4UCAM Handheld 2.5" Video Color Baby Monitor 2.4GHz Wireless Camera Daisy-(Day & Night) (Video & Audio) Infant Nursery Monitor
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Product Description

The "Dancing Daisy" wireless camera's eye pleasing flower look, is a pleasant addition to your baby's room. The unique base of the camera allows it to stand alone on a flat surface or be clipped onto the edge of a door. The multidirectional stem allows amazing flexibility for the camera, as well as keeping a rock solid picture. The "Dancing Daisy" comes with a soft night light that can be switched on and off by touching the flower branch. 2.5-inch color TFT-LCD monitor provides you with a sharp picture (480x234) to see in the light, and total darkness. The 8 infrared LEDs allow you to see in total darkness for up to 16 ft.! (Picture above) The portability of the monitor allows you to keep a watch on your child at all times from various locations in your home. The sensitive microphone lets you know when baby is in need. A/V output allows for recording/viewing on TV or VCR. It's making it an ideal solution as a baby monitor or for other in-home surveillance. Both camera & monitor include four selectable channels that allow you to use multiple cameras with a single monitor. Additional camera available from 4ucam website. Monitor runs on rechargeable Li-battery or via an included AC/DC adapter. *BLUE/WHITE SET IS DEFAULT * contact seller if you want to pick different color (yellow/white) or (pink/white). Unless contact us within 1 hour after payment, Blue/White'll be shipped!!! [Package contains] *ONE Wireless color infrared LEDs camera (blue/white) *One hand held monitor with 2.5-inch LCD TFT screen (blue/white) *Two AC power adapters *One Lithium Battery *One video cable *One Earphone * User's manual [Warning: All wireless baby video monitor is subject to other wireless interference. This product has 4 channels to switch to lower the interference problem. However, it might not work well in high density neighborhood situation, i.e. city high-rise, or apartment. Not every seller will provide a warning up front. But we want not surprise for our customer.]

  • Large 2.5" Ultra high resolution color LCD-TFT monitor 480x234 resolution provides crisp images
  • 2.4GHz signal penetrates walls, ceilings, floors, up to 330 ft. transmission distance in open space
  • Night Vision I/R technology allows viewing in total darkness up to 16 feet
  • 4 channels in both camera & monitor to avoid possible interference. Monitor can support up to 4 cameras.
  • One Rechargeable Li-battery in receiver for portable monitoring. One bonus one earphone for receiver.
Customer Reviews:
  • Perfect for our needs
    We decided to buy a video baby monitor as our little guy is a difficult sleeper. In "training" him to sleep we found we were constantly going in while we were supposed to be "letting him cry" because we would think of many reasons why he was crying- has he lost his soother? is his arm stuck in the rails? etc. We have had this monitor for almost 6 months now and it has been great. we were amazed when we first hooked it up with how well you could see when the room itself was pitch dark. in the daylight you can see color and in the dark it is black and white which is fine as we just were wanting to see what he was doing/if he was ok. the sound is a bit staticky but i wouldn't use it anyway as we can hear our son just fine when he cries. all of our phones are 2.4GHz and the only time they interfere with the monitor is when you are actually on them. i have noticed when the microwave is on the monitor gets a bit distorted. my husband acutally broke our monitor a couple weeks ago and it has been too hard to be without it that we just bought a new one! It is perfect for my mohter-in-law too as she used to always go into his room to "check on him" and wake him up and now can just look at the monitor if she is worried. ...more info
  • Why it's your best option.
    After six months of using the 4ucam ... it's clear to me that it was the best thing to buy. I'm not saying that it's the best quality product but it does more than everything that you want and at a reasonable price. Yes the sound quality is poor but sound is not that important. Here's what I mean.

    First, forget about sound only monitors ... they're useless after your baby starts waking up without crying. But more importantly, you want to see her wake up and get to her before she start to cry. Why would you want your baby to cry every time she finishes a nap. .. or leave her alone in the dark until she starts to cry. 4ucam has great night vision.. excellent.

    The screen is relatively big compared to other monitors but it's still too small to easily see her stir and about to wake. We connect the monitor to our TV using the adapter. We love watching her sleep while we read or surf on our laptops. We can easily see her start to wake up on our large TV screen ... and we're there to greet her the moment she rises. Priceless.

    Rechargeable battery is a must because we have the monitor on every time she naps and most of every evening.

    And yes, the touch sensitive light switch is cr#p but not a big deal. Takes a few extra seconds to get the light on or off. The same stem used to switch on the light holds the camera and is flexible and comes with a good clamp... this turned out to be surprisingly useful whether she sleeps in the crib or on our bed. You can direct the camera to her face really easily and makes watching the baby sleep that much nicer.

    And finally the camera is decorative (duh!) and looks better than anything else on the market....more info
  • good for video
    Love the video quality, but the audio get so much interference starting at about 15 feet away. Put a wall or two in between and you can't hear anything but static. The night video is awesome and It is easily clipped anywhere. Over all I am happy with this product....more info
  • Works great but only on adjacent rooms...
    - Good picture quality, even in the dark.
    - Nice design of camera, which allows it to placed almost anywhere.
    - Video unit is quite small.
    - Allows up to 4 cameras.

