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  • Catch and Release
    Great chick flick movie. Jenneifer Garner is good as usual. However, there are moments when the film seems to drag a bit, but overall very entertaining! You get a sense of the characters but there are almost too many to get the depth of who they are....more info
  • Pretty bad sorry to say
    I watched this movie because I'm a Timothy Olyphant fan. My husband and I loved his work in DEADWOOD. And we enjoyed the tv series ALIAS with Garner. However, this film took a long time to get going and then went nowhere and fell flat with a little thud. There was some chemistry with Olyphant and Garner, but it wasn't well-demonstrated. I don't mean to be cruel, but Garner played just about the worst drunk I've ever seen in a movie. That's not her strongpoint. Her wardrobe was hideous. But just getting back to the movie it was not something we'd recommend. We recommended HOLIDAY recently with Cameron Diaz & Kate Winslet - that was adorable. But a couple high points of "CATCH" were Grady's mother coming round at the end and Kevin's character getting together with Juliette Lewis (she WAS great!). As a romantic comedy it was horrible. As a romance it was very so-so. As a drama it was light. I wanted to see something exciting happen with everyone, some windfall of money Grady'd left to all of them, or some sizzling emotional scenes with Olyphant & Garner. Garner does deserve credit for portraying a miss-perfect waspy princess very well. I felt much of the plot was unrealistic. A woman like Gray would never jump into bed with Fritz so fast. ...more info
  • Warm and Wonderful
    This was a wonderful story about love, loss, anger, remorse, forgiveness, and reconciliation.

    Jennifer Garner's fiance dies right before their wedding. She finds out about a couple of huge secrets that he kept from her. She learns to deal with the secrets and their repercussions. She also learns to live, trust, and love again.

    Fabulous movie! I would recommend seeing this movie at least once....more info
  • catch and release
    I had a very good experience purchasing this item. It was delivered timely, the movie plays very well, the price was excellent and it was packaged well. I received it in very good condition for it to be a used copy. ...more info
  • Falls Flat
    I barely made it through this movie. The story contained an endless string of awkward moments with nothing uplifting in between. Well, it tried to be uplifting in places, but fell flat. There was no drama and no successful comedy. The actors gave monotone performances and none of the characters were particularly likeable, especially Jennifer Garner's character. In my humble opinion, watching this movie was, frankly, a waste of time. ...more info
  • It's an "okay" movie
    The movie itself was a little disappointing. I thought all the best scenes were ones I had seen in the ads for the movie. There was nothing else in the movie to attract was blah....more info
  • Catch and Release is a great movie!
    Glad I bought the movie even though I've seen it on TV a dozen times....more info
  • Catch it, then release it; just make sure you catch it first...
    Yes, you heard me right; make sure you catch this movie before letting it go altogether. I had absolutely no expectations going into this movie. Wait, I take that back; I expected to abhor this movie. Judging from the previews I just knew that this would be a huge waste of time. I've never been much of a fan of Jennifer Garner in general, but after watching her beautifully restrained performance in `Juno' I decided that just maybe I should give this film a try. I was still very hesitant but within the first few frames I was hooked.

    The film opens at the funeral for Grady Douglas. Grady is leaving behind friends, family and Gray, his fianc¨¦. Gray, obviously lost and distraught, moves in with Grady's two friends Dennis and Sam, hoping to instill some stability. That transition is made difficult by the presence of Grady's `other' friend Fritz. Gray has never understood Fritz and makes it very obvious that she dislikes him, but soon she realizes that all she thought Fritz was is not the man he truly is and she begins to understand why Grady felt so highly of Fritz.

    The story is a bit uneven and the romance that spawns between Gray and Fritz seems a tad unrealistic, but like I mentioned, this film is still worth `catching'. When a surprise guest arrives in the form of Grady's ex-flame Maureen things get a little sticky but eventually the five (Gray, Fritz, Dennis, Sam and Maureen) find themselves, their real selves, amidst all the turmoil and tragedy.

    Performance wise this movie belongs to Kevin Smith. I know what you're thinking but I'm totally serious. As Sam he is both funny and charming and in the end he has some of the most endearing moments in the film. I was impressed with his performance mostly because it's much more mature than anything you'd expect from him. I love Juliette Lewis and her performance here is her zany self, all over the place yet surprising ly emotionally grounded. The film seems bored with Dennis so Sam Jaeger's performance winds up forgettable. I've always felt that Timothy Olyphant is extremely creepy looking and sadly this takes away from his performance. When he stares at Jennifer it just gives me the creeps. Fiona Shaw has a nice turn here as the Grady's mother. She comes across bitter and cold yet in the end shows a nice layer of emotional purity.

