Q-See QSWLMCR Indoor Mini Wireless CMOS Camera Kit w/Receiver
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Product Description

DPS's mission is to provide innovative, practical and top-quality products that reduce cost and improve the way users employ digital technology. Commitment to excellence in design and function sophistication appeal to the needs of customers at any market condition.PRODUCT FEATURES:CMOS Sensor;380 TVL resolution;Built-in microphone for audio monitoring;Receiver supporting up to 4 cameras;300-foot range in line of sight;Tiny size for discreet observation and portability.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great camera and quality, low-light performance could be better
    The Q-See Camera Kit is a great buy for anyone who wants to monitor an area wirelessly and with ease - during the day, that is. The camera was not made for low light conditions, and an unlit room will just show up as static and black. Also, the item description was not very informative, and there is only one 9-V Battery adapter (for use with the camera), even though it will also work with the receiver. However, there are two wall power adapters for both the camera/receiver. This didn't make much sense, especially if the receiver needs to be powered by a battery for your purposes.

    The camera is incredibly small, more then I had thought. The pictures online didn't do it justice - I'll post a comparison picture later.

    The range is okay. The camera just barely works through my house, with the receiver in one end of the house and the camera in the other, the image is static-y and hard to see.

    For a $35 dollar camera, this tiny camera is great for anyone who wants to monitor a room close by with no cables or problems....more info
  • 2.4GHz Wireless Transmission
  • 380 TV Lines Resolution
  • Receiver supports up to 4 Wireless Cameras - Add-on Camera: QSWLMC
  • Built-in microphone for Audio Monitoring
  • 300ft of Transmission Line of Sight