    - Reception is terrible. Will only work on adjacent rooms. For distances greater than a few yards there is so much noise and interference that the device is unusable. I've tried turning off my wireless router and phone to see if they were affecting the camera, but the reception was still awful.
    - Battery life of video unit is of only 2 to 3 hours, but this is acceptable because you can always use the power cord for longer periods.

    DO NOT BUY unless you plan to use it for very short distances....more info
  • Didnt work for us, but good customer service
    I give this 4 stars b/c in the right environment I think it could be a good product. However, for us it was not sufficient at all, b/c we live in an apartment in a dense urban area, with lots of wireless routers everywhere. So the monitor did not work in some of the rooms in our house and we had to return it. Otherwise, it was cute and had a nice reception in some of the rooms.

    GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE: Upon return, the manufacturer stated they charge a 20% restock fee, which I was upset about. I called them directly and they were very respectful and and reasonable in negotiating with me.

    Might be a good idea to call them and ask if they think the product will work in your setting if you have concerns about that before buying it. ...more info
  • Pretty good baby monitor!
    Overall a nice baby monitor, providing you "peace of mind" when your baby is sleeping in another room. Works well with clear reception when used in the next room from your baby. The reception is worse the farther you are away from the camera, but that's how it is with all baby monitors anyways.

    Cons: i don't like the power button, it's a small plastic latch on the side. It kind of pricks you when you turn on/off. Wish they made it larger or make it a "depressed" button.

    1. Rechargeable (Li Ion) batteries! This feature is a "must have", because most baby monitors only last a few hours before needing the battery replaced or recharged. I originally bought a different brand monitor and went thru batteries like crazy (also inconvenient). With the 4U Cam, all you need to do is plug it in to charge every other day.
    2. Lightweight unit (and small)! Easy to hold, unlike another model i had that was heavier and bulky.
    3. Automatic day/night mode: some cameras need you to flick a tiny dipswitch on the camera unit to change from day to IR night mode (which is a real pain to remember to do). This camera is automatic, so you don't have to worry about that!

    Overall a pretty good baby video monitor system! Highly Recommended!!...more info
  • Keep Looking
    We have been thru 4 cameras so far and still looking.
    Video quality on this was great.
    Audio was non-existant.
    Not feasbile to carry around an audio monitor to hear the baby too.
    Can not attest to hooking a 2nd up (which was our plan) b/c we never got that far. Interference is a real problem. We sit on over an acre and get our neighbors survellaince cameras on one of the channels....
    We are returning another video monitor to Buy Buy Baby (had to manually switch between rooms) and picking up another 2 at Bed, Bath and Beyond today. As we are learning...buy it some place that is easy to return....more info
  • I love my daisy color monitor
    I was very excited to receive my dancing daisy and use it right away. After searching the net for several items, I decided on the dancing daisy video color monitor for many reasons. I use it every day and cannot wait to get more accessories! I have been very happy about my purchase. Jennifer...more info
  • Excellent
    Amazing image quality. Its remarkable how this camera picks up a stunningly clear picture in pitch darkness. Some scientist needs to be rewarded for this spectacular technology. Just as an example, line up three people in an absolutely pitch dark room--you wont be able to tell them apart standing there but with the monitor you'll be able to see each and every facial feature. Needless to say, you get a crystal clear image during the day.

    I'm using this product in Pakistan so the only issue I had was that of voltage conversion. The monitor comes with a universal 110/220 V adapter so it works even in our 220 V environment. The daisy camera however comes with a 120 V adapter but it was no trouble at all plugging it into a step up transformer.

    A must buy! ...more info
  • Didn't work out for me.
    OK, it's a cute little daisy, but I'm sorry I bought it. The quality is awful, it's extremely difficult to get the image right-side up (You'd think it would default to that, but nooooo.), tons of static and feedback. Someone please explain how you're supposed to change the channels on the camera? I don't know, I'm sure there is a way, but why not just have a SWITCH? The audio quality is NILL. Nonexistant. I need both audio and video.

    Update 12/18/07
    The seller refunded my money 100%, so they have improved on their policy. Contact them if you have a problem! ...more info
  • Cute, compact screen with clear picture!
    This was the first video monitor we purchased after doing extensive reviews of all the other ones out there. I love the fact that the screen is so compact - no big clunkyness. Its great because you can unplug it and use it off the battery during the night or wherever (after its charged of course). The daisy camera is very cute and I like how you can just tap it and the little night lights go off or on so you have a choice. Without the night lights and a very dark room at night - there is still a clear picture on the screen and my husband thought there was actually a light on in her room. I like how there are 4 different channels and we can potentially get more daisy cameras once more children come along. That will be nice. The only thing that was frustrating is the interference with our 2.4GHz cordless phones in the house. Once those were unplugged the picture was great and the audio was good. With the phone plugged in and working in the house, there are lines that make the picture jump and the audio has static. However, I just use my other "audio" monitor for the sound and I can still get a pretty decent picture with my 2.4GHz phone next to it. The only reason I didn't rate all 5 stars is the inconvenience if we decide we have to purchase another set of cordless phones on a different frequency for the best picture and best audio. So basically if you don't have any 2.4GHz cordless phones in the house it would be 5 stars and I would definitely recommend this product....more info
  • Love the Flexibility of the Camera
    We had been looking for a good baby monitor that we could use that had both video and audio. The feature that really caught my eye was the ability of the "Dancing Daisy" to clip on to just about anything and its ability to `flex' to allow just about any viewing angle. I have not found another product like this. We ordered the product for this feature alone - not to mention that it comes with the larger 2.5" screen which was an added bonus.

