Sunshine Kids New Radian80 Convertible Car Seat, Princess-Pink Floral
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Product Description

Radian80 is a convertible car seat for rear-facing children 5 - 33 lbs. and forward-facing children up to 80 lbs with the integral 5-point harness. The strongest car seat made, Radian80 features a steel alloy frame, 4-panel side impact protection and a unique energy absorbing harness system. The detachable base simplifies rear-facing installations and its low side profile makes child boarding a snap! Radian's unique design offers 3" more shoulder room inside than any seat its class and fits 3-across in a car. Includes full body support cushions for infants that converts into height-adjustable head cushions for older kids. All this, and it folds to just 7". Attach the shoulder straps and carry it over your shoulder or wear it like a back pack.


  • 5 lbs. to 80 lbs. in 5-point harness
  • Highest capacity convertible car seat
  • Steel alloy frame
  • Strongest convertible car seat made
  • SafeStop harness system
  • Absorbs impact energy in an accident
  • 4-panel system EPS safety foam
  • Total side-impact protection, more than any other seat
  • V-shaped top tether
  • Can be used rear-facing
  • 5 shoulder and 3 buckle positions
  • Proper harness fit for all ages and weights
  • Narrower outside width
  • Fit three seats across the back seat
  • Infant body support
  • Converts to pillow cushions for older child
  • Folds to 7" (17.8 cm) thick
  • Travel and storage convenience
  • Easier to get child in and out, plus safer positioning for child
  • Dimensions and Weight:
  • Dimensions Open: 17"W x 16"D x 28.5"H
  • Dimensions Folded: 17"W x 7"D x 28.5"H
  • Weight 22.99 lbs.
  • Rear-facing and front-facing
  • 5 shoulder harness positions
  • EPS safety foam for side-impact protection
  • Steel alloy frame
  • Folds flat

Customer Reviews:

  • Radian 80 is the ONLY carseat that matters
    This carseat is excellent and the only one you will ever need. Good for children that are tall....more info
  • Love it!
    Product is a bit heavy and directions are a little tough to follow, but the seat itself seems very well built and sturdy. I feel like it is the safest seat that I have ever seen or felt! Very comfortable for the little ones!

    I have an SUV, so it fits pretty well in my vehicle. I would not recommend it as rear-facing seat in a smaller car as the back is pretty high and may not fit....more info
  • Horrible convertible car seat, not worth the money
    I bought this seat for my son after reading other reviewers email raving of how wonderful the seat is. As matter of fact, it is over-price, not as comfortable as I though it would be after spending $250 for this seat(I didn't buy it from AMAZON though). When you place the seat in a forward facing it does not give you a 45 degree angle. Making it very a bad posture for my son. POOR Instructions, very confusing to follow. It wasn't easy to assemble. The only thing that it does is, it could fold for traveling. I wish I didn't buy this seat.
    I went ahead and bought a different convertible seat for my son, it is called First Year True Fit convertible seat. It is much more comfortable, very easy or to none to assemble. Easy to follow instructions. This seat cost $75 less I love the seat and so is my son. My recommendation is DON'T WASTE your money on this seat. BUY THE FIRST YEAR TRUE FIT Convertible seat instead. Trust me you won't regret it. ...more info
  • The BEST seat for older kids!!!
    I ordered this seat for my 4 1/2 year old son. I previously purchased the Britax Regent seat and it was so big and bulky, like trying to carry a recliner to the car! We owned a Yukon and it still was big and hard to fit properly. I ended up selling the seat and after researching the Radian 80 decided to give it a try. I knew it wasn't going to be bulky when the box arrived and it was half the size of the Regent! I love that the seat folds for easy moving. We sold our sport utility and downsized to a crossover vehicle and this seat fits beautifully! Our local sheriff's department was having a car seat safety check and giving away car seats today so I took it to get it installed properly in the car. The sheriff's were asking me questions about where to buy it! If I would have taken one of the free seats they offered, my son would of been belted in a child booster seat but with a lapbelt because most seats for children over 40 pounds require the traditional seat belt instead of 5 pt. harness. Radian 80 is one of the only seats available that allows 5 pt harness to 80 pounds. The sheriffs tethered the top tether in my car (I never even new that I had a latch at the base behind the seat for top tethers! The seat is so perfectly snug in my car now that it is not budging! I love Britax and my son used the Britax Roundabout but for older kids the Britax Regent is no comparison to the Radian 80!...more info
  • Not great for rear facing
    I got the Radian 80 along with the Britax Boulevard. I thought the Radian was exceedingly complicated - it has too many buckles, straps, and gadgets stuck to the back and not sufficient storage. So in a rear facing application, you see all this junk hanging off the back. I thought the instruction manual was not well organized.

