Q-See QSSO2612 Outdoor Speed Dome Camera w/Built-in Heater & Blower
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Product Description

QSSO2612 is Weatherproof CCD Color Outdoor Speed Dome camera. With CCD technology, it delivers the most sophisticated technology into the most reliable and accurate quality picture in the security industry. It's ideal for monitoring or videotaping.

Customer Reviews:

  • Probably the best speed dome for the money
    Q-see makes 2 primary speed domes - the LG camera Q-see Outdoor Speed Dome Camera Lg 27X Solution 12X Zoom and the Sony camera which costs a bit more. The PTZ cameras need a controller DVR with PTZ functionality such as Q-See QSNDVR16M 16 Channel MPEG-4 Pentaplex Network Digital Video Recorder (No Hard Drive) I am using one of each PTZ camera in my system to cover the outside complemented with less expensive fixed cameras that get closeup shots where people must walk and have found you get what you pay for. The PTZ advantage is that you can steer your camera 360 degrees in rotation, tilt it from the sky to the ground, and zoom in 260-270x, but only 26-27x of that is optical zoom and beyond 60x it gets pretty noisy. Still 60X of usable zoom can really tell you what is happening.

    Sony's hits: It has the super-HAD CCD sensor with night vision capability - the LG does not. Quieter - the LG has some really noisy fans running (3 of them) almost all the time. The sony uses just one blower. Features - the sony again trumps the LG in the number of features available. Video Quality - I found the LG to be a bit grainy while the sony presents a smooth image. Finally the sony makes a real beautiful image - in color - at night. Finally the first LG I got had a defective main bearing assembly and fell apart during installation while the sony is secured in with 4 screws and much better made.

    As for ease of setup, standards, etc - they are a wash. Both install equally well and have protection from winter or summer temperatures. Both allow you to have the camera "zip" to a predefined location when an alarm is triggered by your alarm system at that place, then record it on tape.

    What you really get for the extra money on the sony is the night vision capability and the overall better quality in picture and in construction. During the day both camera models work fine.

    If there are more questions, I've put my email in my profile (You must look for it) because people had been putting questions about products in the comments or the profile system, which I do not check regularly. I think you'll find this camera a great value....more info
  • 480 TV Lines Resolution
  • Optical Zoom: 26X, Digital Zoom: 12X
  • Lens: F=4.0 (wide), 88mm (tele)
  • Night Vision
  • 5 Lines Auto Scan, 8 Lines Auto Cruise, 8 Privacy Zones Masking