    Shipping was quick - within 5 days. You will need to email them to let them know which color you like. Product is well thought out. Some features I was happily surprised to see where a rechargeable Li-battery for the receiver which is a nice touch. A/V outputs, and even a small earphone that you can attach to the receiver unit. Even the receiver had a little easel type back (similar to a picture frame) that allowed it to sit upright on a table was a nice touch. They clearly thought things out with this product. The package came with everything you needed to use the system immediately which always makes me happy.

    Installation/setup was a snap and the adjustable `flex' neck of the flower worked excellent. For us it allowed us to clip the camera right onto the crib and then adjust the camera however we wanted. The added night-light was a great touch. This put a very nice soft light directly into the crib - enough to use at night but not too bright that it would wake the baby.

    The only drawback for us was the audio. We had limited success with the audio and got interference when we moved too far away from the camera. I contribute this to our wireless router and other devices that are running in close proximity causing some distortion (neighbors wireless, etc.) However video continued to work well so we could still use the unit and just turn down the volume. In comparison we have experienced this same problem with other models we have tried.

    Overall I was very impressed with the Dancing Daisy wireless camera. It was eye pleasing in design and functionality was great. The unique base of the camera really works well and provides optimal use and performance. The picture quality was great and the handheld had a nice friendly 2.5 inch color screen which provided good image quality. The added features, such as a reachable battery for the receiver was a nice touch, and adding a little easel type feature to allow you to prop it up (so you could set it on a table to view) are nice bonuses to this product. Quality seems good on this product. Audio was the only thing that was not perfect on this otherwise excellent product. But those are contributable to outside influences and not directly related to the product itself, so I still rate this product overall great.
    ...more info
  • Easy breezy!
    We ended up having to get a video stlye baby monitor due to our new son's medical problems, instead of being able to use our first son's old one. The prices were all so high, but this little camera was cute, was day and night vision, and it had the handheld video display I was really wanting for less than all the other similar models we could find. When it came, it was basically plug in and ready to go! The picture quality is better than I'd hoped living in a brick home with lots of interior walls. The light used during night vision doesn't bother anyone, and actually works as a nightlight. Plus, you can order up to 3 aditional cameras to use with the one handheld, which I intend to do for our 3 yr olds room, and to have an extra for outside viewing....more info
  • I love the dancing daisy!!
    I was a little nervous when I ordered this monitor because there were no reviews on it. I read reviews on all the other video monitors available and almost decided on another brand, but I really really wanted to get the "dancing daisy", I thought it looked so cute!! I'm still a little dissapointed because I wanted to get the yellow/orange model but because it didn't go with my nursery I had to go with the pink one. And I have to say, I don't regret my purchase at all.

    The camera looks soooo cute I will buy another one if/when I have another baby (you can use up to 4 with just one receiver). It's not only that it looks cute, it works great too. I had a little trouble at the beginning finding a right place for it, I didn't want to place it on the changing table because I could only see my baby through the rails, so I "clipped" it to the side of the crib and now I get a clear picture from above. The picture is actually better than I had expected (black and white at night, but very clear), and the sound is great too. I did have a little interference with the video at first but moving the receiver around solved the problem. My bedroom and the nursery are really close, wall to wall, I do not know if this has anything to do with it or if it actually helps in getting a clear image.

    Also, I had to set the volume to the lowest setting I could because there was a little static but it goes away by lowering the volume. I had this problem with my sound only model too, again, do not know if it's because of the short distance between monitor and receiver.

    The only thing I don't like is that the video monitor is really bright, and I'm a light sleeper, a little noise or light wakes me up, so what I do is I wait until the baby falls sleep, turn off the monitor and leave my sound only monitor on. If she wakes up during the night I just turn on the monitor and see if she's just fuzzing or if I need to go and get her. One night I forgot to turn on the sound monitor in the nursery so I had to leave the video monitor on all night, I just placed a dark paper on top of the screen and that way the light didn't bother me.

    I should also mention, the camera itself does not have an on/off button, so you either leave it on all the time or just unplug it when not in use (which is what I do), it would be nice to just turn it off but unplugging it is not such a big deal.

    All in all a great monitor, it looks and works great. I'm really happy with my purchase and would recommend it to my friends. Actually if you recommend it to someone the seller will give you and your friend a $5 cash back. I would list my email to take advantage of this, but I don't believe amazon would let me do it, ha!. Oh well. I hope this review helps someone, this camera is so cute I don't understand how there are not more reviews on it.

    I will try and take pictures one of these days, maybe I'll be able to get a few good ones to upload here.

    ...more info