Q-See QSC48030 High Resolution Weatherproof CCD Camera w/80ft of Night Vision (Color)
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Product Description

QSC48030 is an Outdoor video Color CCD camera. With CCD technology, it delivers the most sophisticated technology into the most reliable and accurate quality picture in the security industry Its ideal for monitoring or recording. The package includes a 60-ft. cable to allow flexible installation. Connect the camera to any TV/VCR and start viewing or recording immediately.Q-See outdoor cameras are built to withstand all the elements of nature. Rain, snow or hot sun will not deter the camera from sending clear video. The design of the camera incorporates a weatherproof metal casing with an "O" ring seal to keep the high resolution lens and the internal parts safe from nature.With the 36 Infra Red LEDs that light up at night, the camera will give black and white night vision for up to 100 ft. in total darkness.

  • 480 TV Lines Resolution
  • 8mm Lens
  • 1/3" CCD Image Sensor
  • 36 IR LEDs for 100 ft. of Night Vision
  • 60 ft. Cable & Power Adapter Included
Customer Reviews:
  • Sharp image. Bright at night. Some glare from the infrared LEDs but a bargain.
    I have been experimenting with a few low-end security cameras. This is the most expensive camera I have tried, and also the best. It has a very sharp image during the day, and is also surprisingly sharp at night. At night it suffers some from glare on the lens caused by the numerous infrared LEDs. But still, the LEDs provide a lot of illumination which overall is a good thing. This camera is definitely a step up from the SVAT CV31 Hi-Res Outdoor CCD camera. It is both significantly sharper during the day, and significantly brighter at night. Also, it does not suffer from the pinkish cast I sometimes see in the SVAT image during the day. The Q-See is also a more compact design and feels more solid overall. I am especially amazed by the bright color images this camera provides just before dark and just after first light. After dark, the camera switches to a black and white image. One minor gripe about this camera is that the mounting hardware can make it hard to hang the camera from the eves or the rafters in a manner that is less obtrusive. I figured out an improvised solution after some experimentation, but it was not as easy or quick as I would have liked. I have also tried various X-10 cameras and those really compare poorly to this camera. Unless you are really strapped for cash, go with this camera over other cheaper cameras and you will probably not be disappointed. ...more info
  • Great camera
    This camera works great. After reading other reviews, I bought one and now I am regretting not buying more. I bought it last week at $120, now it is over $150, what is up with that? I am going to buy 3 more, but I might wait to see if the price goes down a little. Great picture day and night, decent mount and decent construction. I would recommend this camera to my friends....more info
  • very poor quality day & night vision
    Sept. 12, 2008

    I have used this camera for about 2 weeks. It worked ok for about a week. I also purchased an expensive new TV monitor to use with this camera. The tv monitor shows big white / gray circles when I try to record on it at night. I am assuming the white / gray circles are the led lights on this camera lens. It made no difference in the picture quality even if I turned off the outside lights on my house!

    The white circles block out a lot of what I am trying to record ... faces, vehicles, and neighborhood criminal activities.

    It works ok for day time monitoring (only) but I would not recomend this camera for day or night recording. You CAN NOT identify faces, vehicles or anything else even if you are up close up to the camera!

    I would send the camera back for a refund, but it has been painted white so it would blend in by the house and not be seen by people. I am VERY DISAPPOINTED in this camera! Don't waste your time or money buying this camera!...more info
  • Many cameras tested
    Ok heres the info that I was lookin for but had to find it the hard way. First off I was looking for a camera that had good range, clear picture and the ability to see clear at night. For the price this camera is well better than the others in the same range. In fact probably the all around best for the price. It offers a wider picture, A little bit more distance and a slightly clearer picture. But a fact you should know!!! I mounted this camera and with a day or so I caught my car getting robbed. The distance was about 30 to 40 feet and it was impossible to make out a face. The burglar stopped the car and the car was difficult to spot make model and accurate color but with some effort got it done. If your intention is to catch someone in the act and be able to prosecute them, upgrade to some better models. Spend the money. My things were still taken and all I can do now is watch it happen. Nothing else. I have tried all the cameras just about and all the different ranges. This is the best one but like I said before, you get what you pay for. Hope this helps....more info
  • Little Monster Camera
    The camera provides a good picture. Unfortunately, water damaged the adapter and the camera is now damaged :-(. However, while it was working, I was impressed. The night vision works well even in ZERO light. Great buy!!...more info
  • Fantastic camera
    I have a First Alert security system. It's inexpensive but works great. The camera that came with it was OK but marginal. I researched many cameras and this one came with high praise. It deserves it. I could not have been happier. The only slight downside is that the IR lights can wash out the subject when they are about 15 feet or closer away. I covered the lights with a disc of smoke colored plastic. It helped a lot. I am thrilled with this camera.....more info
  • Excellent camera

