Q-See QSDNV Indoor Dome CMOS Camera w/Night Vision (Color)
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Product Description

If you are searching for a simple, effective, and inexpensive color dome camera, look no further! This camera is perfect for any application where a professional dome camera is required. Unobtrusive and well protected, this dome camera is ideal for home and business security applications. With the 12 bright Infra Red LEDs that light up at night, the camera will give black and white night vision for up to 30 feet in total darkness.

  • 380 TV Lines Resolution
  • 6mm Lens
  • 12 IR LEDs for Night Vision
  • Easily Mountable
  • 60 ft. Cable & Power Adapter Included
Customer Reviews:
  • You get what you pay for..
    Purchased three of these cameras from Amazon for indoor use. Camera quality is quite dissapointing.

    The video extension cable is garbage and totally unsheilded, I was actually picking up radio stations using the cable that came with the camera, not to mention the horrible picture.

    If you do purchase this camera, be sure to buy or make up your own video cable......more info
  • Quite disappointing to me
    Picture quality, construction quality, Night Vision, and Field of Vision are all a letdown and I returned it right away. For the price, I suppose this is still a good "deal", but if you want an excellent quality Dome Camera with decent Night Vision, superb build quality, and a wide angle view look at the unit labeled "vandal proof dome camera", also from Amazon. It is more expensive, but has a VERY hefty and sturdy feel to it. Range of IR is greater and MUCH less granulated, resolution in daytime is fantastic, and one unit in the corner of a square room or backyard can cover nearly everything. This product may be adequate for some applications, just be aware that it is very low-end. (I suppose I should give credit that it also includes audio, but given that this is advertised as an "indoor camera" one would wish for a much wider field of vision.)
    ...more info
  • THE BEST 4 LESS!!!!!!
    This a great camra if your on a budget hooked it up in 30 mins. I can see 15 feet at night with about 5 feet of shadow images. the only thing is in order to see from afar you can't mount it on the ceiling. If you mount it on the ceiling the object or scene your watching has to be at least 10 feet away. I hooked it up under my open garage on the side top wall and works flawlessly. My garage is 2 cars wide and I can see in the shade very clearly about 35 feet but when it hits out of the shade the screen gets whiter and whiter. In high noon screen is white out of the shade. I WILL BUY MORE IN THE FUTURE...........more info
  • I see you...
    Nice small unit for the front door or driveway. Hooked up easily. Started working as soon as I plugged it in. Very good night vision for a short distance (about 20 feet). Now I know who is at the front door and have the option to answer or NOT! Shipped fast and the price was right. If you live in an area that's freezing, snowy and very wet, you may want to notice it says "indoor camera"...

    ...more info