for some humorous situations while driving I guess you could say, in a month or so I may play through this again....more info
  • Freedom of gameplay
    I can't express my emotions! You should play it yourself. I'm fan of GTA series and it's one of the best games I've ever played. Even more... If you play GTA game for the first time, take GTA4 and be sure you won't be disappointed. ...more info
  • Finally, a Special Edition Worth Buying
    First, I'm not going to review the game because that has been done enough. But I wanted to let everyone know that if you are debating between the Special Edition or regular game, spend the extra $30! The safety deposit box with the GTAIV logo on it is well made and makes a great addition to my desk. Also, the 2 keys that came with it are a nice touch. The duffle bag is made better than the bags you get for free when you buy cologne. The Rockstar key chain medallion is already on my key chain. The art book, while not a coffee table size book is a nice little feature. The only thing I really could have done without is the CD sampler.

    I have bought many special editions before, Lost Planet, Halo 2 & 3 and Devil May Cry 4 and always been disappointed. I had gotten to the point where I said I wouldn't do it again. Now, thanks to GTAIV, I am going to have to start thinking about buying the special editions again, especially Metal Gear Solid 4 Special Edition....more info
  • this game was worth the wait
    I preorder this game from amazon just to get the SE tag it was the first time i did not go to the store and wait in line and guess what i picked 2 day shipping and when i came home from work today (april 29 the day it was released)my girlfriend was already playing it UPS dropped it off at 1 pm today so this was the best choice i made to buy it from amazon their shipping is no joke i will use them again...more info
  • GTA4
    It's on my (and many other people's) top list of best game of the year. The story and game play is fantastic. Definitely not made for the pre teen kids due to the voilence and frequent strip club visits. ...more info
  • After a long wait, GTA4 delivers
    The hype and wait were worth it; GTA IV is awesome in depth and substance. A great story line and cut scenes make this an entertainment experience....more info
  • Supposed to get more, not less in a sequel, methinks...
    First, the Special edition was worth the price I paid ($5 more than the standard) just for the lockbox and gymbag. The game is identical otherwise. Now for my mini review of GTA 4. It's fun and the graphics are quite good (not quite using all the power capabilities of the PS3) and the framerate is better than on my high-end PC version of the game (which I abandoned and will never, ever buy another Rockstar PC release ever). The problem is not what's in the game but what is lacking that has been in the previous titles. Airplanes, for starters are not available to fly. The "world", while definitely much more detailed is smaller and almost cramped compared to GTA 3. The huge and impressive buildings are essentially just scenery as you can't enter but a few select sections. Buying properties is no longer offered, rather you unlock "safehouses" as you progress through the missions. There are no planes! NOT ONE that you can fly!! Maverick helicopter is readily available (and another but not wanting to spoil). No "area 51", no armed bases, I could keep going on and on. The storyline is well done but overall I feel "gipped" with this release. I feel like I'm playing an incomplete game. Rockstar let me down. It was bound to happen....more info
  • one sick game
    although i haven't finished it yet,or played online for that matter,this is a great game..... thhe fact that it takes place in new york and i live in new york makes it even better......i love how niko rages when he's on a killing mission..... i also like how when you fail a mission,you have the option of doing it again via a message on your cell phone..... and other good thing is when you get killed,you don't lose your only cost you a few bucks for a hospital visit..... you DO lose your weapons when you get arrested,so better to get in a shootout with cops and get killed than arrested......the drinving is A LOT harder with new control buttons,but if you press start and go to controller,you can make the controls classic,that's what i did..... ...more info
  • Got more than I bargained for.
    WOW Got the special edition at the same price as the original, and was still in original wrapping. Will use seller again! ...more info
  • Amazingly good graphics
    I was amazed with the graphics of this game. The ease of playing is really good too. I've had a lot of fun with it....more info