Cateye CC-RD200 Strada Cadence Bicycle Computer
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Product Description

This unique sensor sends both speed and cadence data through a single coded transmission wire, eliminating the hassle of multiple, tangled up wires. Large, two-line display shows your cadence, current/average/maximum speed, total distance (programmable odometer), two trip distances, elapsed time and a 12/24 hour clock. Pace arrow lets you know if you"re riding above or below your average speed. Automatic start/stop/power-save modes and 2nd bike recognition make training a cinch. Cat Eye"s new Flex-Tight bracket mounts to a stem or handlebar quickly, securely and tool-free. Fits standard and oversized handlebars.

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Customer Reviews:

  • Sleek, informative little device.
    This is a cool little gizmo that gives great feedback while I'm riding my Scott Sportster P55. Some notes:
    * Like other reviewers, I had to shim the cadence sensor to get it close enough to the magnet. To create the shim, I placed the sensor on an Eraser, traced the sensor with a pencil, then cut and filed the eraser to shape it nicely. You may as well add a couple of these to your order now.
    * It takes some time to tie the wires to your frame so that they look OK, but I'd rather have this than the unreliability that comes with wireless cyclometers.
    * If you think you're missing the cadence magnet, it's probably stuck to the speedometer magnet. Thanks, Cateye Customer Service Guy!
    ...more info
  • Nice but complicated install
    The first time installing everything was going great until I clicked in the computer and I didn't get any readings. What i had to do was put a small )shimmy (thick double sided tape behind the speed sensor to get it closer to the magnet on the spoke. After about an hour of modifications the system works great.
    I also had to manipulate the cadence sensor to get it closer to the magnet. Overall the install was fun but frustrating. Hope this helps someone....more info
  • Nice computer with a few design flaws
    The Strada Cadence is reliable and accurate but I have a few complaints. First, when installing the computer on most bikes, achieving the necessary clearance between the sensors and magnets requires installing a shim that you have to make yourself (the instructions say nothing about this) between the sensor and the bicycle frame. Second, while the one button system of scrolling between modes is easy to do, it requires scrolling between all modes in order to get the display you want. Also the reset feature is easy to inadvertently activate. I mounted my computer on the bicycle stem and that is also a favorite place to hold my bicycle resulting in resetting the computer when I don't really want to. I guess I'll learn over time. ...more info
  • Good while it worked
    I used this product for about 3 months before it suddenly stopped working. I had it professionally installed at a local bike shop. However as others have mentioned, the contacts between the unit and the wiring harness degrade over time.

    I've tried all the troubleshooting recommendations on the manufacturer's website, confirming that the problem is definitely in the wiring or contacts. I'm looking for a new model now....more info
  • Good product
    This is my first bicycle computer. Having never installed one, the installation seemed very straight forward. I did, however, have to build up under one of the sensors to get it within specification distance from the magnet. My kids and I are training for the Ragbrai in Iowa and this computer is very helpful to us on the road. It is fairly easy to read and control. A little bigger display would be nice, but overall I am very satisfied....more info
  • Nice low cost computer
    Though wired, this is a nice easy to use bicycle computer. To access various data, you just tap the top of the unit which is easier than finding buttons. For the money, it works well....more info
  • Great bike computer
    This is high quality and does what is says it does. The only trouble I had was with the cadence sensor and getting it close enough to the magnet. It's because my crank is very far from the chain stays, which is curved. I solved the problem by getting a piece of discarded rubber from my bike shop and placing it under the included shim, which shimmed it up enough.