    As for fit, you need a lot of room (like a minivan) or a wide middle seat to make this rear facing work in your car. It would not fit in the 2nd row passenger side of my small SUV (Hyundai Santa Fe) without making the passenger side front seat unusable by anyone over 5' tall. It would not fit in the middle seat either because for a rear facing application, you attach a separate base which is quite wide and it blocked the seatbelt buckle. We ended up putting the Radian in my husband's large SUV (Cadillac Escalade) in the rear middle seat.

    I found the Britax to be far easier to set up, there were no issues with blocking the front seat, the design is cleaner in the back and there is sufficient storage for all the parts. There were little things that made the Britax easier. For example, the warranty card was all pre-printed with the serial number so all you have to do was mail it in with your information. On the Radian, I had to go out the car and find the little sticker among all the other stickers on the seat to fill out the information on the card. Not major, but small enough to be annoying once you see how easy Britax makes it.

    In a forward facing application, I think the Radian would be great because it is so slim. We also do a lot of airplane travel so I got it for that purpose and it seems consumers are happy with the way it travels. We'll probably move it to my car once our baby is old enough to be front facing. ...more info
  • Abolutely Love It - Extra Space in Backseat
    I have to add to the list of people loving the seat. My daughter loves riding in it as well. There are some issues that you will need to be aware of but I don't know of any alternatives on the market for the size for anyone trying to fit 3 kids in the backseat of a car. I honestly think I could fit three of these in my car. This fits in my seat labeled as a small adult size. My daughter is very comfortable riding in this and loves her seat.

    *Crotch strap can be a snug fit, could be longer. Solution: Buy the Radian car seat and buy the accessory for the longer buckle (its only 1/4 inch longer)

    *Tightening the harness straps requires coordination, this is a tight fit so you will probably need to pull hard, not an issue for us but other reviews mention this. It is definately more dificult than other seats but not an issue.

    *Sleeping Child Head. While this seat is awesome and does come with a toddler and infant head pillow, it doesn't help the droopy sleep head issue.

    *Installation can me a pain, this seat is supposed compatable with only 60% of the cars on the market. You may need to have it professionally installed. Here's a link to check the car seat with your car, my 2007 Nissan Versa doesn't have information for this car seat.

    *Seat maybe backordered, before placing an order you may want to send a quick email to confirm availability. We had ours on order for a month before we got it, if you can flexible with colors you'll be okay.