    Garner also delivers nicely here. The script at times trips her character up by giving her arch's that are unbelievable and even in moments unlikable, but Garner manages to waltz through them well. Her performance in `Juno' is still by far her finest acting moment, but this has it's moments as well. The opening scene at the funeral alone is flawlessly done. There is so much genuine emotion in her reaction, so much sincerity within her performance there that I was sucked into the film immediately.

    `Catch and Release' wants us to know that even though we think we know someone we may not really but it's okay. We can survive and, in the end, learning of their mistakes can help us define the person we're meant to become.

    This is far from a perfect film but it's sweet and enjoyable and is bound to make you feel warm inside, and that in itself is worth fishing for....more info
  • Catch & Release
    This movie was terrible, It did not hold my interest, there seemed to be no plot to it.. I was bored and wish I had never bought it. A total waste of my money....more info
  • Good bits, bad bits
    I don't think this movie deserves the very good or very bad reviews.

    I think it lacks a polished ending, some of the characters are not very well filled out (where are Gray's parents? Girl-friends?) & editing is what has killed this movie. Several scenes that possibly wound up on the cutting room floor (the original director's cut was over 3 hours) might have been better in the movie, and vice versa.

    I don't think the central romantic relationship is that unbelievable. Attraction is a strange thing. I also think people who say Gray wouldn't have gone for Fritz perhaps miss the point that ours AND Gray's first impression of him is supposed to be proven to be incorrect. Perhaps a couple of scenes to help us warm to him might have helped?

    All in all I don't think this was a disatrous movie but sadly I think it could have been so much better as the central premise is an interesting one and it had a good cast....more info
  • Film with depth
    Though the studio clearly had no idea how to market this delightful film, it shines amidst more lackluster and formulaic movies. It may not fit into a "comedy" or "drama" category, but the writing and acting portray greater depth - how you can laugh and cry all at once. Showing that life is more that just funny lines or easy love stories, "Catch and Release" offers complex characters and honesty. Beautifully done....more info
  • I loved it!
    The movie was one of those that you might rate a 4 when it's done, but as time goes by you connect a little more with the characters and realize that it was really a good story. The actors would good. I liked it.. I would watch it again for sure....more info
  • It has moments
    A friend recommended this to me and I understand why he liked it. The movie is original in some ways. It shows guys grieving for friends. It shows the community of a small group of friends. It shows humor in very a real way in tragic situations.

    With all that being said, the movie dragged for me. The humor is very understated and doesn't come very often. The romantic relationships are forced and very cliche in the story. None of the characters are all that likeable, although the acting is top notch for the most part.

    The movie just didn't work for me. ...more info
  • Throw It Back!
    **** Warning! Major Spoilers in this Review! ****

    This is the kind of movie that gives romantic comedies a bad name. Each situation in this trite and forgettable piece is contrived to the nth degree. There isn't a moment of genuine emotional honesty in the film. What we get is the director choosing to insert a sappy alt-lite song every five minutes to underline how her characters are feeling. Apparently, all of them are feeling drowsy and folksy, because that is what every soporific musical interlude sounds like.

    The plot starts with Jennifer Garner mourning the passing of her fianc¨¦. We know she's upset because she tells us in a pointless voice-over. Then she runs from the room of mourners to shut herself in the bathroom and get in the tub. Why? Because the writer obviously thought this would be cute somehow. It just comes off as stupid. While in the bathtub, one of her late fianc¨¦'s "friends" comes in with a caterer, and to show his grief, he bangs her on the sink while she repeats "sock it to me" several times. Why? Guess the writer thought this would be quirky and amusing. It's not, just weird and inappropriate and bad writing. This kind of behavior would never in a million years happen at a funeral. As played by Timothy Olyphant, we get no real insight into the character. Timothy appears quite incapable of registering much emotion. Maybe this was a directorial choice, if so, it was a bad one. When Garner reveals herself, they just look at each other like they are trying to figure out why the writer/director even inserted this scene. Failing to find a logical answer, Garner departs. Cue music.