    I upgraded to this camera from a $40 Radio Shack model, and it is well worth the price. The night vision works well, and the resolution is more than adequate for outdoor home surveillance.

    my only wish is that it had a wider field of vision, but I know one can get a zoom capability on more expensive models....more info
  • Nice Camera
    This camera works great. It was easy to install and the image looks good. A few minor things: the mounting bracket would not allow me to mount it at the angle I wanted. The manual did not contain alot of information. However, it was obvious houw to use it: mount it and plug it in. It works well in the dead of night with the infrared LEDs. The image in color during the day and black and white at night....more info
  • Excellent camera for the money. highly recommended
    I just installed this camera and I cannot believe how good the night vision is. This was my concern when ordering. After reading some reviews I decided to order and cannot be more pleased. Hookup was very easy, although I did not see any instructions for hookup in my package. I figured it out fairly easy from pictures. This camera is highly recomended....more info
  • Solid product
    I own about 8 of these now and I'd rate it as a good value for the price.

    I'd like to see a more weatherproof/sturdy and longer cable, but you get what you pay for. The unit is quite large and bulky, but again, for the price and resolution, what would you expect?

    Good quality image, has good range in the dark and is a very fair value.

    If I needed more of them, I'd certainly buy them.-----Randy...more info
  • Q-SEE QSC48030
    Having read some of the favorable reviews on this camera, I decided to give it a try. I ordered three to start. After setting up the first two cameras I was totally amazed at the resolution and clarity of the cameras! Night view is great as well. I have since ordered a 4th!

    Anyone serious about putting in a home surveillance system should definitely consider these cameras. I would also like to point out that we've had some pretty heavy rainfall that the cameras were exposed to. They are every bit as weather proof as advertised. A must buy!...more info
  • great
    great camera but vandals cut back wire attached to camera what can I do to fix it? I wish this camera had mounting hardware that concealed the wire....more info
  • comparison of low and mid-range day/night q-see camera line
    Update 5-15-2008: This particular camera has been running for about 2 months now and faces the street where we have had a drug problem. Last night it caught the evicted drug dealer breaking into his old house to retreive forgotten property when the police escorted him out the first time. Since our neighborhood watch had been warned that the home should be vacant I noticed the movement across the street, called 911, and 2 minutes later the former problem was cuffed and stuffed into the squadcar for criminal trespass, possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, violation of a restraining order, violation of an eviction order, and breaking and entering. We'll see him again in 5-10 years. Does the camera work at 100 feet in pitch black conditions? Yes. But a human pair of eyes was needed to resolve a man at night. The sony can see it w/o the help.

    Camera 1 Bad-guys 0
    ----------------original review below----------------

    I bought both the bottom of the Q-see day/night camera line (this camera) and their mid-range unit (the 540 line resolution, 65 foot range for the night IR leds model Q-See QSB520SR Weatherproof Color High-Res Day/Night Camera Kit (540TVL) with 65-Feet Night Vision) I have them both hooked to a Q-see DVR recorder and there is a difference when I compare their pictures side by side on my DVR display. I hope these notes help people pick which one is best for their intended use.

    This model is selling for $130 while the next step up listed above is $230 right now.

    Pros ($130)

    Cheapest day/night camera in q-see product lineup
    LEDS provide a wide area of lighting that matches the lens field of view
    Comes with a really long cable (100 feet+) and it runs power plus video
    wide field of view lens covers a broad area without any fisheye distortion.
    (cable is longer on this model than their more expensive model by about an extra 45 feet)

    Cons ($130)

    Lacks any zoom or focus control for the lens (present on the $230 version)
    not as good of a mounting bracket as the $230 version
    washed out picture compared to the Sony image sensor in the $230 camera
    more picture noise at night compared to the Sony image sensor camera.
    Less resolution than the $230 camera - picture is not as sharp

    Summary -

    I'm really nitpicking here - these are all small differences that separate the low end, mid range, and their high end camera (which amazon did not carry when I purchased them - the high end is just the mid range with higher power LEDS and a higher price tag in the $300's). All of them do what they say - they give you a picture day or night. Unlike other day/night cameras these provide color at night if enough light is present or black/white if using the LEDs. I prefer the color from the Sony image sensor, and I like the adjustable lens on the sony based camera. Is it worth another $100? That depends. Both cameras work well and do what they say - it's only when you put their pictures side by side that the quality difference is noticable.

