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Logitech S120 2.0 Multimedia Speakers (Black)
List Price: $11.99

Our Price: $7.69

You Save: $4.30 (36%)


Product Description

Logitech's S-120 stereo speaker system with its refresh design features enhanced acoustics delivering a smooth audio performance with low distortion. The S-120 speaker with its redesigned base offers sturdy design, strong audio performance and exceptional value for money. The integrated power and volume control is conveniently located on the satellite at your fingertips with an essential 3.5mm jack close by.

  • Product Type - Speaker
  • System Components - 2.0 Speaker System
  • Response Bandwidth - 50Hz-20KHz
  • Nominal Output Power (Total) -- 2.3 Watt
  • OEM Packaging

Customer Reviews:

  • I like the R-10s better - these are so-so
    I bought these along with some Logitech R-10 speakers (which were half the price of these). Comparing them together, i liked the R-10s better - they looked better and sounded better. These seemed small and dinky - i bought them to listen to my iPod in the garage so for that reason they are fine. But the R-10s were louder, and i liked how the R-10s had an on/off button separate from the volume control. ON these (S120s) it's all the same dial - turn the volume all the way down and hear them click off....more info
  • Logitech Speakers
    I bought these speakers and had them shipped to me. I opened the box and set up the speakers and 1 did not work. I sent them back and they shipped me another set and it was the same problem...the 1 speaker has no volume. I gave up and kept them. I would NOT recommend anybody to buy them because they are JUNK! Save your money and buy something worth while....more info
  • not bad for the money
    Easy install on a PC: Plug and play. Volume and mute buttons change the computer's sound the "louder" button, watch the slider bar move up on the monitor.

    Peak loudness gets a little rattle-y. Good for casual sound, better than the ultra-cheap speakers in ultra-cheap laptops (like mine); not a real sound system for really listening to real music. Fine for audio of a Youtube video....more info
  • Great Speakers!
    Great Speakers! Perfect for my laptop...received them very quickly..they are cute, and work very well...even have a little bit of bass to them! GOOD CHEAP BUY!...more info
  • Great speakers for the price
    I bought these Logitech speakers to use with my MP3 player in my room. I didn't expect much in the way of performance, but they do a really good job for what I'm using them for.

    Of course, they don't have a great amount of bass, but the sound reproduction is really crisp and clear.

    I'm impressed and satisfied with my purchase....more info
  • What A Bargain!!

    Purchasing these speakers during an immediate need was a great blessing. The sound quality not bad at all, actually the sound quality was better than the ones I had. Easy installment, great price and quality. I highly recommend these speaker and any purchase of logitech products. Thank you Amazon!!...more info
  • Ugh - I paid money for these?
    They make noise, that's worth a star. Otherwise, I'd return them but the shipping would cost as much as they did. I guess if the mono speaker on your 2001 e-machine laptop is broken, this replacement is almost as good as the original......more info
  • Great Speakers for the Price
    These are great speakers for the price and in general. I would definitely purchase these as a gift as well. ...more info
  • underpowered . . .
    I got these speakers after reading the reviews here that said they were pretty powerful and loud. Of course the source of the sound, be it an audio CD, an MP3, a live feed on the web, a DVD, a video game or whatever, will make a difference in the type of the sound being amplified, which makes a difference in what you hear. Overall, the performance of these speakers is decent, and generally not loud enough. For different types of sound sources, there is rarely distortion at maximum volume, which is good, but generally the reason for this is because the sound level isn't that high. I have a set of USB powered speakers that can produce about the same level of output. The two single speakers seem to produce mostly midrange tones, favoring more on the higher side than the low end. The tonal quality is pretty sweet, good for most general listening. It would have been nice if the system had a little more kick and tonal range on the low end, as the AC power could provide more than enough push, but I guess the speakers are just too small.

    Since the base is small, the speakers are pretty easy to tip over when you touch them or turn the power on. This is not a good design. Placing the speaker on its side, I can position them in front of my monitor without blocking the screen. If these were USB powered, the output level would not be an issue, but for an AC powered system, I expected more. The relatively low cost is a plus, but overall these speakers are just average.
    ...more info
  • Completely satisfied
    100% satisfied with these small speakers. Great value - Not like having a big sound system, but they only cost about $12....more info
  • Satisfied
    The power/volume is not much. Also they cannot be separated (the wire ties them permanently). One has the computer connection and the other has electricity connection! Other than these, I like it. Great for the price....more info
  • I tried these, high hopes, glorious reviews. BAH!
    I have been using the speakers that came with the computer for probably 4 years. They were getting very crackly, and sounded like poop.