    *Free shipping isn't hard to find for these seats, but return shipping will be expensive if this seat doesn't work for you....more info
  • Very Pleased Mom
    I have a 2003 Mini Cooper which I adore. I did a lot of research to find the right car seat that would work for my daughter AND fit in the car. I found it to be easy to install and comfortable for a 4 1/2 year old who is constantly falling asleep in the car. She loves it - and I do too!...more info
  • awesome carseat
    We love these car seats! I bought two, one for each son. I love knowing that they are safe. The ONLY negative (and this is not always a negative)is that it is very tall and may not fit in all cars in the rear-facing position. When it is front-facing, that is a positive, as it can accommodate taller children! The push-button release on the LATCH clips is also great. It makes installation a breeze! I wish more people knew about the amazing safety features. I don't believe they have ever been recalled and they have a 5 point harness up to 80 pounds! ...more info
  • Comfy and Safe
    LOVE this car seat. My 6 mos old baby has more room in it for moving his arms and legs, yet snug enough to instantly sleep in it. He was not this comfortable in his other car seat. Best part is even in the excessive heat days, my son did not sweat like he used to in his infant car seat. I should have bought this as my one and only car seat. I have even moved the car seat from one car to another multiple time (i am a girl) and have found it easy to carry it even with kid in it. It looks big but is comfortable for two people to sit on each side even in a sedan....more info
  • Excellent car seat--too tall to fit!
    This is an exceptional car seat in many respects. However, it will not fit in my sport coupe car in the rear-facing position as it is just too tall. I'm sure it will perform wonderfully once baby is facing forward....more info
  • Great for a smaller car!
    We have 2 of these, one forward facing, one rear facing, next to each other in our Camry hybrid and there is still room for an adult to sit very comfortably in the back. We tried many combinations of different seats, including an infant "bucket" car seat in the middle and 2 of the Radian 80s is by far the best arrangement. The rear-facing seat is in the middle, and it doesn't interfere with the front seats' legroom at all--I think it would be a bit squished in the front if a rear-facing Radian was directly behind a seat though. The Super-Cool fabric really makes a difference in keeping my boys cool--no sweaty backs/heads. This is a great car seat, can't beat it in terms of it's foldability either! Can even store both of them in our tiny trunk if we need to. Only drawback is that our 3-year-old can't see as much out of the window as he can with his Britax Boulevard--but the upswing is that since the seat is so low he has tons of leg room. I love that they look like they were made to match the car interior, and they'll be in use for many years. Well worth the money....more info
  • Perfect!
    This is a beautiful and soft seat. Our daughter 34 months and she is already growing out of her seat that was suppose to last her until she reached 40 lbs. She is above the 95% mark for her height and weight so it's hard to find things that both fit her and match her developmental stage. I didn't want to put her in a booster seat yet and I feel she still needs to be in a 5 point harness. My only other option was the Britax, but since Nana and Papa live in Hawaii it was important to me to have a seat that I could use on the plane. I wouldn't use this seat as an infant seat as I liked having so much padding and seat surrounding our daughter when she was little, but this seat is much plusher then most of the booster seats out there and it comes with the added bonus of a five-point harness. I would say this is the perfect seat for about that 2-6 year old period. This seat fits in our Dodge truck and our Nissan Sentra. I haven't tried it in our Toyota yet, but I'm sure that if it fits in the Sentra, it should fit in anything!...more info
  • Radian 80 Princess Car Seat for Bigger Kids
    We decided to keep our little one in a 5-point seat a bit longer and she was fine with that; especially when we showed her the picture, her favorite color and style (Princess). She's 4 1/2 and loves the seat. This is a HEAVY DUTY seat and could probably take a direct hit by a BUICK (kidding)..but it's a VERY SOLID seat. We bought this to be able to travel with and it'll get its first excursion this fall to Scotland from TX and I've no doubt it will make the trip fine. It has a very solid feel and in spite of being quite stiff, daughter says its comfortable. Go to their website and download the manual, quite good, excellent details. I wish we'd found this before her last seat...BUY THIS ONE. Looked at the Britax and it's HUGE...a portable Barco-lounger; this has a much smaller footprint and just feels better (looked at other locally). THIS IS THE ONE TO GET IF YOU'RE ONLY GOING TO BUY ONE....more info
  • Good Seat
    This is a great seat for the purpose we got it for. My husband drives a huge F250 and that is our main car so we have a Britax car seat for that car. My car is a Jeep Grand Cherokee and I didnt feel that the Britax would work as well becuase it is so big. I wanted to fit others in the backseat if I had to. It is very low to the seat which is interesting. The material is great and straps are easy to work with and it is easily put together and removed from car. My only complaint is that is doesnt recline at all so napping doesnt look very comfortable. We dont use my care nearly as much as my husbands so it is ok....more info
  • Great seat, especially if you have an accident.
    I've had this seat for my 4.5 year old daughter for nearly a year. We loved the low profile on the vehicle seat (it doesn't have a huge base to obstruct the rearview) and it's easy to install forward-facing with the LATCH.