    Garner later moves in with two other friends of her dead hubby-to-be, the underused Sam Jaeger and horribly miscast Kevin Smith. Apparently, there was another directorial/writer choice to have Kevin eating or drinking something in almost every scene he appears in. Morbid obesity is funny isn't it? Naturally Timothy Olyphant moves in for awhile too. His prior actions at the funeral are dismissed because he's from L.A. and works in the entertainment industry. Guess that was supposed to be funny and a dig at the world that unleashed this movie on an unsuspecting public. Garner doesn't believe he cares that his friend died at all, and we, the hapless viewers, are forced to concur after witnessing his every action while in the house. So naturally, because this is a poorly written excuse for a rom-com, Garner ends up in bed with him, accompanied by another musical interlude. What the hell? But it's okay, because it turns out that Tim really is grieving his friend's loss. How do we know? Because the writer has been kind enough to give him a line saying "I miss him too". Great, that explains why he banged a caterer, and then his deceased "friend's" fianc¨¦ a week later. Makes perfect sense to me. Oh, and he's from L.A. of course.

    There are numerous other scenes where characters are unable to talk to one another like real human beings, instead they stare at one another "meaningfully" (or not, with this direction it's difficult to tell), or simply wander off during the pseudo-conversation, while the director cues up another syrupy, breathy voiced soft-rock ballad to show how much each character is hurting. Yecchhh.

    Later in the film, another twist is revealed in the form of massage therapist Juliette Lewis in a blond bimbo wig, with a child. Surprise! The kid may be the late fianc¨¦'s. And let's turn the fianc¨¦'s mom into a villainess (albeit temporarily; remember this is a badly written film, we know she'll come around by the end of the flick for a heartwarming conclusion with more elevator music swelling), who gets to snarl that the child will never see a penny of her late son's money. Grrrrr.

    I felt bad for most of the actors, they can do better. If Jennifer Garner ever gets a good part (let's all try to forget Elektra), she could be on her way to a real career. Sam Jaeger also seems very likable and it would be nice to see him in a better written part. The twist he is involved in late in the film is simply a throwaway that goes absolutely nowhere. The woman playing the mother also has some dignity about her, though the writing tries to crush that. And Juliette Lewis, well, what the hell has happened to her career? Kevin Smith needs to stick to the View Askew universe, he really can't act outside it. It's a real shame that this movie obviously had these talents, and a decent budget, and one good song which plays near the end (Death Cab For Cutie), but couldn't find anything better to do with them.

    The end of the film devolves into a feel good stew of stupidity as Kevin hooks up with Juliette, Jennifer runs to L.A. to hook up with Tim (leaving poor Sam behind, in the real world she would have and should have chosen him), and the mom gives Juliette money because her son would have wanted it that way. Don't slip in my vomit. In more capable hands, this could have been an affecting and honest drama, or a deft black comedy, instead of this mush of misplaced romance and fluctuating tones, all set to music.

    Hopefully this is the last film from this writer director I will ever have to suffer through....more info
  • Cute little movie
    I went into watching this with no idea what to expect. I haven't really seen Jennifer Garner in much of anything (wasn't an Alias fan) but I like Kevin Smith and I think Timothy Olyphant is really cute :) so I decided to give it a chance.

    This is actually a very sweet, heartfelt little movie. It doesn't contain many earth-shattering revelations about the Meaning of Life but it is head and shoulders above most romantic comedies, in my opinion. It does bring up some interesting points in answer to the question, "How well do we really know the people we love?" I thought that Garner's characters' struggles with the aftermath of her fiance's death - the big secret he concealed from her, dealing with her ex-future-mother-in-law, the roommate who blames himself for her fiance's death, the roommate who is in love with her, the friend who was complicit in her fiance's dishonesty who she's now attracted to, the "other woman," etc. - were realistically-portrayed and entertaining to watch.

    Garner was delightful in this role and I thought portrayed the emotions and mental struggles of her character very authentically. Kevin Smith was great - you forget what a good actor he can be because his own movies get so bogged down in substituting volume of dialogue for quality. In this he actually brings a lot of subtle humor and heart to his role, which in his hands would probably have not been handled nearly as deftly. Timothy Olyphant is deliciously sexy and he also brings a lot of subtle light and shading to his role, and plays the romantic hero in a bit of a different way than you usually see. The movie did have some interesting points about how much we blind ourselves to the faults of the people we love. One of my favorite scenes was very near the end, when Gray is talking about a perfect day on the river she shared with her fiance. At the end of the day, driving home, he says he needs to tell her something, and she asks if it will make her happier or less happy. When he says "less happy" she tells him not to tell her. I think we all have a tendency to choose blissful ignorance over painful knowledge where are loved ones are concerned, and can make ourselves be happy with that even when we know we're choosing not to know the whole truth about them.