    Unfortunately, these give plenty of crackle too. They sound OKAY when at low volumes. And, they can go really loud, way louder than you'd want from a two piece set. There is a catch though, being that they sound like poop. I'm no stickler for high performance, I just like my music sounding clean-ish. You don't have to listen to hear the noises, they are blatantly apparent. I'm doubting these are just my speakers, the great reviews (solely from here) must be at least a little exaggerated. I can't listen to music on these. even on nice, soft acoustical songs, they crackle and fuzz and fuss. Now I hafta spend more money to get speakers you actually want to use.

    So these might be cheap fellas, but they get on nerves fast. Waaay too much fuzz, way too much crackle. PLEASE!! PLEASE, get a better set. I'm sure [...] bucks will be worth it....more info
  • great inexpensive putchase
    the speakers fit my budget perfectly but don't produce cheap sound. they are of good quality. I'm pleased with my purchase....more info
  • Excellent speakers
    Very good sound. They don't have an separate power transformer. One of them simply plugs into the wall. Great product for the price....more info
  • Love them!
    I bought these speakers recently, somewhat wary of what i would be getting with the amount they cost. But lo and behold I am thrilled, they actually work much better then my old speakers. They sound VERY clear and crisp. For the price you cannot beat them. I would recommend these to anyone that needs replacement speakers for their computers. =) ...more info
  • Meh
    Okay speakers, dont expect much Bass from them. I'm using them for a MAME emulator so they work fine for that...more info
  • cheap, good sound, not long life in my case...
    I purchased these speakers direct from amazon 4 months ago as a Christmas present for my son. No complaints, until recently, my son noticed that the left speaker is losing sound, whether he uses headphones or not, the sound from the left speaker has become low. These were cheap and I'm looking for the warranty information, but in the meantime I'm just going to find a better quality replacement....more info
  • great value for the price
    I needed an inexpensive set of speakers for my son's pc. This works well. Decent sound quality. Can't beat the price....more info
  • Good Speakers
    I was looking for a set of replacements for my daughter's computer. These work just fine and definitely a good deal for the price....more info
  • Cute and nifty
    I had no problems with these. I did give them away to a friend when I got a laptop. I think I may have to buy them again....more info
  • Decent.
    Gets the job done, however, because the way that they are weighted (top heavy) they tip over easily. The metal speaker covers fell off within 2 months of using them. If they had been more expensive this might have been a harsher review....more info
  • Exactly what we needed
    They are sexy, small, and work like a charm. They appear to be very solid and well made. Easy to hook up to the computer, and easier still to manage with that volume dial right on the side.

    My husband really likes that you can plug your earphones right into the speakers, and I really love the low-profile look....more info
  • great little speakers
    It's hard to beat the sound quality for the price. My computer's sound was tinny until I hooked up these speakers and now I actually enjoy listening to my music on the computer!
    Perfect for my office - they sound great and look nice, too!...more info
  • Very good speakers!!!
    Nice sound! Better than I thought for a very inexpensive speaker set. In many cases you get what you paid for,however with these speakers you get much more.I am very happy with my purchase....more info
  • worth to recommend
    I bought the speaker one month ago. Now it's sitting at my kitchen counter. I connect it to mp3 or laptop sometimes when the sound is not loud enough. I would say the speaker looks very cute, and the quality is very good. The price is just great. I bought a lot of Logitech products, from keyboard, mouse, speakers, all good. Worth to recommend! ...more info
  • Great Speaker Set!
    I bought these for a set of cheap speakers, but they worked out well. They've stayed durable and still in great quality....more info
  • Great speakers
    at a very low price. Sound is nice,loud and crisp. What more can you ask for something at this price? ...more info
  • Excellent sound quality for its price!
    Turn on the full volume and you'd be amazed at the loudness of and clarity for this price....more info
  • Small but mighty
    I have a renovated XP that had speakers no longer working. These little Logitech S120 speakers made my XP useful again. Logitech has always been a top brand and they came through with flying colors....more info
  • Great value
    I bought one set for work and one set for home. They're slim so they have a small footprint on my desk. Naturally it's not the best quality sound in the whole world, but they're more than adequate for my needs and a great value compared to how much brick and mortar stores will charge you for worse speakers....more info
  • Good stuff
    The sound is as great as everyone says it is. Only complaint, the cord that plugs into the computer is a little short....more info
  • good value 4 price
    Its good for the price, but obvious the bass is nonexistent and there's always constant white noise even when there's nothing playing on your comp. Because it also doesn't cancel out frequencies or back round noise (hence the white noise), it will pick up any frequency along the wavelengths of radio waves and cell phone waves. If you put your cell phone next to it and make a call you'll hear a nice bep beep beep sound. Regardless of the usual faults found in cheap speakers, its super cute and really small....more info