    I was in a 9-car accident on a freeway in Los Angeles this morning and the seat did was it was supposed to do and protected my daughter. She didn't jolt, wasn't jostled and the seat stayed tight and secure in its connection to the LATCH. By law, I have to replace the seat because she was in it during an accident, so I'm back to purchase another one. ...more info
  • Love it!
    This seat was easy to install, and fits wonderfully in the back sea of my corolla. It's in the middle, with a baby seat next to it, and there is still room for an adult to sit in the other seat. My 5 year old can get into it and buckle herself, which is great because she had a hard time with the booster and conventional seatbelt. She is still getting used to unbuckling it, sometimes we have to help her, but I love the seat. By the time she is out of it, our son will be getting too big for his five point harness, so we'll be able to use it for him then too!
    It is somewhat heavy, but not terribly so. It is approved for airline use, so I am excited to use it if we go on any trips. No more having to arrange a car seat being at our destination!...more info
  • Comfort & this car seat!
    We purchased this car seat for our daughter and more recently for our son. They both love how comfortable it is and we love the safety factor. We've not had issues with the velcro as others have stated....more info
  • Great - 5pt harness booster- we can now take three toddlers out!
    We can fit this booster with two britax car seats in our car/Suv. Our child LOVES it and we love that we can now take three kids out with us at any time....more info
  • Excellent seat
    We had two Britax Marathon car seats for our 1 and 3 year old children. We decided to try this seat in order to create more vertical and horizontal space for passengers to get to the third row of our Expedition as the Britax bases are extremely high and are hard to walk around as a result. The Radian 80 is extremely well made and is much thinner at the base making for much easier pass through even when our three year old is seated...our three year old loves it as his legs no longer hit the seat in front of him (Dad likes that too) and he says it is much more comfortable than the Britax. Excellent seat...wish we had two of them instead of the Britax. The Radian ratchet system for tightening the straps works better than Britax's system...and it also has quick release like the Britax....more info
  • My daughter loves it.
    Easy to install, no harder than my Alpha Omega Elite. I actually like the latch hooks very much. My daughter absolutely loves it. She is 3.5 and although it still has the 5pt harness, she says it's a big girl car seat. She has shown everyone that has come near the car her new seat. She slept in it on a trip over the weekend and still had the droopy neck symptoms because it doesn't recline very far, but she doesn't mind. Overall, I definitely recommend....more info
  • Very happy with the Radian 80
    I bougt this from safe babies plus a while ago & resently bought another color for my new baby. It is the best car seat & I tell all my friends with kids to get this. You will love it....more info
  • Wonderful Car Seat
    I would suggest this car seat to anyone. It is up to 80 pounds so you can really get the use out of it for the money put in. I love that it is not obtrusive and other people can sit beside the carseat comfortably....more info
  • Super Product
    We have been more than satisfied since we purchased this. After months of reviewing different car seats, I decided on the Sunshine Radian 80 for 2 reasons. First this car seat had high reviews and second I was impressed with how narrow it is. At 17" I can still put this in my vehicle along with my son's booster and still have room for another carseat or person. I will probably buy a second to replace my son's booster, since he will be much safer in a harness then a booster.

    We purchased the SuperCool fabric due to the fact we live in Arizona and the heat can reach upwards of 120 degrees, and the fabric was supposed to stay cooler. The first day we put it in the temperature was above 110 degrees and I could put my daughter in without worrying if the seat was too hot for her.

    It was easy to install the latch and it has a seatbelt like button to release the latch which makes it very easy to put it in and take it out of the car.

    The only downside it has, it is a bit heavy at 20lbs, but that is due to the steel frame, but I don't plan on carrying it around much and my child's safety is much more important then a minor inconvenience of weight.

    Overall, I couldn't be happier. My daughter loves to ride in it and I feel that she is safe. I would recommend this car seat to anyone....more info
  • Great Seat
    My son loves sitting in this car seat. We liked it so much we bought a second, so we could have one in each of our cars. It fits well in our Jeep Grand Cherokee and Mercury Sable....more info
  • Easy to install; not as easy to carry as picture shows
    I just bought this car seat, as we are to fly with our 17M old very soon. Let me get the negatives out of the way first. The first thing I noticed was how heavy the seat is. They showed a picture of a man carrying it easily on one shoulder, and a woman carrying it in her hand with a big smile! The seat weights a ton (ok, only 25 lbs, but it feels like a ton.) But it still beats carrying a big bulky seat around, and I can just put this in a small rolling duffel bag. So no biggie.