    All in all, this is not a real "feel-good" picture although the ending is happy. It's not a tortured indie but nor is it a brainless mush of a rom-com that we've all seen a hundred million times. I liked it because it was serious and dealt with tough subjects but was uplifting overall. I hate brainless movies, but I also dislike how depressing many "serious" movies are. I don't need any more reasons to lose faith in my fellow man; if I want to see man's inhumanity to man all I have to do is turn on the evening news. I liked "Catch and Release" because it was not a dumb movie but it was not depressing either. Recommended for cynics like me, who still believe in love at the end of the day. :)...more info
  • One of the Best Kissing Scenes in Film Ever!
    I won't bore you with a summary of the plot, which has already been outlined. I would prefer to highlight how this movie and its aesthetics affected me.

    This movie was tastefully directed and the script was witty and intelligent. The comedy was surprising, in that you didn't expect it. I mean, I knew it was a comedy, but I didn't expect the humor to have such intelligence - each laugh the movie evoked caught me off guard, because I wasn't expecting it. And that's the best kind of humor there is. I laughed and laughed, especially at Sam, who could make a serious situation funny with just the teensiest effort. And Garner's "She's f'in p.o.'d" line was just awesome! And on top of everything else, the cinematography and soundtrack beautifully captured the spirit of the film. This movie is a work of art that captures all your senses - very well put together with wonderful chemistry between the actors.

    And I have a new favorite actor: Timothy Olyphant. I saw him in Hitman, but it took me a while to put it together that this was the same guy. He pulled off the easygoing, comedic peformance in this movie without a hitch, something I wouldn't have seen coming based on his Hitman performance, which was also way-cool! And that kiss! Whoa! Well, I guess I should say "kissES" coz ol' Timothy knows how to add the sizzle and spice more than once in this movie. I mean, I thought the kiss at the end of "The Lake House" was good, but the kissing scene in this movie put Keanu and Sandra to shame! Is it gettin' hot in here or is it just me?

    At any rate, I loved the story, I loved the humor, I loved the romance, I loved everything about this movie. It wasn't a cliche, which was so refreshing. This has become a staple in my movie library. ...more info
  • Bad flick.
    As much as I liked Jennifer Garner in Alias, she couldn't save this movie. Boring, slow-moving plot. Unlikeable characters. Bad dialog. Don't waste your money....more info
  • Please enter a title for your review
    One of the least engaging movies I've ever endured. It's hard to know how to criticize it when I can't see anything it was attempting. The biggest problems are how little of a sense you get of who the characters are to each other and the cryptic way the plot unfolds without containing any interesting mysteries. As a Kevin Smith fan I don't understand why he thought this movie was worth his time. Even his part didn't make me laugh. I'd give four stars to his commentary track that goes a fair way to redeeming the overall product though. ...more info
  • Heartwarming.
    I really enjoyed this movie. I am a Jennifer Garner fan and she plays a great role in this movie. Timothy Olyphant, Sam Jaeger and Kevin Smith are very convincing in their roles as grieving friends even though they share a very odd sort of kinship.

    The movie shows the different ways these individuals grief for their deceased friend and how they emerge on the sunnier side of life at the end of the film via different paths.

    There are some very funny moments in the film but mostly it leaves you with a very warm fuzzy feeling....even the hubby enjoyed it !...more info
  • starts off a little slow
    This movie is a great chic flick! Starts a little slow, but a fun movie in the end!...more info
  • Loved Timothy Olyphant as Fritz
    I liked the movie. The chemistry between Jennfier Garner and Timothy Olyphant is great. I really enjoyed watching Timothy Olyphant. He looks incredibly handsome in this movie. I loved the bad/good boy image he portrayed. He is very sexy, mischievous, sweet, and vulnerable. Sometimes a player and sometimes shy. All in a hot package. The first kiss between Gray and Fritz is amazing.
    Although I loved watching the new couple fall in love, I do think that the scene when Gray got in Fritz's bed was a little rushed. It seemed like she was doing it to get even with her dead fiance. It looked more like rebound than falling in love. I do not feel they really got to know each other. ...more info
  • Cinematherapy
    I really enjoyed this movie - it was a delightful surprise to me. I was afraid that it was going to be dark and depressing but it wasn't that at all. I was entertained from start to finish - never bored. ...more info
  • Utterly Charming
    Timothy Olyphant is my new movieland crush! I loved him in Deadwood and I love him even more in this film. He and Jennifer Garner have great chemistry in this delightful, warm, funny, romantic, well-acted movie. The premise is clever and although there are one or two disjointed scenes, every character contributes to the story in a heartwarming way. Olyphant's nuanced performance is honest and sexy! Yum, yum..... Ladies especially, don't miss this one....more info
  • Boring, bland, and a bit pretentious
    Catch and Release is, in a word, boring. The main plot - a woman learning and coping with the knowledge that her dead fiance is not the man she thought he was - should have been enough meet for a quality writer to carve out a satisfying story. Instead, Catch and Release is a sloppy brew of grief, romance, comedy, and tragedy without any focus to speak of.