    Lots of the ties are included, though I could have used more due to my inexperience installing this type of computer. I used some of my own in addition to the onoes that are included....more info
  • Great product
    Cycle computer works just as described. I would recommend. Easy to install - no problems....more info
  • AWESOME!! Works so well with a Cannondale Lefty!!
    I have a cannondale lefty and its a challenge to find a computer that can be mounted on the front without buying the aeronautical piece from the UK. Many of the wireless units are just too big to mount. Although this is wired, it set up great, has been soooo acurate in its readings and offers the perfect combination of read-out information. Numbers are Clear and Big. Only thing I would like to see but I guess doesn't make much sense is BackLight. I ride my bike to rowing practice everyday in the early mornings when its Pitch Black Out - but then how may others "Go For a Ride In the DArk"?? LOL.
    All in all - AWESOME!! ...more info
  • A Good Value
    I have road with the Cadence for a hundred miles and like it. The only problem I have had has been with the speedometer magnet being too far from the sensor, and the wires aren't the most attractive, but it is still very functional and the cadence comes in handy....more info
  • great computer for the price
    The rd200 is an excellent computer for the price. The wires are not cumbersome, and having both speed and cadence for about $30 is a steal. The display is small (which I prefer), and only your current speed shows on the top display. Also, this does not give an average cadence (but that's only useful after the ride is over anyway). If this is your price range, and you don't mind the small display...this is the computer you should buy. (on the other hand, if you want to see all your stats and averages at once, look elsewhere.)...more info
  • Good while it lasted
    This computer was good while it lasted. I bought it in March. At the end of May the main sensor started to shut off sporadically - the speed indicator would go to 0 in the middle of the ride, then would turn back on 20 min later. This became progressively worse and by mid June it died completely. A week ago the cadence sensor bit the dust too. I expected a longer lasting piece of electronics from a Japanese company......more info
  • my old cateye astrale vs the new strada
    this unit win in:

    better sensor
    low weight
    more stilysh


    my old astrale shows the cadence in a big large numbers, the strada ONLY shows the cadence in a tiny bottom numbers, for me, this is a big problem, because i use always the cadence, more than the speed in my trainings...i write to the cateye guys, and say "in the future products maybe include this feature"......more info
  • my old astrale vs. my new strada
    my old astrale (with the same features) stop working, y buy the new strada, a little smaller than Astrale, better sensors, BUT my old astrale shows a cadence in a big large numbers, the strada only shows cadence in a lower smaller numbers... for me, the cadence sometimes is more important than the speed, in my astrale always hide the speed and only see the cadence and time, now, there is no way to hide the speed... and need to effort to see the cadence in a small numbers. only for this, 3 stars for this product....more info
  • Perfect little computer
    This computer is tiny! The installation is a breeze. There is only one thin wire for the speed and cadence sensor. By using a rear wheel speed pick up, it records speed and cadence even on a trainer. The price is great considering the compact design and the cadence feature. You can order an installation kit for use on a second bike directly from Cateye's website....more info
  • Excellent bike computer.
    This product is exactly what I was looking for. The computer provides all the stats I wanted including cadence. The computer is sleek and the wiring system is discrete and easy to setup. I recommend this for anyone looking for a trip computer. Excellent product!...more info
  • Perfect for the basic bikers gift
    This product was great for a christmas gift i gave a cycling friend. It has all the basic functions and works great for those who want to know speed and distance. My friend loved it and says its the best gift he received. LOVE IT!...more info
  • Easy set up
    Set up was very easy. Rear wheel pick up and cadence option are nice for winter evenings on the trainer...more info
  • great for indoor training
    I've been using the cateye heart rate monitor/cyclecomputer to train indoors, but it started getting a little boring. I added the strada cadence computer and that added some pleasure. Its a great way to monitor your time spent in the saddle (time/cadence/speed/distance). I have not yet used this outdoors, but its great for indoor training since all the info is received from the rear end of the bike. The only feature missing is average cadence over the entire trip. It only offers instantaneous readings which for me are just fine. Overall, this is very versatile (indoor and outdoor use) and great product....more info
  • Does just what is is supposed to do
    Bought the new strada cadence to replace and older model cateye astrale. The new model is smaller in size, yet has atleast as large of display. The new connection on the handlebar is much improved for just a small piece of plastic. The single button interface is actually easier to use than the previous two button display, and works like a charm. The astrale was a nice looking unit, but the strada looks more sleek. Overall, it does just what it promises to do.
    ...more info