    It came with a lot of straps and accessories, but unfortunately, the instruction manual doesn't explain what they are until you read through all the instructions. After I've read through them, all the pieces literally fall into places.

    For LATCH installation, it doesn't explain which side the buckle is supposed to be (right or left side.) I had a Evenflo Triumph before, and the instructions in the Evenflo warned that the buckle must be on a specific side. But on the Sunshine Kids, it didn't specify. From looking at the picture, for forward-facing, it should be on the left side of the seat. But if that's the case, the latch clips will be upside down, which don't make sense either. I just left a msg with Sunshine Kids (Customer Svc didn't pick up), and we'll see whether they call back.

    Here are the positives: Read through the instructions, and it is very easy to fold up the seat for traveling. It is also very easy to pull the LATCH belts though for either Forward or Rear facing installation. The best part is that (except for the latch clip being upside down as I mentioned earlier) the LATCH strap is very easy to tighten. In my old Evenflo, I'll have to ask my husband to help me pull the strap tight, and even with his help, we spent a lot of time getting it tightened. In the Sunshine Kids model, I can pull it tight within seconds. I read through both Rear and Forward-facing instructions (in case I want to install Rear-facing), and it is very easy to change from one to the other. I also like that the seat cushion can be used as a head rest for older babies. With the Evenflo, the seat cushion can only be used in Rear-facing configuration.

    I am very please for now. Will update after our traveling experience.
    ...more info
  • good seat
    After considering a booster seat and then doing all the research I realized that I have to go 5 point harness for the rest of my child's life! My daughter is 34 pounds at 2 years old and my second girl is 10 months and ready to move out of the infant seat. We had to make a change.
    Given that the only two options were the Britax and the Sunshine Kids, I am very pleased that I bought the SK one. The Britax one in the store is huge. I have a Boulevard for our other car, so I know the quality but it only goes to 65 lbs. (I also have a Evenflow (VERY challenging straps) and a Cosco Alpha Omega - good but only 45lbs)
    The things I like about SK: slim line design, folding seat, comfort for child.
    Things that could be better about SK: cool fabric seems to stain easily and will get caught on the velcro on the sholder straps, if you have a clever child they can loosen the sholder straps easily by pulling UP on the relase strap and leaning forward. All of our other seats tighten with the pulling up motion of the relase strap not loosen - keep and eye out.
    I would definity buy this one again (with the other fabric) and would have loved to have known about it 3 car seat purchases ago. ...more info
  • Great Seat, Lots of Protection!
    The first thing I would say is that this was easier to install than I had been lead to believe. We have an Odyssey van, and with triplets, we were looking for car seats that we could fit all three in the back row. There are limited options available for seating three across and we looked everywhere online. These seem to be the only ones that would work. We currently only have two in the back, but we tried three without strapping them in and they do seem to fit fine.

    But for the security of knowing your kids are strapped in securely and safely, it's well worth the money.
    ...more info
  • Best and last car seat you'll ever need to buy!
    Sunshine Kids New Radian80 Convertible Car Seat, Princess-Pink Floral

    This should be the only car seat that any child ever needs. After continously buying a new car seat every time my daughter outgrew one, I finally found the radian 80. I wish I'd discovered it at infancy! It is the only car seat that goes from infancy to 80 lbs....with a 5-point harness, plus an other 20 lbs with a shoulder strap! My daughter is tall and legally fits the height/weight requirement of backless boosters. But children at that age are still to irresponsible to have so much movement freedom in the car. She will be in the 5 point harness until she hits the weight requirement and loves it! It is the safest way for any child to ride and why would we not want the safest and best for our children? With the slight reclining position, he head doesn't bob forward when she falls asleep on longer trips. Yes, it's heavy, but with just the carrying strap, I've managed to carry it on trains and planes with no problem. It is easy to install and uninstall. The cover is exceptionally soft and my daughter loves the pattern!

    Concerning a different review about the long tether, I'm glad it's that long. When I installed the seat in my father's suv, I used almost the whole lenth because of where the tether had to go in the vehicle. If it had been any shorter, it wouldn't have fit. I've kept the rubber band that it originally came with to bind up the extra length while in my vehicle and most others.