    Jennifer Garner's performance was bland. It seems as though she has two emotions: confusion, and on-the-verge-of-crying. The perpetual pout she exhibits does nothing but emphasize her lack of acting chops. It's as though the director found that one emotion she can display with some ability and told her to hold that look throughout the film.

    The supporting cast is largely useless. While they all serve some purpose in driving a particular plot element home, as people they're primarily two-dimensional. There's the funny guy who is really a bit emotionally troubled. There's the guy secretly in love with Garner but isn't the man for her. It's as though each character's personality and motivation came from an index card rather than from something more organic.

    Character growth, unsurprisingly, is virtually non-existent. The only character to really change is Kevin Smith's. Given that he's primarily comic relief and all-but-ignored during the last quarter of the film, it strikes me as odd that he'd be the one to truly show some change. The rest all move away, but never really move on. Maybe that's the point, but given the lack of subtlety and artistic vision in this film, I sincerely doubt it. That's not the worst of it, however.

    The engine of the plot mainly seems to be sitcom-esque misunderstandings. A half-heard conversation here, a rude note left on the counter here, and the plot moves one notch forward. It would be bearable if comedic hijinks stemmed from these convenient mistakes, but instead the characters are left temporarily wounded. If that wasn't enough, it's all largely predictable.

    This movie follows a clear formula. The scenes alternate between Garner's attempts to cope with her new life and the secondary character's similar attempts to grow up and/or move on from their own hangups and insecurities. After each scene, overly-emotional college rock is played in an attempt to hammer home the emotional point. It's all rather transparent and, by the end of the movie, nauseating. It's also an obvious attempt to pull at the viewer's heartstrings, but suffers because of it. Indeed, it seems like something a first year theater student would try. In trying to portray the movie and characters as being 'in' with the college crowd, the director proves that they are anything but.

    In the end, Catch and Release is flawed from the first minute. With Garner's perpetual pout, a boring script, no sense of pacing, and obvious attempts at convincing the viewer that, no, seriously, this is a cool film for college students, this film doesn't even deserve a rental. Don't waste your time on this drek....more info
  • Not just a chick flick or a date movie
    I recommend this movie. I got it on a lark because Jennifer Garner is in it and she's beautiful. After getting it, I didn't watch it for a while until I looked at it and I saw Timothy Olyphant is in it and he is a good actor.

    Without giving away the entire details of the plot, I would sum up my reaction as to what I see the movie is about and how it made me feel: this movie seemed to be about not going after what you really want or hiding it because of how it might be perceived (that we're not living up to the expectations of others). When we place those expectations above the other person that we love, it's sad and hurtful to both ourselves and our loved one and create a barrier. Sometimes, that hurt is not overcomeable unless we both let our love overcome past hurts. The sad thing is the time we wasted not really pursuing what or whom we really want. It's a good movie but **spoiler** If I had been Fritz I would have confronted Gray after she left the kitchen when Sam came downstairs because it was if she was ashamed to be seen with me, which is hurtful. Of course when she downplayed the relationship as nothing, that's the nail that seals the coffin. Thank goodness she comes to her senses none too late....more info
  • 3.5 Stars: Quirky but Murky
    Jennifer Garner is gorgeous.
    Kevin Smith is always a joy.
    Julliete Lewis is terrific.
    Clever situations.
    Good characters (except for Garner's bland persona).
    Beautiful scenery.
    Entertaining set-pieces

    Slow, slow pacing.
    Not much humor, not much suspense.
    Timothy Oliphant is cloying and smug.