    I think both cameras have a use which is why I bought one of each and put them in different locations. If the tradeoff is quality vs. having more views of a building, then the less expensive camera wins because you can cover more doors and gates using them. On the other hand, if you already have Sony cameras in your security system, the extra $100 will make the q-see sony based mid-range model blend into your existing system better. Having a choice and knowing what you get or give up is important which is why we post reviews. I'm happy with both of my cameras in their applications and I won't change them out. If I buy another camera, I would consider it's use to decide which model to buy. The zoom lens on the $230 model q-see camera is nice for a long driveway, but a wide view of a close porch would probably best be served with one of the $130 models.
    ...more info
  • Review
    This camara works great. The picture quality is excellent and the overall construction of the camara is very solid. The night vision also works very well. ...more info
  • Solid, and does the job
    After trying other cameras, I think this one is built well and it looks like it can handle tough weather. The image is very clear on the tv and very good when connected to the PC. I purchased the SWAN DVR card and it works perfectly with it. Overall, a good purchase and beats cheaper cameras....more info
  • This is not a toy! But it is very fun to own!!
    This camera is definitely superior over all others I've seen in quality.

    There is a BNC female connector on the back plate (male BNC adapters for RCA cables are available at Radio Shack, as is the 12v power converter. Save more money and time. Positive polarity.)

    I noticed the camera rattling and loose inside. If your camera begins to rattle, open up the back plate and carefully remove the whole assembly - with the plate-attached metal stair-step stand that supports the camera. You can adjust the stand by twisting any loose columns. But be careful not to unfocus the camera.

    Do not try to open the front of the camera, unless you absolutely have no choice - like to replace the IR ring!

    The IR ring (infra-red led lights attached to a curcuit board) is held in place separately in the front of the camera with a small white pin connector with wire leads to the camera board. This is convenient because when the IR leds may burn out after a few years, you can just disconnect and replace the ring for cheap.

    The sun shade slides only if the front and back end screws are loosened. At the top-back of the camera, there are 2 built-in screw fittings that confused me at first. (Be sure to refer to the picture here that shows how the wall connector is put together, or you will become frustrated since there are no instructions or diagrams on how to use the supplied hardware.) Do not try to move the angle of the shade, since the only way it moves is from front to back on slides.

    The reason this or most surveillance cameras on the market today do not have any audio is because the public privacy law has changed to make eavesdropping illegal in many states. But if you are so inclined, find mini-microphones, transmitters and receivers on the hobby shop sites selling motorized airplanes that employ digital cameras. You might find better prices for mini-box color cameras as well with portable power supplies.

    Note: Found this camera (54-IR leds) for $50 cheaper on Amazon - do a search on 1/3" Sony CCD Long range 54 IR Camera with 16mm Lens IR80P 1DT.

    Enjoy!...more info
  • Good Camera with Good Resolution
    I have three of these cameras and they all work great. The give a great quality picture both day and night. Installation is very easy. Beware however, the mounting brackets vary and I recevied two different types. I called the mfg and they gladly sent to me the bracket I wanted at not charge....more info
  • Worth the Money
    All I can say is, "Wow!" I have had many of those $30 big box, home center security cameras, and this beats them hands down. As I type this, I'm looking a full 120 feet out to the street in front of my house. It's dark outside, but the LED lighting system in the camera is flooding the entire view in IR light. We'll see how it holds up to Florida thunder storms this coming summer. If it does, I'll be buying 3 more! My only request from this manufacturer is that they incorporate sound into this model in the future.
    ...more info
  • Great camera and price
    I have several cameras from past purchases and always went with the cheaper 1/4" CCD and 420 lines of resolution. They don't even come close to comparing to this 1/3" and 480 lines! The night vision is much better than any other I have purchases as well. Very solid! Definitely worth the extra $$$ over the 1/4" equivalents......more info
    Great picture night and day. If you want to get a picture of the bad guys that will stand up in court this is the one to buy. I've tried the lower resolution cameras and you can't get a good picture of their face. The only reason I didn't give this camera 5 stars is because it needs the ability to sense when security lights are on. The low light camera feature only turns off in daylight and floodlights tend to wash out anything light in color like faces and license plates. I plan on adding more of these cameras to my Q See DVR system because I've found that one camera isn't enough . I only have one camera now and I just came home to find my passenger side window smashed on my car. The perpetrator manage to stay out of sight of the camera....more info