    Hands down this is the best and safest car seat on the market. Had I known this existed when she was born, it would've been her first and last instead of the 4th! Worth every penny!...more info
  • Like this car seat a lot
    We have been happy with the Radian 80. It fits very well in our back seat rear-facing and it does not budge at all. The front passenger seat we've had to move forward a bit because the car seat is very tall, but the passenger seat is not all the way forward so it's still very usable. Someone very tall would be uncomfortable in the passenger seat though. The car seat is built like a tank, which is great for safety, but is also probably the biggest downside - it is REALLY heavy. My husband swears it is more than 20 lbs. We will use this for travel, but I'm not sure how successful that will be given it's weight. We definitely won't be moving it from car to car for the same reason. I love the size of it - it is narrow and I can still fit 2 people in the back seat with it and I don't have a huge car (a compact SUV). My daughter is very comfortable in it. Overall, I'm very happy with it....more info
  • Best carseat ever!
    I purchased the Radian 80 Supercool for my 7 mth son, he quickly outgrew his infant carseat being 6mths and 21 lbs. I did alot of research an came down to the britax, combi turnaround and radian 80. After realizing the combi turnaround only went to 22lbs rear facing I purchased the Britax at babiesrus thinking it would be easier then having to order radian online. Big mistake that carseat is so big an clunky it took up most of my back seat and i have a jeep and when i thought about how much traveling we do i couldnt imagine lugging around that big ol thing. I quickly ordered the radian 80 this carseat is great, really slender and great for traveling i also purchased the carry bag which allowed me to strap it on like a backpack at the airport, Love this carseat couldnt say enough good things....more info
  • New seat. Gotta Try
    Love the print. The latch system is good. Easily folds for carrying with you on airplanes. Downside is the straps tend to twist when you are placing child in the seat and when adjusted in the shortest position, have difficulty tightening. Plenty of room for heavier children. ...more info
  • Buying a 2nd one-Very happy
    I did a ton of research on car seats to move my 1 year old up. After meeting with a safety expert (who was not paid to endorse any particular car seat) and seeing the Britax Boulevard, Recaro Signo, and Sunshine Kids Radian 80 side by side, this was the clear winner for us. She has both of her kids in this car seat too.

    Winning features for us: I love that he can still be rear facing up to 33 pounds. This is a much thinner car seat than any other I looked at and fits in my tiny Honda Civic with an infant base next to it. The folding feature is great for airline travel. Up to 80 pounds, so we won't have to shop for another seat.

    Wish it had: Not much more, it serves it's purpose well. It is a long seat and the front passenger seat needed to move up quite a bit to fit it in the rear facing position....more info
  • Car Seat - excellent
    I love this car seat. Best feature is the steel frame so it's a wonderful sense of safety and security. I love the seat because it is narrow and doesn't consume all the space in your back seat. This would work great for smaller vehicles where space may be an issue. Compared to ohter seats, it's lighter in weight. Another great feature is the the bottom seat folds up so that carrying it or moving it between cars is very easy....more info
  • I love the Radian 80!
    I shopped around a lot before getting it. I travel a lot and I don't mean by car, I'm in and out of airports. So to have a seat that is certified to be on airplane is great. The seat folds up which is great because i can just put on the carrying strap and go. I still make my husband carry it because it's Steel alloy frame makes it heavy. I Highly recommend this car-seat!!

    ...more info
  • FABULOUS car seat - incredibly easy to install
    My husband and I have an older car that does not have the latch system for car seats. So any car seat we buy had to be strapped in using the belts. When we first bought this seat car seat we thought it was a bit difficult to install, but not hard. Now, after installing a different (supposedly comparable) car seat in my parents car, I think we have an incredibly easy car seat to install! The directions for installation are clear and comprehensible. the few times we moved the car seat to a rental or my parents car and utilized the latch system I couldn't believe how much easier it was than the latch system we bought for my parents car, thread through the bottom and snap in the latches... you're done! I also researched safety reviews and the Radian went beyond the requirements for safety - SOLD. It is quite heavy, but since it folds up and tucks away into a duffle bag or duffle/backpack - it's easier to travel with....more info