    Worth watching, but easy to multi-task while doing so....more info
  • Great movie.
    Wow this movie has some mixed reviews. I really like this movie and I dont know why. The plot is kind of messed up since the fiance has a girlfriend. So from that side of it I guess its not a good movie but it really has some great funny parts and since it has jen and the love of my life juliette its a great :)...more info
  • Light but fun
    Catch and Release [Blu-ray]. Although we enjoyed this film, it was certainly light weight. Felt the ending could have been stronger - especially since we knew a change was coming for the entire movie. On the other hand, when you've dealt with business, office politics, and problems all week long, this film is a keeper for those times when you just do NOT want to think. Jennifer Garner is a delight in anything she does, so it's not a bad film. Just light, blu-ray film. Sometimes there is not a thing wrong with that!!...more info
  • Good catch!
    Let me preface this review by saying I watch a lot of romantic comedies (chick flicks, if you will), so I'd like to think I know the difference between a good one and bad one. I really liked this movie! The story line was original, funny, and downright charming! This movie made me an even bigger fan of Jennifer Garner. ...more info
  • A Nice Catch
    I expected this movie to be another light romantic comedy and was quite surprised by it.

    The movie is deeper than one expects dealing with loss, grief, love, and finding oneself.

    I thought most of the performances were excellent especially those by Kevin Smith as Sam, and Juliette Lewis. I have never seen Kevin Smith in anything else, but he gives a touching, warm performance; possibly the best acting in the film.

    The actor who plays Fritz was one of the flaws of the movie, I thought he was lightweight or superficial. Another reviewer mentioned he has a Pepsodent smile, but I would go farther and say his whole performance was like a Pepsodent commercial.

    Some reviewers have criticized the speed of the relationship between Gray and Fritz. I was not shocked by it because I think that there was already an underlying problem in Gray and Grady's relationship. The fact that it takes them 6 years to tie the knot in the absence of health or financial problems, indicates there was some kind of commitment issue. This is confirmed by Grady's parallel relationship with Juliette Lewis' character. Gray turns to Fritz out of grief for Grady's loss, and anger over the realization that she really did not know him; she also discovers the force of a new love; discovers feelings that she no longer felt for Grady, possibly passion. Listen well to her monologue to Grady during the garden ceremony. It is very telling.

    Other reviewers have criticized the fact the we never see Grady and that this takes away from the story. Perhaps it would have been better to have a more defined image of Grady. I think this was an artistic decision to really focus the story on Gray and Grady's friends. I was not too disturbed by it.

    I give this movie 4 stars because I would have wanted to see a better Fritz. It would have given more weight to the movie; and also there are some holes in the movie like Gray's family and friends (totally non-existent).

    But all in all it's worth catching.....and keeping....more info
  • "Catch & Release?" I say just let go!
    Boy, am I bored. I can't think of anyone who I'd like to recommend watching this, except for some uptight teenage girls. I just finished watching it. The main plot isn't all that bad. It could have had its niche. But the director managed to make a slow-moving,lifeless piece of work which I think most viewers would find it hard to sit to the end. The only thing that got me to watch this in the beginning,like some other viewers,is Kevin Smith. I love to have a chance to see how he acts in other people's movies. But I can only say even with that, the movie is boring like hell. ...more info
  • All the right pieces - Horribly put Together!!
    I pride myself on being able to watch a movie all the way through - giving it a chance until the very end, no matter how bad I think it is. This movie is now one of the only 2 or 3 movies I have stopped watching!
    The actors were good, no complaints. They are what they were supposed to be, none of them great - but good for this kind of movie.
    There were elements of a good movie, some good pieces, nothing original or new, but once again - good for what it was supposed to be...
    And then the movie starts and from the opening few scenes you are able to figure out where the movie is heading, hoping it wont, but it does.
    There is simply nothing redeeming about this movie! You know it could be funny, you know it could better - but it wasnt. Badly written script - with an even worse plot. So very disappointing - a waste of film, acting, and my time! Then again, if you enjoy the type of movie where: a woman catching her fiance's best friend having sex in the bathroom with a random caterer at her fiance's funeral - and then commence to fall in love with him over he next week - despite no redeeming qualities... Enjoy! Otherwise, due to the lack of substance, inadequate character development, poorly written script, and an overall underachieving and disappointing movie - I wouldnt recommend watching this to anyone! Even if it were free!...more info