Q-See QSWOC2R 2 Pack Outdoor Wireless 20ft Night Vision Camera Kit w/Receiver & Remote
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Product Description

This package contents:1 - 2 Channel Receiver2 - Outdoor Wireless camera1 - Antenna for Receiver2 - Adapters2 - Mounting Bracket1 - Manual1 - Remote

  • 2.4GHz Wireless Transmission
  • 2 Outdoor Weatherproof Night Vision Cameras
  • Alloyed Shell for Weatherproof Installation
  • Built-in microphone for Audio Monitoring
  • 300ft of Transmission Line of Sight
Customer Reviews:
  • poor quality
    really poor quality, colors, wireless range (more than 20ft very noised picture), daily images is like IR pics from sunset time ...
    Product is more like nice toy for kids under 10 years....more info
  • Clear, bright images
    These cameras work great provided that there are no WiFi signals in the area to interfere with the transmission. The images are clear and bright, even in totally dark rooms. The signal suffers whenever the furnace turns on, or if I am using my home WiFi, but otherwise works flawlessly scanning between four cameras (I ordered two more to go with the two that came with the package). The image is brighter and clearer than the wireless SVAT camera I was using. I use mine with a Q-See dvr card in a cheap computer, with a 250 gig hard drive which is dedicated to home surveillance. This arrangement allows me to save about four or five months of mpegs before new data begins to overwrite the old images. ...more info
  • Worthless...
    The Q-See QSWOC2R wireless cameras do not work. I placed these cameras in various locations outside of my house, one within 20ft and the other within 50ft of the wireless receiver. When I turned on the TV to see what would be the output of these cameras, the one that was 20ft away, all I saw was fuzzy, grainy pictures. The other camera that was 50ft away showed nothing but static. These products are advertised as having "300ft of Transmission Line of Sight" and "The receiver can be kept up to 300 ft. away (in the line of sight) and still get great video images". This is 100% untrue and doesn't make sense. If the wireless receiver is supposed to be kept indoors and the cameras are made for the outdoors, how is the receiver supposed to be "in the line of sight"? Isn't that defeating the whole purpose of of having outdoors cameras that can view outdoor images from inside your home?

    I called Q-See's tech support to see if they might have a solution to the problem. The guy I spoke to seemed to be somewhat clueless but suggested that my other wireless equipment such as my router might be interfering with the Q-See wireless receiver. So I unhooked my router and other wireless devices. None of this helped because I was still having the same problem with the cameras.
    Please stay far away from Q-See QSWOC2R cameras because they do not work as advertised....more info
  • Unusable
    The 2.4 GigaHZ frequency range that this unit uses is also used by some cordless phones, wireless routers and other wireless devices. I set the first camera in a Breezeway between my house and garage about 50 feet from the receiver. When connected to a TV monitor the picture had a horizontal rolling bar and static like distortion. The sound was so filled by clicks and buzzes that nothing could be heard above it. I switched cameras and frequencies with the same result. I also moved the monitor closer to the camera with no improvement. I returned the product the next day. I can only conclude that the interference was caused by other wireless devices in my home or neighborhood. ...more info